Why Will Rendle Is An Excellent Candidate


I added Will Rendle's name to the list because I feel he has the potential to represent the UK extremely well in opening the London 2012 Olympic Games Ceremony.

I do not feel however that it is right to categorise this list because names are on this list which do not appeal to others. This list clearly states "singers" and it's open to anyone!

People have been voting for Will Rendle for a reason, and this reason alone is that he has great character and therefore would be perfect for opening the olympic games 2012.

Hope you all agree. His songs "mr sketchy" and "addicted" are available on iTunes :)



will has the best voice ever and im his cuzin lilly meers xxx
- visitor

great entertainer, articulate speaker, good live singer (no need for auto tune) and inbetween songs is very engaging with the audience. Go for it - visitor

Never heard of will rendle - visitor

Who is randle - visitor