Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

NuMetalManiak Too many school lists being made, hahahaha, well here's another analysis to do involving school. Some of you all like your bright ideas involving school.

1. Someone shooting the school: Too obvious is it not? Anything could happen here, none of it good to anyone.
2. No summer vacation: Well here's a reality check for you. If you work at a full-time job there IS NO SUCH THING as summer vacation.
3. Justin Bieber visits and sings: This item is pretty old considering that the Justin Bieber hate is just as old.
4. Bullies taking over the school: Should not ever happen due to zero-tolerance policies. If it does, switch schools or try to join them in something.
5. An announcement of longer school years: Which we unfortunately already have here.
6. Walk into a class room where 2 teachers are having sex: Don't come up with items with extremely low odds, please.
7. Fire: As in a real fire, not a drill. Those drills aren't the best at safety.
8. School is mandated every day of the year, even holidays, from 4:00 am to 9:00 PM, with homework assigned: Yet another impossible scenario. Don't have nightmares like this.
9. You are forced to watch baby shows: Well maybe in elementary schools, but you shouldn't watch them when you're older.
10. The fire alarms don't work and there's a fire: There's always safety tests, so this shouldn't occur.
11. A tornado: Really REALLY BAD thing to be in, trust me. Tornadoes could completely wreck an entire school and there's next to nothing that can be done.
12. An earthquake: Again, nothing could be done. I'd imagine it's slightly harder for those who have them.
13. Homework every day: Technically with work, you still got homework. College always has it. Deal with it.
14. Flying pigs start killing everyone: Yes it's random, yes it's funny, but only once. Please be more realistic though.
15. Hitler visits: Again, you must be realistic. Unless you lived in the 1939-1945 rich German schools this doesn't happen.
16. You find out a bully is dating your crush: Likely to happen anytime, sadly. Move on and find a better crush I guess.
17. Elmo comes to your school: Shut up.
18. Test week: While it's okay that you don't get to sit through boring lectures, you had to cram the nights before.
19. No days off: Be a bit more specific here. Do you mean weekends and holidays too? That would certainly suck.
20. Extended homework: It's called projects.
21. Somebody commits suicide because there are bullies in the school: Because of this, schools have bad reps.
22. Uniforms become required: Pricey and unnecessary.
23. School is year round: With no breaks, that would be bad.
24. A rat would eat your teacher: Please stop being unrealistic.
25. An 80 and below are considered failing grades: Now THIS I would protest against.
26. Having to go to school on saturday: Actually has happened due to so many snow days one time.
27. Nicki Minaj visits and sings: She has a schedule, she's not gonna go to your school. Relax.
28. Obama becomes the principal: He's overqualified.
29. You have to do an assignment on Big Brother: As in the 1984 Big Brother or the TV show?
30. Osama bin Laden visits: Again, NOT happening unless you lived in Al-Qaeda territory and it's even less possible now.
31. A bomb goes off. Sudden and deadly.
32. All of your enemies form a gang and beat you up: Now this is a nightmare that could happen.
33. Your teacher makes you watch big brother for homework: Imagining it's 1984-verse and having to be watched all the time.
34. Being expelled: Can happen if you are stupid or bad.
35. Being suspended: ^
36. Getting caught watching inappropriate videos: This could lead to the above two items.
37. A tiger kills your teacher: Your favorite teacher, but then again, tigers shouldn't be on school grounds for any reason.
38. Someone spilled acid: These comments make me want to put acid in my eyes.
39. Someone pulls your pants down in front of the whole school: The only place I can think of this happening is an auditorium.
41. Someone using an axe to tear down the school: Well, you won't go to school anymore if that happens. It's also slow.
42. You are forced to clean the bathrooms, even though you didn't vandalize them: NOW THIS WOULD BE BAD. Where are the janitors?
43. Your desk would get broken by a bully: You must love your desk.
44. Detentions: Can happen if you are disrupting class, so behave yourself, kids.
45. A bully kills your teacher: Let's not talk about killing. This is a school session.
46. The school could explode due to a gas leak, and kill everyone inside, and within a 5 mile radius: Bad case scenario right here.
47. Chris Brown comes to your school and sings: You do realize celebrities don't have time to do any of this.
48. You have a sneeze out in class and there's no tissues to clean up all the snot: Kids love to point at gross people to fuel their own egos.
49. Someone turns the school on you: With their powerful ability to lift the school up and throw it too. Actually no.
50. Your teacher is a Big Brother contestant: Oh it was about the TV show. If it wasn't for TheTopTens I wouldn't know about this.
51. Get raped by a teacher: No teacher should ever do this.
52. Tsunami: If you live inland, this isn't a problem.
53. A bully brings a dynamite into class: Same thing as a mini-bomb.
54. Sitting next to a bully: Happens far too often. Thankfully we have a realistic item.
55. Your are forced to watch Total Drama: You all need to stop hating cartoons.
56. A mad student destroys everything in your school: Everything? That takes a load of talent to destroy everything.
57. No bathroom break: I put this on my remix. It should be obvious. When you have to go you have to go.
58. Teachers can hit students again: Shouldn't happen for any reason unless the teacher wants to lose the job.
59. A bully hits your classmate: What if you don't care?
60. A boner during a school assembly: Assemblies are boring and no one really cares about anything in them.
61. Your teacher is a pedophile: There should be background checks for these individuals.
62. ISIS takes over and makes you all join: Wouldn't happen in first-world countries.
63. You sit next to a Total Drama fangirl: Why do you hate Total Drama again?
64. Forced to eat glass: By whom? A bully most likely.
65. A mean girl kidnaps you: This probably doesn't pertain to school.
66. Your archenemy's parent becomes a teacher: Well who would think this would actually possibly happen?
67. Ceiling falls in: Building integrity must be inspected every year.
68. No toilets: Where do you do your business?
69. Some crazy kid goes berserk in the hallways and flings his poop everywhere: According to one comment this actually happened.
70. A train crashes through your school: Really should not happen.
71. Baby bop punches your teacher: Who is baby bop.
72. Someone vomits all over the classroom: Vomit doesn't cover a large surface area.
73. Getting snowed in: Well you shouldn't have school open in the first place if you're expecting snow.
74. Made fun of in front of the class: Can EASILY happen out of ANYTHING.
75. Justin Bieber becomes your teacher: Justin doesn't take this career path.
76. Acid rain: Do you guys even study chemistry?
77. Teachers turned into zombies: Don't exist.
78. Get blamed for something you didn't do: Perhaps this should be the number one item.
79. A sharknado: You kids and your ridiculous daydreams and brainstorms.
80. Caillou comes to your school and becomes your classmate: Here's a tip for you kids. Ignore preschool shows if you hate them.
81. Old bag teacher takes off clothes: WHY WOULD ANY OLD PERSON DO THIS?
82. Obama gives a formal visit and says he's gonna dance in his pyjamas.: Please get real.
83. You get suspended for talking: Really disproportionate.
84. Forced to watch Frozen: Why should you.
85. You are forced to play Bubsy 3D: Pretty sure you are forcing yourself to these nightmares.
86. You walk into the wrong class: This usually happens only once, then never again.
87. A time paradox makes you have to repeat your least favourite lesson over and over: Someone saw Groundhog Day.
88. Disney Channel stars come to give a presentation: Do you guys even learn anything at school?
89. You are forced to play bad games: Oh yes, screw PE class.
90. Snorlax comes to school: You all act like Snorlaxes when out of school though.
91. Having to go home on a Mitsubishi Rosa: When you're too specific, you've gone far enough.
92. "Anaconda" is played at the school dance: Maybe don't go to the school dance.
93. A tornado and a fire at the same time: What are the odds.
94. Every student gets detention: Ties to the "whole class in trouble for one person" thing. Real bad if it's detention.
95. Having to sit near jocks: Big people.
96. Being forced to poop on front of the class while singing "Happy Holidays" by Andy Williams: Again, way too specific.
97. A new rule forces you to go to school even if you're sick: What if you're dying though. Or it is super contagious.
98. A 99 is a failing grade, a 100 is an A: Your school is elitist if you have to deal with this.
99. A dress up day gets planed but all the girls have to dress up as Dora and all the boys have to dress up as Caillou: You guys need to grow up.
100. You are forced to swim in Blazing Hot Lava: This as a punishment?
101. The school play is Caillou Joins the Circus and you have to take role as him: Can you just not be in theater class?
102. Your school goes on a field trip to North Korea and China: If you like traveling to places, cool. Except NK.
103. Beefy Bert is your substitute teacher: Who
104. Someone finds Quagmire in the girl's locker room: What if you're not a girl. Also Quagmire is a fictional character.
105. A wind knocks a tree against your school: Or house, in any case a tree being blown onto a structure is bad.
106. Electricity overload: Well who's responsible?
107. Spontaneous combustion: Someone watched South Park.
108. Hurricane floods and destroys the school: Again, like other natural disasters, there's not much that can be done.
109. You have lockers near a popular mean selfish snob: Or a bully, basically anyone you hate.
110. Activated time bomb in school: BE LUCKY ITS TIMED. If it was sudden, you wouldn't have had a chance.
111. Walking into the school and somebody has a, RPG-7 aimed at you: But WHY
112. Seeing a student watching porn on a school computer: How about you look the other way.
113. People tell old, annoying jokes: To be fair, new jokes plagiarize the old ones. Guess all jokes suck now.
114. Being caught masturbating: Why do it at school when you have full privacy at home?
115. Directioners run the school: They wouldn't have authorization to do that.
116. ISIS comes to school: Already on here.
117. One of your classmates gets ebola: Well the disease clearly ruined people back then, but it's rare and is contained.
118. G.G. Allin visits and sings: All these "visits and sings" items. This is getting lame.
119. Flood/roof leak: Often happens due to rainstorms and horrifically bad structural integrity.
120. Slipknot ringtone goes off during class: Learn how to silence a phone.
121. A naked picture is sent of you to the whole school: How did a picture of you naked leak? Make sure you have your privacy.
122. No dress down days for the whole year: Doesn't happen in American public schools.
123. Happy bunny joins the school: Is this a Happy Tree Friends reference?
124. You are forced to watch adult shows: Might be a thing that high schoolers watch, unless you're referring to porn.
125. The whole school gets lice: Unlike other pests, these actually can be a lingering problem.
126. Gary Glitter visits and sings: TheTopTens users visit this list and sing, excuse me, whine.
127. Locoroco invades the school: Now these items I know nothing about.
128. Patrick Star becomes your teacher: He's not qualified.
129. Fights: Only if they involve you.
130. American schools get inspiration from Japanese education: All you really have are Japanese language classes.
131. A brony visits: I had brony friends in high school and no one really cared.
132. Teachers spy on you when you're home: This technically doesn't involve school, but rather your home.
133. The Principal from To Love-Ru becomes the principal: Yeah, I know nothing about this.
134. All computers are replaced with old ones running Windows ME: Okay believe me when I say this. THAT WOULD REALLY SUCK. This is a terrible OS.
135. You are forced to watch the Emoji Movie: Unless a movie is educational, there's no reason to watch it in school.
136. Lightning hits your school: I am paranoid about lightning all the time.
137. A dodgeball hit the schools windows: And simply bounces off. Come on, they're not that strong.
138. It catches on fire: Already on this list.
139. A flood: Yes, another duplicate.
140. The principal slaps you and then winks and says, 'c'mon dude, I was joking!': uh oh
141. No signal: OH GOD YES. The bane of every countryside school without a cellular tower.
142. Rick Astley rickrolls the school: He's alive? Also who cares.
143. Hitler starts taking Jewish children to concentration camps: Do you guys go to a real school?
144. Dr. Seuss comes back from the dead and makes up a poem in front of your class: This list really isn't good anymore.
145. All the nice teachers have mean substitutes that day, and the mean teachers stay.: Well that's a worst case scenario.
146. Contagious singing virus: Yeah, there's a contagious "visits and sings" virus on this list.
147. Jackie Evancho visits your school and sings: Did you not hear what I just said.
148. A budget vote: Hmm, this is more problematic than I thought. Imagine the drastic changes because your school is poor.
149. School's WiFi system gets damaged: Technically this is already on here but it still is bad.
150. A bigfoot crushing the school: Bigfoot isn't real.
151. It opens: Oooooooooh, this is a clever item.
152. You are forced to the Reviewspace aka da 90s Kid Show: I don't understand this one.
153. Every guy is friendzoned: But are there any couples in school then? It's just complete segregation done by females.
154. Peeing your pants in class: Well, this could potentially happen on the account of #57.
155. Get caught masturbating by a teacher: Again, DO IT AT HOME.
156. You have your period and there's a huge red stain on your pants for the rest of the day: And everyone just has to notice.
157. Being forced to eat glass while watching Miley Cyrus crap: This item was on another list I'm sure. Probably as a comment.
158. A crazy kid on a killing spree: If only some people left that kid alone instead of picked on him.
159. The violin girl from Courage the Cowardly Dog visits and stays in the boys bathroom: Whatever.
160. Teacher belts you: This counts as abuse to the student and could lead to employment termination.
161. The principal dies in your classroom: How just how can you come up with insurmountable odds.
162. Being in a portable classroom: Portables, I don't know why they're there, but during bad weather these things can be destroyed easily.
163. Getting caught wagging: So wagging is ditching school. Understandable, because the student is at fault.
164. Your teacher dies and justin bieber becomes your teacher: Teacher dying could (rarely) happen. Bieber? Not a chance.
165. Being in a cold portable classroom: Their argument would be to "dress warm"
166. The Galactic Empire arrives and takes over: Are there benefits to being with the Empire?
167. School gets new uniform which is horrible and overpriced: Uniforms shouldn't be forced.
168. Beavis and butthead join the school: How is this a worse thing? Even if its fictional.
169. School doesn't burn down: Okay some of you are maniacs.
170. Your gender's changing room is closed and you have to use the opposite: Don't you mean the locker room? Who did it?
171. Cold swimming pools: Yeah, I don't have pools in school.
172. You are forced to watch Big Brother in class: You guys are more obsessed with Big Brother than anyone in real life.
173. Nothing bad happening to it: And some of you are actually omnicidal maniacs.
174. No christmas break: Other than several part-time workers, Christmas should have everyone off.
175. You fall in front of everyone: Is falling bad? Unless something gets exposed.
176. Justin Bieber announces that he will sing in school in front of everyone: Duplicate. Also grow up.
177. You have ballroom dancing for gym but you have to dance with someone who wants to lick your sweat.: There's separate classes for dance and P.E.
178. "Stupid Hoe" is played at the school dance: Just don't attend the damn dance.
179. Your school is the location for Big Brother: Seriously obsessed.
180. Pokemon destroys the school: What kinds of Pokemon.
181. Orson Wells comes alive and creeps everybody out with his voice: Old people music is boring.
182. Flash Sentry steals all the hot girls: Who?
183. Grades K to 12 must be in the same school: Some gifted schools do that, actually. Also boarding schools.
184. School is on week ends: Again, can happen if there's too many inclement weather days.
185. School is 7:30 to 4:15: That's almost the amount of time a full-time job has.
186. Homework is required every night: Who says it has to be every night? You can do it when you get it.
187. You have to get lunch from school: Getting suspended because you bring your own lunch is a BAD RULE.
188. You get suspended for a uniform violation: Like seriously, enforcing uniforms makes everyone dull.
189. It starts to snow and you end up trapped in school for a month: A description of a previous item.
190. The blue thing from Courage the Cowardly Dog is seen in the bathroom: We get it, you're obsessed with cartoons.
191. You're forced to use Chromebooks: Just be glad you have internet access.
192. Embarrassing yourself in front of the person you like: Well that sucks. It's also quite common.
193. You're forced to watch Tentacolino: Is this a porn movie?
194. Your school gets crushed by a giant pancake and the area is flooded by golden syrup: Alright, stop.
195. The school fails the parcc test and is closed down: Why would a school close down for that? Maybe too many lazies?
196. The apocalypse: Applies anywhere.
197. A monsoon: What else do you got in terms of natural disasters.
198. Nazis take over: Let's get real here please.
199. You're caught listening to satanic black metal: In a Christian school I bet.
200. Kim Jong-un visits your school: Only if you live in North Korea.
201. Joseph Kony visits your school: And the next three items involve school visits that don't happen.
202. Charles Manson visits your school: He recently died, in prison.
203. Adam Sandler visits your school: But at least this guy is a comedian, as busy as he is.
204. Your school has a massive rat infestation: What kind of rats.
205. Slayer ringtone goes off during class: Again, know how to silence your phone in working environments.
206. Hearing that your best friend is moving: Had this happen quite a lot, real sad that many friends disappeared along the way.
207. You are forced to watch Sanjay and Craig: I am forced to do these analyses and read your crappy items.
208. The teacher sucks you into Kirbys Return to Dreamland and Magolor kills you: These comments are correct.
209. You go on a field trip to meet the creators of Superman 64: Do you think these creators want to have kids know about them?
210. Taco tuesdays: Only if you hate tacos.
211. You accidentally walk into the opposite gender's bathroom: That's your fault.
212. You are forced to watch the Kinder Egg Man: I have absolutely no clue what you kids do these days.
213. Someone farts and it kills everyone: How do you have farts that kill everyone?
214. Miku performs at school: Now this I'd rather NOT have.
215. You are forced to watch rip offs of good TV shows: Well for an item that is broader, it's better. But still...
216. Justin Bieber is your teacher in every grade: You're not funny.
217. The students fart on you: Teachers don't allow people to fart on others. Seriously, grow up.
218. A bully gives you a wedgie: That can definitely hurt.
219. Your boyfriend shows your nudes to his friends: Bad boyfriend.
220. Nazeem visits the school: Again, who?
221. Having to copy a study guide twice every night: As in make a copy off a copier? Otherwise, just study it.
222. Maths quizzes: These are quite annoying especially for those who fail to study.
223. You accidentally play the music video to Forced Gender Reassignment by Cattle Decapitation: Only way this can humiliate you is on some powerpoint presentation. But then again, what are you even doing?
224. Someone puts a squid in someone's locker: A live squid? Also if it's someone you don't care about, why care?
225. Having a perverted janitor: OH GOD NO
226. Class wants you to go out in the hallway during a school shooting: Um, there's so many possibilities here.
227. The school forces you to eat the horrible lunch they give you: Forcing you by the mouth? Otherwise don't eat lunch.
228. Everyone is forced to take a completely impossible math test: Math isn't impossible, let's say that. Regardless, study.
229. Children who miss a day gets their parent fined.: Depends on the amount of unexcused absences.
230. A student sees porn on your phone: Why do you kids love porn so much?
231. Justin Bieber becomes your Principal: Uh oh, there's an item trend.
232. Frieza becomes the principal: See?
233. Forced to watch sex-ed videos: The most sex-ed you need is in a textbook.
234. The school gets nuked when you are in summer school because the teachers are really mean: I don't even.
235. Taylor Swift becomes headmistress of your school: More of this trend.
236. Being forced to play Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing: This game isn't really a game.
237. Rainbow Dash takes over the school: *facepalms*
238. Being forced to learn while an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, asteroid crash, and nuclear attack are happening at the same time: Alright seriously, you guys adding these items aren't really in school at all, aren't you?
239. The CEO of Electronic Arts visits: Is he really that bad?
240. You are forced to say "I like trains" because the teachers want you to get run over by one: Zero odds of this happening.
241. Your teacher reads the class an Arthur book and calls him a Prairie Dog: TheTopTens has an age limit for a reason.
242. The Bell doesn't ring and the whole school gets held back until 7:00 in the evening.: Shouldn't be legal.
243. You have to watch Naked and Afraid for homework: No one will have this assignment.
244. You sit next to a group of nerds and elitists and have a loud argument over Star Wars, Star Trek, and Legend Of The Galactic Heroes: Or you can just go to a different table.
245. You have to do a project on Justin Bieber's life: I'll be the one to give this assignment. To all you haters in fact.
246. Your principal is an Undertale fan: They probably play it in private, away from work.
247. Paris Hilton visits and mocks the poor kids at your school: She's bad anyways.
248. Having an abusive teacher: Either the punishments are too strict or you kids are doing something wrong.
249. Pink guy visits your school: Less and less credible by the item.
251. Someone presses the fire alarm and nobody switches it off: So somehow this happened. Although I think they now they automatically turn off.
252. An annoying classmate has a crush on you: Ah yes, gotta love when a legit item is way at the bottom of the list. Happened loads of times to me.
253. ABBA haters take over the school: Do you think most people at your school actually know about ABBA?
254. A massacre at the school: Basically the first item.
255. You get a surprise test: Just like when Mr. Crocker gave those pop quizzes in that one Fairly Oddparents episode.
256. Christian Weston Chandler becomes the principal: Not qualified.
257. All computers are replaced with old ones running Windows 3.1: Schools need to always keep up-to-date with technology.
258. A creep keeps flirting: Basically the same item as the one six above this.
259. A gaming club is formed, but the only games you are allowed to play are Call of Duty and FIFA: Absolutely lame.
260. Aliens abduct the entire school and drop it on the Sun or a gas giant: Any reason they don't go after other buildings?
261. A bus is crashed into your classroom: Drivers obviously get screened, so this won't happen.
262. All school work is turned into homework: But isn't all work technically this?
263. School dinners get greasier: Dinners?
264. Forced to strip naked in front of the class: Okay who's doing this to you.
265. The teacher sits on your face: none of this stuff ever happens.
266. You are forced to do a High School Musical themed cheerleading performance in front of the whole school: Seriously Entranced98, what school do you even go to.
267. Blood on the Dance Floor visits and sings: Moving on.
268. You are forced to watch Teen Titans Go!: YOUR COMMENT IS MORE CANCEROUS THAN THIS ITEM.
269. A 100 is a failing grade: Why don't they just abolish grades altogether then.
270. A false report of a gun: Like that image of a gun-shaped cloud.
271. An annoying kid becomes principal for the day: Kids can't be principals.
272. Trump visits: Moving on yet again.
273. Donald Trump Becomes Principal: Are we at the end of this list yet? Trump's overqualified anyways.
? You get 14 hours of homework that is all due the next day: Finally the end. Also 14 hours of homework is just a full-time job.

Like any other list I analyze, what seems like a perfectly reasonable list is ruined by "x visits (and sings)" or "x becomes principal" or "x takes over/destroys the school" and a whole bunch of fictional immaturity. Also a bunch of forcing which also doesn't mean anything since no one would ever force you to do these things besides maybe yourselves. Please get a grip, these things don't happen in schools.


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