Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

When ever its inside or outside of your school. So here is a top ten list about it.
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1 Someone shooting the school

I had to report a potential school shooter last month. He usually wasn't like this and he seemed serious about doing it on the high school bus. He tried to get me and three others involved, talking about guns, bringing guns, having ammo in his sack, telling the bus driver that he wasn't going to ride that afternoon. He even mentioned seeing the Sheriff's car as we got near the school, which concerned me. He was also really angry over what he claimed a girl told his girlfriend about him and her. When he tried to involve me, he said that I knew the girl had said that, to which I said yes, as I kind of believed him.

So, then I got on the shuttle bus to go to some other school (it's kind of complicated), and went to my school, where I immediately reported all that to the principal. The officers conducted a search.

After the tape was reviewed by the officers, he was suspended and later arrested for making a false threat of mass violence and now has a Class H felony at only 18. Dang, he did not have to do that, as I actually kind of liked the guy. But it was scary, and I was afraid if I didn't report, the news would cover a massacre.

2 Bullies taking over the school

I would hate it so much! In fact, I already do. I'm trying so hard to ignore all of that and improve my grades, but it keeps getting more difficult as it is still affecting me in a bad way. I'm not the outgoing person I once was, and I'm not happy at school anymore! I'm sick of telling people that I'm okay while trying not to cry. I thought I had friends, but they obviously don't care about me.

I'm sick of people saying that it's life like bullying is okay, because they're just as bad! People literally bring me down like I'm useless! I feel so much better when I'm at home. People laugh at me all because I like rock music! I'm sorry I don't listen to Justin Bieber!

3 No summer vacation

I heard some people talking on the radio about year-round schooling. First of all, I think it's a terrible idea. You would get the same amount of vacation during the year, but it would be spread out throughout the year. Which is dumb because who wants to go on vacation during the cold months! Also, you can't go to the water park, the pool, or the beach during the fall and winter. This is a stupid idea!

There would be more suicides because so many kids would be depressed and constantly bullied. Also, it would be very bad for the recreation and pyrotechnic industry, meaning that there would be a massive drop in sales of fireworks and tickets to water parks and theme parks.

4 Justin Bieber visits and sings

Man, that would be so horrible. Then your teacher would have a crush on him and make him stay in our classroom forever. Man, that would be horrible.

My friends would fangirl, and propose to him right on the spot, while I just stand there, rethinking my life choices.

Maybe the reason he's on every list is because of all the trouble he's done (remember the Anne Frank incident?).

5 School is mandated every day of the year, even holidays, from 4:00 am to 9:00 PM, with homework assigned

If this happened at my school, I would go to a different school because that would be literal torture. First of all, I would be extremely tired every day because each school day would be 17 hours long and there would be homework, so I would only be able to sleep for a few hours. Second of all, I can't imagine going to school for 17 hours a day. I already go to school 7 hours a day, but 10 extra hours of school would be awful and incredibly boring. Finally, homework would be assigned every single day, making my school day even longer than it already would be. All in all, it would be torture if school was mandated 365 days a year, including holidays, from 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM, with homework assigned.

6 Fire

Some trolls burned a piece of paper in the hall and that was the closest thing to a fire that happened in my school..

If something set the school on fire, then you're in trouble because it can burn it down.

7 An earthquake

If you're in school and an earthquake happens, then you're in big trouble. Especially in large schools, that would be the worst thing that has happened.

Well, I'm in India, and recently we felt that. We were safe, but I was really annoyed. I was talking with my boyfriend when the earthquake hit, and we had to rush out.

It wasn't a major one, but I had an earthquake on the first day of fourth grade, and it was kind of scary.

8 Walk into a classroom where 2 teachers are having sex

The solution for this is simple. Just call everyone in! The teachers will get fired for sure. Ha, ha!

Seriously!? If I saw them doing that, I would shout at them. I don't care if I'm a student, at least I have a point!

Well, I'd just tell them if they want a room, make sure it isn't the CLASS room.

9 An announcement of longer school years

This reminds me of when my school district moved the school starting date in 2015 to late August from the original day after Labor Day starting date from 2014 and prior. My summer that year was cut short because I got out in late June and had to start 4th grade on 8/24/2015. I remember how pissed 9-year-old me was at the change.

I would hate this, given how long a school year lasts where I live. It actually happened after I graduated high school, so I felt relieved to be finished with grade school by then.

It's been on the news that schools will be kept open for one hour longer. I vote that only the students who are struggling should stay at school longer.

10 A bomb goes off

One time, there was a bomb threat at my school, and the students had to evacuate the building.

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11 You are forced to watch baby shows

I was forced to watch Peppa Pig, Winx Club, Barney, Dora, Oggy, Frozen, and Barbie so that we would "learn good values from them". What did I get? Girly stuff, mutilation, toddler stuff, and lame ABCs. My classmate changed them into Big Hero 6, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Rise of the Guardians, HTTYD, and The Amazing Spiderman 2. Our teacher got mad at all our classmates, fans, and friends, and she changed them back to the monstrosities.

And the result: we all threw things at the TV in a fit of rage and broke it. We threw the TV out the window, celebrated, and our teacher didn't find out. Nothing's impossible when you are an intense hater of baby shows.

12 A tornado

Once in first grade, we were learning about adding two-digit numbers. Then all of a sudden, the principal says on the announcements - "CODE BLUE." That means when serious weather comes near. So we had to shut off all the lights, close the blinds on the windows, sit in a corner, and lock the door. We all sat near the whiteboard. And the tornado almost hit our school. Luckily, no one was hurt. That was so scary I cried and told my parents. Thank God I was okay.

This actually happened to me when I was a fourth grader. It was hailing, thunder everywhere. It was scary. We got to leave early. And one girl was crying hard.

13 Homework every day

The worst thing that could happen to a school already happened: as soon as you get home and need a break, guess what? More "school in disguise", which is commonly known as homework.

Well, this does happen when you start going to middle school, and it intensifies in high school.

This is the reason why our big summer marshmallow BBQ roast bonfire is huge.

14 The fire alarms don't work and there's a fire

A warning can be sent over the intercom. There's still a larger chance of occupants dying than with an alarm, but there is a possible warning.

This is worse than having a regular fire because there's no warning. At least number two would usually not kill you (Justin Bieber).

Once, the fire alarms went off and it was just school lunch burning.

15 Tsunami

Tornadoes are easy as long as you have a car. Typhoons? Board up windows. Simple. But a tsunami? No way! Well, unless you know about it early on and can run really fast.

16 Somebody commits suicide because there are bullies in the school

Once there was a bully at my school. He would beat up my friend every day. One day, she stopped coming to school, so I went to her house to see what was up. I found her crying hysterically on her bed, and she told me that she wasn't going to school anymore. Then, she told me that she and her parents had a heated argument about it and that she felt like she had been disowned. Soon after, her parents told me that on the day she disappeared, she had left a note on their table saying that she was running away because of how utterly terrible her life was. About a week later, the police came to her parents' house explaining that she had gotten access to a gun and pulled the trigger to her head. I still miss her to this very day.

17 An 80 and below are considered failing grades

100 and below you all fail. I'm assigning extra credit for everyone, no excuses.

At my science and math class, anything under 100 is a fail.

Lucky, 69 or below is a failing grade.

18 You find out a bully is dating your crush

Most of the girls in my grade are either players, "date-who-asks-me-out," or general jerks, except for a few who I really don't have much interest in. But a scenario like this would leave me with one thought: "Ah, crap."

Thank whatever deity out there that I'm still in middle school and have no crush because all the boys are either my friends, are jerks, or just really antisocial. So this isn't too dangerous.

She wasn't dating him. She just kissed him to get at me. And flirted with him.

19 No days off

I would break the fire alarm, drop a match to the floor, run out of the school and say "So long, suckers!" and then I would start singing "My Getaway" by T-Boz.

I don't think the parents would even allow this. Some parents would agree, but most would burn down the school.

That would piss me off. I would just run out of the school.

20 Uniforms become required

A kid at my school made fun of this because not just your uniform but everything you bring into the school has to be from the school, even your underwear! Wow!

I have to wear them and I also have to wear a dress uniform a lot. I rarely ever have a no-uniform day.

Schools shouldn't have the right to tell you what to wear. School teachers are control freaks.

21 Test week

GCSEs and Mock Exams are like test weeks. They are nerve-wracking at first, but then in the middle of the week, you get used to them. At least this wouldn't kill me, unlike a shoot-up at your school or an earthquake. (Luckily, I don't live near any plate boundaries or where guns are legal.) And seriously? Justin Bieber coming to the school? You're obviously having a laugh, aren't you? I really don't like the kid and his singing, but get over it. Most pop stars these days are just as bad or even worse than he is. Anyway, at least that wouldn't kill you.

22 Extended homework

I already work for 4-5 hours, so I don't need anything else to worry about. Screw this.

Just means teachers have to create more worksheets I won't do.

The teachers and children will both become overworked since teachers need to mark them.

23 Having to go to school on Saturday

With the exception of sports, nobody should be at school on the weekends.

I am almost always locked in the house on Saturday, so it is impossible for me.

24 School is year round

Anyone coming with me for summer vacation? I have 10 spots left!

Thanksgiving vacation! See ya, suckers...

25 Nicki Minaj visits and sings

Her songs would be too graphic for a school, but this would suck.

She needs to get in her starship and leave!

Especially if she sings "Anaconda."

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