Why Hatsune Miku be Performing at the 2012 Olympics

Personally, I think Miku should be the one to perform at the 2012 Olympics.

I think this beacuse she gives people so much inspiration. Even thought her fanbase is huge, and still growing, she could still touch many people's hearts, that don't know about her yet. With this, she is able to inspire more people since, almost the whole world is watching this.

Miku can also show more excitement while performing, and many people know some of her most popular music.

I think she has the best chance of winning because many fans don't know about this poll, yet, she's in 2nd place already. We need to spread the word to all fans to help us out and get her on stage. Lets show people what there missing out on!



I agree. She inspires me so much and I really want to see her performing one of her amazing songs at the olympics this year!
- visitor

No matter if shes real or not... ELFs! Your choices r really important! If u spread it around the world... Suju will get to perform! And she will not perform... Its your choice... No matter if shes real anot respect her... But... I personally tink tat.. Personally... Please don be offended... Super junior or snsd or realistic bands are better... - visitor

Umm... Anyway... I saw tis above super junior's the ting then I clicked onit... Actually... I m a korean but was born in singapore... I tink tat suju oppas are better or snsd unnies... - visitor


I like miku a lot than k-pop... I don't know why... I just like her song(tell your world)its inspire me a lot than kpop... Well to me hatsune miku is the best and she will be always in her fans heart... Miku miku chan! I'm your fan and I love you... - visitor

Many peopla can make hologram like hatsune miku - visitor

Why people waste of money just for watching miku on stage? - visitor

Why is it much better than many real artists who ignore their fans, take drugs to end his career! - visitor

Guys who are saying stuff like "People can make holograms like her" and "Why are people wasting money", aren't people wasting money on those worthless singers like Ke$ha and Nikki Minaj? And if people do make holograms, they'll either be bad or just look like crap... Does that answer your question? - visitor

BIGbang go to their thread please. This is For Miku only. - visitor

Why do people waste money just for watching *insert artist here* on stage?

I believe that as long the song is good it doesn't matter who sings it. - visitor


I think she has the best chance of winning because many fans don't know about this poll, yet, she's in 1st place already. We need to spread the word to all fans to help us out and get her on stage. Lets show people what there missing out on! - thanthikylai

I don't think she should. She's not even real.. - visitor

Huh? yet the music is very real so why does she have to physically exist to be worthy of acknowledged? Her voice exists because you can hear it. Is that not good enough? The music she sings is made by thousands of everyday Joes and Janes in their homes and studios. Miku, being the most famous of the Vocaloids, represents the creator in all of us and gives a voice to the song writers and musicians who don't have access to a singer. Is that not worthy of world recognition at a major world event. - visitor

Just because she is not real doesn't mean she is not amazing. She is a computer program that doesn't need a human voice to sing. She is like a upgraded autotune but instead of humans singing and the computer tuning it- its the computer singing and the humans choosing the songs and tuning it. The vocaloids make a lot off songwriters known. I hope this will change your mind and if it doesn't then please at least respect our favorite singer. Thank you - visitor

Well maybe she actually inspires people. - visitor

She should. They use holograms for her concerts, so it'd be a nice change, mhm? It could make London 2012 Olympics an unforgotton memory. - visitor

I MYSELF don't KNOW IF YOU ARE REAL OR NOT BECAUSE BOTS ALSO CAN USE THE NAME "VISITOR". Now you're not real, so get the hell out of here - visitor

Hatsune miku may not be real but she is real in the hearts of her fans her music and hatsune miku herself has touched and inspired us she needs to preform at the 2012 Olympics for her fans sake to show the true awesomeness that is VOCALOID hatsune miku wasn't crowned the worlds virtual diva for nothing you know! If she performs I hope she sings the world is mine - visitor

You can go to other thread. Seriously. - visitor


Guys, I think Hatsune Miku should perform, because she is unique like me, me and her can reach a range no one can reach. So, Miku is very adorable! I love Hatsune Miku, even though I'm a girl, I could sing in japanese, I could make my voice sound like a Utauloid, Voyikaloid, Pitchloid, Boukaloid, Vocaloid, Megpoid, Vipperloid, and I could make myself sound like Kaito or Len, Gakupo of I wanted too. VOCALOIDS 4EVA! Yeah, go vocaloids! - visitor

She's real in our hearts! - visitor

MIKU CHANGED MY LIFE PEOPLE. And HAD BECAME BETTER THEN BEFORE thank you Miku thank you! She gave me a icon for myself. SHE'S also my idlol! - visitor

Miku is the best singer/preformer this world has had to give, so shut yo face - visitor

What part of Miku's not real? All of them are... I know what you meant, but, Miku's not a real PERSON, but still, we can see her, touch her, hear her songs. So which part makes you feel she's not real? Really.. As a Fan, I believe Miku's real! - visitor


What can I say to a friend who says jb should win just because he's real and he does not even like him - visitor

Really guys really just take your s! #@ somewhere else and we can all just balme it on dinkleberg but guys I don't care if miku is real or not shes awesome so respect her at least do that will show technollygey it will inspire people so vote for miku! <3(by the way I think miku len rin and everyone is awesome! )~rainbow miku - visitor

Nah. Super Junior is much better - visitor

They are better! - TakeuchiZexion

Heck Yeah! - visitor

no - visitor

Even though Super Junior is Better... I think Miku is the Best because even if she sings solo she rocks at it... I love SuJu but I love Miku better because she can sing solo and not with a group... No Offense just saying what I want to express so Peace - visitor

Miku is way better than super junior - visitor

so? - visitor

I agrree they are awesome (and real -. -) - visitor

It doesn't matter real or not, Miku is the beat. - Kazeyoru

Um, to the LAST Visitor, real doesn't make anybody BETTER. The quality in thier music is whats really to decide about, so Miku is the better one to go to. And to the comment I'm replying to, if you're gonna whine about say super junior, this is a HATSUNE MIKU post, not SUPER JUNIOR! - visitor


Look if you think superwhatever is better than go to their thread okay this is a miku thread. Miku is one of a kind and no one can reach the pitches and speed she can when it comes to singing - visitor

I don't c y u would hate her y, "uhh because shes not real" is not answer if you don't like her y go out of your way to to destroy other peoples idol I love her now go over to your thread and leave us miku lovers alone
- visitor

We are talking abot Miku not about K-Pop if you want to talk about K-Pop go somewhere else - visitor

Are You Crazy? Miku And Vocaloid is better than K-Pop - visitor


There's always other olympics for SHINee to go to. Besides, I think it'd be nice to have a change for once. - visitor


*HATE - visitor


What the Heck is SHINee? I don't know that band or group because no one around my school knows about that... Only SUPER JUNIOR is familiar

- visitor

GO HATSUNE MIKU! - visitor


Hey can you read THIS IS MIKU THREAD!
If you prefer other human just go to their thread.
It's really frustrating seeing other band in Miku thread. - visitor

Go Miku! >. < - visitor

Vocaloids are just for porn and for pedophilies - visitor

Vocaoids are sound programs, not hentai games, bro. - visitor


Vocaloid not for porn or what... =__=
ANah nah, If you guys who wan't your Idol to perform there.. You just should vote more than us. Just admit it, Miku is the diva.. Miku love so much lover... Miku real in our heart, she is cool.. I really wan't her to perform there. Go Miku! >A< - visitor

SHINEpoop... Miku is better than gay's anyway cause miku sings solo and SHINEpoop are a group of boyband's who just made a new album and all but still gonna get old and all of you are going to forget about them anyway... - visitor

- visitor

Ehm.. I think tou got the wrong address... - visitor

Like I said before is u hate her y are u her destorying other peoples idol go away - visitor

Go away from here! - visitor

SHINee sounds like "SHI-Nee! "(死ねぇ | Go to Hell! ) in Japanese to me. Ww MIKU for the win! - visitor

NOBODY should be saying anything about any artist if they don't know them, so don't hate on Miku irrationably like that. I love Shinee, not just because their music, but also because of their personalites. So you shouldn't be hating on them either, since mist likely, you don't what they are like. They are real people. The people behind Miku's creation are real people. They both work hard. Why can't we just respect eachother? - visitor

Megpoid Gumi should be there too! - visitor

Shi ne means "just die" - visitor

You took the words out of my mouth. - visitor

The song tell your world will be perfect actually. - visitor

I think meltdown would be more appropriate.
Though, "I Can Take Off My Panties! " is also rather alluring ;-) - visitor

Laugh out loud, let's not shock the world on the first impression. - visitor

WORLD IS Mine would be much better... Because it's like her Signature Song... But it's up to the creator... Laugh out loud - visitor

Po Pi Po would be a good fit, saying its one of her more popular songs, and her fans already seem to like it a LOT! - visitor

What about "Black Rock Shooter"? It's already a famous song but still awesome though! But I also agree about "World Is Mine" too~ - visitor

I love Black Rock Shooter! I hope Miku's gonna sing that! & - visitor

I say a normal song so people don't get to weirded out so in my opinion world is mine ps I love all her songs - visitor

What about Yellow or Light Song - visitor

W about Melt? - visitor

She has to be the one who will perform. Many people out there is waiting for her. In 2008 Hatsune started singing and she continues to sing just for us people. She do exists because of fans like us so lets continue and cheer for her. Lets keep voting! I hope she will be the one performing, I really love her songs. - visitor

*2007, not 2008.
By the time Miku had her first birthday in 2008, 4 more Vocaloids had already been produced x'D (Rin, Len, Prima, Gakupo) - visitor

Cause she's is so kawaii desu~ - visitor

Get out. - visitor

Woho! Goo Miku! ¨0¨ <---- my nerdy geeky face ^u^
She's First!
- visitor

I LOve her you are33r comp;etely RIGHT :" I love Miku! And Blood On The Dancefloor but I think its too late for them now *cries* - visitor

You are awesome miku and botdf for life - visitor

Miku-chan is super cute, and never gets old
The song, lyrics is awesome, and have meaning..
Miku make's my heart warm, cheer up and make me have purpose in this life.
Miku give me a dream, without a dream the life is nothing.
Does not matter if I'm getting old and die in time, miku still in my heart forever..
Does not matter if miku is hologram and not real, but I still thinking miku is life and have a soul.
And I will help miku to make the world is her stage♥

From miku fans in indonesia♥ - visitor

Hatsune Lovers! ♥ - visitor

Agree with tou ! I hope she will come to Indonesia! GO MIKU! - visitor

Yeah! Go Miku! Please come to Indonesia! We will support you~ <3 - visitor

Strongly Agree! Go Hatsune Miku~! - visitor


I just
No - visitor

I, just...

Yes. - visitor

Miku is a wonderful one of a kind singer and all you can say is "I just no"? - visitor

Miku is real through her fans which are actually able to create their music with her and let the world listen to their music. They don't need a record deal and may not be looking for profit, but just to put their feelings into their own music and let Miku deliver them to others. Her voice is just so easy on the ears. She'll never act out of temper, will never get drunk or on drugs and will never punch photographers. And she can still perform in 50 years when all the others are long forgotten. - visitor

I feel you, bro! I love her music and it inspires me to do great things. I, too, am a composer of Miku's Append Power Light voice, and I understand what it's like to spread your feelings to the world. - visitor

I just
Yes - visitor

Precisely - visitor

The way I see it is, technology is OUR GENERATION! Thus, Hatsune Miku has the right to compete for the chance! Hope she wins, would that be awesome or what?! - visitor

Why? Because she has to be performing at the 2012 Olympics. - visitor

I voted for miku! I appreciate all the hard work her creators have put into providing us mega fans with concerts and video games. I also know miku has touched the lives of many people and I think that now that shes in first, we should keep it that way! We love you miku! - visitor

Mikus a nothing! Shes only this weird hologram who isn't even real! Why don't you vote for actual real people like SHINee! They are the ones who deserve to perform at the olympics, not a lame hologram! - visitor

I totally agree! Though, I want to vote for Super Junior. - TakeuchiZexion

Let me see if I understand your logi A corporate manufactured pop group (and others like them) is the perfect representation of what, exactly? Oh right, furthering the charitable cause of ensuring CEO's have gas money for their private jets. On the other hand, a virtual singing synthesizer, who's avatar and voice represents everyone as a creator, has no business being presented to a much larger world stage. You're free to bow to the record labels and their corporate slaves, err I mean artists. The rest of us will stand together with an icon that represents endless creative potential and the freedom express it. - visitor

Why should I vote for people who perform songs that aren't even written by themseves and who are just like every other we've seen? Miku is the way to go! She actually IS her fans! - visitor

Really? Lots of people work really hard just to get in the business while Miku is just a hologram! For example in Korea lots of bands have to be good at singing and dancing so they could actually perform. - visitor


I love her songs, I can hear her. To me she is real! - visitor

I just wanna say how excatly is Miku gonna perfrom on stage, not trying to bash on Miku, but she is a computer program, so unless they're gonna show a hologram on stage I don't see how... - visitor

They would use a hologram. She has had other performances using a hologram before. And, judging by the youtube video I saw of her holograph performance, it's amazing, and everyone loved it
(go miku! ) - visitor

Fangirls, fangirls evrywhere - visitor

Miku is real for many people. Her songs are sung by her and is real to us, Miku fans. I do not know who Super Junior or Shinee is, but people who like them and don't like Miku, go away. This is for us Miku fans who beilive in her. She may be fake but to many of us, her and the other Vocaloids are real. They are real in our hearts. So please go away. I do not wanna be rude like you haters are being to Miku. - visitor

I hate people comparing miku and shinee... SHINee is good as well as Miku... When do people listen? - visitor

Miku's g-great I reallye s-she gets to perform e-even though the chances are sl-slim and this is isn't r-real (pout) - visitor

"Lame hologram"? "Not real"?

Huh, you know... Miku is not a hologram. She's a singer. I believe her voicebank is made by a well-known actress in Japan (I'm not exactly sure on that, don't quote me. ). I'm sure you would not feel the same way if you saw her perform without knowing who she is. Most people would be interested in the concept, not saying 'lame'. I like both SHINee and Miku but personally, I believe it'd be more interesting to have an "virtual diva" up there at the olympics for a change. - visitor

ShinEE or what ever the band name s can play next year. Plus SHE'S NOT A LAME HOLOGRAM. SHE'S A ALIVE PRESON WAITING TO BE BORN! - visitor

Why do you brag about something that we don't even care about? The more you brag the more people will ignore you... By the way how is a hologram lame? If you can make your own hologram then fine but if you can't then SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH... - visitor

In MY opinion, I don't really like korean bands, they just don't "Click" with me, miku and the other vocaloids are my light and hope, because of them I met a lot of nice people that I wouldn't have met, it gave me a purpose, she thought me how to smile again, she thought me how to dream, if I never heard vocaloid I would have maybe been dead by now, SO SHUT YO DAMN MOUTH. - visitor

Like one other persone said why listen to some1 who sing whos songs mean the same thing just the lyrics are a little diffrent and the beats not the same I mean miku her songs all mean something diffrent LOVE U MIKU - visitor

Shut up! She is amazing, and she is a representation of the feelings of the person who voiced her and the company that put so much hard work into making her. She is a breakthrough in technology. - visitor

Don't trash miku if your singer cannot beat miku
Because this is people chooise her, so miku win at poll
Are you mad your real human singer is beaten by miku? So.. Just cry like a child
Because miku is better than other human singer, I can speak to if other singer is NOTHING! - visitor

A-amen sister ( grins)
- visitor


Caps lock won't do anything.. Plus.. I'll calmly explain this to you.. SHINee isn't just any boyband.. They have something special inside them deep inside.. Miku is just hologram but her songs make you feel like she's for real... She's awesome, that's what we call her.. But please, don't insult SHINee.. I am a shawol, but I would never insult Miku, because I'm here fan as well..
SHINee fighting!
Hatsune Miku Gambatte ne!

have a good day! - visitor

Visitor above me... Amen. - visitor

Just go tell the world that Hatsune Miku is the same as Shinee or Suju or anything else!

*not really a fan of korean* - visitor

I agree with you.. - visitor

MIKU! - visitor

She 1st at the moment, GO MIKU! I do hope she is able to perform there, but it will probably be an English band because it's being held in England. ;^; - visitor

It's does not matter, all miku fans is helping miku to be known in the world& - visitor

Yes, ihat's true - visitor

Totally - visitor

Yes - visitor

Not a hater, I actually am a hatsune miku fan, but... How can she actually "perform" when she doesn't have a physical form...? - visitor

Holographic concerts, duh! Imagine, the first virtual popstar singing and dancing at the Olympics... So many new fans will be made and it will make world history. Her name means "Sound of the Future", and I say, this is ONE BIG STEP to the future. - visitor

Yeah, holographic. It's amazing, and she have a physical form
You can see miku concer on youtube, miku also dance at stage& - visitor

Umm I think there is a problem with her performing at the 2012 olympics guys~ haven't you guys noticed that in all her concerts it is a closed area that is DARK! She is hologram and no one will see her! Seriously, go outside with a flash light, point it at the floor and turn it on! Can you see the damn light!? The answer would probably be NO! Also, I love miku but I love real people much more~ also, I saw a comment saying crap about airplanes and gas.. Are you an idiot? The holograms being made are done with heavy machinery etc which has to be brought BY PLANE to London so that's stupid and irrelevant to this! Those of you saying that she's been singing since 2008 or whatever are also idiots who like saying things that are irrelevant! Super junior has been singing since 2005, so Super junior wins in who came first! Those of you saying that all Korean songs are about love and that Japanese songs have meaning that's not true AND YOU KNOW IT! Stop saying things that aren't true because all songs made by Korean pop bands are not about love and not all Japanese songs have meanings in them! Stop assuming things without facts to prove it! Now, I love miku because she was there for me at all times, but real people give real emotion which makes me (don't know about you) feel better! I'm not trying to change your mind about voting or anything and I'm not bashing Miku! I just want to keep everything honest and shed some light on this! - visitor

She has most definitely done it before, and don't you think that with today's technology it'd be so easy to fix that... =___=? - visitor

Well.. Actually, she can perform in two conditions, first : Hologram, second: Robot(I forgot the name), I want her to perfom in Holographic version anyway! - visitor

UM look it up they have had concerts befor - visitor

She may be fake but she's a great singer she's done concerts I see why reason why she couldn't she's the first of her kind (along with the other vocaloids)music has no limits even though to most the world its in another language I think most people will enjoy it if she performs - visitor

I believe Hatsune should perform because she would make world history. As the world's first virtual singer to appear in a holographic concert, I'm surprised she hasn't been made a record yet. People come together in global proportions because of her. She may not be real, but anyone could feel her electric essence in their hearts if they took the time to feel her lyrics and understand the amazing technological effort behind such a phenomenon. Just imagine what we could do with the technology they're using for Miku's concerts! Look at Apple products, films, and even cellphone ads popping out at you at malls. (though it may be annoying, it will boost income)If this concert happens, not only will fans be made, but a whole new era may come upon us, even a whole new generation of technology and music. - visitor

She's a computer! She can't actually perform she doesn't have a body! Super Junior should go! - TakeuchiZexion

You don't know about the live shows do you? Yes, she can sing and dance on an stage. She already does that a lot! - visitor

She can only perform because shes a HOLOGRAM! AnD I agree Super Junior should go since they worked really hard. - visitor

I'm actually a fan of both and I'm torn on which side should I choose. However, I think that if we want to keep advancing in technology, we should not stick to the same thing all the time, and I think Hatsune Miku is a perfect candidate for a performer in the 2012 Olympics as a performer that is holographic but a symbol of how we will accept technology. I think she deserves a chance. - visitor

Takeuchizexion rly?! How can u say shes a computer! She IS real in our hearts. But to ME SHE IS REAL! - visitor

I agree. :) - visitor

Miku is VOICED by Saki-san. Miku is amazing, but she is only a representation of the company's and singer's hard work and feelings. Miku is love. Don't hate on love. - visitor

Umm, maybe we should consider having a human singer for the olympics... I don't think the rest of the world is ready for a virtual hologram singing japanese pop songs. - visitor

When will the world ever be ready for something something like this? Has to start somewhere... - visitor

And I think everyone is. Miku is growing more and more by the day and having her perform at the olympics will show how much Miku and vocaloids in general has grown since their humble beginings in 2007/2008. Everyone needs to make notice that not only has the world has made the first visual diva, but a completely new way of music itself.

The fans (and I'm one of them) have made Miku so she's the singer and we are the creaters. Having her perform at the olympics would be an huge acheivement for every fan and songwriter that has used Miku in the world. I've only met one person who knows Miku in real life so even though she has become huge, most of the general public don't know her and I think that needs to change. - visitor

I personaly think that it's the perfect time for the rest of the world to know her. And she's not an hologram by the way. No, the live shows aren't holograms. - visitor

In my opinion Shinee would be a great choice they're already huge in London(they had a concert there and tickets were sold out) and they've had concerts in Paris, UNited states, Sydney, and a bunch of other places. They're pretty well known and well not saying Miku is bad but in my opinion singing is a human characteristic. If we let technology run out lives in the future than all of our cultural backgrounds will kind of lose it's meaning and so will singing which I really don't since I am a singer myself. Also Shinee has amzing vocals, their ballads are so awesome, their harmonies and solos are breahtaking : D - visitor

Hohoho too bad Miku's coming on to fast and too strong to stop now. I do understand the reluctant side too. BUT STILL IT SHALL HAPPEN NOW OR NEVER PEOPLE! - visitor

Plus, since SHINee had perform around the world, then it's Miku's turn then! It's her chance to show the World who Vocaloid is! - visitor

Yes, actually SHINee was the first Korean group to perform in London's Abbey Road's Studios. Their talent is amazing, and I'm not one to usually like boy bands haha.
Miku has all the time in the world to perform, I mean she's going to stay young forever, right? If she isn't that well known in London yet, then she should start smaller, maybe? I mean, I know the video of her concert in Tokyo was ridiculed on Mexican television, I don't want that to happen in London and around the world. But it would be really interesting if other cultures would start to accept her, I just don't think the world is ready. It would be unplesant for viewers if people watching aren't used to her. - visitor

I think it should be Miku along with the other vocaloids like Gumi. - visitor

That would be totally awesome!
- kasana

... Yes! I love gumi! Or they should have a chorus with all of the vocaloids? Or most? Maybe not, we wouldn't want to overwhelm them with all of the vocaloids. Just give 'em a little taste, and they'll fall in. - visitor

All Vocaloids should be better! - visitor

Hahahaha! There's a lot people here saying that she's korean. She's japanese people! That's diferent.
I tottaly agree! I don't know why people make so much fuss just because she's isn't human. She isn't real? Well, that depends, I can hear her, and I can see her singing in an live show. My heart is touched by her songs, and she can make me laugh, cry, everything! How can that be not real? She's pretty much real for me. And she really represents an new world. I would be extremely happy if she was on the opening of the Olympics. - visitor

You're right! She alives in our heart! Hatsune Miku, GO!
- visitor

YEAH, GO MIKU! - visitor

I converted my friend over to side MIKU bo ya
baby - visitor

The most beautiful, incomparable, and we hope the volunteer in Olympic Games song - visitor

I totally agree...
She's the best singer in the world, I think.
Maybe she's not real... Yes!
But who cares! I hate Korean singer, for personally.
Her performance in each concert... Her fans are numerous.
She's the most suitable for this opening... - visitor

Yes! I totally agree! - visitor

I hate Korean singer too. They only sing songs about their girlfriends or boyfriends, sometimes their songs don't even get any meaning! - visitor

Yeah they crappy songs that doesn't give a message... - visitor

Stop generalizing with the Korean singers. There's lots of artist with no real messages in their music. Miku is great acheivement andi inspiration for many, but so is Kpop. Don't gotta go all hatin' on one or the other. - visitor

Just search for "Tell your world Hatsune miku Full ver" in Google. Amaze yourself. - visitor

No. Search only Hatsune Miku. THEN amaze yourself. - visitor


RLY? I'm going to try that out! Thanks! - visitor

I agree too! - visitor

10000% agreement - futtonzeiro3

Yeah, she's programm and don't have a real body. But her voice is great and can sing faster than everyone and can speak (or sing) two different languages. We, fans of Hatsune Miku gave her a LIFE and a heart! - visitor

Your right!
- kasana

Not just two! Three, four, five, six... If you know how to control her voice, she CAN say anything! English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Turkey, Portuguese, more and more! - visitor

And I think everyone is. Miku is growing more and more by the day and having her perform at the olympics will show how much Miku and vocaloids in general has grown since their humble beginings in 2007/2008. Everyone needs to make notice that not only has the world has made the first visual diva, but a completely new way of music itself.

The fans (and I'm one of them) have made Miku what she is today, she is the singer and everyone is the creater so having her at the olympics would be an acheivement for every fan and songwriter that has used her in the entire world. I've only met one person in real life that even knows Miku so even though she's has become huge, most of the general public don't even know her and I think this needs to change. - visitor

I totally agree!
- kasana

HATSUNE MIKU SHOULD TOTALLY PERFORM AT THE 2012 OLYMPICS! She may not be a REAL human but she's still totally awesome! I have all of my friends plus some voting for miku on the poll. I really want ot see miku for more than just one reason. I HOPR YOU WIN MIKU! - visitor

She is number one right now I just voted for her too! And I commented why she should she touches my heart and soul plus Kagamine Rin especially Kagamine Rin and Len and maybe megurine luka - visitor

Umm I think there is a problem with her performing at the 2012 olypics guys~ haven't you guys noticed that in all her concerts it is a closed area that is DARK! She is hologram and no one will see her! Also, I love miku but I love real people much more~ - visitor

Well, I think it is possible technically even outside. The technology used before was not so complicated one. - visitor

She's a hologram so its alright you know.. Her headphone still light up in the dark anyway, and they choose it in the dark on purpose anyways... - visitor

I recently saw Miku's propagand for Google Chrome. It was amazing and a proof that she's the future!
I agree with everyone, she should be on the Olympics now! THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME! - visitor

Although I love Vocaloids, I still wouldn't want Miku to sing at the Olympics. Don't get me wrong, even though she's a "computer program" she still has all these amazing songs. I believe that the people singing at the Olympics should be real humans though, not some girl being projected onto a screen. - visitor

Let me ask you something: have you seen anyone perform Ura Omote Lovers and Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -DEAD END- LIVE ON STAGE yet? - visitor

I can't say I don't understand where you are coming from. And it Is true that most people who watch the Olympics are middle aged. I have never seen a 45 year old man Dance/ sing a Hatsune Miku song. So yeah, But Miku fans still want to make her ever more famous. Can't blame either side really :| - visitor

Anyone who insult miku= insult all vocaloid fans
Take a fact on this, miku is better of any human singer! - visitor

YEAH, totaly agree! - visitor

I am a vocaloid fan, but I still want real people performing.
I don't even say this for myself, but for everyone going to and watching the olympics.
If you look at who watches the olympics, the majority are people aged 30
And these people will probably be rather pissed off to find something that resembes a computer game performing.
I love miku and I believe she should gain some recognition, but the olympics probably isn't the way to do it.
People see the olympics as a friendly competition between other countries, so its tradition and culture, so they will probably want the opening to be performed by real people because it is what always happens.

Now my opinion: when people say they want miku to perform to change the way the olympics are opened, they might as well be saying they will change all rules in the events. That (to me) is what bringing miku in is equilavent to.

If you are annoyed by my statement, please actually say so in the comments, so we can see your opinions as well - visitor

Yeah, Miku is a hologram. But Miky is a real world community than other performer. Community - is a real power! - visitor

Miku is the BEST! Id love her to be at the London Olympics Ceremony. Shes so awesome! Good luck Miku.
- kasana

You are so right who would want dumb Justin Bieber over there - visitor

Guys don't hate miku like you said she's not real so it won't hurt her but people love miku can't you see she is the future miku is the first virtual diva and she's gonna make it in the world and real singers will be no more so I'd warm up to her because she may be your only option in the future - visitor

The things you said are really sad. Really human being is going on that way? No more real singers? We'll lose all the emotions, the feeling and the passion that makes music real. Nothing against technology, but humans have something in common: a feeling heart. This isn't something that an artificial voice can warm. I think if world will stop having real singers, no one will keep listening to music no more, isn't it? After some time you get bored of these metallic voices. Guys, come on. Music is what feeds human hearts. If we replace it with a computer we'll start having babies with hard disk programs and our only company will be a technologic brain? What kind of predictions are you making? Such a sad world D: - visitor

It would be sad to lose our real singers, but Most of the songs as of late have been SO shallow I mean they are all about nothing but breakups, partying, Drugs, and heck Kesha sings about eating boys! Miku still sings about more.. Innocent/ real-er things. Long live Miku And the Great human artists of the world. - visitor

Miku is made by HUMANS, she portrays HUMANS. She is made to be a HUMAN. It's like another way to express your emotions, if you can't sing/don't have the courage to sing. - visitor

MIKU! She must go on! - visitor


1. ) she is awesome plain and simple

2. ) do you ever see dumb Justin Bieber ever doing awesome dance moves like Miku?

3. ) Miku is special she yeah maybe she is a software but even though she is awesome she is before uson actual stage besides her music rocks Justin biebers are for little girls who are crazy over some stupid guy


A thumbs up for you. - visitor

Shinee can do all of that and has amzing vocals... - visitor

Well... I don't hate Miku but I think all this excitement for her is too much. I saw many artists moving way better than Miku and also her voice is nothing too special. And I think most of the people want to recognize in someone a person they can feel. Miku is a creation of her fans. You can't expect anything from her, everything is programmed. It isn't something you can find out time after time, which surprises you, which makes you laugh. Miku wont' never say anything thought and felt by herself. If someone created a doll ( it's just this, a doll with which you can play) it's someone really alone in his life who doesn't like human contacts and differences... And by the way, she's not even so good at sing... - visitor

Kid! She's not real! A computer can't feel the pain, the fan's love, ecc. And "it" is japanese - visitor

"Kid! She's not real! A computer can't feel the pain, the fan's love, ecc. And "it" is japanese"

your last statement "and 'it' is Japanese. " doesn't it give the feel of racism in there? It's kinda offenssive. - visitor


1. ) she is awesome plain and simple

2. ) do you ever see dumb Justin Bieber ever doing awesome dance moves like Miku?

3. ) Miku is special she yeah maybe she is a software but even though she is awesome she is before uson actual stage besides her music rocks Justin biebers are for little girls who are crazy over some stupid guy


- visitor

Http://www.youtube. Com/watch? V=-vmwKPoymJU
she can even sing something like this...
she can beat the Kpop which is keep singing "love song love song love song " - visitor

What's so bad about Miku performing at the Olympics? Just cause she's not human?
Gee, man.
It's all about the music..X. be more open to things. :L - visitor

Because haters are sane - visitor

Firstly, this is Olympic, get real guys, she can't, and on top of that, this is the Olympic for god's sake, do ya all the whole world keep listening to Japanese all time? Up until now, it is English music because more people know it more than Japanese, and as one of Miku's fan, I totally disagree, why ya don't think that her song can't reach most of our parents and aldults? And if she ever get chosen, it will only make them dislike her even more. Please... - visitor

Finally, someone who thinks the way I do, its really difficult trying to get this through their thick heads.
If they want people to love her, DON'T PUT HER IN THE OLYMPICS!
She will only gain haters that way, because people might not like the thought of having a computer software singing for them - visitor

The whole world doesn't know engish. Get real. - visitor

I can see where you are coming from.. I think people so desperately want Miku to perform is because people who listen to Miku are mostly seen as "unpopular" or "weird" and Miku fans simply want to be accepted. I don't think there will be and true way of knowing weather or not they will hate or love Miku more. The fact is She will Gain fans. But I don't believe she will lose any. I Don't expect Middle aged men to love her. At all. But still, It'd be nice to be more accepted. And maybe she might become a regular pop start like JB or Lady Gaga. Ya never know. - visitor

Lets make history at the 2012 London Olympics... Miku for the win! - visitor

- visitor

People posting comments about Miku when you don't like her, stop. It's annoying. Let us Miku fans enjoy this. And I think she should sing because even though she is not real, her voice and music are very real. And plus she sings in Japanese! That's a great thing! It can give non Japanese people an insight on the language. Her songs are beautiful and actually have meaning... - visitor

NO you're annoying because you can't accept the hardest work that the real singers must do - visitor

- visitor

Why are you guys always saying Miku is not real and she can't sing in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies? She is REAL, in many people's HEART! She touched their hearts, and will continue on making people feel about her, much more, and her fanbase is still growing bigger and bigger. Why don't you just give her a chance? This is her opportunity to be known by the whole world! If you give her a chance, I'm sure she can do it. I know she can, and I believe she can. Good things comes to those who waits, and good things happen to those who BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. Like the famous runner of England, his legs were burnt, and the doctors think he can't walk anymore. But with faith, he continue to keep walking, and now he's the world-famous runner. I read about him on a local newspaper, and I think believing is winning. We should give Miku a chance to shine. Maybe she'll make a big hit and be the first virtual diva to sing in a big ceremony! - visitor

BARBIE IS REAL FOR ME TOO <3! 2! 1! - visitor

Actually, please hear me. Fans and haters.

What is real?
What is not real?

Do you consider,
That real person. Alive
With a fake smile,
And a fake emotion,
A real person?

Do you consider,
A vocaloid, hologram,
Which is virtual
Which inspired millions of people arould the world,
A fake fantasy?
A fake illusion?


I love Miku because she never betrayed me.
In times of hardship.
- visitor

Worked harder, training for years before actually debuting and loosing sweat, blood, and sleep for their fans something Miku could never do. - visitor

B-but what about the people who m-make the s-songs and give up their sweat, blood, and sleep to make her s-succesful - visitor

I have lost lots of blood when trying to make Vocaloid covers (not songs, I'm not a musician)! You want to say that KPoop jerks work hard? I say NO! They just assimilating people with their stupid moves and awful voice! The best of KPoop is their plastic surgery! Plastic human rules! Then, who is FAKE? The answer is PLASTIC KPOOP BANDS! - visitor

Oh... About this...

i think miku works harder than the kpop or other living idols..
miku can't dance by herself
SuJu idols can
Miku can't sing by herself
Shinee can
now, how she can sing and dance in hologram form on the stage?
Yes! The composer!
do you haters know the feel that you used your time and energy to make a program sing and dance and make the song became popular so she can sing on the stage?
not only the Audience in the miku's live concert hear it, nico nico douga and youtube does too!
your song + miku's unique voice = wonderful song
this is the reason I support miku have a performance on stage. - visitor

I Don't know why but Miku kinda of sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks to me. Not like it's bad but it's kinda too techonish... - visitor

Totally agree! - visitor

I think It depends on which song you're listening to... Some she's high pitched and some she's lower. So chill mates. - visitor

It depends on the producer! I have once make her voice to the SUPER ROBOTIC VOICE by setting improper parameters for the voice and some VST plugins in the mixer (I use ReWire)! I bet that it is terrible! The better skill of the producer, the better master of her voice! - visitor

Http://www.youtube. Com/watch? V=-vmwKPoymJU
copy this and go hear it... Hear the difference... - visitor

I really like Vocaloid, but I vote for SHINee too. & - visitor

Ah another shawol!
SHINee ALL THE WAY - visitor

Me too! Shalows where are you? - visitor

Stop saying how much you hate Miku on here. It's seriously annoying. If you like Super Junior or SHINee better, great. Go say that on their wall. Also, people who are saying, "Miku isn't my favorite, but... " That's not going to make people want to vote for her? Miku is the BEST in my opinion, and nobody is going to change that! MIKU for the win! - visitor


Well you said that because you can't understand the hardest work that the singer must do for you
I'm really sad to read comments like these.. The world is going to a bad way - visitor

And you d-don't understand the hard work people p-put into making her songs and videos, concerts g-games and the time they spend to get her to look great and adjust her voice t-to make it sound great a-and go with the s-song (stare) - visitor

Why do I have a feeling that the visitor up there who's stuttering is canada? //shot

Erm sorry for bringing up Hetalia... so like, totally same here dude - visitor

I vote for miku... Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD they are all great but... Its time for a change for onece people! And korean k-pop fans, don't hate on vocaloid cause there not real. I mean, have you even listened to their songs? So why judge vocaloid when you haven't huh? - visitor

Because some of you recommended here, I went on yt and listened to Hatsune Miku... She's an adorable anime-character and really beautiful. I listened to her song "world is mine"... The beginning with the piano was so wonderful and then there were cool techno-beats which I like very much, but... Oww, headache, man, headache... -_- the voice isn't mine, really... Don't show it to the world, we're not ready for this. I mean I hardly noticed it to be japanese... - visitor

It's not just the fact that she isn't real, it's the fact that other people have worked very hard to get where they are in the music industry. Miku is just an avatar, her song writers, programmers, concept designers, etc. Aren't receiving any special praise, they aren't going to the Olympics to perform. Their the ones who made her sing, however you praise her simply for singing it. I don't hate Miku one bit, but I give credit where credit is due, and it is not due to a hologram. - visitor

Many people who created the vocaloid songs spent just as much if not more effort than those stupid fake heartless corporate slaves you call kpop bands that get all of their songs written for them about their "boyfriend"/"girlfriend" - visitor


I have heard her music, and I like it, BUT THE OLYMPICS IS NO PLACE FOR A COMPUTER DIVA! - visitor

Can I ask you something?... Does this olympics belong to you? Do you organize it? Do you have any power over it?.. NO! YOUR JUST A VOTER WHO THAT EVERYTHING HAS TO GO THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BUT DOESN'T THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE MIKU! THEY WORK AS HARD AS YOUR K-POP ARTIST DO TOO MAKE MIKU'S VOICE BETTER! THAN THEM! - visitor

I'm also a fan of Miku but I don't like that song much! Sing Packaged instead, Miku! - visitor

This posts is for Miku fans like me... GO MIKU! - visitor

HATERS GONNA HATE. *Swagger* - visitor

Humanoid vs Vocaloid - visitor

This will be a nice fight! - futtonzeiro3

No, PLastic singing doll vs Vocaloid sounds better - visitor

Now, I can see there is a war going on between Miku's fan and K-Pop fans. So I'm here to clarify something.

Miku's fan wanted her to sing at the Olympics because they think this is the best chance for her to show herself to the world or perhaps some simply says she's awesome and worthy enough to sing. As a Miku fan, I could understand that feeling. We all want to introduce Miku to the whole world.

On the other hand, the K-Pop fans want their band to sing because they are epic, their voice and dance are great. Plus, they are widely known in whole world so the fans think they should sing, not some fantasy girl.

Miku fans, please understand that the K-Pop fans has the same feeling as us. They too want their band to sing on stage.

So, what makes Miku so great? I mean, she's just a computer software, right? How can she appear on stage? She's fiction!
For K-Pop fans who are wondering what makes Miku so great, here are some answers. Now, we all know Miku requires a creator in order for her to sing. We need someone to compose the lyrics and music her. Okay, check that. And there she goes, singing like any other singers around the world. Nothing big deal right? Sounds normal to me, right? But wait... If you knew what the lyrics mean... You may start to feel touched.

The creators of Miku, the one who composes the lyrics and music, he/she put his/her feelings or laid meaningful messages in that song; making Miku have that creator's feeling too or singing a song that inspires a lot of people. And that where the magic begins. Another reason she's unique because her voice is just as beautiful as any other singers although she's simply just a softwR.Incredible isn't? (I was very surprise that one of Miku songs: Eazy Dance that she sounded so real in there I almost gawk! )

Now, you may also wonder: why like her when she's not real? You wouldn't get to meet her personally or talk to her. Actually, what matters to all Vocaloid fans are the songs. We knew she's virtual but that doesn't mean we shouldn't like her songs either. How would she perform on stage? Easy, projection technology. (Guys, Miku wasn't a hologram. She's actually projected although it does look like she's a hologram)

Every singers have the right to stay, including Miku. No singers in this world will be excluded. But for this time, please give a chance for Miku to appear on an international stage where everybody in this world can watch her perform because... It's true she held some concerts, but she rarely go for a worldwide tour. So far, she only performed two concert outside Japan. So, you could see how rare it is for her to perform outside.

Plus, she's getting a new voice bank soon. An English voice bank. So, don't be surprise if you see Miku singing in English!

Please remember this is an unofficial poll so don't get too angry about it.

If I offended anybody, I sincerely apologise. Like I said, I'm only here to clarify something. - visitor

As much as I don't want her to perform (kpop fangirl, please understand this fact first)
You do have very good points.
And I do think she's quite good, but as I hinted earlier,
I would prefer super junior or any other kpop band to perform - visitor

I gave her a chance and listened to her music! But for some reason I always get an intense headache (considering the fact that I NEVER have a headache), and this makes me really... Well, not upset, but... You know... I love japanese and I've even learned it for 2 years, but people in the world are (honestly! ) not WILLING TO ACCEPT such things as Hatsune Miku! It's a sad fact... The organizers of this years Olympic games are still the western adults and not the fans... No offense meant here. - visitor

Yes yes you're right! But the Olympics is not where a hologram belongs. It's a amazing honor to perform at the Olympics, and I would not want to waste it on something that's not real. I love Miku, but in reality I don't love Miku, I love the hard work her creators put into her, so I'd rather pay to see a bunch of people I'd never seen in my life, but who've created songs that moved millions than a hologram getting all the glory for their work. - visitor

Http://www.youtube. Com/watch? V=-vmwKPoymJU

everyone... Please... Hear this song...
( for me this song is more "sounds like human than Eazy dance" yeah... The starting is slow but you will touched by the chorus) - visitor

What is this? I love Miku, but do you really thing that the people in charge of the Olympics Games will put Miku or Super Junior or another Asian group? The poll here isn't even being run by a company associated with the Olympics. It's just a random poll, that's not mean that will be truth. Let's just be honest, Miku will not sing here or any asian group. They probably put Paul McCarteny and stuff, very sad... - visitor

I don't like Miku, but I agree with you! There will be no Asians (unless they are fromt he UK) in the London Olympics! - visitor

The truth really hurts doesn't it?
That actually means no artists we want will perform!
*cries a river* - visitor

Seriously.. I'm getting bored at this... Yes, I love MIKU and I'm not an K-Pop fans... But either they win or not, those two will go on stage won't they? Nobody's perfect even computers do mistake. So, PLEASE HATERS AND FANS STOP ARGUING! It's makes me sick!

P. S :yes, I vote miku
Sorry for the crappy english... - visitor

Well, you're right... I'm sick of this argument! - visitor

Really.. Guys... Don't argue at here... It pissed me of when you're argue each other! K-pop's fans! Hear this! Don't just wandering here and support your idol! Don't say "I hate Miku.. " or "Miku is fake... " or others! Don't say that vocaloids are computer! Just like k-pops artist didn't use computer.. People decisions isn't decided by other people.. It's up to the person what he/she want.. What's wrong with Hatsune Miku perform? There's still many Olympic's opening Ceremony that your idol can go to k-pop's fans! Just this one chance.. Just this one! Let Miku perform! What's wrong with j-pop music? Weird? That's what makesj-pop's musics interesting! For me, k-pop's music almost the same meaning, the melody almost the same (no offense guys)! Why are you all hate Miku? Just because SHE'S THE TOP 1? DUH! Does Miku do anything wrong? You know what k-pop's fans? You all like a crazy people.. Hate a software.. Well I approve that Miku is a software but she does EXIST in my world, in miku's fans world! You fill like that too right?! Your idol like SuJu or SHInee are EXIST in your world.. EXIST in your heart.. What's wrong with a fact that she's a hologram? That would be an interesting right? A 3D singer who perform it! With anime style.. Haha! Really guys.. I don't have any intention to offense guys.. Hate me if you hate me! Since I'm not a perfect human. I'm just a fan of Hatsune Miku.. Just.. Don't bad mouthed Miku please.. It will hurt Crypton Future Company people and Saki Fujita who work hard for Hatsune Miku's seiyuu! Just please do this little request.. Stop fighting, give chance to Hatsune Miku to perform, and DON'T BADMOUTHED Hatsune Miku.. - visitor

I think that you have it wrong... It's fine that you like the hologram.. But the other performers aren't just in peoples hearts, they are actually reall! They have hearts, while the hologram thing doesn't. - visitor

What's wrong with a hologram that don't have hearts? They still exist as a hologram! I know real people have hearts but Hatsune Miku songs contains feelings too! The one who sing is not the hologram but a REAL PERSON! She's Saki Fujita! If you badmouthed Hatsune Miku that means you hurt Saki Fujita's feeling! What's wrong with Miku doesn't live anywhere? Something wrong with it? OF COURSE NO! - visitor

A comment thas fells like punch in the stomach of k-pop fans. I like it - futtonzeiro3

That's right! Miku is fake. And I don't like her, but I love the people who put the hard work into making her who she is. If Saki Fujita was performing these songs, NOT a hologram, I would gladly change my mind and be all for the Miku Olympics 2012 project, but the fact that the real people behind her concept are not getting any of this glory is quite disappointing. - visitor

L0l idiotic 12 year old kpop fangirls, if you think miku is fake then what the hell is kpop? Just a bunch of brainless prettyfaced retarded corporate slaves - visitor

Please people if you don't like miku stop acting like a child and leave go rant about Justin beiber do you really think you haters immature actions will cause voters change there minds it just makes you look like ideots I love mike hatsune and that's who I voted for - visitor

All of her fans (including you) have very closed minds... And overly large immaginations... - visitor

Its need immaginations to make the world change you know... - visitor

YEAH! It takes IMAGINATION dude, I mean like, if there was no "Overly large" imaginations, then the cities and cars and and computers and whatnot would have NEVER existed, and if there is no imagination, then will mankind even HAVE a future?! What makes us DREAM and have IDEAS and INSPIRATION? Yes, IMAGINATION did that. For K-POP fans, without imagination then how, I repeat HOW, does you'r singers/bands make MUSIC? Hmm? The lyrics and the melody are CREATED BY IMAGINATION. That's what I have to say, I'm not being a hater to K-POP here, we all have our idols and stuff, so let's just come and sing together~! MAKE THE WORLD A HAPPY PLACE.

PEACE BRO. - visitor

Yep, real idols can die of oldness and sickness etc
miku won't
- visitor

Hatsune miku is ALL computer VOCALOIDS have people " backing them up" Also for REAL singers ( I'm not saying Miku isn't real ) what do they use? That's right. Computers. What else do they use to record the songs? A Toaster? Or some AUTO TUNE their voice. You guys ( some people ) are acting like theirs no indoor places either. Its 2012! We have good technoligy we can probably make her be seen in dark if she goes. If she performs she will get more populars. Eh she might get a few haters from that but WHO CARES there will always be a fan who loves and remembers MIku even if she gone! What does she have for concerts not a lot. Take justin beiber. He had probably 30 in 2011! How many did Hatsune Miku have? Probably like 1 - 10! Shes only performed out of Japan less than ten times probably! For people saying not a lot of people understand or know japanese. Guess what? Not all people know english either. I voted for Hatsune Miku for these reasons and plenty more. Also if u watch some videos of her and listen you will hear emotion in lyrics or their faces. They are plenty real to her fans. She needs to perform. PS: THose saying there's probably gonna be an english singer your saying that because YOUR english so you think its going to happen because its so popular where you live. That's all
- visitor

*isn't* - visitor

Laugh out loud no MORE than 30 for justin beiber - visitor

Your right! Go Miku ! - visitor

Hatsune miku isn't all computers. Think u had a typo there - visitor

Yea I did - visitor

Shes in first place! I think - visitor

mm hm - visitor

Hello all haters and fans. You guys can come here to express all of your feelings about vocaloids. In peace.


I as one apologize upon all the fans who cursed the haters.

We are fans of Miku and we should NOT be disrespectful.

We must accept haters with an open heart.

We are those who are loved by Hatsune Miku. Haters and also fans. - visitor

Again I apologize for those fans who cursed K-pops. They are just immature.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vocaloid-Fanbase-of-Peace/174414975998312 - visitor

Why should she perform at the LONDON olympics... This is a celebration of London and England, not Japan, Korea or America... Or any other countries singers they have on this list. Silly peoples.
We're not going to have Japanese holograms and technology, as great as it is..

Well, if you don't want a Japanese hologram "ruining" your celebration, let's go get Leon and Lola. - visitor

Yeah, yeah, we all know that miku will not sing, it will be the boring McCartney. I think this Opening Olympics will be so boring, also the director Danny Boyle is in charge, the creator of 28 days laters movie, one of the most boring movies I ever seen in my life. - visitor

So right man, English for England and so on, that's a fact! Every country would do so! Yours as well! Think about it! - visitor

Go Miku! <3 - visitor

I want Miku to perform as well, it just sucks that K-Pop is taking over... It makes me fret that we'll be getting crappy K-Pop singers instrad of Miku. I'm for her if she's going to perform! - visitor

Why "crappy"? You apparently didn't even listen to k-pop... Well, it's no use, I think... - visitor

BIGBANG IS BEST! - visitor

Then get out and go to the BigBang thread. There is no place for you here. - visitor

Well you fans want her there and you are talking about your own interest but most English people won't know who she is or what is she saying and they would get board and on top of that they are already rehearsing for The Opening Ceremonies but in reality the plan had to go through The Queen. But anything goes for The Closing Ceremonies.
And most likely all The Opening Ceremonies for The Olympics is just an advertisement for tourism for London and The U.K. nOT Japan. - visitor

You are right! That's right!
(not to be mistaken, I'm a Japan-fan... ) - visitor

No matter the complaints, Miku has more of a better chance in all honesty. She IS first right, due to her fans and support. I therefore vote Miku performs. Who cares if she's Japanese, it would be amazing if we were to see her on stage at the Olympics. Best wishes to her! <3

Oh.. And K-Pop is cool too, but it gets old.. Just saying. ;3 - visitor

Miku is not REAL, PEOPLE. She's a hologram and a fake voice to appease Japanese. I refuse to call Miku "she". And, please god THINK ABOUT WHERE THIS IS. LONDON. I think LONDON would be the LAST PLACE TO HAVE A FAKE PERSON SING THERE. - visitor

Are you sure? And YOU will see her around the world.
Also korea. - visitor

Stop insulting Miku, weather you like it or not she has been dubbed a female, I'm sorry if that bothers you. If you don't like then you should leave this page. It's ridiculous how you people come here and tell us that Miku is fake/bad artist, ESPECIALLY here of all places. SHUT UP AND GO SUPPORT YOUR OWN ARTIST. Ever think maybe she is winning for a reason? Sheesh, spammers. - visitor

I LOVES MIKU! - visitor

Miku DOESN'T go into rehab. Miku doesn't go on drugs. Miku doesn't smoke.
TONS and I mean TONS of celebritties do this and you want THEM to perform? Also People who r saying SHINee or Super Junior is better we don't care! Go tell them that! If you think that it shouldn't be a vocaloid or UTAU then your wrong. I THINK that its always been a REAL person at the olympics. If we keep on having real people sing the world will lose its interest. We are going to take a BIG step to the Future with Sound if we have Miku. The whole world doesn't know english so don't say oh well they gonna have justin beiber because he's popular where I live or They so gonna have english person because that where it held. It could be ANYTHING. VOTE FOR MIKU! - visitor

And, duh, you expect a person to make a fake avaroid smoke and do drugs when it's supposed to have a lot of fans? Ughh. You suck. Don't you dare bad mouth SHINee and Super Junior. -_- I love them with all my heart, and lots of other people do too. - visitor

Better singer or not, a real person will sing for sure!
Love this miku hatsune, if you want to... I don't care - anyway, never watched the olympics as well as estimated 90percent of the visitors here! Crazy - visitor

I agree, although I understand that the other people like Super Junior and stuff have worked hard. They are good at what they do and some do have real life issues but people who come to this page of "Why Miku should perform" Should leave and go support who they like and think should perform. Stop calling our artist "Fake" or "Dumb" It's rude and shallow. Stop trolling Miku yall. She sings about real life stuff (two faced lovers etc. )... Mostly not songs about Eating up boys. - visitor

I really do think Miku should perform there even though she is a computer program. Many of her songs have very good meaning, and make people laugh, cry, smile, even scared, and be inspired. She may not be real, but that's the good thing! Her fans don't like her because she's hot or mainstream, they like her for her music! I do like KPOP too (but not that much, I mean, it's okay) but I do think Hatsune Miku should perform. - visitor

I understand what you're all saying. Don't call me a hater, but I really do not like the idea of having a fake voice and a fake person beat super junior. Please, think about this. Sure you like it, but isn't it a little unfair for those who are actually real, and spend so much time learing the coolest movements for their fans. Please have a think about this.. I really love super junior, and think it's not fair for a fake person to peform when super junior is trying really really hard.. - visitor

People tell me that the light at the end time of the singer show her some more if you think well if the light at the end of a concert artist "real" the show also happens ¬ ¬ - visitor

You consider a real person with a body, real.

You consider a person with a fake heart, real. Much?

Miku might have a virtual body. But her heart is true.
You cannot see it, and claim it to be a non-existence.

You are fake - visitor

You consider a real person with a body, real.

You consider a person with a fake heart, real. Much?

Miku might have a virtual body. But her heart is true.
You cannot see it, and claim it to be a non-existence.

You are fake² - visitor

Because she is Hatsune Miku! - visitor

Um. No. - visitor

For all you saying she's just a piece of software, well that's half true, all things already have a sole or are given one. Also she brings the next generation of music for us younger audiences we're creating our future for us all you older peeps can and should do is help support are positions. Music is what the world revolves around it shows who we are and you can't take that away from all us; Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Iron Maiden, Back Street Boys, etc. They all won't live forever, only in CDs, in which their soles are forever replaying. But Hatsune Miku can forever be entertaining our ears, moreover hearts with her music, because the world is ever chaining and that means so will her music and so eventually the band behind Miku that makes her songs and lyrics will eventually, not be here, but this generation and more to come will take care of her. I end my response. FOREVER MIKU - visitor

For all you saying she's just a piece of software, well that's half true, all things already have a sole or are given one. Also she brings the next generation of music for us younger audiences we're creating our future for us all you older peeps can and should do is help support are positions. Music is what the world revolves around it shows who we are and you can't take that away from all us; Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Iron Maiden, Back Street Boys, etc. They all won't live forever, only in CDs, in which their soles are forever replaying. But Hatsune Miku can forever be entertaining our ears, moreover hearts with her music, because the world is ever chaining and that means so will her music and so eventually the band behind Miku that makes her songs and lyrics will eventually, not be here, but this generation and more to come will take care of her. I end my response. FOREVER MIKU² - visitor

Even tough hatsune miku win the poll, I don't think she'll be selected to perform for the opening song. They'll somehow select some UK Band to perform. - visitor

That's right! - visitor

Let's see, music is by itself art and literature. It is meant to be understood by heart, not by other senses. Whatever language it is, as long as the music carries a certain rhythm that brings in the emotion, the song is considered very good. This will point out that language is never a matter in performing in the Olympics. Yes, English is a global language and Chinese is catching up whereas Japanese, less than 40% of the world knows it. However, I am pointing out that words are not the key to making what a song is, it is how you deliver the song that is what it is. That is how classical music flourish back in the past, its rhythm tells you what the song is all about, which is about the life of the past. I take any voice as an instrument, not as a form of communication. To me a voice is a woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings and any other category of musical instruments that you all can think of just that it is of a special category.

People say she has no heart but to her fans she has one. You may picture her music as non-human-emotions but those who created the music are the ones who put the human-emotions into the song. If you ever say that Miku's songs are not having any emotions think again. The creators pour their heart and soul to make their song come true with emotions. However, many creators aren't born to make their song come true, and that is when Hatsune Miku comes into play. To help the creators who can't pay or make their music come true, to come true. Miku is a helpful "person"(I prefer to call her that way because I believe she is alive in every fan's heart and probably in another world).

She helps people all over the world to make music based on the people's feelings and culture. This is where, the Olympics theme comes into play, "unity". Miku sings songs made from all over the world and thus Miku itself resembles unity. She even resembles hope, hope for those who can't make it to succeed. Like I have mentioned earlier, there are people, not gifted by voice or appearance or money or whatsoever artistic talents, instead gifted by heart. She also resembles teamwork, Miku alone is just a "person" who can't speak. She originally obtained her voice from one person called Saki Fujita. The teamwork between two humans, the creators of the music, Saki Fujita and Hatsune Miku(technology) shows that we should always show teamwork regardless of whoever the person is.

Miku, the symbol of the future as her namesake says, shows how advanced technology is nowadays. Making people more aware of such technology gives others more ideas to expand technology itself and also speed up the development of technology. There are some people I have seen who said that she perform live concerts via hologram method and that is true. However, it doesn't mean that it is impossible for her to perform. Beijing Olympics performed it in the night, which is definitely pretty dark. Nobody says that openings must be in the day, it can also be in the dark. If it is not dark enough, the mobile roof top which was originally aimed to shelter from rain can be used to shelter from light too. If this is still impossible, then when there is a will, there is away.

People regard her as not original either as the music she sings is not hers. Define original please. All of the music you listen to are derived from none other than classics. Classics are the root of all music and hence no music even now is original... Except for those extraordinary ones like Michael Jackson. I can even point out to you that tons of music from a certain group or individual singer is not made by that person or group itself. Instead they are made by creators who can pay these famous individuals or groups to perform. Certain people like Sungha Jung and Andy Mckee may not be singers but they are creators and gifted enough to make their music come true.

Also I came across a reason that people will hate Miku more if she comes into the Olympics as many people who watches the Olympics are 20-50s range(Originally posted as group of 30s by another person). Now, think about it. Ask those who are in their 30s or 20s or 40s. Which music do they prefer? The oldies isn't it? So what difference is it if we put our current "overrated" or maybe not performers on stage other than Miku? I myself am 18 this year and I can say that the oldies far surpasses the current music now. The old Coldplay, Radiohead, Linkin Park and other bands of the past are much better than how they perform now.

So, if we search for a performer or a group that symbolizes unity, teamwork, hope and also the future, it might as well be Miku. There are certain bands that symbolizes future but do they symbolize any other that Miku symbolizes? A food for thought anyone?

So basically in my humble opinion, Hatsune Miku is the best choice as she symbolizes so many things that are essential in sports and even symbolizes the theme of the Olympics itself. She also shows how far humankind has reached in terms of technology from years ago to now.

-Anonymous who claims to love all music except for the messy Jazz. - visitor

What he said... - visitor

Hey, you see that little kid over there, GO TELL HIM SANTA DOESN'T EXIST!
My lord, some of the people come here purely to troll, just because their artists aren't as highly ranked as a fantastic project like Miku, who uses more talent than most people ever will. From the songs to the program, she's a group effort, that everyone worked hard to create and give to, so they could produce beautiful, silly, and sad songs! She is a human creation which shows talent in computers, arts, and fashion. So just because your favorite artist doesn't have as high a ranking, don't pin it on the hundreds of people who create their songs alongside her. So THB! - visitor

A lot of good and bad comments here however some one is trying to get rid miku hatsune from youtube because of this poll it seem that miku hatsune has become to big now that they feel if can wipe her off the internet just because the can they are wrong the internet is miku hatsune home and not just her all of fans as well so let show them what happen when they mess with her and us

A lot of good and bad comments here however some one is trying to get rid miku hatsune from youtube because of this poll it seem that miku hatsune has become to big now that they feel if can wipe her off the internet just because the can they are wrong the internet is miku hatsune home and not just her all of fans as well so let show them what happen when they mess with her and us

Why is she a diva like Lady Gaga or Beyonce, and why it is in the first place, but people want it there! GO GO Hatsune Miku. - visitor

In my opinion, Miku SHOULD go and sing at the Olympics because this will give her a chance to be revealed to the world. Kinda like how some singers' talent are revealed through singing competitions that are broadcasted for the world to see.
So please give her a chance.

Well, it's not like I'm a hater of miku or the k-pop, and I'm one of Miku's fan and a lil bit of the k-pop, but don'tcha think it's better to give the human singers a credit first?
Sorry for my bad English. - visitor

Oh come on!
The k lovers here just like a child who cried when the idol is not in the first place...
The true is Hatsune Miku is not a real, but I think the world want to accept the future music industry. Come on korean lovers have vocaloid voice bank too, she is SeeU. Come on? Hatsune Miku just icon of vocaloid 3. You want to her sing suju, shine, or anything korean songs about girlfriend or boyfriend? Use SeeU Voaloid 3.

Miku isn't even real, but the composer, lyricist, choreographer is real!
And hers song have many themes not just about LOVE.. =_____= - visitor

Everyone please stop this K-pop and Vocaloid war. I mean come on to tell you the truth There is K-pop inside vocaloid I mean vocaloid 3 has see u, and see u is another vocaloid that sings korean songs so this little K-pop is better than Vocaloid should end. Also P. S THERE IS K-POP in VOCALOID also J-pop too of course and many familiar and different song genres too. - visitor

I think doesn't need to go... SHE'S A COMPUTER NOT PRESENCE NOTHING!
Go K-POP! - visitor

Then what does the person who DUB miku is? Saki Fujita is like the real live person of Hatsune Miku!
the creators of Vocaloid's are nice enough too even MAKE a Korean Vocaloid Despite all the hate that the creator has been taking from you! - visitor


True that. Hahaha - visitor

Uh, isn' the fact that if she have a concert with hologram that also mean that since hologram can't sing Miku also do lypsync bother you?
I'm a MikuFan though. - visitor

There is also a fan she is immortal idol - visitor

In my opinion, I think it will be the best for Olympics. She isn't real? Yup, but her voices are real, and your love for her is real too. - visitor

i agree! - visitor

For all Vocaloid fans:this is our great chance to show the world that is not only real singers that make success. Miku Hatsune is the example of this. Raise up and show the real power of the music! - futtonzeiro3

Somebody told here : "Her voice exists because you can hear it. " srs? Whose is this voice? Do you even know who's singing? Nah, whats going on? Hologram, a computer program is preferred more than real persons ;/ if you want to see her so much - please download that hologram program and run in your houses --
I'm not fan of anybody there ;/ but I'll put my voice for Super Junior. - visitor

Leave your comments on which songs she should sing at the Olympics!

Your regular Miku Fan - visitor

World is Mine (announce world domination at the Olympics )
Haha, but seriously, I think she should perform Tell Your World, since it's about sharing with the world. Perfect unity song - visitor

Tell Your World: amazing song, amazing meaning and a chance for an amazing performance, what with all the colours and everything in the video. Although it would be funny if she burst everyone's eardrums with Love Is War... *sn***** sn****** (I can just imagine BoJo's face: ಠ_ರೃ). So, to all you Mikuphobes out there: t(-_-t) - visitor

Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku! SHE IS AMEZING! - visitor

Well I see that is a war between k-pop and the vocaloids. I am fan of Miku and of the other Vocaloids, but the situation is almost getting of control. If the things continue this way, someone will kill the k-pop singers or vice versa. So if things get to this point. All Miku fans, PREPARE FOR WAR! - futtonzeiro3

SHE just a HOLOGRAM... Not a HUMAN - visitor

So? Miku isn't real, but the composer, lyricist, choreographer is real!
- visitor

And your "auto-tune" is not a human either. Lawl. - visitor

I want to correct you) not SHE, but IT. It's a hologram ;) - visitor

Yes, she just a hologram but her song touch my heart with many meaning in her lyric (friendship, family, life,... )
Not those meaningless song by Korean singer (always about love, can't they have anything else to sing? ) - visitor

Dose that REALLY matter?
She's just great anyway - visitor

Yes, perhaps it is true, is just a hologram, but this is one of the most impressive things, because, imagine how a hologram Sing, dance and interact with your audience? So, Miku, we will make you reach the top - visitor

Hatsune Miku is more than just a hologram Miku touched many different peoples hearts throughout many different countries if you just at least listen to one of her sweet songs like for example last night good night or even world is mine. I guarantee that you will think of Miku as a great friend that knows you well. - visitor

Wow... Lots of bashing and flaming. To all non-Miku fans, bare this in mind... Miku will never DIIEE! - visitor

Of course never D it's not alive to die. - visitor

Her song touch my heart
She should sing "Love is war" or "The disappearent of Hatsune Miku"
Those song might be awesome loud - visitor

People, I'm 10 years old, in January of 2011 I found Hatsune Miku,
I know she's no really, but she's sing so cool, and I vote for her,
Her voice is ok, Append or not she sings so pretty...
She can sing all (Spanish, German, wharever ), and is no problem,
Cripton Future Media are accept... No? Yes or No, I want her in London 2012... (And more concerts in America ) - visitor

Having Miku perform at the Olympics would be amazing - when I first told my so-called friends I listened to her music, they didn't even know who she was. And when I explained it to them, they thought I was weird. If Miku performs, it will raise her profile and give her more acceptance in European countries. I hope Miku comes to Britian soon because I love her music, and so do lots of other people. But nowadays in England/Britain people think that you listen to this music you are the type of person to be avoided, but that's not true. Hatsune Miku may not be real, but she has the voice to prove she could be. Thank you for listening. - visitor

Don't worry ~ maybe England/Britain people can't understand u but us - vocaloid fan away by your side - visitor

This is a list of some of the songs I think Miku should perform:
Tell Your World
Rolling Girl
The First Melody
Hoshi No Kakera (Ballade)
Project Diva Desu (It's Project Diva)

I think Rin/Len Kagamine and Luka Mergurine should perform too - they are both just as good as Miku and deserve to be as well-known as she is. - Player161198

I think 1925 would be a awesome song to play as well.
- visitor

Ő�意する! Although it should be everyone: Leon, Lola, Miriam, MEIKO, KAITO, Sweet Ann, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len ( ^ J ^), Prima, Kamui Gakupo, Megurine Luka, Gumi, Sonika, SF-A2 miki, Kaai Yuki, Kiyoteru Hiyama, Big Al, Tonio, Lily, VY1, Ryuto, Nekomura Iroha, Utatane Piko, VY2, Mew, SeeU, Tone Rion, Oliver, CUL, Yuzuki Yukari, Bruno, Clara, IA, Aoki Lapis, Ring Suzune, Lui Hibiki, Luo Tian Yi, MAYU and possibly even Akikoloid-chan and Galaco, even if they do have to make personas for some of them, although they could just be voices or awesome energy ball things. (phew, that was tiring). Point made. - visitor

Miku should go. Many people should realize that Miku may be fake but she is actually also real to many others. She should be listened to! Not everything should be about korean singers or real live people. It could also be a fake made up person, like Miku.
~Luci - visitor

Shut up. All of U. If somethim is in 1st place then that means more people are pleased than the other. Bif something that was in last place was to sing, then less people would be happy. If the 1st place sings then more people will be happy.1st is miku, so that means more people are pleased with miku more than, kpop or whatever the other guys were talking about. The more the happy, the better.
- visitor

Miku is the perfect artist should perform in London.
Even she just vocaloid, her song really inspire a lot of people.
No more discouraging people.
Let's we all hope that's Miku will perform.. Yeahh - visitor

I think it would be good for Hatsune Miku to sing there because it might be fun to see a hologram sing instead of a real person. Just think about it for a minute, you see a real life person sing at a concert everyday and it seems boring, but think about a hologram singing at a concert. It would be more fun instead of having a real person sing there. I hope Hatsune Miku gets to sing at the London Olympics. It doesn't matter if Miku is real or not. - visitor

But the Olympics are about human strength and ability, not our technological advancements, but about our core nature and out fighting spirit. - visitor

I've never seen a hologram and I doubt many people has seen one either. As such this is great opportunity to show how technology has advanced. Also to the people who asks why people bother to see a hologram sing, its the same reason why I pay money to see the great wall of China or any other tourist attractions. I've never seen it and I want to. Also Miku's music is great. - visitor

Personally miku pretty much wins since 1 she is an image of perfection in everyone's eyes. 2 she has the ideal voice everyone wants to hear... Enough with the hating comments, she won the world's votes already - visitor

I think this person is right because now all people do is respect terrible singers in the U.S. but if Hatsune Miku performed on stage she would finally be known by the whole world, and Miku's voice is a voice range no other human to get to. Also we want Japan to be heard world wide also. Also once people see Miku on stage they will definitively love Miku and the other amazing Vocaloids too. - visitor

She should totally sing Strobo (strobe) Nights!

That was the song that made me one of her fans! & I think this is just so amazing that she's actually holding first place right now! She represents the future, and she can sing a wide variety of songs, from happy to sad ones, from slow ones to fast ones... The possibilities are endless. She's inspired people around the world to be a part of music, and now, even people that can't sing well can sing through Miku. It's just a beautiful thing... And I would love to see her at the Olympics. - visitor

Well, no need to argue.. Lets all of top 5 come.. End of story - visitor

Hatsune Miku should definitely sing at the Olympics - the producers of the Olympics or whatever they're called would be mad not to have her perform. Why? Well, not only does she make you laugh, cry, or just confuse you (like in Popipo! ), but she is a symbol of unity and how far technology has advanced in recent years. Not only should Miku perform, but so should Rin & Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, Kaito, Meiko, and Gumi Megpoid - and they're only the tip of the iceberg. Songs she should perform would include Reason for Existence (one of my favourites! ), Tell Your World (a good opening performance), Ballade, and Rolling Girl. Rin & Len should perform Migikata No Chou (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder), Gemini, Juvenile, Kokoro Kiseki - and Rin should perform Kokoro and Meltdown. And for the fangirls, I think Len should do Spice. I think Luka Megurine should do Double Lariat, Luka Luka Night Fever, God is a Girl (although I'm not sure this is an official Vocaloid song) and Just Be Friends. I don't know about the others, but there are lots of popular songs by them too. Miku has become really popular recently, and I think it would be a great idea to spread Vocaloid to England - people at my school think I'm weird because I listen to Miku, when their Scrillex crap hurts my ears. It would be really wonderful if Hatsune Miku, Rin & Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine and all the other Vocaloids could perform. Come on, Vocaloid fans - let's spread the word! =D - Player51198

Well I love Len, and I'm a fanboy. SPICE! - visitor

Miku is real.. You can hear her voice.

Miku is real.. You can see her perform onstage.

Miku is real.. You can see her on advertisement.

Miku is real.. People love for her.

Miku is real.. Someone hate her.

Miku is real.. She live in our heart. - visitor

And you can look her & - visitor

I don't know who to vote for I love Super Junior and Miku Hatsune! >. < - visitor

Same - visitor

Miku has so amny meaningful, powerful songs. In my opinion, Miku songs teach me about how the world can be sometimes happy even when things are looking bad for you. Like how the world isn't bad as you think (got it from Durarara ) If Miku Hatsune performs, it shows the world how a little, nonreal (not to be mean >. <), anime-ish, japanese girl can show everyone something. Right now I am listening to "The Empty Stomach Song" and this is an example of what I mean. I like K-pop and whatso not, But miku is better! After all, she is in first place now... right? - visitor

Erm it would be too weird for a robot girl to be performing I mean I like hatsune miku and her music but it needs to be more 'out there and have more oopmt factor' you what I mean - visitor

Wow, I really didn't expect something like this to show up. Anyway Miku is my number 1 fan;i'll always remember you.
- visitor

She really deserves to be there.
She is different and has created different songs that many people love. - visitor

GO MIKU GO MIKU GOO! I don't care if people thinks me weird of loving miku, SO GO MIKU GOO! - visitor

Hatsune Miku has a place in my heart, and you are not ripping it out by not letting her perform! So what, if she isn't real. She's as real as a hologram can get. Miku is epic for several reasons. Sono ichi, she inspired me to learn Japanese! I'm pretty fluent in most of the songs. (not real conversations yet >. <)She was even my TEACHER in learning. Sono ni, she has the voice of not a robotic computerized diva, but a voice of a heartfelt beauty. Sono san, her songs have meaning. Not partying, not drinking off the pain, NOT EVER sexual interactions which is all men sing about nowadays. Even Kaito, as odd as he is, doesn't sing about that. Miku sings about how things can look up when they're down. And how you can get past your issues as painless as you dream of. So, she should perform, or her place in my heart will be torn to ribbons. I hope me and other fans can convince you to let her. - visitor

I don't mind that people are saying Miku is better (I want Miku, personally) but there's no need to insult the Kpop singers (or Koreans). And Kpop fans, you shouldn't insult Miku. You're saying things like 'she's not real' or 'she didn't even try, she's just a hologram'. But have you ever SEEN her live? (Go to YouTube) Her songs have a lot of meaning behind them, and the people that made her did try. A lot. So stop saying things like that

I think it would be cool if all the vocaloids came on stage and did a group song. - visitor

I like both, Suju and Miku, although I have voted for Suju, Miku would be great to perform too. - visitor

Hatsune Miku is the best! Composer and a lot of other people put their heart and feeling together and made those songs. Those song are song that had healed many people's heart and soul all over the world, and change people's lives in so many different way. Whenever I hear her song, I can feel the heart of those people who put their feeling together and work so hard to create such beautiful song. However, I can't really feel those kind of feeling in other singer. These beautiful feeling won't lie to me and that's why I can state that MIKU the BEST! And for those people who hate Miku just because they don't know her. Get lost! You people don't even try to understand why so many people is helping and defending her. You people don't have the right to argue about votes! - visitor

Hatsune Miku represents the future! While all the other groups and singers will one day die, Hatsune Miku will NEVER die out because she IS the fans! And there will ALWAYS be fans! - visitor

The hell, why are people arguing on a Miku Hatsune post? If you don't like her, leave, there's no need to bash about her, that's just being sad. Miku hatsune being at the Olympics, is something original, we've seen real people perform thousands of times, it's time for a change. If you can't take it, go to youtube and watch some Live videos about your so called favorite band, you'll forget in the future because they die of drugs or something sad like that. News flash, Miku will never die, because she's not real that's what makes her the best and why she's still notmal and not some stuck up brat wanting money like Justin beiber or all those other crappy kids you call "Artists". //End serious rage comment. - visitor

People are starting to compare miku, SJ, SNSD and SHINee.. PEOPLE WAKE UP!

Miku-chan, Gambatte ne, Super Junior Fighting! - visitor

I don't get it. People are calling her 'fake' and 'unreal'. But what about the people who MADE her, huh? They're real. Other people made her songs. Stop calling her music fake. Just stop. This could make history. Forever. And some others don't want it because they've never seen her, or heard her. They're afraid of the change; well, change is coming anyways. STOP CALLING HER FAKE. - visitor

Argee! - visitor

Yeah. I totally agree. And vocaloids are different from nlrmail singers. If we want miku to perform, those who 'hate' her, SHUT UP. - visitor

100% agree with you.

I love how many people don't seem to realise that the "Vocaloid" music and songs are created from real people, not just a software, and it does take as much effort as creating a song with real human singing in it since there's a need for people to compose the songs for them to, well, get Miku or other Vocaloids to sing.

Software do not work by itself, there must always be someone to program and guide it to work.

And, I suppose not many notices that at all. - visitor

Honestly haters go away from here its really anoyying. DOESN'T MEAN she doesn't REAL or not a HUMAN, she doesn't deserves to sing at the olympic right? If she sings at the olympic, is she bother you? And some of you says that hatsune miku doesn't have a heart, oh.. Come on! Are you've heard his songs? -sorry if my english is bad - visitor

Whats interesting is that most of these comments are from visitors. Anyway, Miku Hatsune is a VOCALOID whose voice was taken from a real person! Even if the vocaloids aren't 'alive' they are too in a way! Vocaloids live forever in a way as long their voicebanks are never lost. Having Miku sing is gonna make a difference for a LOONG effect on the world. (You see a bunch of people knowing what nyan cat is but no knowing who sings the song! ) So yeah, there really is a bunch of fans for Miku/Vocaloids but people are trying to get rid of her. (Seems like Neru Akita all over again) - visitor

Facepalm. - visitor

Mikus music is always in my heart. - visitor

Nyan cat is hatsune miku. Enough said. - visitor

It's because it's something new. - visitor

Stop fighting already guy the only reason I want to see miku live with my own eyes because I want something diffrent. Of because even if the band was better I will still vote miku because its diffrent from the normal band kid will love all people will love it believe it lets make it happen make the world see Miku hatsune! - visitor


Miku is Real, she is a virtual idol that live in my heart <3
GO MIKU! - visitor

Your comment is so immature
- visitor

I do vote for Miku, but altough it's nice to have a change once for awhile, and I'd love to have her perform at the concert, yet I think a hologram concert wouldn't be the best thing at the olympics, so I guess it's actually natural if she won't perform.
Anyway, I think this fight between fans and haters has gone too far.
For fans : I know all of you would dying for her to perform, but the world just isn't ready for such a technology. Perhaps if we wait for another chance, the technology would've be more advanced and Miku can sing without having any protest about her being just a software. And you should be aware that other singer such as SHINee or SuJu or SNSD is a human live singer. No matter how much I love Miku and other Vocaloids, I know that NOW human singer is still better. If we wait, the technology would be advanced and they could be the same thing or even better than human singer.
For haters : How could you say that Miku aren't real? If she's not real than would it be possible for her to sing more than 10,000 songs? People, real isn't based on something such as living or not, human or not, etc.
And no matter how rude you've insulted Miku, she'll never hurt, but you've hurt thousands of her fans. And this is a thread for Miku and Miku ONLY. If you just write here as a Haters-being-hatefull, then sorry, go to your band/singer thread instead or go kill yourself. Now how's that for being rude? And please, if you believe that real people is better than Miku, I won't kill you, but I will if you believe that AND STILL COMPARING MIKU TO OTHER HUMAN. - visitor

Wow a kid want to see her doll performs -. - - visitor

Wow lame. She is not real. Face the truth. Super Junior is way better - visitor

We know the truth, but it's not lame. Holograms are new, they're futuristic and Miku can do such great feats. It's not lame, it's amazing. - visitor

Do not compare an amazing, hard-workers result of a hologram to a K-POP group who is real and fantastic.

BOTH ARE THE SAME. Eesh - visitor

Because the world is hers - visitor

Because the world is hers - visitor

well said. - visitor

Really Hatsune Miku performing?

thate would we great. I would love too see her performing
at the olympics! - visitor

Umm... Just saying this miku thing isn't real the olymipcs are about humans who strive the represent their country throught sports and if you hadn't noticed the one who really deserves the spot should be a a kpop group. Miku would e cool to have as maybe an opening but it only promotes japanese technology not japan and kpop promotes ALL OF ASIA - visitor

Go Miku! I hope she would get to perform. It's not like it has to be real or not. Miku Hatsune is a program where songwriters all over the world can compose their own music and it seems that the Vocaloid songs has a whole variety of songs to listen to!
You get to listen to different styles of feelings thoughout in their songs!
- visitor

You guys who say Miku isn't real simply doesn't get the point.

What is the point of being a real person if that person has a fake heart?

Miku is what people all around the world fight for. Kindness, truth, innocence, love. She is us, we are her. - visitor

I've read many of these comments/posts/whatever you want to call them, and I can see where Miku fans are coming from it's where we all are. We want our favorite artist to perform. I personally voted for Super Junior but I know Miku and her music; she performs almost all genres, she's 'cute', and depending on your taste she has good music, BUT she also isn't real. You want her music to be known to further her career but it's not furthering hers it's just helping the people who program her, and yes they are amazing at what they do, she looks real and life like but at the end of the day she's nothing more than a hologram. I'm not trying to say you shouldn't vote for her or put her down but this is the truth many of you seem to be denying. I just feel like Super Junior worked harder, training for years before actually debuting and loosing sweat, blood, and sleep for their fans something Miku could never do. - visitor

Agree. This is the most mature comment I've seen - visitor

... You can't talk about SHE. "SHE" is a computer made brainless, feelingless DOLL. Are you kidding me with Hatsune Miku... I know it's fun, but "she" does not deserve to perform at the olympics. BIG BANG RULES. They actually are talented... And OH they're human. They also have PURE HEARTS. WHY MIKU!? - minttuleppu00e4nen

Just who is this 'SHE'?! She TOTALLY deserves to perform at the Olympics! - visitor

Because Miku represents the work of millions of people around the world! If you want to know what I mean go and see in Youtube the commercial that made Google Chrome of Hatsune Miku, (EVERYONE, CREATOR! ) - visitor

Come on guys. Stop criticizing Miku. She's talented and so are the people that created her. If you all say that anyone can create a vocaloid like her, why aren't others doing it? What matters most is how they sound. Puh�"lease. There are a lot of Miku fans out there. If they like Miku, just go along with the flow. You can cheer for your favorite singer our band but just don't disappoint others. - visitor

No - visitor

I really hate people like you! You don't understand that the true singer work hard for you and you want to see a crap hologram dancing? - visitor

What about all the artist and composers who make a hologram dance? What about their work? Hatsune miku represents Hope and Teamwork, which is something great for the olympics. - visitor

They obviously never heard about this "Behind-the-scenes" thing. - visitor

We should learn to embrace all music. Since all the human music artists are already known world wide, Miku Hatsune still needs attention to our country of America, since they don't know crap about what "VOCALOID" is. Girls at my school ANNOY me with the fact that they criticize something they don't know.

Yes, you are allowed to have your entitlement to love your own artist, such as your own K-Pop artist like BIGBANG (my friend is OBSESSED with them), or girls that worship Justin Bieber. But don't blame poor computer program Miku Hatsune for being number one. If BIGBANG was number one for example, all other fans including Justin Bieber's fans would've raged on yours too. Then again, the computer is singing, and it's singing really well, so I wouldn't complain that computers will one day be better than all of us in life.

Don't blame something for being number one. Watch all the haters shift their attention once yours is number one. - visitor

Also, can people quit arguing? - visitor

Miku is made by HUMANS, she portrays HUMANS. She is made to be a HUMAN. It's like another way to express your emotions, if you can't sing/don't have the courage to sing. Heck, she can sing all the Shinee / Big Bang / SJ song you like, she can dance, she can do anything. What's more important, she represents HOPE and TEAMWORK, which I think is a pretty good thing to show in the Olympics. Yes, K-pop fan here, but even though I love Key and Taeyang, no I don't really think Juliet or Lucifer or Fantastic Baby should be playing during the opening of olympics... - visitor

Didn't some1 tell the other SUJU and SHINee guys to post on their own side? We wanna stay happy here - visitor

I love Miku but she will never feel our love
I think that a real singer deserve that opportunity not a program that will never love us - visitor

Just because Miku is first, venting your anger here will not help. You cannot change the fans minds, nor their hearts. She is a hologram, she is a computer, she is lifeless, heartless, 1s and 0s. Tell me how far technology has become, how beautiful these computers have become, and you will see. I support Miku, but I love Girl's Generation. Still, I want to see this 'crappy hologram' dance because it'll be the first time in history that a non-human has sung in the Olympics. THE FIRST TIME! We can see SuJu, SNSD, SHINee, and BigBang in the next four years, but I want to see the future progressing NOW. Let the world prove how amazing technology has become and how fast great we can be without real performers. - visitor

Why would you say that?! Of course miku feels our love she always does! - visitor

I agree completely. I adore Vocaloids and the talented creators who make their songs, but I think that opportunities like this go to the real people behind the work. Miku is just an avatar, why not let actual, hard working people get the glory of performing at the Olympics. I can listen to Miku at home, I wouldn't want to the opportunity of a lifetime, to go to the Olympics, to be wasted on a hologram. - visitor

Even if Miku cannot feel our love, who says her artists cannot? She gives aspiring song writers a chance to show their skills, she saves them from having to find a singer. She gives budding artists a model, she has no personality, but it makes her charm. It gives everyone a chance to contribute to her. To get involved with a famous singer. Besides, who says real singers will love us? Yes, they sing for us, they perform for us, but do they really appreciate us? When the craziest of their fans beg for their personal information? When they begin to stress over the pain of fame, of intrusion, of paparazzi? Do you thing they truly appreciate everything we do for them? Unlike them, Miku will never fade, never die out, she will always continue to smile, and she will always give new creativity to change her. Isn't that what the world should be about? Free creativity, a new future. It's a benefit that she's not real, that way, she will never stop. Will never quit singing, no matter how many years pass, she will continue to be the gate way to young singers, young writers, and artists. She will never complain, she will never fall. Miku is a hologram, but she is also a fantasy we are able to change to match our own needs. I support Hatsune Miku, and Vocaloid, till the end. They cannot look down on us, they are not real. But guess what? That's their best quality. - visitor

Your comment made me cry. You must really like hatsune to make such a nice comment about that. Miku fans are so sweet they always believe in miku. Program or not she is real. - visitor

Strongly agree! - visitor


Other fans just affraid if miku really perform - visitor

You are right!
- visitor

Miku is very good, and it's true that she's inspiringing I guess, but remember, she's just an avatar, it's the creators who manipulate her voice to make these moving and inspirational songs that Miku sings. I'd love to see a live Miku show, it sounds spectacular, but frankly, I wouldn't want to waste my Olympics money on seeing a hologram. Real artists for real, traditional events. I'm definitely not putting Miku down because I'm in love with kz's Tell Your World and songs like *Hello, Planet. By Sasakure-P really moved me, but I don't think the Olympics is the proper place for her. She's not real, I'd rather have the original artists of these songs on stage showing us their masterpieces if she gets the opportunity to be shown at an event like this. It's too big of a scale. Next please. - visitor

Just because she has a voice generated a computer progam does not mean that it is not an artist, why so many artist out there changing the voice on the computer and get famous, I think she should be there but nears representing the future in a developed country like england people should understand what I mean.
By: Yuki Nya, add me on facebook # HatsuneLovers - visitor

Miku is better than Korean Artist. Korean artist just use plastic surgery to entertain people not the skills. What would you say if they weren't do the plastic surgery?!
Miku may be a hologram, but she had skills. She can sing with her beauty and pure voices. She also can dance like those korean people. - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

" She can sing with her beauty and pure voices. "... What pure voice? Its a flipping computer for goodness sakes. And korean artist wouldn't be artist without skills dumb dumb - visitor

I'm korean
But you're right. - visitor

I would prefer a hologram over a bunch of pretty faced corporate slaves that could do nothing without a manager handing them notes on what to say. - visitor

She can dance like them beacsue you can make her dance like them. She is her fan's slaves. You know why shes beautiful? Because they made her like that, because they wanted her to appeal to many people. Her beauty is just as fake as plastic surgery. What if she wasnt as cute? Would you still like her? I would still like my idols, because the have personality and passion for what they do, not just beauty. - visitor

OK, People. Really now. Those of you who are saying "You don't appreciate real singer's hard work. "... What? Do you think Miku popped out of thin air? It took TIME, SWEAT, and MONEY to make her... And your saying she's not real? Technically... She is. She was made from a HUMAN'S voice... So, you can look at it as auto-tune... You know... Like what other "singers" use? Furthermore, you think it's easy to make her sing a song? PHEWW. She, like other Vocaloids have millions of parameters to work with in order for her to sound good... On top of that, Producers who work with her have to do AL of the work they usually have to do to make a song. Lyrics, Music, etc. Just because you have a robot singer doesn't make it magically easier and less time consuming... In fact, it's actually HARDER. It would be much easier to have a human sing something... But if you don't have the resources for that, Miku(or other Vocaloids) are there to help inspiring musicians... Heck, she may be just a character... But... Her voice is made from a real person... And, she lives through the fans... And, I can assure you, Vocaloids can sing with emotion... Probably more emotion than any other mediocre band that is out today. - visitor

Wow. So you're saying that a REAL band that sing their songs, dance to their songs, and dance together in a group with their songs - is no match for a bunch of lazy people who sit and let a hologram do it for them. yes. I can feel the inspiration. The inspiration a fake anime thing teach other people how to be fake also! - visitor

I agree with you 100%. Miku is an instrument, and a fine one at that. - visitor

Suju or Bigbang should sing their real and have skills when it comes to singing or preforming, and sorry to all Miku fans but I really can't see how a hologram of a anime person is better that real people even if they have had plastic surgery, they will always be better. - visitor

Hatsune Miku is one of the best things that have happened to me in MY LIFE! Her songs have touched me, inspired me. So sorry to everyone who doesn't think so, but Miku will always be #1. Yup - visitor

I'm sorry. But Miku hatsune is a computer program. You can actually record your voice and change its pitch to sound just like her which is annoyingly robotic. How does she inspire people more than a real band does? What is so good about Miku other than her computer generated voice and body? Seriously. Choosing her is like taking a leak on REAL talent. Inspiration? She inspires people to sing and dance. Don't ALL groups sotra do that? Especially Super Junior and Girls generation. I bet nearly half of you can't even speak Japanese fluently. - visitor

Yes that's right but there is many song that have english subtitle
so we can understand what she saying
and hear her song seriously with your heart then you will understand what I mean
and not just like that hatsune miku are made from many writer
not only one writer for 1 singer or group but many writer for one singer can anyone keep it like ours huh?
we are have stronger bonds than just hearing music a strong bond that make us understand what she says
is that enough with you?
are you satisfy?
if no, I still have many reason - visitor

Although I respect your opinion, here is something to think about.
Instead of considering Miku as some sort of fake vocalist, think of her as a musical instrument. All of the songs that Miku sings were written by real people. That means the background music, lyrics, and vocals (Miku) were crafted carefully by REAL PEOPLE. So instead of thinking of Miku as the main diva, think of her as an instrument that other people are using. - visitor

So you're telling me you can speak Korean fluently? - visitor

Miku Hatsune isn't just one person, she is an army. I do agree that some people work their butt off to get big. While others are slaves and told what to do. But fans and writers of Miku work just as hard. Miku is a chance for people, when a world becomes based on judgement she will be there. Miku can't hate you, if you love her, she loves you back. Sometimes it feels like she is the only one to understand U.She won't overdose on drugs and die. I love the other bands, but Miku has more possibility's and takes you away from your world. Miku sings from the heart, because she is everyone. At least that's the way I see it - visitor

I agree with this comment a 100%. - visitor

Please don't delete her we are her supporter
gambate Miku we Love you
i will pray for Miku Concert to be succes ok - visitor

She's not real. It's like listening to auto tune. I'm not being mean but why would you go to a cocnert to see a hologram sing in a robotic voice? - visitor

A lot of singers use auto-tune these days...
- visitor

But that robotic voice is her own 'voice' lots of 'real' singers use auto-tune to change their original voice. When you see it that way, would do you think is 'fake'?
- visitor

Her voice made by Saki Fujita voice, and Saki Fujita is a human. - visitor

I think it would be great to show the world what a great instrument Vocaloid is. Not only would they be blown away by the whole "hologram" thing, but introducing the world to the Vocaloid software as a musical instrument would just be fantastic. - visitor

Korea-DC inside ani gallery
Japen-2ch, Nico Nico douga
USA- One site
It's reason - visitor

Please let her perform. I relly want to see her there. She will inspire people with her songs. - visitor

a sane fan - visitor

Question: Have any of the 'haters' over here have actually HEARD her songs? Her songs usually have a lot deeper meaning to them than Super Junior songs do. (I've heard SJ before) As the person above me said, she will and has inspired people with her songs. A lot of people. Also, Super Junior has already had many tours around the world. As far as I know, Miku hasn't. Just give her a chance. - visitor

For other fans, please read carefully the title "Why Hatsune Miku be Performing at the 2012 Olympics", so why you guys love spamming on this thread? Are you guys blind? Or just jealous because miku is number 1
don't you guys get it why GOOGLE use MIKU on their chrome commercial? The answer is simple "because MIKU is great! And can beat up your singer/band" I love that commercial said that EVERYONE IS CREATOR, it means miku is owned by every one - visitor

Yeah, you're right. VOCALOIDS forever! Go Hatsune Miku! (ノ °□°)ノ (ノ °□°)ノ (ノ °□°)ノ - visitor

-Sigh- were ever you go, haters gonna hate

Behind every successful person being lies a pack of haters. Miku is still in first though, they're just sour - visitor

Toyota, Google Chrome, and some many people. Miku is a model for them all, and it's all for a reason, you know? - visitor

Smart people: We have to vote for Miku. She is real because she lives within us! She HAS to perform the opening for the olympics!

Haters and Bieber Fans: This is blasphemy. This is madness!

Smart people: Madness?... THIS! IS! MIKUU!

PLEASE vote for her at the olympics, and please, PLEASE, SAVE MIKU! - visitor

Oh lovely, arguments GALORE! To non-Miku fans. Instead of sitting infront of that computer screens with that stupid, jealous look on your face, why don't you GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If you're so devoted to your beloved K-pop, then get your lousy arse of that chair, and spread the so-called love you have have for it! WE MIKU FANS ARE WINNING BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY SUPPORT HER.

I hate using caps, but honestly, it's getting on my nerves. You call US the little kids because we love Miku, but you're the ones whining and being so bratty about losing! At least most of us have the dignity not to go to K-pop forums and trash Super Junior, whereas you idiots, the 'mature' ones, go to every single Miku related forum and throws a tantrum. If anything, you're the immature geeks running around this place. I don't hate K-pop, I just prefer Miku, and seeing how stupid K-pop fans really are I'm kind of ashamed to admit I am partially grouped with you guys.

Got something to say to me? I DARE you. - visitor

Well actually I'm ashamed of a perentage of both Miku fans and Kpop fans. Well there's the Kpop fans hating on Miku on MIKU forums and then there's the Miku fans hating on Kpop, generalizing ALL of Kpop with ignorant insults. The Miku fans are being just as bratty, and you are generalizing too. "You idiots" Any type of hating anywhere is just pitiful. - visitor

Miku should perform at the olympics. Now I'm not going to say shes better or worst than any other bands or performers. Above many have posted that Miku dpesnt even write her own songs. Well duh, shes a program. But lets reveiw the details. In life many bands or performers don't don't write their songs either. There written by producers and song writters who are paid to do so. And most of the songs will be about what they think will be a hit. The writters for the vocaloids write what they think the people who enjoy their creations will love. Even thought many older people watch the olympics, mabey just mabey if there's something that catches younger audenences attentions, then many more will watch them.
Many of you say that shes not real or only people who put blood and sweat into this career should go. Ok but what makes her not real, if you can see something, hear it and not nessisarily touch it then its real. LIke heaven, you can't se it or touch and hear it but many believe its real! And blood and sweat are put in to Miku. The people who take the time to come up with her next song, the people who set up the stage for her, the people who play the instuments in her band, THE people who support her. Put blood and sweat EVEN tears into her very exsitstance! Just look! She been at the top of the chart for months now. More and more people are joining in to help her in the path to the olympics! Just because you don't like her or like many don't understand what she is then why post here and show us, her fans, that shes getting atention from EVERY side. SO why waste time posting here when you can be posting on you're favorites page! Just leave us Hatsune Miku and vocaloid fans alone and stop arguing. And lets see who will perform on Friday, July 27, 2012 at the Olympics!
-GuardianProtector (aka a supporter and lover of Miku) - visitor

Once hologram was used just for a show "like song of the sea".
but now we have a diva idol from diva world that use hologram for her concert. Maybe on the future we will have a real miku. With programmed heart ( but work as her own ). And that would be great! - visitor

To all the complete and deeply driven miku fans - Miku isn't real. Accept that. If you have an issue with this idea, then you are looking at Vocaloids from the wrong angle.
Having said that, the fact that she isn't a real performer should have no impact on the performance itself (this is to all you whingers about how real people should perform). The performance is about music. In terms of musical capability, Hatsune Miku is very capable, due to an extremely large voice range and pleasant sounding voice. Furthermore, the performances are effectively real - the instruments are real, and the arranged composition is real as well. I'd appreciate it if all the haters would stop undermining the work that the composers put into arranging the Vocaloid scores - just because you are to narrow-minded to be accepting of another concept, certainly doesn't mean you are in a position to make a judgement about it. - visitor

I agree with you, but I still find that all Vocaloids/Utaus/Vipperloids are real. Not as in, literal breathing, blood-producing, eating type of living. I just find that their music is more 'real' than any other type of music out there. Very, very inspiring, how much more real can it be, you know? - visitor

Well I don't give a s*** if they're real or not, what matters is the music, not that they're real on not right? - visitor

Pleasant sounding voice? Who are we talking about again? - visitor

Yes, I do agree with Miku being awesome and everything, but personally it should be Rin and Len. GO MIKU RIN LEN! - visitor

I understand that people like Miku, I like her a lot too, but you can't have a hologranot a real person actually perform. That's just ludacris. - visitor

Millions of people (Including my self) don't care if Miku is a bloody holgram, she has rightfully earned the number 1 spot, and I am proud of that, just because she is a holgram doesn't mean that she shouldn't sing at the olmpics, just imagine how many more people will come cause of her, I bloody hope she does win

P. S Haters gonna Hate - visitor

Miku Hatsune > Everything. - visitor

Amen to that
MIKU < - visitor

Miku chan/sama/onechan/kun/senpai is god - visitor

I definitely don't agree with this. Miku's English singing isn't as advanced as it could be yet, so you're going to confuse the large percentage of the world that either does not know Japanese or have never watched one of her videos. It would be cool to see a hologram of her perform, and I do like Miku, but I don't think that most people who aren't her fans would enjoy it. - visitor

Not everyone knows English either. - visitor

Your are probebly right about peeps who aren't her fans would hate it, but they gonna have to live with it, They shouldn't judge awesomeness by it's look. It would be the only chance vocaloid may ever get to represent the world, and I bloody hope it is Miku, most people are vocaloid fans, My cousin was for a couple of days, then she hated it, Miku should be the one, but she needs more of her friends - visitor


I personally think that you have bloody lost your minds, I belive that the Kagamine's should be at the first spot - visitor


I agree - visitor

I do like Miku, she should win, but what about Rin, Len and Miku singing together, I personally think if Miku does win then she should sing Servant of Evil - visitor

Well, I would love to see other Vocaloids there. It's always "Miku ist so great! " and these things but the others are less-known. They need to get a chance! But if there would be a vocaloid who sings there it would be already special, so it's ok. But I'd still love to see the others more & - visitor

Laugh out loud! Those people who are saying that Hatsune Miku is just a fake singer are stupid! They really don't know what Vocaloid is and then they still keep on judging miku! I am a K-POP fan to and I can say that love K-Pop especially Super Junior and Girls Generation so all K-POP Fans should just accept the fact that Hatsune Miku has more fans than their idols and some may say that they are just wasting money for miku they are nuts! Miku inspired many people and miku helps to bring out creativity in a person that's all - visitor

She has more fans because there are a lot of dumb weeabos who will love anything from Japan, anything "kawaii". Not all of them, just quite a few of them... - visitor

All k-pop sucks.I.


Miku Hatsune is a great artist to have performing at the 2012 olympics, I do not decide this between fake and reality, Vocaloids provide great music and you always know you will get a great performance. - visitor

Guys, the important thing of all of this is her MUSIC, not the hologram, I mean, her music has emotions even if she's not real or her voice is just fake, millions of people of around the world create her, the ones that compose the music, the ones that send images to make a music video of her, etc, J-Just look at the Google Chrome commercial of Hatsune Miku and you'll see! By the way, her music touch many REAL hearts of REAL fans. And remember... If you insult Miku you are insulting the work of millions of people around the world! LEEK POWER! > - visitor

Damn, why K-Pop fans and Miku fans are fighting? Hmm I love K-pop because they are AMAZING but at the same time I love Miku because when I saw the lyrics of her music it really have emotions even if she's not real. The Olympics are in London! They are going to put on the stage someone british for sure, so sad >. < - visitor

MIKU MIKU MIKU! VOCALOID VOCALOID VOCALOID! She should perform! The will or already has changed the future! We must have her perform! She must! There's no way around it she's too big and to popular to be ignored! She is real! She is anything you want her to be! She can do whatever you can imagin! She its THE SINGER OF FUTURE! THE SOUND OF FUTURE! THE SINGER OF THE FUTURE! THE FUTURE IS NOW! We must grow our technology! We can do anything we want to! SHE WILL BE IN THE OPENING SCENE THIS YEAR! - visitor

Korean Boyband, I'd like them if they not always singing about LOVE. Hatsune Miku is Singing all type of Music, Family, LOVE, Sadness, And others. Hatsune Miku can sing Any song of Any Composer. Hatsune Miku can sing K-POP too! Just search it on YOUTUBE then you got it. You will Fallen in Love with MIKU. Cause Miku sound's is better more than K-POP!

GO NEGI! GO MIKU! - visitor

Why because she's not even real?
so how about fans, composer and etc?
actually why I vote miku, beside I love her, but she can change some perspective of music. A whole the world know it, but if she were sing at opening ceremony we can imagine how fantastic that is!
she can sing every language actually,
she can sing well,
she can dance
so what's the problem? Not real? But behind it miku just like many idea, many creativity, and many skill gather in and make some visualization...

GO MIKU GO MIKU! - visitor

Why don't give it a shot to show that a software could make such a good song and performance to the world? Give a new variation or type of events to the people to entertaint them... Changes are need!... Give it a try for this year Londom Olymphic a software, Virtual Diva performs to the world and see how people will react and respond. For next London Olymphics then you can suggest another artist right? Since a lot of them are real right...
For some people and a fans of Vocaloid, they believe that vocaloid exist in their hearts and mind through video, music and pictures.
Complain abt her songs which is japanese and less english? Do you think London Olymphic can't provide with subtitles?

Why don't you guys think, there are also a k-pop artist who like Vocaloid... - visitor

I really hope Miku is going, but this is just an unofficial thread so this poll probably wont mean much to the people that has the power to add her performance... (Ugly.. It's Friday the thirteenth) - visitor

Miku podria cantar todas las canciones de los demas nominados... Tambien las canciones que cada uno de nosotros podemos crear... Por eso es una buena razon para que este... Canta todas las canciones que deseamos... Sin equivocarse... Avancemos con la tecnologia. - visitor


Kind of pretty much true. - visitor

Hello there haters.
I must say, YOU'RE the ones who are idiotic. YOU could just cheer for you own favorite singer NOT put a hate comment on the others--
I mean really, I'm a fan of K-pop too you know. But that doesn't mean you should flame on other singers like Miku.
On the other hand, people have been saying those things like 'Miku rules! K-POP sucks! ' or something like that. Same thing, you SHOULDN'T flame other singers. We understand that you like Miku, just don't add things that hurt other fans of it.

Seriously people, Common Sense. - visitor

From what I read so far, Only Kpop fan flame on other singers like Miku by imposing their favorite artists on the Miku's thread. I looked over a thread of Superjunior to find no Miku fan saying like "Miku is better" or like. Why Kpop fan are so rude? I heard Kpop fan's behaviour are infamous with that disgusting attitude in a You tube video. Why is that? Ok, you may not know. - visitor

Yes, this. Why doesn't anybody understand.
But I think she just gets more hate because she's just virtual person, and some people cannot understand why some people would ever enjoy that. I like Kpop more, but its not like creating Miku was easy. People should respect other people's hard work! Same goes for Kpop, and its not up to anybody without real, indisputed knowledge to which incorporates more work. The only way I would believe someone is if they had statistics, that's not something that's up to opinion. - visitor

I voted for Hatsune Miku. Why, you say?

I voted for HER 'cause she is made by 1% talent and 99% hard-work. And her voice, her program, her 3D hologram appearance on LIVE CONCERTS, man, you don't know HOW MANY EFFING HOURS DO THEY SPENT TO MAKE THESE DETAILS.
And Miku SHOULD appear at the opening ceremonies because it represent that the Vocaloid music composer's hard work has paid off well. A thousand of people has used her, and they're satisfied a beautiful voice-synthesizing programs are born.

Now, tell me, is there a girl/boyband, or just music band who can sing division destruction of Hatsune Miku/Comso@bousou-P's fast works? Answer me. NOW.
And how come I know that you people who hate and spams her here is NOT THE SAME PERSON?
-Ryoko - visitor

Not Miku fan? GTFO & - visitor

Translation "like what I like" and also good grammar - visitor

For both Miku fans and Miku Haters

Dear Miku haters, we, Miku fans understand that Miku is a program. WE KNOW THAT. AND YES, WE KNOW THAT SHE IS NOT A REAL PERSON. But for us, she IS A REAL PERSON. SHE LIVE IN OUR HEARTS. We love her, SO PLEASE DON'T SPAM HERE! Remember, this is HATSUNE MIKU POST. NOT MIKU HATERS POST. And, do you think your singer is better than Miku because they have gone through trainings and things like that(or in other world, works hard), do you think Miku's song are made easily? Without hard work? And also a weird, crappy song? If you think like that, YOU'RE SO STUPID. Like you said, Miku is a program. BUT DO YOU THINK TO MAKE HER SING IS EASY? You never know how hard the producer works. You never know how hard to make a song is. DO YOU THINK TO MAKE A GOOD SONG IS EASY?! 'Don't have hearts? ' Do you think Miku's sound is made, and didn't have to take sample voice? They need sample voice! They need voice provider! Which means, IF YOU INSULTING MIKU, YOU'RE INSULTING THEIR VOICE PROVIDER! What again? Voice Provider is not human? If you want to know, Miku's voice provider is Saki Fujita. Search on Google. SHE IS HUMAN! So like I said earlier, IF YOU INSULTING MIKU, YOU'RE INSULTING SAKI FUJITA TOO! And since human have hearts, she will be hurts. By the way, 'a fake singers? ' 'a hologram? ' Fine, say whatever you want. But, DO YOU WANT YOUR FAVORITE SINGERS BEING INSULTED? DO YOU WANT?! You will be mad too, right? Mind your own business, please. MIND YOUR OWN SINGER! AND DON'T WRITE THINGS THAT AREN'T TRUE ABOUT MIKU! If you wants to write things about your favorite singer, THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE. GO TO POST ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE SINGER! I know how rude this sounds, but I don't want my favorite singer being insulted. I'm sure you're also like that.

Dear Miku fans, I just want to tell you something (i'm also Miku's fans, you know). I understand, that WE ALL WANT Miku performing at opening ceremonies, so that Miku will be accepted by the world. But please, don't be that crazy. This is unofficial vote, and if there's an official vote, maybe they will put England bands, since it is one of UK tourism program. Even though they want to put VOCALOID, or Korean, American or singers from other countries, they need The Queen's permission. Well, even though The Queen gave the permission, maybe (MAYBE) the world is not ready yet for Miku. And also, you know, people who watch the Olympic games are usually middle age men, who maybe didn't even know what Japan is. This is too sudden. It may causing Miku's hater gained (We all know Miku's haters are many, and all over in the world, especially fans who doesn't like Miku's popularity beat their singer popularity. ) Maybe, for you guys, it's okay if Miku gained haters, since you guys so sure that Miku's fans will gained. And if some of them thinks it weird, just give them more songs to make them VOCALOID's fans. But, how about the impact? I'm sure, that we know recently there's a fake copyright infringement on YouTube, making big amount of Miku's video on Youtube is deleted, remember? There's even 4 fansub account deleted because of this. What if number of Miku's haters gained, they doing fake reports, and then The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku really happens? And, please, try to be respectful to the haters, even though they're not respectful to us. We don't want Miku looks bad, right? How respectful the fans is reflecting how good Miku is (Even though I know my comments to the haters really rude, I'm trying to protect Miku too, you know? And I'm also trying to be respectful, even though it didn't works. ) By the way, 30th April is Miku's Append version's birthday. Don't forget to say happy birthday to her! - visitor

Well said brother! Well said! - visitor

Glados is a potato (portal 2 refence) argument is invalid and also MAKE BIG WORD TO PROVE YOU'RE NOT MAD (love a sane vocaloid fan that can accept other opinions ps gtfo of the vocaloid fandom) - visitor

Know a thing that we can try to be mature in this situation the only investment you delete my comment answer a mature way ok bro - visitor

Who says that super junior can not sing solo.. They could but it's just that they are a boyband.. Vocaloid is good... But why the singers can not sing live?... And for K-pop singer or a K-pop boy band I think they should train their vocal... I am a fan of both... I like K-pop and vocaloid... I hope all the fans of vocaloid and K-pop fans do not fight... Can you make peace?... I am not defending K-pop or vocaloid - visitor

They should have all the Vocaloids perform The Evillious Chronicles on stage! That'd be so epic! - visitor

GO GO GO MIKU! - visitor

URUSAII... Why you all so noisy? *sigh* if you keep this up, it will never end. Just saw who will perform on the olympic.
ah, for Kpopers, please play fairly. Don't using YT weakness to defeat Miku. Actually, it's very easy to upload it again and again. So, what are you doing is nothing than waste your energy. (Well, I am on Miku side but I tried to be neutral) - visitor

At first I don't even known who is miku, the first time I meet her is just at the internet website that have her picture, I even thing that she is a just a game. But it is many times that I see her picture in the website I wanted to known what games so popular, and I go youtube and find out that she not a game she is a singer the first time I heard her sound I fell so touch I known that she is not a real person but I thinking that how can she singing so well. At last I even find out her concert when I see her concert I fell so amazing, I even hope that I will be there, even thought LONDON is too far away from here I can't go I still hope miku can be in the olympic stage, for me she is not a computer she is my KOKORO juuden - visitor

I love Miku. - visitor

Enough said, I'm a former kpop fan now -__- I'm ASHAMED you kpop fans are JEALOUS because of ONE virtual diva *facepalm* Can't you guys just admit it that Miku has more fans? Yes I know SuJu and SHINee have LOTS of fans as well (I love Ryeowook and Onew >w<) But the truth is with this UNOFFICIAL poll, Miku Hatsune has many more fans... And you're bashing our idol because she's not real? THERE'S A PERSON OUT THERE NAME SAKI FUJITA THAT SINGS (almost) ALL OF MIKU SONGS! 1 PERSON'S VOICE HAS MADE MANY FANS! Think about that... And what makes Miku real are the fans that works so hard to make just 1 MUSIC! CHECK OUT NICONICODOUGA! There are LOADS of Miku songs there... Absorb, supercell, mothy, livetune, and all the others! Miku is ART and MUSIC! SO SHUT THE HELL UP YOU SHAMELESS KPOPERS! - visitor

Once again my respect for vocaloid and kpop fans died a little - visitor

Miku may not be real. But Saki Fujita-san is real =="
And this pole was not really official to start with (no offense)
And there's always next year for you to vote for K-Pop...
Just this once. Let the world know who is Hatsune Miku

If this pole was real GO MIKU-CHAN >w(4/16/2012)

I never did watch the Olympics before, but if Hatsune Miku is performing, then I'll watch it! I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE! IT'S NOT EVERYDAY WE SEE A HOLOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE!? SINCERELY TO ALL YOU MIKU HATERS! PEACE! - visitor

And we don't even need to.
all this vocaloid crap is overrated. Its just flashy and all. Good songs? Yea right. Its just a goddamned cliché ugly anime looking hologram stuff that sings crap they didn't even make. If that's the case, I'm voting for FL STUDIO TO SING IN THE OLYMPICS! Oh its not real you say? Whats the difference between the two? At least people can actually show their own talent with FL studio, not have a hologram get the fame - visitor

I go for Miku. Sure she has no heart, no skin just a hologram and yet I enjoy her songs everyday. There's nothing wrong with cheering for a hologram. So if Miku preforms at the Olympics then I would totally watch it. - visitor

I think, Hatsune Miku is also created by humans..
Obviously, he has feelings and can feel the pain..
Here, we choose according to our respective favorite..
Yes it is, we receive all of what it is..
For ELF or other fans, you have to accept the reality..
Hatsune Miku fans were still more than Super Junior or any other group..
So, I think Miku Hatsune deserve to go up onto the stage..
Thank you.. - visitor

What could put her over the top unquestionably is if she appeared at the games alongside a Pony... - visitor

I love miku so much she is sampled by saki fujita and the computer just tuned it up a little so technically her voice is real and she has thousands of songs made by fans and the company she really is the worlds diva - visitor

Its a must enough said - visitor

I love vocaloids (especially miku and luka) and kpop. Well my love for vocaloids is biased because of my love for anime. KPOP INSPIRES ME. There's so much culture to kpop. There's also so much people don't know about kpop. The fandoms, the backgrounds, and the training and recruitment. What I love about kpop most is how some kpop idols were bullied and then became an idol (Eli), or how some kpop idols were fat before and bullied when they were kids and then lost weight and debuted (IU and TOP). Kpop idols have trained for years some starting at the age of 10 practicing everyday. They mostly train from 3-10 years. SNSD Jessica trained for 7 years and Tiffany trained for 3 years. Most of the time during that training period they are only practicing their debut song and perfecting it. - visitor

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku ~DEAD END~

the music is really sad


I like miku song miku forever - visitor

Give them a chance

- visitor

SuJu SUCKS! - visitor

Weeabbos then again I'd rather see her singing then some illimunati puppet - visitor

I wish all the vocaloids could sing - visitor

If miku sings I think maybe other ones will have to sing to... Most likely rin - visitor

HEY! ALL YOU FOOLS OUT THERE! IF YOU DON'T LIKE MIKU, DON'T POST HERE! ALSO I NEED TO TAKE THE CAPS OFF THIS NOW! Better... Anyways back to what I was saying. If you guys don't like Miku then you better get a whole lotta votes for a whole lotta different singers if you want her gone! We love Miku because she inspires people and is kind (unless she plays a character who isn't nice in one of her MILLIONS OF VIDEOS! ) There is a reason why she has 21% OF THE VOTES even though there are THOUSANDS OF OTHER SINGERS/PERFORMERS! My God in heaven have you haters even heard her sing or read the lyrics? If not then you need to stop saying crap about her! After all, she is more than just a pretty face!

But I know why you REALLY hate her. It's a little case of jelly. Also known as jealousy. You are just jealous that she can hit notes that us humans can only DREAM of hitting! And she can do it faster than any person can! So why not vote for someone who has such talent?

AND ONE MORE THING! MIKU IS (in a way) A REAL PERSON! THEY BASE MIKU'S SOUNDS OF A REAL LIVE BEING (*cough cough* Human! ) who would be disappointed at all the rudeness being shoved on her lovely voice! - visitor

Freedom of speech, what's that? - visitor

Someone is deleting high ranked Miku videos by making false report that the video are infringing a copyright and someone delete Miku videos because Suju ELF fans just stand in the Top2 (laugh out loud). I really hate that and I hope Miku will sing at the Olympic london because she deserves this, she is the best artist ever. - visitor

Hatsune Miku is awesome, her songs are inspirational, she's cool, nice and everything.
K-Pop bands are cool, they poured in all of their efforts for their fans. They're awesome singers, maybe dancers O.O.
Both of them represent unity, which is always the theme for Olympics. Both can even represent the new era of music.

BUT DAFUQ SERIOUSLY? CALL THEM TO PERFORM IN LONDON OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY? Please, I don't think any British there want some Koreans or Japanese technology to DOMINATE the culture of Britain and Europe. Being the host of the Olympics, one should display their dominant culture to the rest of the world, so that everyone that witness the British displaying their culture would not forget Britain. Wasn't that what China did in '08?

This is the Olympics in London, not some singing contest worldwide. This is suppose to let the British display their culture as the rightful host of the Olympics! THIS APPLIES TO ALL OTHER OLYMPICS TOO! - visitor

Visitor above. Chill out... - visitor

I'm big fan of vocaloid and Miku, that's not mean I hate K-pop. I only hate fan of K-pop they're very dangerous (in many ways). If you know what I mean. - visitor

I love Miku.

I like something different. Why she must be human to perform in Olimpic London? I thinks everyone will be surprised at Miku and her song. After that, they will feel excited about the technology &

She's not just computer as someone says, Miku has her heart, her love and her fans. I knows this poll can't tell anything but I really want to support Miku. Yeah! - visitor

Yes me too I love miku she is so cute biautiful talented awesome and the korean artist don't have this so I will vote for miku

jmusic lover morocco. Africa - visitor

I really like mike but... I think is a waste of time to see her in concert sorry no offense I rally like her but like I said is a waste of time she is not real U. U she can't do a awesome performance, you can't interact with her, it's more exciting to see real people on the stage... I prefer to see any other artist except her U. U sorry please don't hate me, I'm a big fan of her it's just what I think & - visitor

Who's mike? - visitor

Can't it be with the Kagamines too D:? - visitor

I wish I can be Miku and the Kagamines - visitor

Why do people keep bashing Vocaloid in general for not being real? I mean I'm a fan of both K-Pop and Vocaloid yet I chose Vocaloid. Why? Because She gives us songs to cry, to dance with, and songs to just plain out love. She may not be real, but she's real to US, the Miku fans. For example, The SAVE MIKU movement. We care for her so much because we don't want the Vocaloids to slowly dissapear from youtube.
We are her soul.
We give her voice.
We give her life.
We, the fans, are Hatsune Miku.

They want to take her down? They'll have to take us down first! - visitor

The speriet of Miku is not for exist or not, is the mind of creating, the mind of sharaing, the mind of performing.
She is a kind of reality waiting for being create. - visitor

Except for fake... Non-human..3D hologram or what else... Such stubid reason.
Can any one gime more reason for keep miku out of peroformance?
You korean fans just afaraid the miku pole rate higher than k-pop.
That's all. - visitor

Y do you hate her so much? - visitor

I have not heard K-Pop, and I'm sure it's awesome, but you don't see us Miku fans spamming your blog posts.
And if you do, we apologies for them. But seriously, we love Miku, so just sit back and drink some Coke. - visitor

This is stupid both sides are acting imature vocaloid fans and the super juniur (i belive that's how is pronounced) are over reacting( ps sorry for my bad english) - visitor

Go Miku, the world IS YOURS :'D - visitor

Hehe Miku's gonna win that scrappy bieber! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Vote%22 current as of May 16, 2012 - visitor

MIKU for the win~ - visitor

Look, I'm a big K-POP fan but I love Miku too!
But all those K-POP fans sending stupid reactions are just giving K-POP more haters! Please, if you don't like Miku, Go to your favorite K-POP group. Why can't we just all get along? =. = - visitor

How do u get miku pics and if a app please tell ME! Like NOW! O and also go MIKU miku miku miku miku miku miku miku miku miku miku miku miku miku! Let her WIN - visitor

Why do you guys talk about Miku like the other vocaloids don't exist? I'm a Miku fan too, but.. Really? - visitor

I AGREE. - visitor

Because this is a blog about Miku&
Either way, a Vocaloid needs to preform, and whether it's Miku or the Kagamine twins, I'll spaz. - visitor

I love k-pop, AND I love the Vocaloids too.

The reason why I voted for them is because they didn't have the chance to perform in Europe (they had an amazing live in Japan though, but only in Japan) while SuJu, for exemple, didn't.

Plus, the first Vocaloids were created in England, and then developped in Japan. The fact is, everybody can actually use them and make their proper songs. Thanks to them, you can share your passion through them. They aren't just "holograms", they are all the songs people created for them, wether they're English, Japanese, Korean or whatever. - visitor

Korean girl all share the same face... - visitor

Hey, everyone, just wait for the result.

Why don't we drink a cup of black tea to calm down and stop this argument? - visitor

Yeah. Peoples sould calm down here. Its not very nice to read comments about is she real or fake or whatever.. But I like miku as what she is. I agree whit you - visitor

I think this is a good idea that Muki should perform in London Olympic. It is because Miku is a well-known virtual idol who is so popular that she can represent different country in the same time. In addition, they do not have to buy a lot of clothes for her performance but looking for a designer to design her outfit. This will save the cloth which may use on the performance only and may not be dressed any more. - visitor


Go hatsune Miku - visitor

Miku just get the 2012 Olympics winner redy now
this just a tens only - visitor

South Korean fans and Japanese fans in the fight, I think neither right!  
Because you are a fan, fans demeanor, do not always quarrel 
While I like the animation, but I also like SHINee
To see someone talk about their favorite person or animation, will be unhappy 
Also, please do not insult other people like or animation
Otherwise, even if your idol to the olympics performance, it will only allow more people to hate.
If you are also arguing over, then things on the endless
So I hope the two sides quarrel 
- visitor

Hatsune because she represents the person-to-person connection, a symbol of the world without borders, everyone can be a creative home, although the singer Hatsune is not an implementation of the existing, but the early tone of the song will not be less than ten thousand, a number ofhow many singers can achieve? - visitor

1) You do realise it is just an internet poll which has no impact on the London 2012 Olympics opening or closing ceremonies?

2) It is the LONDON 2012 Olympics. They want the performances to represent Britain.
A vocaloid that only sings in Japanese, looks like an anime character, and which only a few people in the UK have heard of, does not represent Britain and so would not be selected.
If they did show her at the olympics, the amount of complaints/outrage from the british media, population and political parties would ruin the careers of those involved in planning the event.
If they were going to have holographic artists on stage they would show The Gorillaz.

3)They selected the performance artists months ago

4) I do enjoy listening to Hatsune Miku but calm down and look at the facts so you won't be too disappointed when it doesn't happen.

If you don't heed this advice then you can only blame yourself for what ever outrage/loss/betrayal you feel - visitor

Also some robot shouldn't be performing at the olympics! - visitor

Your statements are nearly all valid but we can dream, right?
Also just pointing out that an English voice bank was released for Miku. - visitor

Reply to: 1) You do realise it is just an internet poll which has no impact on the London 2012 Olympics opening or closing ceremonies?

2) It is the LONDON 2012 Olympics. They want the performances to represent Britain.
A vocaloid that only sings in Japanese, looks like an anime character, and which only a few people in the UK have heard of, does not represent Britain and so would not be selected.
If they did show her at the olympics, the amount of complaints/outrage from the british media, population and political parties would ruin the careers of those involved in planning the event.
If they were going to have holographic artists on stage they would show The Gorillaz.

3)They selected the performance artists months ago

4) I do enjoy listening to Hatsune Miku but calm down and look at the facts so you won't be too disappointed when it doesn't happen.

If you don't heed this advice then you can only blame yourself for what ever outrage/loss/betrayal you feel. YOU KNOW! I WAS REALLY EXITED AND NOW I'm MADE OUT OF BROKEN GLASS! - visitor

Why always Miku? Give the Kagamine twins and Luka a chance. They sing as well as Miku then why she always takes all the spot light. Do you think it unfair? - visitor

So true. It's always her her her. Why can't she sing with other vocaloids on stage? It's not quite fair for the other vocaloids because there are other vocaloid artists like Junky, who pretty much writes Rin songs and other artists who don't really write Miku songs, so their works aren't appreciated much, and even if Miku performs at the olympics (which would definitely not happen), her artists would get the credit, and it doesn't give an opportunity for other vocaloid artists to proudly show off their work. - visitor

I agree with you but not everybody knows about the others vocaloid(which makes them they should do it) but I think they want to give their best person and if you search that person you will be able to come across other vocaloids also. So yeah - visitor

You can vote for all Vocaloids to sing. - visitor

Hmm... I listened to K Pop at first and I liked it but my mind wuld always wander to other stuff like homework @. @. The first time I listened to vocaloid was when I was really depressed cause my grades dropped slighty, I started to listen to some random music but when I listened to vocaloid, I felt really, really happy in my heart. That's when I became a supporter of miku &, I liked K Pop till now but it died when I saw all the hate comments here. Also, vocaloid helped me gain confidence in my anime drawing skills, every time I listen to them, my creative side wuld always create a scence of vocaloid pr sum random anime/genderbent characters , now I'm a student preparing for PSLE, has only As and Bs and is a great anime drawer, love vocaloid~ - visitor

Maybe she could sing tell your world... - visitor

I don't have anything against Miku but that would be disgrace to the humans...
You know it would be like in movies... Robots (okay... It's just a hologram) take over the Earth!
So in my opinion... No!
I would like to listen and watch some humans at the Olimpycs Opening Ceremony! - visitor

Um holograms can take over the world? Unless they hack through systems and other stuffs but don't think that's likely because the holograms for the vocaloid are actually controlled by the editors - visitor

In my opinion someone who is REAL should perform at the olympics because when she sings she is not going to feel anything thing but if actual people sing they can feel something in their heart when performing! I WOULD DIE TO HAVE BIGBANG PERFORM! - visitor

It's fake. Usually actual people sing they just use fake emotion so that we can feel his / her "fake" feeling.
but Miku. The music is from people who make the music with their "true" emotion to Miku, and Miku will sing for them - visitor

Miku is not a real person so they only cam feel one thing at once(NOT SAYING I HATE HER) so she can base on 1 emotion and 1 only. Real people can feel many things at once so they can't exactly focus on a certain emotion all the way through a song - visitor

She is VOICED by a real JAPANESE PERSON. The feelings are coming from the singer and the people who used their life's time to create Miku. - visitor

The issue tends to become political as it is Olymplic, but Miku, I think, is free from all that. She already left the creator and goes her own way, and represents our voices. I truely think if she can sing, that serves true Orimpiade spirit. - visitor

Miku is better than K-Pop! She is real person not fake! You should listen her songs - visitor

The name of her is fake the person who voices her is real. I Miku a single person can be better than K-pop all together if Vocaloid all together is the best - visitor

God, you people don't know how to interpret things E. E
"Hatsune Miku is FAKE" you say, as far as I know, something that exists is not fake.
"Miku exists? Hahaha" as long as you can hear it and see it, yes it does. (if this statement happens to be false, so I can say that Softwares [like windows, iOS and such] doesn't exists and that I'm writing this on a spiritual piece of paper, and that you are reading this by magic)
"These are FAKE songs" no, it's not. It's made by humans, and without us Miku won't do s***, she is a VSTi, saying that VOCALOID songs are fake is the same as saying that 'David Guetta' songs are fake, well 100% of the instruments he uses are VSTi's.
"ah come on *insert singer name here* is better! " It's a matter of musical taste, no one needs to hear the same thing as you, if Miku/VOCALOID won this pool is because most people voted for it (simple isn't it? ) your favorite singer stills on the TOP Ten list and that's awesome!
"you root for VOCALOID/Miku, nah your comment is invalid" actually I root for most artists of this TOP Ten Olympics list.
"VOCALOIDs doesn't have emotions" yeah, they don't, but the people who made the songs that Vocaloids are singing have and they put A LOT of afford on their songs and works, so I think these people need a chance of sharing their work to the world.
"VOCALOID songs are horrible! " YOUR OPINION! What actually makes this statement invalid, is that Vocaloid has EVERY kind of song (from rock to orchestra, J to K-Pop, Gospel to Metal, Eletronica to Funk) so if you say this you are actually saying that you hate ALL kind of songs.
I listen to every kind of music (VOCALOID, K-pop, Rock, Metal, etc) and I say "You people should start accepting changes that's why the world is so DULL, just grow up and learn that changes are acceptable and VOCALOIDs won't kill your favorite singer" if you don't like it, don't watch it -. -'
have a nice day o/ - visitor

You are awesome. I am virtually high-fiving you. - visitor

Olympic commity may put up Miku all around the world in the day of the opening, and sing every different languages! She is beyond any nations, and her voice represents our inner desier to live in harmony. I hope that she can bring us togather. With the spirit of true olympic, and ancient withdom. It can only done by us and never done without us. - visitor

Olympic comitty should put the Miku all around the world to sing in every different languages in the day of opening celemony. And why my last comment is being deleated? - visitor

I don't know y your comment is delete but Miku's songs r mostly japanese so that might be a problem about it - visitor

Hatsune Miku's the s***! In a good way of course! she can inspires many people who want to make music and she should become a lot more known than she already is! Everyone who doesn't know her is thinking, who the heck is this chick? But that's just because they haven't listened to her music yet, and they're just judging her because she's anime! Besides being anime makes her all the better! You rock miku! - visitor

J-POP fans should just shuttup if they feel Hatsune Miku is not real or sucks. You guys don't see WE, the Hatsune Miku Fans going around shouting K-POP SUCKS, do you? We show respect for k-pop fans and k-pop, so why can't you guys just respect Hatsune Miku and her fans? IF you have never heard her music, you have no right to call her fake and that her music sucks. In my opinion I feel that Hatsune Miku is so much better than K-Pop, but that's my opinion, so don't hate. Just give us Hatsune Miku fans our space. - visitor

I believe that super junior should perform instead of hatsune miku, I mean come on shes no even real - visitor

That's mean... It doent matter if people are real or not she is still a singer and that what is the vote about who will sing in the Summer Olympic. Although I don't hate you for liking something else - visitor

Is a vote for a singer for 2012 Olympics so every Singer in this vote is real - visitor

Can't we have a real reason for not wanting her there, like problems with her singing and dancing (not that she has any)? All you people come up with is "she's not real".. Her music is real. Her fans are real. Come up with an actual argument. - visitor

SHE'S ' VOICED BY A REAL PERSON. HER VOICE IS REAL. The image is not. Stop hating on Miku and Saki-san. - visitor

We believe she's real. :3 enough said. - visitor

I wonder if they can do a duet Of 3 people(don't what is called for 3 people). The Vocaloids can be Hatsune Miku, and the Kagamine Twins - visitor

Trio. - visitor

Maybe they can do a chorus of one song, so the other vocaloids can perform together - visitor

To people who say Miku is not real, your actually wrong cause in philosophy saying if something is not real it means it doesn't exist in the world like zombies doesn't exit so is not real(but maybe there is zombies). So to all those people who says "miku is fake" well your wrong. I personal like miku(and the Kagamine twins) the best so yeah - visitor

Miku may not be real, but the passion and meaning of her songs are real. You see, the things that the technology of the world can do nowadays is simply shocking. She is possibly the most interesting virtual character I've ever seen, and everyone else will think so as well. It would be so brilliant to see her there, as she needs to be known by more people, because of the effort that people put into her songs and voice alike. She will also be the first hologram singer ever at the Olympics, which she will be known for, and it would be truly amazing to see. She has to be at the opening ceremony, because the world needs to know her more! - visitor

It doesn't matter if she is not a real person, we know that Vocaloid is the result of millions of fans and compositors together. Tell your world tells us that something like a "virtual diva" is possible, and yeah, vocaloid means a lot for me, and for millions of persons because vocaloid songs have lots of deep meanings and emotions. So stop saying that things to Miku, because she had changed our lives. - visitor

Wow seriously? This "Computer robot" Uses a "real voice. " If she is voiced by Saki Fujita. She did it for a reason, to show how people don't need to use "fancy good looking people. " and enough with the "SHE SOUNDS LIKE A ROBOT, SHE SOUNDS LIKE A CHIMPMUNK" Seriously, She sounds like a REAL human with a note range that no one human can reach. Unlike regular singers that use auto tune to make their voice sound like a broken robot. So enough with the hate comments. - visitor

Miku is on a whole other level than real singers. I'm not saying she's better than them, but please don't compare her to real singers and don't only think about the hologram on stage. She has a real person voicing her. Which brings me to another thing. SHE DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A ROBOT OR A CHIPMUNK. IT'S A REAL JAPANESE PERSON! Don't hate on Saki-san please. - visitor

Well you haters are breaking my heart and I hate you haters because MIKU ROCKS DEM SOCKS OF OF YOU JUSTIN BOOBER NIKKI MINAJ AND KE$HA ALL TOGETHER TO YOU BITCHS CAN F*** OFF! - Hatsunemikusnow01

Miku isn't even a real person but something created by humans.. Why let it perform, when we can see the real artists? - visitor

Yo voto por ella - visitor

Miku is amazing. What I see in the people rooting for KPOP, (I have no grudge against them, Infact I am Korean myself) is rage. I see in Miku's side is reasons. - visitor

I like Miku. And, I thought she was projected on a glass screen, not a hologram. Mybad :P - visitor

Yea I think miku should perform the world need to know about hatsune miku - visitor

Let me start this off..
I love Miku and (almost) all other Vocaloids, in fact, I own IA and Gumi Adult, Sweet, Power, and Native, I am really inspired but what other people do with Vocaloids.

But doesn't it seem... "insulting" that they would have a machine from another country perform instead of a human from London? Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I really doubt the Olympics' Organizers will take even a second look at this list. - visitor

I judge a singer by voice rather than their appearance
( like handsome or pretty )

It doesn't matter real or not!
I don't care exist or not!
Only one that I know their voice exist in my heart and their gave me dream, inspiration, and make ​​me want to say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart ^____^

GO! Hatsune Miku!
GO! VOCALOIDS! - visitor

Hatsune Miku can sound like crap when her voice program is used badly, but most of the time it's amazing! And that voice is what we want to hear!
She has to sing at the olymics. For me, for the fans, for the WORLD.
Especially for the fans. We can sit in front of the T.V. wearing Vocaloid cosplays spazzing out and singing along. - visitor

She's in the lead now! I hope she wins, because this would be something new to the Olympics, the first hologram performer! - visitor

Vote for miku vote for miku vote or miku vote for mikumvote for miku vote for miku VOTE FOR MIKU PLEASE - visitor

To all the h8rs miku cannt really hear you and your favorite artist at the bottom of the list - visitor

Everyone is saying miku v kpop. Well here if I show anyone either type of music they hate it. Especially vocaloid as it sounds like " a really auto tuned voice"
i love both but I don't think they should be at the olympics :/ maybe someone that most people can agree with. I really would love to see miku perform (well I'd actually love to see the kagamine's or gumi but if you start voting for them then the percentages will go all weird) seeing as there has only been one performance in england that I know of and it was not advertised. - visitor

I think Miku chan is way better than some bands, groups and singer on the list. There are many miku fans in britain and we should vote her ;w;
She's in 1st place but we shall vote her anyway just in case someone overtakes her >;( - visitor

Go Miku!
Miku VS K-POP? MIKU. I think the Olympics deserve a change for once! Let everyone see what she's like! Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, Will.I. am and all that get way too much publicity. Let Miku have a go.
GO MIKU! - visitor

No the Kagamines should be first ;w ; - visitor

Please You Guys, stop arguing each others, it's just getting worser if you don't stop it, 3 reasons if you don't stop:

1)The numbers of Haters of Hatsune Miku or Kpop will increase because their idols being Trashed

2)Will you Imagine The world made a war of Miku vs. KPOP Just because we are arguing?

3)Miku and Kpop wants The world to be peace isn't it? What will they think if they see their fans are arguing each other

4)We must Respect each other, don't manipulate other people, it's their own choice, your choice is your choice too... Don't hate other people's Idol, The Idol don't even do anything wrong to you, isn't it?

I must say, I'm a big Fangirl of Hatsune Miku, But I respect Kpop, Girls Generation, Super jUNIOR, bIG bANG, SHInee, or something else... Arguing each other is just a childish act. It won't help anything... It's just making worser, Listen to me, Don't Argue each other, Just Vote for your Idol, don't manipulate other people, No Arguing, Because Your Idol is Your Idol, and Their Idol is Their Idol....

Thank you - visitor


Hatsune Miku forever! Fudge K-Pop! Miku should be the very FIRST singer there, bunch off people want her there~! AND if the rest of the VOCALOID'S and yes I mean the Kagamines, UTAU, even vocaloid3! Just vote for her even if you don't even know her! YOU'R GONNA LEARN WAS AWESOME MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE! GET RID OF JUSTIN, KE$HA, SELENA, EVEN SOME OF THE RAPPERS! VOTE AND LEARN! Thank you for reading~! Asta la pasta~! - visitor

This is really old, but I agree with the Miku fans. Why are Kpop fans even looking at this if they hate it? I mean I like kpop but Miku is much better to me. Her song (Intense song of Hatsune Miku) really spoke to me. If she sang it in concert, it would effect other peoples lives too. Maybe she can make a difference with making the world a better place, but only if she preforms! - visitor

She's not even real.
Her music is faker than dubsteb. - gemcloben