Why Hatsune Miku should sing at the London Olympics

First of all, Miku is very talented and can sing songs other humans are incapable of. Although she is only a hologram, robot or a voice synthesizer, she has worldwide fans. Her songs are inspirational to people and she gives others a chance to express what they feel by using her voice in a song. Rock, Pop, Dance, you name it and she can sing it.

Secondly, her competitors in this list are korean boy groups who produce songs that are about "love, sex, drugs, being cool" etc. I've seen comments in the list about the boy groups and almost all of them describe the members as "handsome, hot" etc. I haven't seen much comments about the groups' talents and how meaningful their songs are compared to Miku's comment section. Her songs have a lot of meaning to them and can make people cheer up, dance to rhythm, feel sad (some of her songs make me cry), feel real positive about themselves and they can also relate to our everyday lives.

Lastly, even if time passes by, Miku will still be Miku, she can live forever or rather, sing forever. Her voice will still reach the ears of the future generation.

If Miku gets a chance to show everyone that technology is advancing it would be really great so others can know about it.


Almost people like Miku, she is a good singer. Trust Miku. - visitor

Yep! - visitor

Agreed with a full promise. ~DIVAMIKU~ - visitor

I don't agree about the whole Korean Band thing, in what songs did Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINeem and Bigbang sing about sex or drugs? Being cool and love I can understand, but they are very meaningful. Also, the reason for Miku's "favouritism" is because she's totally new to this world. It is an amazing idea to have a virtual Idol at an Olympic opening ceremony but before making remarks about other bands, do some thorough and proper research before making remarks that are nonsense or doesn't have solid evidence. - visitor

I don't agree with the whole korean band thing. It what songs did Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and Bigbang sing about "love, sex, drugs, being cool" etc.? Love, being cool I could understand, but before making nonsense without solid evidence I suggest you actually know about what you're saying. Korean Bands also create songs that are very meaningful and ionspirational. Also, Miku is a virtual Idol. You can't possibly compare an actual band with a virtual idol that has her songs created by all the pwople around the world. I do agree that Miku's songs are very meaningful and influential. But please, don't say lies about Korean bands that is not even true. - visitor

I agree with^. Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and Bigbang don't sing about Sex or Drugs. And no way in the world would they pick Miku for Olympic. Unless in a small chance when her english voice bank come out. They would obviously pick an actual person rather than a "Virtual Idol". - visitor

I believe we shouldn't have a bunch of pixels performing at one of the world's biggest competitions. It hasn't gone through what real people have gone through. I know that if the pixels perform, millions of SuJu, SHINee, SNSD, etc. Fans will tune off for the performance, dropping ranks for this year's Olympics. Super Junior has made me cry as well. Listen to Mr. Simple. Dance song, right? Look up the translation. That songs makes me feel motivated to live and work and do my best. I know that no Korean boy and/any KPop idol has sung about sex. If not, the governemtn removes the song. The pixels are just pixels and nothing more. Yes, technology is advancing, how about we have actual people holograms instead? The robot can sing things that humans can't because it's not living! Not a human being, no duh. But the people up against a bunch of fake balony pixels can get pretty close to robot technology because of their hardowrk. - visitor

I don't agree with this... I do believe miku's amazing but she's not talented cause she's not the one making her voice(singing)... Korean bands don't sing something about sex or drugs.. Koreans are known to be conservative... I would believe it if you said Americans sing songs about sex and drugs cause its obviously true... Korean band sing songs about living your dream, aim high, never give up, and especially about love... Stop spreading those rumours... If you like miku then support her you don't need to bash other performing artists.. Your pathetic!
- visitor

I totally agree! Miku is digital. Other bands are real. Also... Miku can;t sing in english so whats the point of having her at "English Speaking" event? I love Miku but this event or subject is not suitable for miku. AND LET ME REMIND YOU, NO KOREAN BANDS SUCH AS SUPERJUNIOR, GIRLS GENERATION, BIGBANG, or SHINEE has sung about sex or drugs. If you don;t like them, whatever~ but stop bashing other bands because you don't care about them. Know your facts correctly and stop spreading ridiculous rumors about other bands. You are worthless piece of s*** - visitor

Miku Is not just a computer It's not the creators that make the songs It's the fans sure they made her voice but It's the fans that make her personality and someone said that we need to have an English speaking singer at the Olympics what about all those K-POP groups? (Don't get me wrong I Love K-POP) but the Olympics Is not just for English speaking countries why do you think so many countries compete there don't you think another country should get a chance to show themselves? It's time for a Non-English singer to finally be recognized I don't care If It's Miku or the K-POP groups you guys want so bad they don't sing In English either(Do they? ) let someone else's country sing at the Olympics for once(But I'm still rooting for Miku to win I'm keeping my hopes up even though she probably most likely won't sing there)




(= ヮ =)৩




(ノ� - �ヮ� - �)ノ*:・゚✧ - visitor

I'm totally agree! - visitor

I agree with you and the other people that trust miku. She is AMAZING - visitor

I agree especially what korean boy groups songs are about. Miku is just an inspirational singer and I don't care if she's not real. Even her song make me emotional. I may dance, be sad, be inspired or sometimes creeped out. MIKU SHOULD PERFORM EVEN IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT - visitor

Look people, I know she isn't real, I know it'd be freaky listening to a computer, but Hatsune Miku is awesome, she will show the world what technology can do, it even made Snoop Dog cry when they made a hologram of Tupac at his concert. I know this website won't change the minds of the company for the Olympics because this website isn't linked to the Olympics, but if we all rise and vote for Hatsune Miku, the world will finally know, that anime, computers, everything, is only here to help, even if putting her on the Olympics opening was a VERY bad idea and made everyone just think what they did was stupid... Who cares? At least we had a one shot at having our number one computer generated singer on stage WORLD WIDE, and AT LEAST have SOME people actually LIKE anime that AREN'T weirdo's of Japanese. I know you all think it will be a VERY stupid idea and that she's not real so it's just retarded, well, I have but one word for you people... Hatsune Miku is... AMAZING. - visitor

Doesn't have to be miku. There are still vocaloid that can sing english songs well - visitor

I agree too... Hopefully more vocaloid fans shall rise - visitor

One just did! HEHEHEHEHE - visitor

I just did and can't wit to tell my friend (MIKU FAN)X_X about this! - visitor

Guys just accept it... SHE'S NOT REAL! - visitor

What is this? I love Miku, but do you really thing that the people in charge of the Olympics Games will put Miku or Super Junior or another Asian group? The poll here isn't even being run by a company associated with the Olympics. It's just a random poll, that's not mean that will be truth. Let's just be honest, Miku will not sing here or any asian group. They probably put Paul McCarteny and stuff, very sad... - visitor

When japan hosts it? - visitor

I agree. The olympic is hosted in LONDON so unless Miku has her english voicebank soon... And in truth, I've rarely seen Asian groups perform in Olympics unless it was hosted by their country - visitor

Take that Justin Bieber! It will be the first worldwide vocaloid concert! It will be remembered forever because its so original! Who else would think of this?!?! For all those haters who laugh at us for liking something that isn't real... We'll be laughing when shes singing so realisticly to the world! - visitor

No offense, but she's not real. I would rather have someone that IS real performing - visitor

She is not a human of flesh and bone, but she is real: her fans are real, her songs are real, and her songs have meanings and feelings. But unfortunately even I don't believe that she is going to perform in the olympics because it would be simply TOO controversial. - visitor

Oi, you for to say that the composers are real - visitor

- visitor

You forgot about the composers who usually gets half credit for making the songs - visitor

Philosophical question define real.
something you can touch
something you can see
something you can feel
something you can hear
or something that you simply place in you heart - visitor

Define real. Something you can touch, something you can see something you can feel, something you can hear or something that you simply place in you heart. - visitor

If "real" is defined by physically existing, then I can use this logic to say "the holocaust was not real" and it would be true. Ideas can be things as well. Another proof of this: Windows 7 exists in exactly the same way Miku does, it's a program. So by now you have said that windows 7, the holocaust, any war you can name, terrorism, poverty, disease, earthquakes, and the magnetic field around the earth (to name a few things ) don't exist? - visitor

Hatsune Miku is awesome! Bring on Rin and Len... And Luka! I believe that no mater the age young(like myself) or old you can like Vocaloid whether or mot she is a human or not. VOCALOID FANS UNITE! Vocaloid is the only good music around so why have petty squabbles over it. If you don't like miku so what don't torture the fans. - visitor

THERE IS MIKU FANS ALL OVER THE WOURLD! Sorry caps was on X_X - visitor

Um, you probably shouldn't have said that or else you're gonna get flamed. (Here anyway. ) I dare you to say this on any other Vocaloid's blogs, (Rin, Luka, Len, Gakupo, whatever. ) And you'll get some NASTY comments, trust me. All of the vocaloid's voices are real, even if the person isn't. Even if vocaloid isn't real to you, they're real to us. We create their personlitys and backgrounds for them because they can't. We love vocaloid. - visitor

To be honest I really don't want her to. She's not real. Sure she can show the world of our technology, but that doesn't show true talent. All it is, is some computer generated voice that's perfect. I for one though listen to vocaloid. I am a fan of vocaloid. But I don't think it should be in the Olympics. Just, No.

But I do get your point, she doesn't sing about those vulgar things. And sure she can sing anything right. (not pronunciations though)Or learn any dance possible. And she does have inspirational songs. But do real artists not have in inspirational songs? And surrounding my point even if it is inspirational it doesn't matter.

Song is a form of expressing your feelings. A computer can't express those feelings. And those feelings is what makes music truly beautiful. So if a computer is going to beat all those who do have real talent, the world may have already ended.

'One day technology will be the end of us. ' - visitor

Too dramatic... I can express feeling with vocaloid, more if you have the append add. Miku voice music is beautiful. But I accept the truth reality that Miku will be not in this event. Let's prepare for a boring intro with McCartney. - visitor

Sounds are felt emotionally so even if it is sung by a vocaloid you should still understand the feeling of the music - visitor

I do think so. But it would be better if Western Artist, like Celine Dion with her awesome voice or another singer perform there than those Korean singer - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

She is as real as windows 7 is, and also her voice was recorded from an ACTUAL person and is simply modulated through the computer by REAL people to make songs. She's not a real person, but she was made by real people, works because of real people, and exists in the hearts of real people. If something has to be more than an idea to be real, I can argue that the holocaust never happened, because it's not REAL. See what kind of stupid logic you have used now? I can say that math isn't real. Terrorism isn't real. If you are a christian, I could say that she is as real as god is. By your own logic you deny your religion. Stupid. - visitor

To whoever the person saying there is a lack of emotion due to Miku not being real:
1. The voice projected isn't real - that makes only one aspect of the performance non-real. All the instruments used in the performance are, by a real group of musicians.
2. By attempting to say that performances by Hatsune Miku cannot effectively convey the emotions of the musical piece, you are ignoring the intentions of the people who are actually composing and arranging these songs. Don't even try for a second to say that there's a lack of emotion in all of their compositions, it's just as emotive as any other music by other performers, if not more, the only difference is they're using Miku as a means to express that.
3. You're thinking of this too much in terms of the outright performer. This is not an issue of a 'computer' beating real people. This is about the system being used to represent the work of any composers whose songs have been chosen for such an occasion. So don't go talking about how it's a matter of computer vs talent, this is just a reflection of the talent of the people who arranged the pieces.

If your focus is on the issue with a holographic performing aspect, then your entire focus on vocaloids is misplaced. - visitor

"She doesn't show true talent" But the people behind her show true talent, the people who created her, so when basically she performs, her creators are performing. True, she might not be real, but still, we need a change, we can't just live like this forever. - visitor

Haha... I really hope one of the vocaloids does get to... Probably won't happen because they will just pick someone else without any input. But actually ANY kind of music made by a real person or not can be emotional, it just depends on how far your mind can go. Vocaloid music is very emotional for me sometimes and even sends chills down my back. Good luck Miku! - visitor

I know what kpop is cause its getting more popular all over the world but who's that anime girl I mean miku? The only I knew after seeing these comments was that she's not real..
- visitor

Every one that hates miku and the other vocaliods are bitches and should shut the hell up and I at rage I want a death note now "evil smile"~DIVAMIKU~ - visitor

I love miku and all... But that gives u no right to trash kpop groups... Just like the composers they work hard everyday.. Their schedule is brutal... And they r amazingly talented - visitor

"Secondly, her competitors in this list are korean boy groups who produce songs that are about "love, sex, drugs, being cool" etc. "

I have never heard a kpop song about sex, drugs or being cool. Obviously, you don't know what kpop is. Even if someone composes it and sings it, the song gets an instant ban in Korea. Miku sings about love and feelings too, even though she's not even a real person. No offense, but that sentence must be taken out. - visitor

Hells yea hatsune miku! She is so great and yes she is only a hollowgram she is very talented and I love her! I was her for halloween! Please vote for her - visitor

I'm not sure who you are, but have fun dressing up as pixels! - visitor

Who cares if she's not real? Just because she's not real doesn't mean it's not real TALENT! She is not trashing Kpop groups, so people really need to stop saying that! She can sing, dance, and everything else that other singers can do? She's just not real. I know this isn't even an official poll... But people need to get this in their heads! - visitor

Thank you I totally agree! I love Hatsune Miku! - visitor


Yes miku can show the world our technollogy but he k-pop boy bands never sing about rugs, sex and all those things. They are know for being able to sing about feelings. I myself don't understand korean but I can see in the way they sing that they are confeying their feelings. I would rather have real people perform than a hologram... I am a fan of hatsune miku but I just think it is better for a reeal life being to perform instead of a hologram. It will encourage people to make more artist who are holograms and then my favorite singers and bands would be seen as weird...
This is just my opinion though. I hope they will choose someone to perform by thinking wisely about everything. - visitor

I can't sing. Seeing Miku encourages the large percentage of people who, like me, could not produce music without assistance to make beautiful music and release it for free. K-pop is a mixed bag. If you understand it, most of it is about hollywood, twilight-level shallow romance. Some of it (hip-hop) is about bragging. Some it about sex and then what's left is either random nonsense (eg. Super junior) or meaningful. - visitor

What's left of it isn't random nonsense. Be considerate and listen to some SuJu songs before making a judgement. Mr. Simple, for instance. Sounds like a dance song about love. Wrong. Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you are cool the way you are. You can't get mad at the world because it doesn't go your way, you don't need to. Stop fussing about little things, its not good for you. Your attitude can go bad can go good its just the way it is, your grades can go and down - visitor

I agree completely miku ahould sing at the olympics
Lets Have A Miku Revolution! - visitor

I totally agree with you lets have a Miku revolution! - visitor

Ready for the action!
- visitor

I just recently found out about Hatsune Miku... And I love her! She's amazing I don't care if shes not real! She's awesome! And I really really really hope that she performs or I'll explode! I LOVE YOU HATSUNE MIKU! . - visitor

I just recently found out about Hatsune Miku... And I love her! She's amazing I don't care if shes not real! She's awesome! And I really really really hope that she performs or I'll explode! I LOVE YOU HATSUNE MIKU!. ² - visitor

I am not a hater... BUT SERIOUSLY? HATSUNE MIKU? I may like a few songs because they have a nice rhythm and a catchy beat... But seriously? Do you think people FROM LONDON will accept this? O. O I voted because I would like to see the expression on the faces of british people O. O and worldwide O. O - visitor

Wait for Japan to host it then... - visitor

You realize Britain has a vocaloid too? Oliver? - visitor

Miku is able to do any thing like living forever ~DIVAMIKU~ - visitor

Miku can go to venus... So why not London?! - visitor


Now that I got the fanboy out of my system I agree that there is little chance of Miku or any other asian group band or whatever singing at a event hosted by the BRITISH... Prehaps when japan hosts the next Olympics? - visitor

Hatsune should sing at the Olympics! When you do see a Virtual Singing Diva perform at the London Olympics? Not only she has a great voice but she is also Unique. Aren't we all tired of real beings perform like common superstars like Lady Gaga, Adele, etc...? Vote for Hatsune ^. ^ - visitor

Yeah! I agree! - visitor

Yeah, a fifteen member band is unique too. Its not a diva, Heechul is. Its a bunch of pixels. She has a great voice because shes a robot. She doesn't have hardwork like Super Junior or SS501. Shes never experienced hardships. Shes never been one of us. I wont get tired of people working hard to make our lives for enjoyable. I wont get tired of Adele or Lady Gaga because they work hard. I wont get tired of SuJu or SS501 because they're one of us, working out their lives and making the best of it. And neither will millions of other fans. - visitor

As much as I love Miku and the others (how the hell did they get so many votes, anyway? ), I really don't think she should be singing this year. We'll be so out of touch with reality...

If you really want her, then wait for Japan. - visitor

I am addicted to Miku.. I really really hope she sings.. But problem.. Like people have said, this is just a random poll.. She is Japanese, and the whole thing is because it's London. I think it will probably end up being some British person.. :'( - visitor

If miku sings London will have a place in the olympic history, no-one has ever had miku sing at the olympics before. She needs to sing at London! - visitor

Go miku and to her haters... GOD bless you anyways she's UNIQUE and if you listen to her songs the messages some of it gives me goosebumps and inspires me even though some songs like the purple forest, circle you, and other songs are uniquely and weirdly beautiful there's something about her that intrigues the fans and others, she may be just a hologram but for us fans she's an inspiration, it doesn't matter who or what she is made of the important thing is she inspires us
- visitor

Go Miku, Most people of the Earth have never heard of this vocaloid! - visitor

If she sings at London, then she is going to appear on my T.V. O_O ! - visitor

You're exactly corect. - visitor

I hope Miku will sing at London, big change in olympic history and entertainment history. In this situation, if she won't, it's the cheating.
Visual Idol will take over the world, nobody can stop it, and Miku will be the first step & - visitor

There's a whole crew behind Miku, she might not be real but people behind her are real efort, real composers and real dance all that putted together in the Miku the face of all those talented people together, her performance is as real as any other artist. - visitor

I think miku is so amazing and innovative, her performance is as good as any other singer.
I like miku(2 ver) and miku append(2.5 ver). Everybody good luck.
(I'm korean. ) - visitor

I agree, she will be the next genaration of music! Let her be in the olympics! - guanniantan

If person who write this is japanese, I have no words to describe thier foolish. Japanese vote this hologram bacuase they saw korean idol groups almost 'take' this ranking. I seriously want to ask people who vote her, 'do you really want to see 3D screen in Olympic opening? '. If you ask me 'then Korean idol group is better? ' my answer is 'No'. What I want to
say is both who vote miku ans who vote Idol group have some problems in thier brain. Olympic is not just a show. I want you to have some 'THINKING'. I like miku but please do not expose your otaku life. If this vote is hosted by Olympic committee, I won't see Olympic again because of japanese otaku. Finally I want to ask japanese one more thing, is there no one who can win Korean idol groups except Miku? I was disapointed because of otaku. - visitor

To the person above me: YES WE DO! Miku can reach notes no other human has ever reached before and if you still don't know why we want her search "hatsune miku live" on youtube - visitor

Uhm, what are you talking about? We have the top scientists in The Pentagon figuring out what you just said.
Firstly, commenting on bad English. Seriously? Just because a Japanese, then you have no words to describe their foolishNESS? Are you a racist? E_e If you have rights to comment about Japanese people being foolish, I want to see you type in English BETTER than the Japanese, just to give evidence. -, -
Seriously. You're not pissing me off. Just giving me a bad mood reminding me how humanity sucked. 9_9
And uh hello? Just because Hatsune Miku came from Japan, doesn't mean ALL the fans are Japanese. I am her fan and I'm a Chinese Malaysian. I've seen loads of people from other countries like China, Taiwan, Australia, and even FRANCE who like Hatsune Miku. Seriously. She's so popular that almost everyone in the world knows her, likes her. You don't have taste and that's the solid evidence I have that you should seriously take that sentence down. And yes. American music is popular, does the fans really revolve around Americans? If you have brains (Or if you think you do), then think.
And yes. I mean seriously, you have not done any research, you seriously can't say that she hasn't done a hologram screening before and no one wanted it. I have evidences, and they're all from Youtube. You can't deny anything you saw. I felt saddened to see such pathetic comments like "Both who vote Miku and who vote idol group has some problems with their brain" Seriously, grow up and hit maturity. I mean, only that sentence is allowed to be said by a five year old. Where's your common sense? Or rather should you just run back to your junior oxford dictionary to look out for the word "opinion"?
I wasn't seriously meaning to be that sarcastic, but you just gave me every reason to. To say the truth, I find Korean songs really overrated and I kind of disliked them. And don't tell me to do any thinking if you don't yourself. And I'm serious. I could just confirm you are lying while not finding any evidences, that you like Miku. Seriously? After what you have posted to insult the fans? And I AM an Otaku, but not all Otakus like Miku. Otakus are Japanese anime, and vocaloid, are. NOT. Anime. Get some research done before implying every word into your sentence which you think makes sense. I seriously find you racist. And that's good for you. Run along and play with your toy truck instead of watching the Olympics if you just can't let people have their opinions to themselves. I don't like K-Pop at all, but it doesn't mean I insult their fans and act racist and all.
So you're claiming Japanese people speak better than you. Perhaps they do. - visitor

I am american and I have friends who are too. None of us are otaku or can speak japanese, but it doesn't matter! I used to be into the popular bands and singers like lady gaga or selena gomez, and sure she isn't real but the impression she leaves is. It makes me sick to see that there are people who really act as disgusting as you are. Her music always has a great story behind it, along with the other vocaloids. They can fit into any role beautifully. The amazing lyrics and emotions put into the songs they sing is incredible, and to me that is what REAL music is. There is a reason she has all those votes, yet you are blind and foolish enough not to see that. I hope you are srill taking your medication, sir, cause YOU are the one who is out of your mind - visitor

I happen to be a Japanese here. You just seem to misunderstand the situation. YOU MAY NOT KNOW, most of Japanese otaku people don't speak and wirte English fluently, so they don't usually bother to do it and are just satisfied with their own otaku thing. Olympic thing doesn't really matter for them (and don't take it seriously anyway. If it is actually realized, they would be happier though ) so they just stay away from this kind of thing. How do I know about this? Yes, I am a Japanese so I can easily recognize english written by ordinary Japanese people. People writing here are quite good at writing English and some should be native English speakers. I am now very much impressed by Miku's popularity in the world. Plus I should say Japanese people would have no idea to compete with K-pop in any way. Just remember, the country that accept and appreciate Kpop most among the world is Japan. Otaku may not interested in it though. But there is no reason to fight Kpop. - visitor

I can't understand why many peoples desagree her paticipation on London Olympics, she's an inspiration for everyone, putting our daily fellings on her musics. Then everyone says that "She doesn't exist, then there's no reason to her play at London. " by the way, she exists in our hearts, and will live for a long time. Peoples who say this are totally fool. Actually, the most peoples think that japenese musics are trash. But this isn't true, Miku is the proof. Just this, let's go, Miku! - visitor

Exactly! Go Miku! (: - visitor

"Secondly, her competitors in this list are korean boy groups who produce songs that are about "love, sex, drugs, being cool" etc. "
Please do not post false information. I am both a fan of Super Junior and Miku and I just want to say that I have NEVER heard ANYTHING about sex or drugs. In fact, even if someone writes it or produces it, it is automatically banned in Korea. Please get rid of this sentence because it creates a negative influence on Super Junior, which isn't fair because you obviously have not listened to their music enough to know what they sing about.
Thank you very much, and may the best musician win & - visitor

K-pop. Ew. - visitor

Miku... Talent... She's not real. - visitor

Well, of course she isn't real. But the people writing her songs, creating her dance, and her fans. We are all real, that's why everyone loves her enough so if she's not real in our eyes, she'll be real in our hearts. - visitor

Miku has plenty of talent and is real in our heart. Don't judge her just because she's not human and can reach extremely epic pitches. - visitor

Erm when has K-POP writen love, sex, drugs, being cool like seriously? I think I need some you people should try and listen to some of their songs before you judge and all hatsune miku sings is pointless crap that don't even make sense in english don't get me wrong but I do like her music it's just that I think something with a more 'out there and has the oopmt factor' should get the crowd going - visitor

Miku has a lot of oomph. Many songs of hers are ones where you wanna just get up to dance and sing to the music. - visitor

> all hatsune miku sings is pointless crap that don't even make sense. What? ARE YOU REALLY UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU MEAN? To me, all Kpop songs are more like what you just said. By the way, why kpop fan are so nagging, they are always make a hiss when something get in the way. Just to let you know, your Super junior or whatever you like would never act on the Olympic opening stage. Because London doesn't care about supporting and promoting Korea or Kpop. Yeah, Miku would have little chance with it either. But she is factually not a Japanese. She could become an international diva in support with people around the world. She is totally different than other singers. If LOC notice it... - visitor

Not saying that Miku is fake, but I'm pretty sure most people who aren't die-hard vocaloid fans would want a live person/people at the Olympics. Vocaloid music is produced through computer programs; miku live, and miku through your computer's speakers should be the same.

Also, you have obviously not listened to kpop, or know what Super Junior/BigBang/other groups are saying. They don't write about sex and drugs, or being cool, their lyrics are actually meaningful. - visitor

Ok, so you say the k-pop group's lyrics are meaningful. There are songs like Rolling Girl which made me cry a river and Melt which made me get a bubbly soft feeling inside me. She may not be a real person, but her music still resonates inside us fans just because her music has deep feelings just like real singers. - visitor

Maybe not meaningful in the same way, but they do not write about sex and drugs. I just wanted to point that out because that's very misleading for someone who doesn't know better.

I do understand Miku fans(to a certain extent), the songwriters, technology, etc. Is amazing, but won't the performance be the same as through a computer screen? You'd still get the bubbly, soft feelings, but it might not be the case for a person/people. - visitor

Kpop fan again... Why do we have to argue over how KPOP is better than MIku. This thread is called "Why Hatsune Miku should sing at the London Olympics. " you better go to your favorite's thread.
And you just sound not to understand what the Hatsune Miku phenomena means to our world now. Say, Kpop artists are all old type performers but Miku is not. It is not just 3D animated thing. If you want to know more, just read through the comments in the section for Hatsune Miku. - visitor

Really? I was brought here from YouTube... Uhm.. First, let's start out by saying... This is not real. Why are people getting worked up over it? She is a robot. How can people get made at others for calling her a robot and not real. I mean, she isn't real. You kinda have to get over that. Also, about the Korean boy groups? If it were between them and her, no offense but why would the majority of people want to listen to a robot? We already listen to over-tuned music... Of course the designers and composers deserve credit, but really, a robot is not going to be disappointed if they didn't get to sing at the olympics. Someone who uses their real voice and body should be able to sing. Anyways, who knows why I wasted time writing this... None of it matters anyways - visitor

She is a hologram -w- - visitor

Umm... Just saying this miku thing isn't real the Olympics are about humans who strive the represent their country through sports and if you hadn't noticed the one who really deserves the spot should be a a kpop group. Miku would e cool to have as maybe an opening but it only promotes japanese technology not japan and kpop promotes ALL OF ASIA and also this POLL ISN'T REAL - visitor

Kpop don't promotes all of asia, they only promote his country _w_, and also agree about the poll, but it will be cool to listen miku in olympics.W. - visitor

How do you know
- visitor

You sound very ignorant. "korean boy groups who produce songs that are about "love, sex, drugs, being cool" etc. " Uhm no. If they did that song would be banned and besides how do you know kpop songs don't make us cry? They have some pretty heartfelt songs but you wouldn't know because you listen to holograms ;3 Yes. There's a large portion of kpop fans who only look at the 'sexy korean men' but there's even more who listen to the music and deal with the hardships they go through. Did you know Super Junior was in a car crash and four of the members and two managers were hospitalized? What ever happened to Miku? A technical error? We've seen these boys grow up and mature, we've seen them cry and we've been through it all. - visitor


Miku is good, but no offense, she have all the attention alrdy -_-. Relax, I oso respect miku, but at least give the other vocaloids a chance! - fayeruazol

I voted Luka for this not Miku - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

I voted for luka-chan too, umm I th-think that other vocaloids n-n-need more attention too (embarrased blush) - visitor

I vote for miku because I want to won a vocaloid, if we vote for luka, kaito, rin, len, gumi, etc, it will be in a very low place, but if miku sings in olypmics they will recongize vocaloid and the others vocaloid will be more popular too
PD: it will be cool to hear ALL THE VOCALOID in the olypmics but that will not happen - visitor

I totally agreed with the inspirational part. Miku's songs and other vocaloid singer are very inspirational for me. For example I like her with Luka singing "Magnet". Even though its a Yuri songs, but when I tried to understand what the song is about, its so meaningful.

Also I'm not trying to offend others. Vocaloid or K-Pop or whoever idol has their own charm for their's fans. I just don't like it when peoples make fun of Miku or other Vocaloids. At last, give them a chance. Yeah its true that Miku isn't real, but the peoples who made Miku is Real. They are just trying to make an inovation for the world's music. They are deserve some credit, Right? - visitor

I don't know. :/ I really like miku a lot. Its weird I want her to become po pular but at the same time I don't. At first I was like YES. And now I'm thinking about it. Maybe if she becomes more popular than she already is people who don't know what a vocaloid is. Will start hating her and vocaloid all together. They won't give Miku a chance no matter what only because she is not real. well the creators behind miku are real and so are the musicians behind her in concert. The More fame miku gets the more people will hate her. Aside from that the reason miku is more famous than other vocaloids. SHES A VIRTUAL DIVA. She is the reason vocaloid is what it is now. And actually the newer vocaloids are getting all the attention now. Oliver See U IA Jasmine so You guys should stop your hating. PEACE - visitor

I like the original Vocaloids better than the new ones, personally. Meiko, Kaito, Lola, Leon, Sweet Ann, Big Al, Miku and the Kagamines. They will forever be my favorites - visitor

I'm a fan of Miku but really, she's a program. She generates music and she doesn't even really sing. There's really no point of producing a hologram then play a song in a background when you can technically just play her song in the background. - visitor

OH dear... Miku and her crew is awesome, but when it comes to REAL LIVE SINGING AND PERFORMANCE, I would prefer to be amazed by REAL PEOPLE ON STAGE, not a program or vocaloid. There are so many other talented singers/bands that put in 100% hard work and produces world class performances. Sure, in this century, anything involving technology is "in", but we should still support the traditional voice singing and dancing and performing - visitor

I agree with you, these people need to get real. - visitor

What exactly is traditional about auto-tuning, rapping, or shuffling? Tradition can still be put in technology, and Vocaloid shows that. There are many songs Miku sings that are traditional. - visitor

I'm cool hearing song from everyone so I'm not really troubled by who sing in london olympic. If you like real person in live show then go on. I more like miku in live concert so I will wait for miku concert even the video it's okay
i don't really care who sing the song in london olympic, but man that's just a few minutes. I will watch miku concert in 2 hours I'm her fan
that's my opinion. But please be easy on me - visitor

The problem with many people here is that you've lost focus on what the performance is actually about, which is the music.
To the person who commented above me, what you've said with "so many other talented singers that put in 100% hard work" is an insult to the people who worked to compose and arrange the pieces using Hatsune Miku as a singing voice. Do not imply that these composers have not put in the same 100% hard work that any other singers/band groups have put into theirs. This is not an issue of technology at all, it's an issue of your appreciation of the actual music.
Secondly, to all those who are heavily supporting Miku, I'm a rather avid fan as well, but don't lose sight that Miku is a reflection of the work of the people who created the songs she performed, not something that is to be considered an individual singer in the same way that many modern performers are (not that it's wrong to be viewing Hatsune Miku as an idol/singer).
Finally, please stop the hate against various groups, this is to all sides. K-pop may not suit some people, personally I think it's fine, so those who have been talking trash about it, don't. Similarly, for those people above who have been saying how certain groups shouldn't 'deserve' to perform at Olympics, just stfu - or get an actual appreciation of what music is. I'm sure most of us would prefer you to do the former. - visitor

Miku forever! This is the time for a revolution, let's show those haters whose excuse is that she isn't a living, breathing human being that we aren't mad to love the world's number one Virtual Diva! I would really love for her to preform... - visitor

I totally agree. Miku represents the amazing things that humans can achieve when we put aside our differences and work together, which is what the Olympics are all about. - visitor

Look, miku is a hidden gift that must be shared with the world, but if everyone loved her, would your love for her be any different? I'm not saying she shouldn't perform, (i actually would like to see the world's reaction at that) I'm just saying that either she will be loved so greatly, that her fans from the beginning will only conform to the rest of society. Or she will be rejected by parts of the world, thus causing her downfall, and possibly getting banned in said parts of the world. Maybe miku is best kept among us simple citizens, and not shared with others, who may distort and change the image of the miku we know and love, just for their own selfish purposes. I just don't want anyone being hateful. - visitor

i agree. - visitor

agree - visitor

But 1. It is still Miku singing the song. 2. She has a great voice. 3. The meaning of the song she sings, even her herself has meaning. 4. She is amazing. 5. She is a hologram but if she were real what would she feel if you said those things? - visitor

'great voice'... Wow, I feel sorry for you. You need to listen to real singers like michael jackson, adele, celine dion, amy lee etc. - visitor

To the last visitor.

Wow, I feel sorry for you. You need to listen to real songs like 'Hello/How are you', 'Dark Woods Circus', 'Hirari Hirari', 'Can't I even dream' etc. - visitor

To the visitor who put down the other person for saying Miku had a "great voice"

Why can't you just accept that people can like different things and not try to change their opinion with a comment? :
Have you ever thought that vocal talent might not be what we look up to? (just giving an example)
Some people might not get the same satisfaction from listening to a powerful "real singer"s voice and talent as you do, we all have different things that we look up to.
Some of us would rather just stick to fun, catchy beats of Miku's songs, and that doesn't make us better or worse.

Not trying to be mean, just saying that people should leave other's interests and likings alone. - visitor

The meaning behind her songs inspires us Vocaloid fans. She is not a single person, she is a person with many hearts of her creators inside her. She represents the effort all her creators put together. If you don't like her, it's okay, but don't jeer the hard work of the creators. She might not have feelings, but the creators do, so do their effort and her fans. Do not forget that what we need to focus on is not the person singing it, but the song and music itself. The music. Just because there are so many other talented singers/bands that put in 100% hard work and produces world class performances, that doesn't mean that Miku and her song choreographers along with her creators don't put in the same 100% of hard work. And there is a point for Miku, it is her, that us Vocaloid fans have even someone the cheer for, someone to inspire us. Those who don't like Miku and jeer her, think about this: What is music? Is music just there for us to listen to, or to inspire us? Miku might be a hologram, but she is here, in reality, on Earth, with us here. I agree that there are other inspirational songs, but just don't hate Miku. It's not her fault. From a person which saw a comment on YouTube and came here. A 10 years old. A person which can understand. - visitor

Miku is a great singer and stands for things that few other artists do now a days things like you can have a good time with out being drunk or high and how a simple cheerytoon can stick in your head yet not annoy you unlike the songs Which are played to death on the radio.
(sorry for spelling and going a bit off topic)
Miku for ever unlike other artists she is impotal - visitor

Talent? Do you people even understand what it means? Talent, what talent? She-no, 'it' is just a program written in some computer language. Its' "Dancing" was done by animators and illustrators. When you break 'it' down, it is just a bunch of codes and a drawing. Stop living in your otaku shell and get with the real world. - visitor

Talent of the unknown, yet widespread public. Miku doesn't have talent, I'll give you that much, but her singing isn't done by an AI, you know? The talent we, Vocaloid fans, speak of is the talent of each other. We pride in ourselves for being able to create her song. We make her songs, we make her live, we make Miku. It's the PEOPLE'S talent that make her sing, it's the PEOPLE'S talent that write those lyrics, it's the PEOPLE'S talent that compose her songs. Miku herself may not have talent, but she allows us, the budding writers/authors/artists/music composers, to show OUR talents to the world.

Not all Vocaloid fans are Otakus. That is a very shallow and vague statement. Just because we love her music doesn't automatically make us anime freaks. It's like saying all SuJu fans are obsessive Yoai lovers, which I'm pretty sure they are not.

'It' is a key that unlocks the door to many. 'It' is there to lend 'its' voice to those in need of it. 'It' is the reason some people can smile. 'It' is the reason I am still sane. 'It' is the reason I fight so hard. 'It' is the reason I am arguing with you. 'It' is the reason I was able to face reality.

Unless you come to fully understand Miku, until you come to understand the real reason why she is so famous, UNTIL you can find a statement that successfully clashes with my own, I hope for you to rethink everything over. I am not asking you to come join Miku's side, I'm just saying, do not attempt to sway our decision, do not attempt to break us apart, and do not attempt to bring Miku down. There is a reason she is on top, there is a reason why the world chose her over the rest, and when you find that reason, when you find a way to contradict it, then you can come talk to me. - visitor

Who cares if she's not real! Her music, fans, composers, etc... Are real! She sings all kinds of music and I really like that, just like other vocaloids, just because She is just a computer program it doesn't mean that her music is bad, its perfect! It touched and inspirate many REAL hearts! Even if her voice was made in the computer... She's perfect! Miku is a prove of what we humans are able to do with the technology. I mean come on! Her music has emotion and feelings in it too! Go Miku! Leek power! (And another thing... She was created by thousands of people around the world, WE create - visitor

To all those haters. Why don't you search in youtube: CV01 Hatsune Miku-World is Mine Live in Tokyo, Japan- 1080p HD or this sad song [DT] Hatsune Miku -"The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku" and for those who want the translation of this touching song go to:Hatsune Miku- The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku english sub - visitor

Notice how the majority of ALL the Miku blogs have so many angry K-pop fan. Then notice how minimal Miku fans are when it comes to attacking K-pop Blogs. It makes one wonder just who needs to get real and just who needs to mature. - visitor

Do you think so? I think there is an equal competition... Between K-pop fan angry with all miku stuff and so do with Miku fans angry with that attitude came from k-pop fans... - visitor

You do realize that it isn't just us Kpop fans hating on Vocaloid(I personally love both genres of music). Pretty much everyone, no matter their music preferences, that doesn't like Vocaloid hates Miku. And no matter how much you or I love the Vocaloids, we must take into account that many people don't like how much technology is advancing and it scares them that machines can sing better than any artist. They may not realize that that is the stem of their hatred, so they say many terrible things to try to rile us up. Be the better person and don't let the insults get to you. - visitor

If you k-pop fans thinks that vocaloid is not real...
If Vocaloid is not real, then she should't exist in FRONT OF YOUR EYES right? You also ABLE TO HEAR HER SOUND, She shouldn't be created right now... But the prove is now she is there, launching new song... - visitor

It would be interesting and amusing, since many people who are not used to Miku's voice will go "lolwut"
(not hating on her... Just thinking what might just happen )
So I guess I would want her to win, partly for the lulz, and partly because I'm personally a fan of Hatsune Miku - visitor

I think it's just... Everyone should give Miku a chance, and stop being prejudiced because she's not human. So what if she's not human? I'm sure that when we were all young and really innocent, girls had crushes on not-real-humans like, uhm, Prince Charming? Because I know I did. Boys harboured secret crushes on Cinderella? So you see, it's just a matter of perspective. If you're willing to treat Miku like a normal person, just like how we've did to those characters when we were young, then maybe you can, I don't know, stop harassing Miku posts with angry "K-POP MUST PERFORM". And maybe Miku videos on YouTube wouldn't get deleted.

Sorry if I had offended any K-Pop fans here, but I'm just saying that GIVE MIKU A CHANCE! To say the truth I kinda like K-Pop as well. I love their coordinated dancing and some of their songs. But Miku is really really special to me and I just feel sad for her because of all the hates. - lilacnightshade

'To all those haters. Why don't you search in youtube: CV01 Hatsune Miku-World is Mine Live in Tokyo, Japan- 1080p HD or this sad song [DT] Hatsune Miku -"The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku"' <-- It'll be real for them or they'll delete it too -_-"

Well, I just opened the official site of london Olympic, oh guys, take it easy. They already have their singer. It doesn't matter who is the rank 1, 2, 3, 4 and etc. The most important thing is we have to appreciate their idol. - visitor

Hatsune Miku who has revived the World of Music and made everyone likes music...
Dance and music is not to be sad, but Miku took the song with feeling Happy and make everyone want to sing and dance with pleasure..
K-pop songs mostly just to wash the mouth, and danced alone, can only think of the feeling itself... - visitor

Miku is so amazing~ - visitor

I love Kpop and I love Vocaloid's... I will save both!
Pray for Kpop n Jpop fan for peace~
They two are AMAZING~ Kpop Fighting! Vocaloid GANBATTE!
and this is only FAKE NEWS for make Kpop n Jpop war... Don't trust this guy's. & - visitor

I want her to sing~ REALLY~ I am a person that doesn't have too many friends. I am always at home. I LOVE MUSIC. I always search songs on youtube. ~My friends said that songs of KPOP are really good so, I watched it. To be frank when I watched it I was disappointed. All I saw was handsome boys singing but they didn't inspire me. I can't relate to the meaning of their songs%. I don't care about the APPEARANCE of the singer. ~I'm always searching for the meaning and purpose of the song. My friend told me to watch Hatsune Miku's and other vocaloid songs. When I watched it I was so touched~^U^~. I can really relate to the meaning of the song specially the songs "Rolling Girl" and "Just Be Friends". Rolling Girl song taught me to never give up and the song Just Be Friends helped me to MOVE ON ~^U^~that's why I want her to sing in the london olympics. I DON'T CARE IF PEOPLE SAID SHE IS NOT REAL. I know she is not PHYSICALLY REAL but, TO US VOCALOID FANS SHE IS REAL IN OUR HEARTS. - visitor

She gave me a new life...
- visitor

I Am now a Hatsune Miku fan! I just meet her music, style and perform and I totaly love her. She is fantastic and she deserves the chanse to perform world wide. Obviously they have the level, money and organization to make a 100% olimpic international show. But let's be honest. The world hasn't heard of her yet and she needs to be WAAY more famous to perform at this kind of show this list is not real and the opening show will be in charge of Paul MacCartney and Ringo Starr because this is "London 2012" not japan deal with it. As much as I would love to se her perform in this event, let's be realistic and try to focus our care for miku to other levels, first start by telling people from your block or street how wonderful she and the vocaloid system are. After the word is spread enough you migth see her in your countri, but its a matter of stages before vocaloid is compared to "The beatles's level".

don't get me wrong that is just my opinion but I adore hatsune miku
saludos desde México. - visitor

Did you know that the definition of a singer is a preformer and it says nothing about holograms so just shut up if u don't like it than just go somewhere else where they care. - visitor

I love Miku and all of the Vocaloids to death, and the music performed by them is amazing and can bring on so many emotions, but I feel like a human that can feel what they are singing, not just make others feel it, should perform for this event. Yes, the Vocaloids and their concerts are amazing feats of technology, but that is not what the Olympics are about. The Olympics are about showing and proving what humans can do physically, not what humans can do with computers. As cool as it would be to have a Vocaloid perform one must take into consideration what the Olympics are all about. Besides, this poll is just here to see what people would vote for, nothing more. This is not meant to decide who will sing. All of the polls like this may be taken into consideration, but it's doubtful that a Vocaloid would make it unless Japan were hosting. Normally the hosting country has a board of directors decide these things, and it tends to be an artist from that country that performs. Being that this is in London I think we can throw out the nominations of all Kpop, Krock, Jpop, and Vocaloids. - visitor

The poll is unoffical anyway, if I try to tell people this on youtube, they yell at me and one said 'STFU you d*** troll'. So no point in it and just go along with the flow. - visitor

I agree
miku is the best - visitor

There's a poll and MIKU is in the lead and there is nothing you can do except vote wfi - visitor

I agree with you totally. Miku has more meaning in a single song than American or Korean artists have in their whole life. Hatsune should preform. - visitor

Ok I'm with you the japanese artist is more talented than kpop artist
and I relly relly hate kpop so go go miku!

fan from morocco. Africa - visitor

I really think Hatsune Miku should perform, not just to represent herself but the other Vocaloids. As a fan of K-Pop groups I honsetly say that Mku should perform. Her singing would just show everyone esle what she is made of but the whole world. Super Junior fans I do want them to sing but hey there is a good chance they will be on this poll for the next Olympic games. It's time for the world to change in music and in heart when they here her songs, she will be known even more. Now I'm not saying Super Junior won't be known, hell they are the talk every where at my school, I love them. But come on guys Miku is representing the Vocaloids, Utauloids, and even the Bakaloids ha ha ha. I'm just 'bout to MELT by writing such a thing about Vocaloids (laugh out loud if you don't get it it's Miku top song Melt. - visitor

It's true that Miku isn't real but he songs and musics R.It's also true that Miku is an newborn between technology and art who has captured the hearts of millions. This is something you can't deny.
If you have listened to her certain songs like Last Night Good Night and The Dream Continues, you would find out they have even more depth than lots of pop songs nowadays which are mostly about sex, rebellion and self-rightous from those popular singers like Lady Gaga. What's even more important is that Hatsune Miku is not entirely an idol for worthshipping, it is about people sharing their own musics through her voice and there is no commercial factors in it, only the interest in musics.
It doesn't matter if Miku will sing in London Olympics, she is not a singer for money or reputation, she is a singer for musics. If you don't like her, try to open your eyes and open your mind and you will see her beauty if you do. - visitor

How about TABLO. TABLO the GENIUS. He is under kpop, but UH-OH, I bet any of his song beats the meaning out of Miku's. Tablo: 1. Is real, 2. Is real, 3. Is a musical genius, 4. Is a lyrical genius, 5. Is real. Oh and by the way: I totally love Last Night Goodnight... NOT ALL POP IS BAD. Just because Lady Gaga might suck, doesn't mean Miku is better than everyone. People are people. There are some bad and some good. MUSIC IS MUSIC. There is bad music and good music. Genres are not to be hated. I hope people who love Miku start to appreciate THE PEOPLE of this world. People who have to work their butts off to survive. Miku means nothing. In the end she is NOTHING at all. Only the people behind her are left. Miku should be deleted of it's creators computer. Give the songs to people with real feelings. - minttuleppu00e4nen

Minttuleppu00e4nen, if I giving you a choice between Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Lady Gaga, or Miku, which one you will choose? :/ - visitor

I totally agree with the above post, Miku does not sing for "money" or "fame", she sings for the emotions of the composers who made her songs, for her creators who showed their talent in making her, and for the people who love her even though she's a "Program". - visitor

I think Miku should sing at the London Olimpics because I love Anime, it is the coolest thing in my life. Even though she doesn't exist, I still love her. GO HATSUNE MIKU! And thise who doesn't like her you guys are missing out of her AMAZING voise and songs! Check out her Vocaloid Group! - visitor

I love Anime, I love Vocaloid, I love how this person feels about Hatsune Miku... What ITCHES ME, though, is how this person blindly goes along KPOP BANDS. WHY THE F. You don't listen to it, don't criticize. KPOP IS AWESOME. They don't sing about sex and drugs. Sure they sing about love alright.

Olympics and Hatsune miku, she owns don't get me wrong, don't rlly go together. Olympics is about training your butt off. Hatsune miku is created and therefore doesn't have to work for the cute shape she has O. O; It kinda is odd. And miku doesn't sing, people installed a voice which can go all notes, compose that, and put it online. She's an idea, a great one of sharing music and creating it, but still not a person. Would be awesome to have her sing there, but just... Once. Please. To show everyone she's awesome and keep it that way. - visitor

Although I love Miku, the Kagamine Twins should sing! - visitor

I'll see the opening if they sing... B-) - visitor

I LOVE Miku and I would like to sing at the Olympic Games. - visitor

I don't agree with the whole korean band thing. It what songs did Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and Bigbang sing about "love, sex, drugs, being cool" etc.? Love, being cool I could understand, but before making nonsense without solid evidence I suggest you actually know about what you're saying. Korean Bands also create songs that are very meaningful and ionspirational. Also, Miku is a virtual Idol. You can't possibly compare an actual band with a virtual idol that has her songs created by all the pwople around the world. I do agree that Miku's songs are very meaningful and influential. But please, don't say lies about Korean bands that is not even true.

- visitor

Actually some kpop songs can be very meaningfull, take exo's mama, it's all about injustice and inbalance between power and the weak. There are many more songs like this, in all music there are songs about sex drugs and being cool, however sex and drugs do not come in to kpop as much as western music actually. Love is a very important theme, what is the problem with that? It's powerful and moving and some of the best songs are about love, how can you say that's not a good theme? I think both kpop and vocaloid have their own ways of doing things but both groups of fans need to stop bashing eachother!
Also, I know many people love Miku and the vocaloids like crazy but wouldn't it be unfair that the privilege of performing at the olympics was taken but no one but programmers, when there are people in kpop bands who can not only sing, are real people with feelings and many have whom have trained for years to get where they have gotten to, although I like vocaloid myself, I don't think it's fair on all those real people out there!
In no way is this a anti statement against either group of singers, it's a fair opinion, but sides please try to look at this in a non biased way! Bashing Miku like that post about why she shouldn't be at the olymics was immature and stupid and this is silly as there is no evidence behind it either. Both of these statments were untrue and silly and just end up starting fan wars! In future, please don't either group insult the other, both are good in their own right! Particularly don't spread lies about people, it's obviously not a nice thing to do, neither does it make you and your fan group look good. Posts like this make vocaloid fans look like they would all say things like this, but we don't! Right guys? Please stop being mean, and making yourself and other people look like immature idiots! =/ - visitor

GEEKS WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR CURTAINS. You shouldn't be idolizing Miku, you should be Idolizing the people behind it. The people who write the songs for it. MIKU DOES NOTHING, because... UH-OH! SHE IS NOT REAL. And I don't even want to get into the whole thing about... Real bands being less talented than a computer program or singing with less feeling or singing about something meaningless...

In my opinion the artist that should perform at the olympics is: John Legend or YUI or 2NE1. I though about some asian boy bands but... Fewer people would be better. One person would better than 10 completely new faces.

10 boys dancing and singing in a weird language, would just confuse people. It would do nothing but harm to SuJu or BB. If BB had songs completely in english, then okay, then it would be alright. But I still think that SuJu should never perform at the olympics. Not until they become a little more like musicians. Not until their company breaks the routine with them. - minttuleppu00e4nen

Can't tell if trolling or one big baka... - visitor

If Miku is not real.. SO WHAT!
Miku Is an embodiment of People feeling's that has been transcribe into a MUSIC! ( ohh my bad english )...
so I don't care if she is not real.

YUI may have a little chance to the opening london olympics.. But I still vote MIKU. That's right when you said one person would better than 10 completely new faces.

10 boys dancing and singing in a weird language, would confuse people? AGREE... - visitor

I could be wrong but my comment is being removed. I said the Olympic comitty should put up Miku around the world to sing in different languages in the day of opening. Obviously there is someone behind who does not want us to unit. People its just the time to make peace? If any artist can do the job I gladly gave the vote for him or her. But so far, non I suppose can do that. I know there are great artists around the world but who could ever represent my inner voices? - visitor

Id like to say that she is different, people will like her I know she might be strange but its a big step, a big step, a big change to the music industry in the whole world please please vote for my miku and all of yours we will make he be heard we will I know it

*delilah* - visitor

Just invite Hans Zimmer over. There's no way they would let Miku sing a Japanese song in a England's competition - visitor

Then, what's the problem? Los Angeles, Singapore, Australia, and other english continent are the fans of Miku. There's still more I can't tell to you. :) - visitor

Wow this is still going on? Hmm anyways, there is no point arguing about Miku being in the Olympics, she isn't going to be. The performers have been decided and Miku isn't one of them :( Sorry guys and girls. - visitor

All people who comment that people must choose real people than virtual one, and says that Korean bands aren't singing about sex or somewhat like what the blog saying, I have one word for you all...

GTFO. - visitor

Sorry writer, but you're wrong about boy/girl band, especially K-pop. If you search about k-pop, their struggle to be singer, their mostly 3-5 years training(singing, dancing, write/compose song, and others ability) until they become superstar you'll be amazed. They're all complete package, the song, dancing, music, look, body, ability, attitude, and character, all perfect. - visitor

Just because she's not human, doesn't mean she's not real! A lot of people love her because of her voice! She is NOT A ROBOT! Hatsune Miku may be a computer, but that doesn't make her a robot!. Also, if you people complain about her singing in Japanese, then just ask for Luka. She can sing in English as Vocaloid fans know. - visitor

To be completely honest, I voted for Big Bang but I wouldn't mind seeing a cool hologram performer as well. :) I'm open-minded about the performers about this one. - visitor

AAH well its popinrockin=. = and I hate! This - visitor

Go Miku!
Vocaloid Power! - visitor

Hahah I love it I hopes she sings the intense singing of hatsune miku the storyteller - visitor

Go Miku! - mybottt