Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Pointless Rules in School

NuMetalManiak First analysis of the new year, might as well let us go back to school since I know some of you kids are off of Winter Break for about 9 days now. 51 items to see here, which rules are dumb and what do I think of them?

1. Uniforms required: I take it the most prestigious of schools require this, and often think of American students as degenerates based off of the lack of uniforms. They do realize they're paying money for these for hundreds of students, right?
2. No bathroom breaks: This isn't really a rule at my schools. You just need to have a pass to go there. The reason it could be a rule is probably if someone goes to the bathroom, sits on the toilet all day, and plays with their phone.
3. No electronics: In truth, this is abolished pretty much completely. Kids these days are using their phones more often, and schools are using simple electronic notebooks for more note-taking. Educators tend to be afraid of them because kids are more likely to play online games, and they would enforce blocking sites instead of simply going "no electronics".
4. Must do homework: Sorry, but you must do it. It's there because it allows you to reflect on what you need to do and doing it will make you more productive.
5. If the student doesn't have enough lunch money in their accounts, the school has the right to deny them food: The problem I have with this is what if the child is from a very poor family that couldn't provide money, or even food for themselves. Staff needs to know about such cases.
6. Not allowed to choose own seats: This is because students who are already friends with each other tend to converse and gossip more than actually do their work, so they would naturally try to sit next to each other. Rearranging the seating pattern encourages more cooperation out of every peer in the class instead of one selective group that could probably not be working.
7. No self-defence against bullies: I think this is a problem because the bully would make it seem like you're the one who bullied him/her if you attempt to fight back.
8. Have to take P.E.: Well, this can be an issue for students who are terrible athletically. But otherwise, it's encouraged because you wouldn't be like me sitting and typing on a computer all day. Then again, there are jobs that just do this.
9. No chewing gum: Ah, the classic. It seems that some people understand why this is a rule. Because people like to put their gum on seats and under tables and it's not where stale gum goes once you're through with it.
10. No hard balls: This, I don't think this is a rule at all. Unless it's PE-related, but in that case this probably pertains to dodgeball.
11. Must participate in plays: If you actually must do this, you're either still in kindergarten or you are in drama class. You can drop out of the latter.
12. No talking: I don't like the context of this particular rule, but it's there because the teacher obviously doesn't want the learning environment to be disruptive. There can be mild, educational conversation, but that's about it.
13. No eating in class: As of now, this no longer seems to be an enforced rule, although it probably varies by teacher. Eating is tolerated, just clean up any mess you could make.
14. No hats or beanies: Well my opinion on this one is because it's possible to conceal illegal items in them. Although that would be uncomfortable for your head to be honest. Still though, most people wear hats to be cool or something so I don't like this rule either.
15. No 'unnatural' hair colors: This probably pertains to schools that have #1, since this never was a thing in my school. If it is distracting that everyone won't shut up about it, it actually can be a problem for the learning environment.
16. Not allowed to choose the song in a play: Well, sorry. When I played in a band we don't get to choose what to play for festivals, assemblies, or concerts. But instead of complaining about it, I just play it.
17. Shorts and leggings must be arm length: I can't make sense of this item.
18. No Teletubbies: Why would this be a rule anyways?
19. Keep your hands to yourself: They don't want you touching people needlessly as it's disruptive and potentially harassing behavior.
20. Only water in water bottles: Not even from the water fountains?
21. No throwing snowballs: Not really a rule. There's barely any snow where I live, and school would be closed anyways.
22. No crazy hair: Looks like this one was already done above, but pertains to styles moreso. I know one guy who did a crazy hairstyle, but it wasn't too distracting.
23. No couples: In truth, literally no one cares about your school relationship. That's why I never had one because I know most people would always go their separate ways.
24. Must wear black shoes: Uh, not really. Just don't wear inappropriate footwear.
25. No groups of friends over 5: If this is a schoolwide rule, that sucks. I don't know if it just pertains to class groups or what.
26. No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day: Again with the uniformed schools. I know nothing.
27. No running: The big issue I have with this is that if you have to get to your next class on time, you don't want to be tardy.
28. No fidget spinners: I guess some trend became so stupid it had to be banished.
29. No knives: This isn't really pointless.
30. No flip flops: If they really are weapons, then almost anything could be a weapon. OH WAIT.
31. No tackle football: Well then don't play football in the first place, gym teachers.
32. Freedom of speech is limited: It should be pretty obvious. You aren't supposed to go around, shoving opinions down others' throats, cussing in every class and hallway, and making a huge fool out of yourself.
33. No crop tops or midriff baring uniforms: Why would females even bare midriffs anyways? Do they know it distracts the environment?
34. No riding bikes until end of school hours: I never saw this rule.
35. No food: If there really was no food, then the school honestly makes everyone starve. But that shouldn't be the case anywhere.
36. No staring: This could be seen as a Public Display of Affection, but it's creepy and isn't really met well.
37. You can't play tag or any contact games: I honestly don't know what schools you guys go to.
38. You have to wear a woollen jumper under your jacket: What is a woolen jumper?
39. No long hair: Are you referring to both genders? And how distracting does the hair have to be for this rule to be in effect?
40. Your parents or driver must be there to pick you up otherwise you stay inside the school building.: Well it makes sense weather-wise. Unless you can actually walk home you also shouldn't be out on the streets.
41. No selling: Or bartering in some cases. Some staff are paranoid about drugs.
42. No blackmail: This isn't pointless.
43. You have to let anyone in your club: I never had a club in school, but not letting someone in can be tricky depending on your relationship with a certain someone.
44. Can't stand up at lunch: This is something I remember in middle school. People would always be standing up to converse with one another and socializing. I don't see the problem.
45. Water must be in a clear bottle.: For what reason? Possibly harboring alcohol? If that's the case then yeah, this could be legit.
46. No chewing with your mouth open: I don't think this is a rule but rather a practice.
47. No sharing food: Never had any problems with it, honestly.
48. No hoodies: Hoodies are cool. I always wore one on winter days and don't see the issue with them.
49. No rolling backpacks: This used to be the thing I did in elementary school. They pretty much aren't too bad but are probably better used as actual luggage I guess.
50. No jackets allowed, even if the building is super cold: Okay now come on. If it's cold, people need warmth, so they need jackets.
51. Always walk on the right side of the halls: Nobody really follows this.

So yeah, a lot of these pointless rules do have some justifications to them. Some of them aren't rules though.


These are all complaints for grade school rules lol. When they get older they'll understand why the rules exist - Mcgillacuddy