Reasons Why Metallica is Better Than Megadeth

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1 Metallica is more influential
2 Metallica came first

This is important because Metallica did more for the popularization of thrash at the early stages of the subgenre.

Megadeth was the LAST band in the big four that was formed, and it wouldn'tve existed if Dave Mustaine never left Metallica.

In fact without Metallica Megadeth wouldn't exist

Megadeth would not even exist had they not been made

3 Metallica has a better singer

Who is overrated is a different subject. Things are simple - we compare vocals of Hetfield and Mustaine. Without a doubt, Hetfield is a better singer. Period.

Dave Mustaine is cool but James Hetfield it's a good every time I listen to Fade To White

Mustaine has a better voice, but Hetfield's voice fits Metallica better

Dave can't sing. He even admitted it himself.

4 Megadeth has released more bad albums than Metallica has

Metallica's bad albums St. Anger and Lulu

Megadeth's bad Albums Cryptic Writings Risk The World Needs a Hero and Super Collider

I love both Megadeth and Metallica but their both sellouts

5 Metallica made better songs in the 80s

No. The Mechanix and Wake Up Dead are better than Escape and Leper Messiah. Megadeth was better.

Yep. Except Escape and Leper Messiah are the worst songs.

I agree, but Megadeth had better material in the 90s and 2000s

6 Dave Mustaine used to be in Metallica
7 Dave Mustaine can't sing right
8 Metallica never made a pop song Megadeth has

On risk there are Pop songs on the album

9 Metallica has better lyrics

Much more powerful lyrics for sure. No Megadeth song has hit me as hard as One, Fade to Black, Bleeding Me or Master of Puppets

Four Horsemen has better lyrics than Mechanix.

10 Metallica sold more albums


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11 Metallica had less band member changes

The atmosphere in Megadeth has been really bad, mainly due to Mustaine's ego problems, his dictatorship and other problems. This is the reason so many members have been leaving.
Metallica are a better team with better relationships between the band members.

Always had the same Guitarist (Except for the Dave Mustaine incident), Singer, and Drummer, but it was the Bassist that was the problem.

12 Metallica has more acclaimed music

The first five Metallica albums are simpply acclaimed in many Metal communities more than any other Metal albums.

13 Metallica makes better covers of songs

Megadeths best cover song was Cold Sweat and that was on Super Collider their 2nd worse album

14 Megadeth sold out more than Metallica

"With the album Risk they sold out more than Metallica with the Black album. At least Metallica didn't use disco beats" - Metal_Treasure

15 Metallica is the band Metallica and Megadeth is just Dave Mustaine

Megadeth changed their members a million times, but Metallica have been always almost the same band... everyone knows James, Lars and Kirk, everyone loved Jason, Cliff, and everyone loves Robert now. What can we say about Megadeth besides Dave? And even about Mustaine, all I can say is that he sings so bad!

16 Megadeth gets too technical while Metallica’s songs are catchier
17 Megadeth broke up once, while Metallica was always around
18 Metallica's band logo is cooler

Not a reason but agreed

19 Megadeth's band name is spelled wrong
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