Why I Think Today's Popular Music Sucks

Have you ever seen those YouTube comments that say "I'm (insert age here) and I listen to (insert old timely band here)?" Well,I'm not ashamed to admit I'm one of those teenagers.My favorite bands include Queen,Guns n Roses,Aerosmith,Pearl Jam,Red Hot Chili Peppers,The Police,Led Zeppelin, and more.It's rare today to find a teenager who knows what even one of those bands are,let alone heard one of their songs.I think music changed for the worst.Most of today's bands have nearly no talent at all! (One Direction,5SOS,R5,etc.) And even if they do have talent,they just want to stay in their comfort zone!(Echosmith) Every year I have a list of songs made that year that I love/like,but every year that list gets shorter,and shorter,and even shorter. I'm going to go through the reasons why I think today's popular music is bad.

Reason #1-Most of them don't use instruments.
Even if you do like today's popular music (which is fine,everyone has a different opinion),you have to admit they don't use instruments.Most of them use electronic sounds and beats to create music.I won't say they aren't music,since music is basically anything that has rhythm and expresses emotion.However,I will say that they aren't good music,Good music in my opinion is played with instruments,not electronics. Good music is played by people,not machines.

Reason #2-Alot of the same themes.
Have you ever heard a rap song about money,bitches,and drugs? Basically every rap song today right? Have you ever heard a pop song about partying,love,or babies? Basically every pop song right? I think you can see where I'm coming from here.We should have more meaning and soul put into our songs.Not just something about money or partying,but something with more relevance.Maybe we should create songs about issues of the world or how we can make it better. It seems like every pop song nowadays ignores all the problems of the world and pretend that they don't exist. If a musician wants change,why not speak about it through their music?

Reason #3-No soul.
A lot of music today is treated as just a product.I'm going to tell you that music is not just a product.it requires skill,soul,and imagination.It shouldn't just be treated as a product to be sold,used,and nothing else.Ever wondered why bands like Queen,Led Zeppelin,Rush,or even Judas Priest stick with us,but people like Vanilla Ice,N' Sync,or Aqua don't. It's because those bands put soul and imagination into their music. It's because those bands worked hard on their music and made masterpieces such as Bohemian Rhapsody,Stairway to Heaven,and Painkiller. If you want to have a chance at standing the test of time,then put effort into your music and don't just treat it as a product.

Reason #4-They can't sing!
A lot of popular musicians can't sing without auto tune. Hell,some of them can't sing even with auto tune! Music requires talent. You either have to be really good at an instrument,have good vocals,or both. In my opinion,you can't become a music until you can either play an instrument decently,or can sing without auto tune. Auto tune is ok if you use little of it and use it to enhance the song,but if you abuse it like Lil Wayne,or Chris Brown,then you should stop singing.

Well those were my reasons! Time for some arguments!

Argument #1-(Insert musician here) is talented!
Oh really? I can say a man dancing around in a chicken mask is talented. I can say the pedophile trying to give candy to little boys is talented. You can say that anyone is talented. Talent is subjective yes,but what I consider talent may not be what you consider talent. For me at least,talent is something that you can do amazingly. Artists I consider talented are Queen,The Beatles,Micheal Jackson,Judas Priest,Whitney Houston,and more.

Argument #2-(insert musician here) is hot!
Really? Last time I checked music is for ears,not eyes! If I wanted to go look at someone who's hot,I would go look up some models on google images,not musicians! If I wanted to go listen to some music,I would put on some Queen! I personally think that everyone would hate Justin Bieber less if he became a model instead of a musician,but that's just me. Yes, a musician can be hot,and yes,a model can be really talented in music,but being hot isn't a reason why a musician is good just like being talented isn't a reason why a model is hot.

Argument #3-(insert musician here) saved my life!
Oh really? Did they grab you off of a cliff? Did they give you a cure for a disease? Music doesn't save lifes. It can however change lifes,like how Queen changed my life. So your musician probably didn't actually save your life,but changed it.

Argument #4-You're just jealous!
Really? I'm jealous of someone with a million dollars,having sex with more people then any of us will probably have in our life time,and doing it just by creating crappy pop?! No s***! Of course I'm jealous of that,who wouldn't! You're probably just as jealous as I am! I'm not criticizing them because I'm jealous,but because they're not good musicians!

Well that was my opinion on the music industry today. It's nice getting this off my chest. Comment down below,tell me what you think! See ya on the flip side!


Lol bands saving life? Must be joke of the millennium. - Ananya