Ludicrous Lists- Top Ten Dumbest Religions

Turkeyasylum Before I begin, please remember religion is a controversial topic for a TheTopTens blog post. Please respect my opinion, I respect yours.

I saw this list only curious on how bad it really was, and boy, this list sure is ludicrous (it wouldn't have this post about it if it wasn't, would it?). I saw that people didn't respect any other religions than theirs. I have a few quotes of evidence to suuport that:

"If you don't worship God than you're not worthy of being a religion." -Anonymous

"It's not the dumbest religion, but it did lead to many idiotic ones"(about Judaism) -Anonymous

"Horrible religion bigoted like all of Christianity." (about Catholicism {also my religion}) -Anonymous

This list is basically the "Worst Users Of TheTopTens" of religions. The list has 18 items (as of right now), and has over 400 votes on it. People continue to bash other religions, and that's all they do on this list. They keep saying stuff like "It's stupid 'cause South Park says so" or "this religion is RETARDED". I mean, really? It made me cringe overall. And yet, people vote on it. They make negative comments, and even remixes on some list that hurts others' feelings. Some of the anonymous users are JERKS to anyone who doesn't agree with them, and they make comments where they rant on and on and ON about how "dumb" a religion is. They just need to move on and realize a religion is a religion. It s what you believe, and it shouldn't be something you bash, or ram into other's throats. Just look at me. I'm Catholic (as stated earlier), and I don't force-feed being Catholic down Atheists, Muslims, or Satanics throats. This list needs to be taken off this site.

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Yes, I agree - CerealGuy

I agree too. Next do any list that praises Justin Bieber. - Skullkid755

No religion is dumb. - FennikenFan9