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1 Chairs Chairs Product Image

I gotta say, this is the stupidest ban I've ever heard in my life. My high school has fully wooden floors with tile that cracks every time someone steps on them, so this would be uncomfortable to sit on the floor. Also, my school was built in 1898 so it's very old. Who is with me on my opinion?!

I hate sitting on the floor. I find a comfortable position, then it gets uncomfortable and I have to switch positions.

What do I sit on then? The desk? The floor?

Where do I sit then? On the hard floor?

2 The Dictionary The Dictionary Product Image

Here are the reasons that might be why these things are banned from schools.
#1. The Dictionary
Some words in the book are not very appropriate.
#2. Darwin T-Shirt
This is a shirt with Charles Darwin on it. Perhaps, this is very bad dress code.
#3. Red Ink (For teachers)
This could affect grades & stuff in the school. So if your a teacher, you might need to use a different type of ink besides red. Only students can use it.
#4. Father's Day Cards
Your dad's not with you in school.
#5. Bake Sales
The food could be too unhealthy & nobody seems to buy anything from school bake sales.
#6. Tag
The teachers are thinking "The kids could get hurt! "
#7. Flaming Hot Cheetos
It's too hot & unhealthy.
#8. Pokemon Socks
Remember that there is a dress code!
#9. Grilled Cheese
Seriously, schools? What's wrong with this? Is the cheese too grilled?
#10. Dancing
Do they not want us to hurt ourselves? Come on, school! What's the matter with ...more

Ahh... the older than dirt tradition of looking up bad words in the dictionary at school, from the lava age to the mid 2000s it was perfect until recently in which teachers treat 10th graders like kindergartners like showing them clean versions of rap in music class, showing SafeTube on the projector screen and using a "Dictionary for kids ages 6-12".

It has been banned. At least in one school about which I read at the web. The school said they caught their students searching for vulgar and bad words in the dictionary. Pretty weird, but true.

Well, to answer some of those comments below. In some schools, the dictionary was banned and censored because it had bad words, and kids used it to find definitions of bad words.

3 Best Friends

They banned it because other students might feel bad. The way people have to not offend anybody and be nice all the time is just dumb. You can hardly say or do anything now without offending some prick.

Why should you worry if you're someone else's best friend? If they respect you, shouldn't that be enough?

This is the best thing about school! What cruel and undesirable school would ban this?

That's just cruel... I guess some schools don't want friendship to be real..

4 Red Ink (for Teachers) Red Ink (for Teachers) Product Image

I read recently that the colour red can negatively affect test results. If only I knew this before I got red carpets for my room and a red blanket for my bed.

Just use a different colour to mark my work! Simple as that!

Um... no they use red pens to correct, they need red pens to see if their wrong or right

My primary school did this,its "bad luck "apparently or" its rude ". It's a PEN. What bad luck is there in ink?

5 Father's Day Cards Father's Day Cards Product Image

Father's Day-related memorabilia don't need to be at school since it takes place in the summer.

Father's Day is in the summer. Kids are usually off school before Father's Day

Wait isn't father day in June? Which it's pretty much summer vacation in June unless you have summer school? And who would get offended because kids have 2 moms when there is also a mother day? Lol

Fathers Day is in summer!

6 The Words "Mom" and "Dad"

So you're not even allowed to tell your friend if your mom says you can't go out after school?

Looks like I'd be in detention every single day.

This list is getting weirder and weirder...

This is getting weirder by the minute...

7 American Flag American Flag Product Image

Liberal: You see, the flag that represents the land of the free is a symbol of white supremacy. Because that makes sense.

What's next? They're going to ban the pledge or the national anthem? How stupid can schools get with banning things?

They chose to ban the American flag because it would offend minorities? How is it offensive to them? How?

That's disrespectful to America. Why would the teachers ban that?

8 Tag

After my school banned this, we started playing Grounders. After my school banned Grounders (their eyes are closed and they're on playground equipment? What if they fall!) we started playing Red Rover. Then they banned that too, so now we have nothing to do.

Schools are retarded. Grounders and Red Rover I can understand. But tag? Come on! You're just running around and you have to touch someone else so they become it. (okay that sounds wrong)

It's actually banned. Why would they ban tag? I played tag when I was a kid and nothing bad has ever happened to me or any other kid who has played it.

Schools: Banning a timeless game that children have been playing for decades all because a few people roughhouse too much.

Great logic.

9 Bathroom Stalls

Excellent. We are now banning our own privacy just because some principal thinks that the other students won't look at the other person taking a number one or a number two.

Seriously if someone really banned this and you went to this school, I would only say "Good luck."

OK, l have never been more confused when I thought of this: why the hell would you ban the bathroom stalls? The reason they're even invented is so people can have private times doing you-know-what. Boy, if I went to that school... well, I think I've said enough.

Why do schools ban those. Is it because they're trying to ruin students lives. I mean it's bad enough they ban dancing and regular clothes but bathroom stalls! What has society come to.

Wait, this has to be a joke.
No? This.. this is real. Oh my...
This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. I can't understand why bathroom stalls would need to be banned. Can someone explain please?

10 Anything Involving Birthdays Anything Involving Birthdays Product Image

This goes for all other holiday related things, but some schools have people who are Jehovah's witnesses, which is a religion where they don't celebrate holidays. They do other stuff, to, but that's not very important for this matter. I go to school with a girl who's a Jehovah's witness, and she's really nice.

I don't really have to worry about this one because my birthday is on a day where there is no school.

WHAT?! People's birthdays are special things that should be celebrated!

Good thing my birthday's in August.

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11 Regular Clothes Regular Clothes Product Image

I hate my school uniform, it feels like you are going to school-of-worst-dress-sense. Why can't we just wear a simple jeans and top? Our uniform for girls is, brown check shirt, brown divider skirt, two braids down the sides with ribbons, can you believe it?!? Ribbons! I don't understand what's the point of dress code in school. We are there to study, so teach us and don't interfere with anything else! I can understand banning crop tops, mini skirts and all that revealing crap, but normal clothes!?!? Like, is your brain dead or something!?!?

I understand when it comes to crop tops and blouses but regular clothes? What?! Having to wear school uniforms! Stupid! Wearing itchy and uncomfortable tops and shirts, and putting brains in your hair with ribbons! Ribbons! And I hate braids in MY hair. How stupid to ban regular clothes. Back in my childhood, I was glad my school didn't ban the clothes we wear now. Kids, go to Pettigrew! It's the nicest school!

I understand banning half-shirts and similar, but banning regular clothes! The stupidest thing I've ever heard. On top of that most school uniforms are butt-ugly and I would never be caught DEAD wearing anything a SCHOOL makes me wear. My school never did that but I had a cousin who's did, and I felt SO bad for her. She wasn't allowed to wear any shirt that went down to above her waist.

You're the best school in the city. I have good teachers, nice classmates, but dumb uniform. Once there was a fire alarm and we were standing at more than 50 degrees CELSIUS. I took off my blazer, and guess what? I had to stand away from my friends. I was just trying to avoid sun stroke for god's sake.

12 Books Books Product Image

Isn't that how kids learn in the first place? If you ban books, then how are students going to learn?

I think in grade 2 or 1 I brought in a comic book then my teacher said "read a real book" I mean...what!?!?!?

I like to read and CANNOT live without them. It will be a shame if my schools ban books.

I live for books! In fact I couldn't survive if our school banned books!

13 Christmas Christmas Product Image

The school that had banned Christmas had probably Ebeneezer Scrooge or The Grinch as the Principal. Or the Principal might be even worser than the guys I mentioned!

Gee, the principal or the school board must have been a real Scrooge or Grinch to ban something like this.

Christmas is the best time of the year! Why would anyone bank Christmas? That's weird!

Your not in school for Christmas.

14 Band Shirts Band Shirts Product Image

I can understand if its for some of the more obscure metal bands like the ones I listen to, like Cannibal Corpse etc because of the graphic nature of their merchandise, but for them to ban band shirts outright is just too much.

What if they need to tell their mom or dad maybe family member something, or what if two people are alone and one of them is having a medical emergency but they can't take out their phones then that person has to just stare at that person... think about it

Even if the songs have bad words, there's a kid in English who wears a deadpool shirt all the time, which is R, and he doesn't get in trouble! Yes, I know some band shirt have gore and stuff on it but not every band!

I don't wear band shirts, but this would still piss me off, especially seeing "pretty girls" get away with wearing tops that expose half their bodies.

15 Darwin T-shirt Darwin T-shirt Product Image

One the other hand, some schools ban shirts with bible quotes on them, and saying anything that has to do with religion. If only we could get along. It's a free country

Schools influenced by the FFRF (Freedom FROM Religion Foundation, a hyper-atheist, hyper-Darwinist group) ban Christian phrases yet ban Darwinist shirts?! Hypocrisy of hyper/militant atheists.

I am an atheist, but I can see this being banned, as it could offend some Christian kids.

Who thought that this was Darwin watterson before looking at the replies?

16 The Library

This applies to my school. How are we supposed to read when we can't go to the library?!

17 Writing On Hands and Arms

It actually is incredibly dangerous. The ink forms into your skin, causing the ink to enter your veins. It will land you in the hospital and could do serious blood damage.

Some people were on a feel trip, and drew all over their selves.

Saw this during a episode of whatdoyoucallit, and he was perfectly fine.

Girlfriend did it to me, school doesn't care about writing on yourself

18 Dancing

Dancing isn't banned at my school. Heck, my best friend does the robot and the moonwalk all the time in wood shop. At least it's better then the whip nae nae or the dab.

The teachers are just afraid that the students will out-dance them! Chickens!

Are the teachers afraid that kids will fall and hurt themselves or something?

Stupid, but they probably just don't want a bunch of kids twerking. (that's all they do anymore)

19 Lunch Lunch Product Image

If kids don't have enough money, sometimes schools deny them food. Also, if those kids already got a lunch, sometimes the teacher makes them THROW IT AWAY. It's so sad cause a lot of kids may be poor and that's the only meal they will get for the day. Teachers obviously want them to either starve to death or suffer from severe malnutrition.

Wdym? I have lunch in school. Wouldn't the school get in trouble if they wouldn't allow kids to have their lunch? (One time this sub teacher gave us no lunch tho)

Banning lunch would be enough to convince me that public schools want to mass murder innocent children. I bet the people running the schools worship Hitler and their ultimate goal is to recreate the holocaust.

Schools: Yay, starving children at schools was SUCH a good idea! Plus, money is better than people! Maybe we could make the children do labor and make our staff only get half the pay for TWICE the work!

20 Backpacks/Schoolbags Backpacks/Schoolbags Product Image

In the 6th grade, the school tried to institute uniformed backpacks. They weren't even backpacks, they were poorly made drawstring bags. By the way, we had to take all of our material home with us everyday.

Okay, hold on. You're telling me that schools, which mind you, give tons of textbooks, papers and other supplies are not allowing students to carry a bag to put their supplies in? Umm okay...

My middle school wouldn't allow carrying backpacks around, and they want us to stuff backpacks full of stuff in really skinny lockers and bring only what we need. Very stupid.

I'm here 7-8hrs a day with a textbook and notebook for each class, a calculator, and some books for English class. Only 2 locker stops.

21 Wikipedia Wikipedia Product Image Wikipedia is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki-based editing system. Individual contributors, also called editors, are known as Wikipedians. Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history. more.

You need Wikipedia in order to learn and research to become smarter. I guess schools want us to become dumb, not smart.

Ha.. The teachers say it's unreliable, which I guess is true cause anyone can edit it, but didn't it get better a while ago?

One of my eighth grade teachers said this when I was trying to google some info for a project.

Why! I think someone could tell if the information was a troll.

22 Art Art Product Image

Art? I love art! How could they ban that?

23 Pokemon Socks Pokemon Socks Product Image

What the hell, you can't even see the socks if you wear pants of have short socks! Plus, it seems like schools want to force you into American culture like pRiDE iN oNLy aMeRIcA.

They're telling us what socks to wear? What's happening to schools?

This is a truly bizarre thing to ban. But it happened.

NO! Pokemon is awesome and should be allowed anything.

24 Recess

No break from learning mean that we have to suffer 7 hours for 5 days a week sitting in crappily contoured plastic chairs holding uncomfortable hexagons with lead on one end and a worn out eraser on the other.

Secondary School we have a school break, its not kiddy recess. Its just a break we have in school.

This is just an elementary school thing.

I don't miss recess that much to be honest.

25 Pokemon Cards Pokemon Cards Product Image

Once I went to daycare during the summer, and I brought my Pokemon cards to with me. Other kids brought theirs too, and we all started to play. When a teacher came in she told us to put away the cards, and that we weren't allowed to have them. That partiicular daycare also wouldn't have any teachers let us watch the show or play the video games either. Most teachers didn't even have to be told the rules about Pokemon because they were against it anyway.

They were banned at MY school because someone dropped one and someone else picked it up. Then the teacher gave us a lecture about stealing other people's things and talked to the principle. After that we snuck them in and we never got caught.

In elementary school, Pokemon was very big and everybody brought Pokemon cards to school. Even the popular kids! Anyways the principal banned them. Then Beyblade was popular and then it got banned!

Everybody in my first grade were bringing Pokemon cards until the teachers banned them, along with Silly Bands. WE all tried to sneak them into class and trade while doing assignments.

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