Full-fledged List Analysis: Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned

NuMetalManiak Hey look who's been inactive about FFLA's lately? Yep, me! Schools are weird, some may be starting soon for some people across the globe, and while mine starts in September, let's make a school-related list in July! What are some weird things schools have banned?

1. The Dictionary: Pretty sure they don't ban this. They just don't have them at all. But kids could use them for help with words.
2. Father's Day Cards: In most schools, I'm pretty sure Father's Day doesn't fall during school times. Not sure how to feel here.
3. Red Ink (for Teachers): I can see why. Kids actually fear red ink marks because they don't like being wrong.
4. Tag: Some people played rough I reckon. Maybe that's why.
5. Lunch: This shouldn't be banned. You want hungry kids to starve?
6. Darwin T-shirt: Not sure about the context, but if it insults evolution in a way, I'm against it.
7. Regular Clothes: I really hate the schools that force uniforms. As long as kids are wearing appropriate clothing and not, you know, wearing anything inappropriate or being naked or something, there's not any harm.
8. Dancing: It's a form of exercise and physical education. Banning it is no different from banning PE.
9. Bathroom Stalls: How exactly do kids go to the bathroom then. Is it like one-toilet per? For like a thousand students that's too little.
10. Pokemon Socks: Well, this is bizarre.
11. Pokemon Cards: Must've been all the rage, although I'm pretty sure no one knows how to play the trading card game.
12. Recess: Well when you're older, Recess and PE sort of go hand-in-hand. Besides, secondary schools will never have them.
13. Flaming Hot Cheetos: They might have been too spicy, but I've never heard anything bad about them.
14. Anything Involving Birthdays: Why? Kids should definitely have stuff for their birthdays.
15. Bake Sales: Bake sales wouldn't be offered at schools usually. I guess because kids must love cookies or something.
16. Band Shirts: I always wear band shirts. I guess some schools are way too professional and uptight.
17. Best Friends: How would they know who's best friends with who?
18. The Word "Meep": Is that a word or.
20. Christmas: Technically, kids and staff don't have school on Christmas anyways.
21. Art: Um, like everything you see in hallways is art in some form, so this would mean banning everything.
22. South Park T-Shirts: If they had inappropriate stuff on them then I can see them getting band.
23. Air Jordans: What are these.
24. American Flag: Probably applies to non-American schools in nations that hate the US.
25. The Words "Mom" and "Dad": Err, why?
26. Talking: But if schools ban talking, how do staff communicate?
27. Birthday Invitations: Nothing too wrong with this, although it's best if they are given out outside of school.
28. Backpacks/Schoolbags: I HATED THIS. This happened for middle school, which is dumb because I have to make numerous trips to the locker every time to get my books, violin, EVERYTHING.
29. Books: But this is even dumber. Books are necessary to get information on things or to have stories.
30. The Words "What The": Two very common words. Actually this is a phrase that could lead to anything.
31. Fidget Spinners: They're toys that could be distracting.
32. French Fries: These are often fat-full, so it makes sense. But they are tasty.
33. The Words "Oh Jesus": Banning words is very dumb.
34. My Little Pony Backpack: It's not entirely inappropriate.
35. Joking About Drugs: Well drugs are usually zero-tolerance at schools so it makes sense.
36. Bows: Need context, please. Weapon or fashion thing?
37. Saying the Word "Gun": Banning words is dumb.
38. Hats: Some people claim it's because kids hide weapons in hats. That alone is implausible.
39. Deodorant: It helps for those who don't shower.
40. Phones: Phones should be banned in an academic setting, since teachers emphasize learning and stuff needs to be taught.
41. Gel Pens: I prefer ballpoint, since these could get everywhere.
42. Chocolate Bars: Guess they want kids to eat healthy.
43. Tank Tops: They want kids to wear sleeved shirts, and not be exposing too much skin.
44. The Confederate Flag: In the state I live in, we study the Civil War from the Confederate side and acknowledge it.
45. High Fives: They aren't obscene gestures.
46. Snowball Fights: There's no snow in our area.
47. Picture Day: I personally would like to know why, you can just not have a picture in the yearbook.
48. Computers: With so much technology, computers can't be banned now.
49. Oreos: They're just cookies and they don't even give them to kids usually. Kids bring their own.
50. Gym: Basically banning PE. Okay, have fun with either wimpy or fat kids in your school.
51. Anime: Usually schools have anime clubs so not really.
52. Crying: So in the event something heartbreaking occurs, many people will break this rule?
53. Google: What search engine do they use then.
54. Grilled Cheese: Banning certain foods from lunch menus is pretty weird.
55. Red Ink: Already duplicated.
56. Peanuts: Some people have allergies.
57. Exams: Some kids would like them. Actually I would because a lot of it is memorization.
58. Porn: Too obvious. Not weird to ban.
59. Teaching Geography: This is usually taught in high school. I see no reason to ban it especially for travelers.
60. Triangular Shaped Flapjacks: This is way too specific.
61. Long Hair (Boys): Nothing wrong with long hair.
62. Prayer: Hey I remember making a reply about Freedom of Religion here.
63. Writing On Hands and Arms: This is dumb and can be dangerous so it makes sense to ban.
64. Sunscreen: It's not really necessary.
65. Real Guitars: Erm, okay? Pretty sure a band class with a guitarist could use a real guitar.
66. Going Outside: In bad weather it makes sense. Otherwise not so much.
67. The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank Diary): It's often a read play in schools, so this would be dumb.
68. Selling Things: Depends on if it's an appropriate market. Can't be selling drugs though.
70. Charlie Charlie: Never heard of it.
71. Music: Well if you are not being studious and listening to music loudly and disruptively then I can see it getting banned.
72. Rainbow Looms: No idea what this is.
73. Silly Bandz: These were dumb anyways.
74. Beyblades: They probably thought these were dangerous.
75. Internet: The problem with the internet is that it's required to research so many things that could help with studies.
76. Sharpies: Well, the "permanent" markers can be removed, some people probably don't know this.
77. Yoga Pants: I prefer shorts with pockets.
78. Cancer Awareness Bands: Bands are usually pretty lame, but banning this kind of band prevents awareness to issues.
79. Rollerbags: Not really that cool since they can trip on things easily.
80. Video Games: Pretty obvious actually.
81. Wikipedia: For the most part, Wikipedia stays accurate due to decent administration, so this is moot.
82. Sex: Obvious.
83. Mother's Day Cards: Banning creation of cards is pretty weird.
84. Gum: Was wondering when this was on here. Gum honestly is the cliche one which makes no sense to ban.
85. Contact Lens: What if the people who need them can't see and hurt themselves.
86. Captain Underpants: These books are silly stories and shouldn't be banned because of that. Not inappropriate.
87. Tackle Football: So afraid of children getting hurt.
88. Wearing a Coat / Jumper Indoors: Only if it's not cold outside.
89. Headphones: Cause some of you kids love blasting music at dumb times.
90. Hangman: This little guessing game that inspired Wheel of Fortune? Not really that bad.
91. Running On the Field: But the field is for running.
92. Celtic Knots: What are these.
93. Teletubbies: People in school are too old to see it. Might work for preschool though.
94. Unhealthy Food: Well, duh.
95. Bad Breath: How is it possible to ban breath?
96. Hugging: It could be inappropriate.
97. Non-Motorized Transportation: I, I don't see a problem with this, so it shouldn't be banned.
98. Balls: Not gonna go there.
99. Toxic Waste Candy: Toxic waste and candy do not mix.
100. Gender-Specific Words: I don't understand this at all.
101. Jamie Oliver: Who are you referring to.
102. AR50 Grenade Launcher Assault Rifle: Pretty sure there is a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of weapon.
103. Manga: This and anime can be part of an anime club. No one is harmed with this kinda thing.
104. Ketchup: Seriously? It's a condiment. Unless people play pranks where blood and ketchup are mistaken.
105. Weed: This should be obvious.
106. Flip flops: They are so afraid people would stub or dislocate toes.
107. White-Soled Shoes: Too specific to ban, geez, schools.
108. Friends of the Opposite Sex: They are so afraid of relationships.
109. Advil: Pretty weird, unless some students think its funny to od on them.
110. Socks that Aren't Higher Than the Ankles: Um, these exist?
111. Farting: What if someone can't hold it and needs to go to the bathroom.
112. Sports: So no physical education?
113. Breathing Out Loud: Well, all the students dropped dead. Now what, staff?
114. Blankets: If someone is cold, they should have something to keep them warm.
115. Dyed Hair: They think it's rebellious, although some do it for fun.
116. Nintendo Switch: Goes with video games.
117. Electronics: Without any electronics the school wouldn't have any power. Good luck getting kids to learn with no light.
118. Smoking Outside On School Property, Even for Adults/Parents of Students: This should be banned anyways.
119. Children of Students: Erm, what? First of all you're dealing with teen pregnancies and second what the heck?
120. Dark Eye Makeup: It's pretty cool. I don't see why it should be banned.
121. Cartwheels/handstands: Some of these are impossible to do anyways.
122. Urinals: Why don't they just make it so that the boys in the stalls don't call people gay just because they use a urinal next to them.
123. Beanie Babies: Are these toys? Who cares.
124. Wearing Hats: Already on here.
125. Slutty Clothes: Quite obvious, they aren't really appropriate for school anyways.
126. The Library: Banning books in another form.
127. Korn T-Shirts: Applies to band t-shirts.
128. Rubber Bands: Well, some kids use them to be mischievous, so it makes sense.
129. Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards: Who even used these.
130. Evony: What's Evony?
131. Pre-Teen Students Saying "Dog's Butt": Um, okay?
132. Cars: Not sure if referring to the Pixar film (or sequels) or actual cars that 16-year olds will be able to drive.
133. Holding Hands: Some schools really don't want any sort of physical contact.
134. Dodgeball: I think it should be banned. It promotes bullying.
135. Bookbags: Basically another word for backpacks.
136. Pogs: This was a fad that died really quickly. No use banning it.
137. Black Makeup: But goths are cool and not bad people.
138. Ugg Boots: So accordingly these were banned because people hid phones in them, and not their pockets, okay.
139. Baggy Pants: These pants are stupid and basically fall off your waist.
140. Skinny Jeans: These things are really bad for those who are fat.
141. Winning: At anything? Why have a school that loses all the time? Where's the reward for that?
142. Goosebumps (Book Series): Not a bad series.
143. Facebook: This probably pertains to phones.
144. The Acronym "LOL": Saying "LOL" out loud is dumb anyways.
145. God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood: Seriously? Come on, it's a patriotic song for Americans.
146. Brown Shoes: Very picky.
147. Triangular Flapjacks: Already on here dude.
148. Crisps: That's the British word for Chips if I recall.
149. Pepsi T-Shirts: I just don't understand why some schools are offended by things that aren't offensive.
150. Coffee: Does coffee really help you wake up? I don't think so. It tastes bad and just makes me feel bad.
151. Running In the Playground: Well, running could lead to accidents, so it makes sense. Just no roughhousing.
152. Make Up: Too much makeup makes you look like a monster, but it's not detrimental overall.
153. Sunny D: Banning fake orange juice? Not sure how to feel here.
154. Loom Bands: No idea what this is.
155. Going On the Field: What do you mean "on the field?" In PE, you pretty much always are on a field in some way.
156. Football: Don't most schools have football teams?
157. Father's Day: Again, this usually isn't a thing for most schools anyways.
158. Lip Balm: So schools ban it just because "balm" is pronounced "bomb"
159. A Hat With Toy Soldiers On It:????????
160. Slap Bracelets: Enough with the bands and bracelets, they don't hurt anyone.
161. Vegetables: You'd think the opposite since this is healthy food.
162. Leggings: Um, not sure what exactly you mean by leggings.
163. Baby Bump Pictures In Yearbooks: I don't know what these are.
164. Twerking: Definitely deserves to be banned.
165. Beards: I hate beards, but they shouldn't be banned.
166. Wheelies: What kids are doing wheelies on bicycles in schools.
167. Webkinz: What are these.
168. Toy Guns: Well, they resemble weapons and that's not good for schools.
169. Toilet Stalls: I don't really understand why a complete privacy option has to be banned.
170. Airjitsu Flyers: No one knows what this is.
171. Metal Music: I guess they just don't want loud music, although this applies to anything with the volume up.
172. Masturbating: This obviously should be banned.
173. Sandals: Same as flip-flops.
174. Shorts Shorter Than Knee-Length: Well, the possibility of being looked up is problematic.
175. High Heels: They are awesome shoes. Why would they be banned?
176. Paintball Guns: Anything that looks or acts like a weapon should be banned.
177. MLG: Shouldn't this MLG crap be done outside of school?
178. Water Guns: Any and all guns even harmless ones actually should be banned.
179. Adderall: Same with drugs.
180. Using Profanity: Too bad it's difficult to regulate it.
181. Short-Sleeved Shirts: What's wrong with these.
182. Bathrooms: Whoever made the top comment here perfectly explains how bad this is.
183. Ebonics: It's basically some form of English.
184. Urban Dictionary: You're better off with a real dictionary than some slang crap.
185. Visitors: For security reasons I bet. But most visitors are allowed in as long as they have good business.
187. Helping Someone: Wow, so helping someone is banworthy? This can't be a school you go to.
188. Yoyos: Some people had used these as weapons for whatever reason.
189. Running on the Sidewalk: Um, why? It's no different than running on a track.
190. Truth or Dare: These games are really lame anyways, but shouldn't be banned.
191. Hoodies: These are the best kind of long-sleeve clothing.
192. Fortnite: What's so great about this, we've moved on to other cringe games.
193. Regular Backpacks: Let's not with the backpacks please.

Other than drugs or guns, many of these things shouldn't even be banned.