Joe McElderry

I think Joe McElderry would be the most obvious choice to sing at the Olympics. He has achieved so much despite him being only 20 years old. He won the XF and Popstar to Operastar. He has the most incredible voice. Joe has overcome many barriers and disappointments on his way but not once has he moaned about it he just held his head high and worked really hard. gigging at all sorts of places before being signed be the biggest record company in the world. He is an amazingly talented young man, he is kind and caring is very polite and has the most largest army of supportive fans.

Joe is an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust and visits them regularly, even giving small shows to all the young patients. He runs regularly, takes part in the Great North run for the TCT, he lives a healthy lifestyle and all in all is a superb representative of the young. He has the most powerful and melodious voice and to top it all he is very handsome.


Good post. I didn't knew much about this person. - Nord666