Top 10 Most Pointless Rules in School

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1 Uniforms required

Even though i have to wear maroon only if im a freshman, i still get to wear my shirt whatever i forgot to bring it out of the bathroom.

Allow students to wear what they want as long as their clothes don't say anything inappropriate and as long as they cover up their private parts. So stop wasting money on producing uniforms.

Holy crap I feel bad for those kids who go to schools where they have to wear uniforms...
I'm lucky I don't go to a uniform school, because I like to express myself, I like to wear hoodies, jeans, pants, etc. and I DO NOT like to wear skirts (poor girls who have to wear skirts because it's part of their uniform...), also, I only wear dresses when it's a special occasion. School uniforms limit self expression. You can't really express yourself with school uniforms, and in some schools, even if you modify a teeny-tiny bit of your uniform, the teachers will yell at you for not "dressing properly". Oh yeah, also, I heard some schools only limit their students to wearing 3 colors only. That just sucks because I have a LOT of colorful clothes in my closet, and like I said, I like to express myself. I agree, school uniforms are pointless and limit self expression.

2 No bathroom breaks

The reason this one gets implemented often is because of kids skipping class in public schools by asking to go to the bathroom and then just sitting inside a stall looking at their phone for over 20 minutes. Nowadays they use electronic hall passes or the tag thing but even with those there are other things that come up and then more excuses get made.

Normally though you are allowed bathroom breaks during transition periods and class time though, depends on the school and how ridiculous school security is.

This is by far the stupidest rule I've ever heard. Even a couple of times when I've gone to the bathroom before class ( and during the break) so I don't have to go during class they still get upset at me for not telling them that I went to the bathroom during the BREAK. And we only get like less than five minutes to get from one side of the school to the next (depending on where your classroom is). And it's literally a break between classes, which is a time to change classrooms, stretch your legs, get a drink of water and go to the bathroom. So why do they get so upset when I don't tell them where I was when I come into the classroom? Its obvious that I either didn't have enough time to walk from one class to the next( since my school is big) before the bell rang or I went to the bathroom BEFORE class started so I didn't "disrupt" the class by asking to go DURING the lesson.

3 No self-defence against bullies

This rule should be the highest on this list because it's wrong to criminalize people for defending themselves and others bullies. And people who punish those self-defense against bullies ought to be punished along with bullies. 'Sides, I've had it with existence of bullying so much that I really want it gone forever and never replaced as well as absolutely zero consequences for no bullying.

I heard about this stupid school in a newspaper. The story was a 10 year old kid or something came up to a smaller kid and pushed him to the ground and hit him. So the little kid said don't push me and kicked the bully. Then the idiot teachers made him apologize to the bully and they both stayed after school. Then they told the mom that her son was in a fight and when she found out what actually happened she was really mad. It's just so stupid that some schools tell you to tell a teacher or roll up into a ball or something dumb. What if you're cornered by like 3 kids. You can't exactly tell a teacher then. My grandpa said that he was bullied by a kid in school so he just punched the kid and he didn't bother him anymore. I wish you were allowed to do that now it's the best way to stop bullying.

4 If the student doesn't have enough lunch money in their accounts, the school has the right to deny them food

In my county, if you have money, then you get a choice of which foods you want on the menu. If not, you would just get the combo. Why? Because here,law states that schools must give at least 3 food items to children during lunch. However, I do not know if it is the same in other places. They should really change it if the rule above applies. Parents will REALLY complain.

I have to call fair game on this one. I am pretty sure they can get a grilled cheese and a milk without money so they have the option for the alternative meal. The lunches don't pay for them selves. So you can always pack lunch or bring money.

So what used to happen at certain schools is you would get a sandwich if you didn't have money for lunch. Nothing gross, you would just get a sandwich of your choice and whatever sides you wanted. I thought this rule was a decent one.

5 No eating in class

This can be justified in a technology computer lab or a science class. Drinks can ruin electronics or get into chemicals for example.

My dad had this problem in school, he had low blood sugar but back in the 50s they didn't know that, and there was no snack time and he was so poor, he barely had any food to eat. So instead of passing out he would sneak some sweet potatoes that the kindly school lady would give to him and he would eat when no one was looking.

It's a good thing these days they have snack break for the younger grades.

I agree with this rule as the noise of chewing can be distracting for students, not to mention it creates a mess especially from kids since they generally won't care cleaning it up; that would accumulate and eventually make the class smell unpleasant even though the mess is of small quantity.

6 No hats or beanies

I find it completely pointless I mean like what the heck kid should be allowed to wear hats in the building. What is it with teachers not liking kids wearing hats?

This is just plain stupid. Some schools are apparently hypocritical enough to allow FURRIES to wear their fur suits including the head while others can't cover up the nastiest haircut of all time.

The staff at my school have a hate fetish for hats! There are students playing with condoms, doing drugs, and making out in the hallway and all they worry about is hats!? We always hear "remember not to wear hats! " every other day! Never "Don't do drugs" or "Don't be making out in the hallway! " or "Stop bringing condoms to school! " It's always "Remember not to wear hats! "

7 Do homework

Of course homework is supposed to help your brain grow, but sometimes they give you things that don't make sense or you just don't want to do it. Also kids with certain special needs might not be able to do it, so mostly I say it's unfair.

Homework is a very very bad guy. It has a body count, and a tree count. Now yeah, should a teacher give a lot of homework (despite the fact that it's really bad for you) all because they had to do a lot of homework as a student? Well in my opinion, that answer is no, because that's their personal problem and shouldn't just use that as an excuse to make other's lives harder. My childhood was nowhere near the best but that doesn't mean I will try to ruin the childhood of others, for example, I was banned from Super Smash Bros when I was 11 3/4 despite the fact that I hadn't imitated any gameplay for 9 months of playing. Thankfully I'm allowed to play now, but that was my personal problem but I won't try to spread it around. Might I add, when I was 9 Angry Birds Go became bad with the 2.0 version and I had essentially lost my favorite game of all time (Angry Birds Go pre-2.0) forever. Having to fill that void was another personal problem of mine but not something I would have spread around. A third example was that in Year 5 the grade was split into two classes. The one I was put in had a weekly raffle draw and the other had ClassCraft, a really cool class tool. Again, that was my personal problem but I just had to be grateful for what I've got. So yeah, just because you had to do a lot of homework doesn't just give you a free pass to give a lot.

8 No talking

During class, this is understandable when (some) students are trying to focus on what the teacher is saying, but banning it in the halls or during lunch is just plainly cruel.

I have a pretty big story involving this. So I had to drop out of a class due to a strict teacher because of 2 reason. 1: Due to her thinking that students are her own property and must behave. 2. She helped with my depression. The no taking rule was a huge rule of hers and stopped me from helping a student. Like bruh.

Not even bro they be like 'why do I hear talking" or "I'll wait" and then expect us to stop talking out of respect. Maybe you can hear me because you have ears. And if you say your going to wait then just wait. teachers can't even keep their own word these days!

9 No electronics

Most people say what if their parents died or something but how common do you think that is? They're probably not going to be in a emergency?

This one time in class I was wearing my Fitbit Versa! Because it looks so much like an apple watch, that's what the teacher thought it was. Anyway, the teacher had broken her foot so she couldn't move to the whiteboard, so we all assembled around her desk. I and a few other kids were shoved to the back. The teacher was explaining something and I tapped my watch to see the time. Unfortunately, the teacher looked up at this specific moment. She seen me "playing" (her words not mine) on my watch and she confiscated it. I didn't get it back till Friday (it was Tuesday) and she told me never to wear it to school again. I did, by the way! Stuff the rules! All I wanted was the time!

Hello? What if there's a very important emergency going on at home? What if your parents died? If something like that happened you'd need an electronic to get an
emergency call

10 Must take P.E.

Yes, I understand some kids truly enjoy PE and playing soccer and basketball and being on teams. But not me. For an introvert like me and many others, it's hard enough to be on a group without it being in GYM where you're constantly being judged by your teachers and peers on your skills. Life in middle and high school nowadays is stressful enough without worrying about the newest gym unit that you're terrible at. Even, worse, you're on a team with all the athletic kids that are great at that sport, and you are terrible at it.

My PE classes involved these. A group of sport freaks, the overly feminine girls who always want to be on the same team and cry when they're not, the quiet and decent kids, the couple of kids who don't play and just set stuff up, and the few kids who couldn't care less for the sport and who don't like the class. In the games, the sports freaks throw tantrums when they los the game, the overly feminine girls gossip, the set-up kids just have fun, the quiet kids play the game, and the songs ones who don't care just tell everyone to shut the...yeah PE sucks

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11 No chewing gum

I get that people might stick gum on your seat and it may get stuck to your pants but there's a simple solution without banning gum. No sticking gum on seats! I chew gum in class basically every day and the teachers get SUPER mad when you get busted! I've always seen this rule as completely pointless because gum not only gives you fresh breath but can also act a stress reliever and you're at school, so, your gonna need a stress reliever.

I think this actually makes sense. Chewing gum is really gross and distracting - plus people stick it everywhere. Teachers also can't really ban sticking it places without banning gum as a whole, because they can't tell who stuck something to a desk by the time it gets found out.

Well, this rule actually has a purpose. When I would enter class every morning, there would always be chewed gum stuck to my chair. And the worst part is I'd never notice and I sit down a gum would stick to my pants.

12 No "unnatural" hair colors

So this one is hard, yes unnatural hair is distracting for a few people, but it's your choice what color hair you have, nobody else's.

I guess it's a bit distracting but if it's just highlights or something then it shouldn't matter.

We're allowed to have it, but as long as it is not all of the hair (ex: streaks, half dyes etc).

13 Not allowed to choose own seats

This is justified because while you would want to sit by close friends for group work, there are certain groups of students who want to do nothing productive on a certain day therefore they assign seats so that troublesome students or talkative students are closer to the teacher and/or away from each other as much as possible.

So I like to sit in the front of the classroom so the tall people don't obstruct my view of the board, but I generally get seated in the back because they know I'm a good student. Good students should be able to choose.

I don't seem to understand why is it not allowed to choose my own seat? because this is too pointless for me to follow this rule.

14 Must participate in plays

My teacher say it's "fun" and "educational", but I have no idea why. She says we have to understand what the character feels and how emotional they sound. Sure, but don't force me to stand up there and read the part of Goldilocks when she says " This porridge is just right *gobble gobble gobble*". Plus, sometimes people pause and refuse to say anymore even when everyone is literally screaming at that person to keep on reading because then we will miss half of break. Then they think everyone hates them and start to cry. It's all the teachers' fault. See, I'm in year 4 and I'm supposed to be learning about scripts because the year 3s and 4s have to learn how to "express" emotions. I just don't know what's up with teachers these days. They make it so embarassing and when they say "I hope you like your new roles in this play, because you can't switch!" Like, seriously? Also, they FORCE you to do a part even when you say you are being pulled right out of your comfort zone. If there's not enough roles, they just make up random characters. For example, in the Seussical play that I did last year, we were split into two groups on different nights so that we had enough parts, but then they made up the jungle citizens, mini clowns, extra birdgirls and boys, and many more. For the elephant bird, they had a stuffed toy which was actually Dumbo, the flying elephant! I mean, you could've just made that fictional and take away the elephant bird instead of paying so much money for a school play!

15 Keep your hands to yourself

This makes a lot of sense because some people are sensitive to being touched and don't want to be near crazy people who like to touch others. And it can actually lead to bullying or other problems.

And no going within 4 inches of each other. In a small school with 1,000 students and over 40 kids per class. How?

It's just to keep everybody from not getting hurt and getting hurt isn't fun at all.

16 Shorts and leggings must be arm length

This is stupid! What if you have shorts but your arms are really long? It's just stupid all together. Just boycott. Everyone come to school wearing shorts that are not arm length.

This is unfair because my arms are really long and other people's don't go past their waist so they can wear whatever they want!

What the hell? so these short ass girls that have short arms can be walking around school with her ass hanging out and they can't say nothing about it because its still arm lenth. what are they gonna do then?

17 Not allowed to choose the song in a play

Ok, my school hasn't done a pay in a while. And I'm a boy in year 6, I'm gonna' be backstage. I believe year 6 productions have better songs.

But for assemblies:
Teachers: Super happy and positive songs!
Year 6 Students: *Cuss word songs*

I literally have never watched or participated in a school play that was remotely entertaining.

Why do we have to sing babyish songs? 6th graders should be able to sing Tokyo Narita and Wasting Time!

18 No throwing snowballs

No, I see the logic in this one. Once I was having a mini snowball fight (boys against girls) and this kid in grade 1 or 2 came up and wanted to join we said no. I finally cornered one of the boys and the same kid hit me in the nose with a ball of ice.

Just in case...JUST in of the kids hides a loaded pistol, a grenade, five ninja stars and a jar of cyanide in one.

Unless you're 5, this rule is pointless, throwing snow doesn't hurt at all.

19 No groups of friends over 5

So if you have 6 friends (including you) one of them have to leave? And be lonely? Not many people are good with making new friends, let them have the people who they feel safe with or mostly trust

I luckily never had this issue. Maybe they think people over five is a gang even if it is the Christian church kids like me.

This is down right stupid! I always prefer an even number of friends that way we don't have to fight over who sits with who.

20 Must wear black shoes

In my school, you can wear any shoe except steel toed boots and anything that exposes your toe. And I always wear black shoes, so this wouldn't affect me. Doesn't mean I agree with it.

Not everyone likes school shoes especially black shoes since some of them are as hard as wearing rocks tied into your feet. Black is also a dark,depressing colour. Not to be rude to anyone who likes the colour black, I like it too

Ours have to be completely black with no patterns. Guess what? I'm wearing my new shoes (with leopard print) to school tomorrow. Who cares?

21 No hard balls

My school doesn't have this, but everyone brings dodgeballs to class. My school is weird.

Wait, this sounds wrong... I meant hard footballs.

Well how you supposed to kick or throw them?

22 No crazy hair

Apparently any color that is "unnatural" and "a distraction" or something like that. I don't know about anyone else but for me weird hair is as much as a distraction as the posters on the walls.

My current school only allows us to dye our hair with natural hair colors, while the high schools don't give a flip about what color you dye your hair.

My friend dyed her hair permanently lilac and teacher was fine, I temp dye mine red and get suspended for 2 weeks?!?!

23 No long hair

This is so pointless. My high school doesn't have this rule at all, sorry if yours does. My hair goes down to my knees and everyone stares at me with a smile, especially the boys.

Most of our life's (girls and boys and Non-binary people) people might want to grow their hair but then you just force them to cut it? Let them do them!

This is a rule at some places? Oh no! My hair almost goes down my whole back and I would never cut it, I would just get detention! Yay!

24 No couples

Never had this problem. However anything over a quick kiss will get you detention.

In my school their are like 1 or 2 couples, and a million dramas .

A lot of people from my school would get suspended.

25 Only water in water bottles

That's why I just bring a metal water bottle. I could be drinking water, tea, juice, or even soda and my teachers wouldn't have a single clue.

I bring coffee to school in my water bottle and the PE teachers gets mad at me , like What.

Why would it matter. People still get sugary drinks from the canteen every day.

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