Why Super Junior Should perform on the 2012 Olympics?

Relatively, there are many artists that dream of the chance to perform in such a grand scale event such as the Olympics. And Super Junior is just one of those thousands if not millions...

It's common for one who does not know them to Google and see that they are simply a group from South Korea with 13 members. Boyband wannabes they might say, but not for those who have followed them in their every step since debut, or even those who have seen at least one of their LIVE performances.

But let's cut to the chase. What REALLY sets Super Junior apart from the generations of boy groups then and now? What do they have to deserve a chance to perform in a big event such as the Olympics?

First, Super Junior is innovative. One of the main reason why Super Junior has lasted throughout these years was because they never run out style. If must, the better phrase should be they have lived their OWN style. Music business is just as cutthroat as any other fields of industry, some would just be simply proclaimed a superstar after releasing a couple of megahits and then fade into the oblivion after a younger generation would claim it. But that is not the case with Super Junior. They stayed faithful to their own style. They polished all their rough edges and created a harmony that people would continuously want to hear. Now after five main albums and many other releases, Super Junior constantly awes people not just with their looks, but their catchy beats and awesome harmony. In a simple comparison, Super Junior is like a wine; age just makes them better.

Second, Super Junior is versatile and comes along with it is their adaptability. Fans and audience alike agree that one strength of Super Junior is their diverse strengths in many fields. They do not just sing or dance, there are also commendable actors, TV hosts, DJs, product endorsers, models etc. Name a field and if they can do it, they will. That alone makes them available to ALL types of audience. While some might just target a particular age group or social margin, Super Junior cuts across the boundaries, making them lovable from the kids and even up to the mature public. Aside from that, when we talk about adaptability, we also would think of their stage performances. Super Junior has proven themselves as a group that could perform in any stage big or small. From the small stages of the music shows in Korea to the massive stages in their sold-out Super Shows, Super Junior's performance convey only one thing: they came to electrify the audience. Why not let them do the same in the Olympics right?

Third, Super Junior unites so many cultures with the love coming from their fans all over the world. I admit, it may sound too grand, or maybe fans from other artists would simply rebuke this idea saying their artists has done better; but consider my point. Super Junior is a NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING GROUP; or simply speaking, THEY DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH. But then they have conquered the Social Networking site such as Twitter and has been named #9 in the Trending Topic List Worlwide in 2011 and #4 in the Musicians category. Even in Mashable Awards where they got 3 awards when they haven't even debuted in the United States. And to add many other countries where their songs reach the #1 position in the music charts without them even performing at least once would take forever to discuss. So how do they get so much love from fans? You see, the matters they lack in English vocabulary, they filled it with passion. And passion is not something quantified by mere use of words; you feel them engulf you. For us, the words we barely understand because it's not English is not a problem because we feel them in our hearts. And if there is one thing that is common to us humans is a feeling heart. That goes beyond cultural differences. That is beyond a Universal Language. And that is what Super Junior did. It united our hearts.

Finally, Super Junior can be considered a role model for every generation. Oh no, I'm not saying they are the Mr. Perfect in such a way that they don't do anything wrong; that would be flat-out lying. But Super Junior taught the younger generation to persevere and believe in their dreams as they have opened their lives to many and they never hid the fact that it took so much of their blood and sweat and tears to get this far. And they also taught the more mature generation the culture of humility amidst the achievements they have earned. They still laugh at their comical blunders and are not afraid to admit and apologize and correct the mistakes that might be serious enough. They are not afraid to lower their pride and cry openly when they hurt, and they are not afraid to share the happiness in their victory. They taught everyone to believe in friendships that lasts. They are the perfect role models because they are REAL; that each and every one of us can relate to them that in a way, we find a piece of us in them whenever they appear on stage or in shows or in their own everyday lives.

Having said so many things on what sets them apart, let me in turn relate it towhy they should perform in the 2012 Olympics.

The Olympics has always been known to be a gathering of diverse cultures aimed at one goal: To represent their people and bring glory to their respective countries. The five rings which stood proud symbolizing the unity in five continents is exactly the reason why Olympics is held. As Super Junior is innovative, versatile and easily-adaptable, you can expect that their performance would be well-thought as something that would represent, not just their country South Korea, but the whole world. They've cut across cultures that their performance would definitely bring out the passion in the audience and the athletes as well; and ultimately unite everyone for that purpose. Isn't that the Olympics is all about? Unity? It is not about being a musical genius, nor is it about being an evolution. This is about preserving the well-held foundation of the Olympic Games: The Unity among the people. If Super Junior could unite the hearts of people, then it goes to say that they are doing the same thing as what the Olympics intend do.

And since the Olympics sends out a positive message not just to the athletes participating but also to the people watching, it is a great deal to say that the performer should also bring out a positive message to the whole world. Super Junior, being role models, goes along the line of what the Olympic Games is trying to convey. Their positive disposition and their sincere passion in their craft can be a message to the world community that here is a group that does not just electrify an audience; they also inspire them.

Maybe many of you might think that this is just a post from a blinded fan who is already hero-worshipping this group. Maybe so, but hear them first. Give them the chance to be heard. Give them the chance to inspire you. Let them make you feel as we do.

And most of all... let them perform in the 2012 Olympics. They are ready for this kind of world stage.


I agree.
I am a huge fan of Super Junior and what you have been saying is absolutely true. Thank you so much for this! - visitor

I'm a huge fan of super junior too and they r my inspiraters.. They inspire me because... Singaporeans might noe... When your p2 u alr have a lot of stress in school stating it clearly imma ELF since p2 n now I m p6... U might b thinking what the hell? She like super junior for so many years?!... Yes of course I loved super junior for so many years... My friends statring liking in p4 like tat... Than.. Every time I get stress out... I listen to super junior oppas music... It calms me down... Got once in school... I even landed a punch on sombody... Can't tell u keke... Because they said oni 3 words and I turned around and landed the punch on those people... Guess what did they say?
SuperJunior Sucks... Tat.. Totally ruin the whole day of my life... And my friends was trying to calm me down after I did tat... Almost everyone in the sch noe... Than thenext day... Everybody is like... Don't talk abt super junior in front of her... N hello people! R u falling asleep? Oh yes of course.. I myself falling asleep too.. & and take not... Imma HER..
Nvm u may add me as friend on facebook and I will tell u everything... OMO! This is as long as a compo... Oh ya and my name on Facebook is Evangelyn LuvsSupergeneration... Thxs! - visitor

Super junior the best boyband I've ever seen, and the best sound I've ever heard - visitor

I agree with you. They are the best boyband...! - visitor

I agree super junior is becoming smaller and smaller (from 13 members to 12 to 11 to 10 to 9) and through all that they're still together and another member is going to the army (I think) like some others so in my opinion I do think they should perform at the Olympics. & - visitor

Super Junior is the best group of kpop and they must appear in the 2012 Olympics as this would demonstrate to the entire world that there is nobody better than them saranghae super junior <3 - visitor

Totally true - visitor

Wont ever regret it if london welcomes Super Junior later - visitor

U are so right. They are the best of the BEST! Super Junior is not just a Korean boyband but they representative all of us, ELF. They don't need English songs because they make others learn Korean <3 they should have this chance to perform in London Olympic <3 Suju the best! - visitor

I totally agree... Super junior is the best - visitor

I totally agree - visitor

super junior they're the best group in my opinion and biggest since they have at least 13 members. elf... Hwaiting - visitor

U mean 15 I count Henry and Zhou Mi as members cause they just don't get enough recognition they work as hard as the others right? - visitor

This is completely true, I agree with every single word, I've only known for a half year but after I heard their songs Bonamana, Sorry Sorry and mr. Simple I was sold and became a real ELF. I'm really so happy that Heechul is coming back but it's sad others and especially Leeteuk have to go... I really hope they get this opportunity since they really deserve it. - Tsubasa01

I would probably cry my eyes if Super Junior preformed at the olympics! I adore them, I LOVE them so much! Saranghaeyo Super Junior <3 ELF - Ever Lasting Friends... Endless Love Forever x - visitor

Vote super junior continues to appear on the olympic london... I'm sure they'll get there

Super junior is a perfect band by imperfect people. That is why they should perform. 13 angels forever<3 EverLasting Friends forever! <3 - visitor

Your so right, Thanks for this. SUPER JUNIOR fighting! - visitor

Can't say more. They are more than deserving to be in this event. I feel that the members also want to be invited in this event. It's a great opportunity. And hopefully if it is given to them, their company would allow it. - visitor

I love Super Junior - visitor

Super Junior are the best. No doubt about it. - visitor

They deserve this chance! People in Britain should see how talented and charming these boys are! So they may not be able to do unnaturally high pitched notes and may not be a hologram but who cares?! They work so hard to get where they are and if people can't see that then they MUST be blind. Super Junior have been around for years (LONGER THAN THAT MIKU) and they even more popular now then they were then. They never lose style and capture millions (BILLIONS) of people's eyes. The public said they wouldn't make it as a group because they don't have unity and can't work together but they proved them wrong. They got through it and now they're an international male group with millions of fans and so many opportunities! They can do almost anything because each member is different (Like modelling, acting, rapping, MC, shows... ). They've been together through thick and thin. Even when the horrible tragic car accident of 2007 happened they still kept strong for each other and their fans. Now if that doesn't show dedication to their loyal ELF's then what does? They deserve this chance more than anything- PLEASE PUBLIC, YOU WOULD NEVER REGRET IT, EVER. They can SING. DANCE. RAP. ACT. ENTERTAIN. AND BE A ROLE MODEL FOR US ALL. Their songs are about meaningful things unlike British music which is all about SEX, DRUGS, ABUSE... They could really change the future! - visitor

I don't know if your ok with this but I deffenitly agree with u - visitor

Disagree, Hatsune Miku s born on august 31 2007,
Hatsune miku is created from 'VOCALOID' program that make Miku have a many song from many creator, Hatsune Miku can sing. She definitely a singer too. Why hatsune miku is on the list on 'SINGER? ' Cause' she can sing - visitor

Uh, Super Junior debuted on November 5th, 2005, so I think that means that they've been around longer. I understand, Miku's a singer but she's not real, and she'll be around for many years to come, but Super Junior would not. Why not just let Super Junior have this fame this time? I'm sure Miku will be around for a longer time and she'll get a lot more attention but let the spotlight shine on Super Junior please. They're really talented and it'd make many people proud and they'd be really happy as well. It's the least ELFs can do for them after all they've done for us <3
Also, other kpop fans reading this, I know you want your favourite group to win but can you please vote for Super Junior? If all the kpop lovers band together, we could get Super Junior to the top. I know that you'd want Big Bang, or SHINee, or B2ST, or f(x) to perform, but if everyone votes for Super Junior, we can get kpop to the top of the list! And next time, if another kpop group is close to the top, we'll all vote for them! - visitor

Leave Miku out of this and f****** leave us alone. K-pop is good, I'll admit, but Miku will wipe the floor with super junior if you people come bitching about it at Miku's forum. We leave you alone, so you should leave us alone, I really don't want to see super junior getting destroyed.

The Miku Fans - visitor

I agree! I only have known them for... One month, but I have nearly all of thier albums, including SuJu-M, So I... Cannot say no to this comment! - visitor

Well super junior is one of the first kpop boybands that I have started to listen to so there for I hope they do get to sing in the 2012 Olympics do please help them reach that goal...

Let's go E.L. fS we have to vote we r n second place lets get to first place they need our help nan neol SARANGHAE Kamsahamnida guys for being apart in our lives saranghaeyo - visitor

SUJU fighting &! They deserve to sing at olympics& - visitor

SUPER JUNIOR 4 ever! * Hugz frum Australia * - visitor

I almost cried when read this! I had to print your words and translate them in Italian for my friends! You wrote such beautiful things and see... Super Junior beaten by a stupid blue hologram... Wish they were even more famous... Real music would have won... Go ELFs, it's not end yet! FIGHTING! Remember, we're the most big family around the world, we must do it for Super Junior! GO! - visitor

I agree! What nice wordss you said! - visitor

Yes keep voting your right were not done yet, ELF lets prove them that our family is the best, hwaiting - visitor

One direction! - visitor

Humanoid vs Vocaloid

- visitor

I wrote this blog piece not to instigate fanwars but to let my fellow ELFs see (and non-ELFs)why they deserve to perform in the 2012 Olympics... Please ELFs, refrain from commenting against any other artists in specific, because their fans also would want their idols to perform in the 2012 Olympics. That is the reason why I opened the piece with how many artists aspire to perform in a large event such as the Olympics; this is not to boast about Super Junior, this is to encourage people to listen and feel Super Junior's music. SJ taught us humility and keep it that way okay fellow ELFs? And as for the spammers, please, if you want to say something for your artist then do create a separate blog post and say anything in there because this is for Super Junior. (Sheesh people... You guys act like this is Mr. Simple MV or something, World ELFs vs. Trolls >. <) Oh, and I'll be posting another blog piece for Super Junior soon... & Remember ELFs, SJ ELF = Eternal - visitor

I really think that you're SO right... Thank u for making something like to prove to other people that SuJu really do deserve this... I was SO shocked when I saw Hatsune Miku at the number one spot. Let's do this ELFs. FIGHTING! They deserve this better than a holographic projection! - visitor

Then what? I actually vote kagamine twin - visitor

Yes, we should - visitor

'hooray for SUPER JUNIOR.. they should perform. they are worth performing at the Olympic games - visitor

Super Junior good but I voted for Hatsune Miku because shes less popular and needs more fame. - visitor

Dude, Hatsune Miku is a COMPUTER PROGRAM! That "thing" has no real talent what so ever! Why would you vote for a machine over REAL TALENT?! - visitor


Super Junior、SHINEE、BIGBANG... Blabla.. Isn't for me.
Hastune Miku is real!
万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁 - u8b1du5178u9716

You re stupid.. Really. Miku is just a program! Be a singer is difficult! So go home kid - visitor

Hey guys don't hate Hatsune Miku I mean really that isn't very nice... I like her cause her songs can be really deep and don't tell me she's a computer program cause it doesn't matter as long as the songs are good! - visitor

Yeah but Super Junior has the same meaning as all other real singers. Love, Sex, Money, Girls. Miku Has meaning in her songs, Dark woods circus for an example, she tells storys of how people used to be treated wrongly in the edo japan periods. Also in her song called "Rolling girl" tells of how a girl was bullied through her life and hurt, but she never gave up so in the end she finally found it. I'm not hating on Super Junior, and I'm a fan of them both but still don't hate on Miku before you get to know her :/ - visitor

To the comment above: Super Junior has never sang about sex or money-except if you count Don't Don, a song about corruption through greed (and if that's not a meaningful song about modern day issues/concerns, then singers might as well sing about elephants in nightgowns to entertain the public instead). In addition, yes, Super Junior has sang about love, and naturally since they are indeed men, girls would go along with love. It's connotative. And to say that love has no meaning... That'd mean that you've never felt what it was like to be in love because love has more meaning than anything else. It's the most meaningful thing in the world if it can be expressed correctly (as it is difficult to express things that come from the heart in words). And to be honest, Super Junior has done a great job. If the lyrics are evaluated well, they can bring tears to the listener/viewer. Throughout many songs, I've found myself crying. For example, Super Junior's Kyuhyun's "The Way to Break Up" I bawled my eyes out for hours, and the song had nothing to do with a situation I had ever been in. It was breathtakingly amazing because Kyuhyun's raw talent easily expressed a narration of pain that was instilled into me through his voice and the lyrics. Although I didn't know the emotion, I felt it. He was able to help me experience something new through nothing but his voice and those heartwrenching lyrics. I felt my chest clench in pain, and it hurt.
Now, that is talent at its best. That was the first time a song had ever made me cry, and many Super Junior songs followed.
I wrote this to prove you wrong, not to hate on Miku. If you notice, not once did I mention Miku simply because I do not know her well. However, I felt defensive because you DID mention Super Junior, and to say that they sing about something they don't and to imply that their songs have no meaning obviously shows that you do not know them well. And if you do not identify with an artist, subject, or topic well, it is best to steer clear as to avoid offending a fan. - visitor

I only knew super junior 4 a short time but, I really want super junior to perform at the olympics because super junior should get more love. Lots of people in tokyo already love hatsune miku but super junior doesn't have that much fame. So PLEASE, vote 4 SUPER JUNIOR ll the way! - visitor

I agree completely with this! I would love it if they could perform but I absolutely will not bash anyone that wins. I don't think it's fair since each artist has their own fans. It's like saying if Super Junior won and suddenly, tons of people are bashing Super Junior. I'm still hoping for Super Junior though
Hwaiting~ - visitor

Well then, admire the compositor, not the program. _. - visitor

This post basically explained all the reasons why I love Super Junior. SuJu Fighting! - visitor

Let's go ELFs! Let's show the world why Super Junior deserves this more than anybody. Let's show the world why we love Super Junior. Let's show the world who our amazing boys really are cause it sucks that some people bash on them without properly knowing them. So let us vote for Super Junior so SuJu will win and will be able to show the world what a true performance is all about. FIGHTING! - visitor

Suju is the best k-pop band they're multi talented they have good voice good looking they can dance they are perfect from leaer to maknae
If they perform on the Olympics members will be happy, ELFs will be happy, Heechul Hangeng kibum and Kangin oppa will be hapy and everybody will see Super Junior is the BEST!
Super Junior Fighting! - visitor

SUPER JUNIOR is THE BEST! & - visitor

I agree. Super Junior does unite us all. They have worked so hard since their debut, not to mention their 5 years of being trainees. Before I found out about Super Junior, my life was... Well, a mess. I was going through a really tough time. But just when I was about to give up, I found Super Junior. I was amazed at them. I discovered them through one of their live performances, and with singers like Yesung, dancers like Eunhyuk, and a leader like Leeteuk, I couldn't just ignore them. I searched more about them, and I found out it wasn't just their singing that was great, their personalities were also great. Watching them on variety shows and such, I just couldn't stop smiling and laughing at the silly and funny things they did. They really brightened up my life and made me see so many new possibilities, and seeing how hard they worked, it really gave me inspiration. I hope that they can perform this year and inspire many more people. - visitor

Agree! SuJu Ganda! & - visitor

I made a second post for all of you! ^___^ http://www.the-top-tens.com/members/visitor/blog/why-super-junior-should-perform-2012-olympics-part-2-5660.asp - visitor

I agree, I abig fan of super junior, suju really amazing k pop group they're will do awonderful performance, I wanna see them performed in olympics, ELF where are you please more vote if you are really "ELF" super junior fighting - visitor

Super junior are amazing! They should totally be able to preform at the 2012 olympics! Suju fighting! - visitor

Suju oppas must perform on the 2012 Olympics! Believe that Super Junior will perform Super Shows! Let them! ELF are cheering & waiting their Skills! <3 Suju - visitor

Ugh - visitor

What in god's name is an ELF?

What does that even mean?

Ever Lasting Friends? Does that mean you guys are all friends with each other or something? That's almost as stupid sounding as Beliebers... - visitor

The name EverLasting Friends shows how loyal we are to SuJu. It may sound weird at first but once you understand what SuJu and ELFs has been through together you'd understand the story behind the name. The name represents the strong relationship we ELFs and SuJu have. It represents that no matter what happens we will always be there for our boys. ELFs are made up of people from different races with different languages but we all reunite when it comes to one thingand that's SUPER JUNIOR and NOBODY I say NOBODY gets in between the relastionship of us ELFs and SuPer Junior. ELFs FIGHTING! Now do you get it? - visitor

Yeahh we all friend
friend forever It not just like Idol and fanclub it like friend and friend you know
ELF are stronger than you think - visitor

Suju should perform in the Olympics because they went through a lot just to get where they at. They deserved to be recgonized by people all over the world. They worked really hard and they put 110% in all their performances. Each one of the members has their own ways to represent themselves. They r a bunch of loving people. Please vote for them all of their music r all wonderful and catchy too. Love them.. Kyu! - visitor

SUJU should be number 1 since their BETTER than the anime person no offense(: - visitor

I agree. WAAY better - visitor

Super Junior MUST perform on the 2012 olympics because, they makes ELFs have an inspiration. They very cool! They can dance, rap, and everything!. What's ELF mean?
Elf is Ever Lasting Friend, actually friends is never end, we still together forever.
Vote Super Junior, and u know. - visitor

I KINDA disagree, They actually get to preform more than twice a year while Hatsune miku gets to preform ONCE a year -. -" - visitor

She's a computer program. It's dumb! SuJu has REAL tallent. - visitor

Yupp! Kpoop is concerted many times! So boring! =w= - visitor

I do not want to live in a world where the machines sing... I want to die - visitor

Don't judge before you get to know her, she has a lot of meanings in her songs. I think they are both great and it would be awesome for them to both perform. - visitor

boring.. , - sayaechelon

It should be Adele! A - sayaechelon

Hell no.. Adele just sings about how she hates her ex-boyfriends.. - visitor


I agree. Super Junior is my favorite band, and each one of them are my role models. Great guys, they are. - visitor

They are amazing! I love them! <3 - visitor


Knowing them for years and I have no regret when I say that they won't disappoint anyone..

people who know kpop are well-informed that super junior is one of the biggest hallyu star ever, and this is proven by fans worldwide..

tickets sold out in various country such as taiwan, philipines, malaysia and so much more. Doesn't this prove that their show is loved by others?

aside from having great talent, these boys are also well-known for their great personality, humorous and playful side, and even the way they treat their fans are praised by many people!
because of their honesty in becoming an artist(pure love for music), they are loved by fans..

lets give this opportunity to these boys so they can show the whole world how pure love for music and lovable personality unites people around the world.. - visitor

Miku Is Better. Miku Wins! (^. ^)/ - visitor

No kid - visitor

I prefer Super Junior because they are mostly a world sensation. I really don't want to watch a virtual girl singing at the 2012 Olympics. Plus I love them because they have a great voice! - visitor


Yehah shes good, but don't go saying she better. There both talented in there own ways. - visitor

Suju should perform because they are the best band ever... They are very versatile. They are complete idol package because there are amazing singers, fantastic dancers, they have everything that is needed to be an idol group... I just love them, I hope they will perform. - visitor

Saranghae SUJU! Must appear on London olympics! I want to see them on T.V.! I will be dying of happiness if my wish really come true! Love you forver~ - visitor

I love it because they are a huge difference between American music. This is American Musi

"I wanna make love. "

However this is Korean Musi

"I love you. "

- visitor

Super Junior has done a great job going far. I still think it's pretty amazing that they are second right now even though they deserve to be 1st.
Super Junior has inspired me in many ways, and I just want the whole world to see them on the Olympic stage singing and dancing away. Not being rude to Hatsune Miku fans but I mean? Really? Super Junior keeps on practicing on everything they do, (dancing, singing, shows, concerts, etc. ) And were going to let a virtual character get in our way? Super Junior fighting! ~ - visitor

Well, vocaloid do the concert is only 2 per year, how abour kpoop [oops.. ] star?! Its more than 2!
i like Kpoop too but Virtual idol need show too! - visitor

Miku's fans are all kids -. - How can they love that kind of music? So retarded - visitor

Its you who don't know, almost every people of all ages love miku, try to search it on google and u will know. - visitor

Hey! Vocaloids songs can be really deep and sometimes they make them so confusing for the riddle-loving fans that it would take a detective to figure it out Super Junior is awesome I love them! But u shouldn't hate on Vocaloid when u don't no about the other songs they have - visitor

SUJU fighting! They totally deserve this. I discovered the wonder that is Super Junior in 2008 and I've loved them ever since. These guys are very talented and all the people present and watching will not regret it at all. And it will win the guys some new fans. But I've gotta correct you on something, Siwon actually speaks very good English despite his thick Korean accent, Henry who is also part of their sub group Super Junior M is very fluent in English as it is his first language being that he was born and raised in my home city of Toronto Canada. So English is his first language. But I do agree with you compleatly that they do deserve to be there. I really don't wanna hear a computer singing. - visitor

Umm... I think you've misunderstood. What I meant by them a non-English speaking group is that all their songs are in Korean (or Japanese if you include their Japanese versions) but never a full English song. As individuals, I agree, there are members who are quite good in English (and you forgot to include Heenim because he graduated with a minor degree in Conversational English) but the point being is that they are Korean Artists; their language is Hangul so most definitely there is bound to be a language barrier to that effect. Hope you understand... & - visitor

All those people who say miku is better are way wrong because
1. Miku can never be a role model to youth like our beloved SuJu
2. It's basically the same to watch Miku on the computer and in real life BECAUSE SHE isn't REAL LIFE

oh and by the way, I love Eunhyukkie and Fishy and Teukie-Teukie!
Super Juni-OR FIGHTING! - visitor

Agree! But some people are so stupid! They can't understand the true music - visitor

All those people saying miku is WORST are WAY wrong because
1. ) She wont ever die. Shes a hologram that will stay alive for years and years to come
2. ) She has more meaning than most of the music nowadays. Most of it now is just about sex and drugs and hating on ex-boyfriends and revenge.
3. ) She has a lot of meanings to her music.
4. ) In her songs it explains the reality to the world, and makes people realize how monsterous they are nowadays.

I love bigbang but I would rather like to see miku to perform than those ILLUMINATIS SUJU..
yuck..! - visitor

Wrong! Miku is an Illuminati object - visitor

You want something that is not real to sing than SOMEONE who has REAL TALENT. - visitor

Oa Oa! HOw dear U speak tO Our SJ LIKE THIS? ! SJ IS THE ONE WHO CAN BE THERE! - visitor

ONLY AN ILLUMINATI that can really judge which one is ILLUMINATI.
Or, in other words, are you saying that YOU ARE one of those ILLUMINATIS, so that you can stated that SJ is an ILLUMINATI?

Use your brain before speaking! Or, you don't have even one? POOR YOU! - visitor

Miku win 18%
suju 10%
MIKU-CHAN! UWAHHh! - visitor

Are you kidding me? Miku isn't even real! Super Junior has REAL talent that Miku cannot beat.
GO ELFs. GO SUJU - visitor

Miku is not talented. She's not real - visitor

I agree with you... Suju has a greater talent - visitor

But whatever you say, the number of people that voted for miku is greater than SuJu, right? - visitor

SUPER JUNIOR IS the kinG of heartSsSsSsSs... KinG of K-pop... KinG of World's pop... King of everythinG in thiS world!
SJ is always winner when they have usSsSs! We will never let them dOwn... We will be with them till death even after our death! Just like Our name! WE ARE EverLastingFriend...!
So sinCe that, Miku is NOTHING! Can U understand? NOTHING!
This is Our message tO the whole world!
@all Miku's fan: Our beloved SUPER JUNIOR is forever number 1%not here, every where!
SUPER JUNIOR forever! Till death even more! :xxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx


! GOING TO GET CRAZY! - visitor

Loves you <3 - visitor


I have 3 things to say:
1. You are 99% correct siwon and henry and kibum speak english and the rest of the members can at least speak minimal english.
2. Miku isn't real. Its a hologram that couldn't provide evem 1% of the sincerity Super junior (or shinee or big bang (i'm an elf, shawol, and vip)) but super junior is the best in their occupation.
3. It's all about would everyone really ENJOY not just about sincerity (people can like you even if you have no sincerity)if this was a world wide poll the top 20 would be filled with kpop and this miku thing would be like #15 (at the most) - visitor



ELF,! - visitor

I don't think Super Junior should perform in the 2012 Olympics ceremony because they aren't from England and the ceremony is a way to show the hosting country. They should perform for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang because they are so talented and awesome! I love all boys in Super Junior! I love you Shi Won! - visitor

Proud to be an ELF. We love Super Junior and they deserve it. Super Junior Fighting! *Full of love from Malaysia ELF* - visitor

I have been an ELF for a year and a half now and I totally agree with you, they can (and have) inspire so many people, they are real life breathing living humans not just holograms with a really anoying voice that can't really be a role model because it never really did anything inspiring like Super Junior. - visitor

I definitely agree with U.Super Junior is so talented. I am Vietnamese and Korea and Vietnam get along very well, so yes I am a fan! - visitor

What a great way to convince people... TRUE! TRUE! TRUE! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE%~>_<
- visitor

So Hatsune Miku is number one and you (Miku's fans) are proud and begin to spam about Miku huh? We don't know the results yet so don't be so stupid! Super Junior made their full concert on Japan this year and guess what? THERE ARE BILLIONS OF JAPANESE CAME AND CROWDED AND LIKE THERE ARE NO SPACES LEFT FOR ANTS! THEY EVEN DANCE, SING ALONG AND YELLS NON-STOPABLE FROM THE START UNTIL THE END! Even though Hatsune Miku is going to perform, but SUPER JUNIOR WILL NEVER GIVE UP! THEY BECOME ONE! THEY MAKE US PROUD! They also took pictures with the famous person, JACKIE CHAN! They are the famous! E.L. F and Super Junior, don't give up! FIGHTING! - visitor

I couldn't agree more - visitor

MIKU number 1 - visitor

Please stop abusing Miku! She is the work of not just her company, but many other hard working artists and song writers! Anyone can work with her. She's interactive, she can be shared, and she can still sing amazingly. Just because she's first, don't call her by 'The Hologram' because to thousands of others, she's their first steps to their career! You can bash this message all you want, call me a kid, an idiot, a nerd, but please! Stop bashing Miku, and stop insulting her, she's helped so many, and she's just as much precious to her fans as SuJu is to you. Making her a hologram doesn't change our feelings. Don't criticize her so harshly. You can still vote for SuJu, BIGBANG or SHINee and I don't mean to change your decisions on voting, but stop being so hateful towards VOCALOID. Even if they can't feel pain, we, their fans, can. It hurts, please just stop. - visitor

THAT RIGHT & - visitor

Super Junior should sing in the olympics because they are the best band in the whole world. They have wonderful voices and their dance are amazing. - visitor

Super Junior are the best. Their voices are amazing and their dances are so awesome. They should come to the olympics and sing cause they deseve it. - visitor

I so totally agree. Super Junior deserves this. They have had such a big effect on our world, and this would be such a big chance for them. I won't even say anymore because you've said it all. But I will say that Super Junior (who is human and will only be around for the next few years) should shine now rather than a computer program (who can be around for centuries). It's Super Junior's turn now. Maybe Miku can have a chance later. SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING! - visitor

I agree. Super Junior does deserve a chance to play at the Olympics. I love K-Pop and other music like that like J-Pop but I don't really think they should perform THIS YEAR. South Korea is going to have an Olympics in just a few years and that is their chance to perform. I believe that a British group should perform because the Olympics are in London. I would support this more if the Olympics were in South Korea this year, but it isn't. Don't get me wrong, I love K-Pop but I believe fans of all the K-Pop bands should wait a few years, until 2018. Hosting the Olympics is the chance that British bands have to play in front of people. Super Junior really deserves this but they should wait and let the British have a chance to shine at their Olympics. - visitor

I would laugh so hard if neither SUJU or Miku gets to perform at olympic. I am a Miku fan to be honest, but I have nothing against K-Pop (mostly listen to SNSD and WonderGirls, but ain't much) But damn... Can't we Miku+K-Pop fans respect each other? I wont say much about K-Pop since I'm not really a fan, but I do have some to say about Miku:

1. Yes, Miku is NOT REAL and I understand that. You may not like her voice but remember that the one making/writing her song are REAL PEOPLE. Some JP bands ex: Supercell, didn't have a vocalist before so they use Miku to sing their song for them.
2. Yes, Miku is a PROGRAM you all said it yourself. Which also makes her an "instrument". That is like guitar, piano, drums etc.. If you don't know how to "use" Miku she sounded like S*** (yea me a Miku/JP fan said that) Miku gave those who can't sing a 'voice' so that people may express themselves
3. What exactly is TRUE MUSIC? Even I don't know the answer. But when I look back, is it right if I say true music are like Kenny G or Beethoven? People been saying music has died long ago.
4. Every people like different things. We can't expect the WHOLE WORLD to like either K-Pop or Miku. Every 'singers' will have fans and haters alike. Take this guy for example *drags Bieber in*
5. HUMAN SINGERS and their fans no need to worry. Even if Miku's fanbase is huge doesn't mean human singers are gonna be forgotten. There is a news about Aoi of GazettE saying Miku is not real music, blabla... It kinda hurts me in a way because I'm a Gazette fan too and it EFFECTS me on how much I look up to them as a band.

I don't mind if SUJU gets to perform since Miku (who can nvr die) will have a lot more opportunities in future. LONG LIVE K-POP+MIKU!

PS: that "Nyan Cat" song is made by using Miku - visitor

I read your post and at the end I realized something. What if Nyan cat was used in the Opening Ceremony? THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! - visitor

MIKU number 1 - visitor

HeY! ELFsSsS here PlzZz tell Other elfs tO vOte here! - visitor

SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST. They can singing, dancing, acting... They're so talented... American singers? British Singers? They can't singing and dancing at the same time... They only have dancers... Male singers have female dancer and female singers have male dancer... It's not hard to stay and sing... Super junior members(and other kpop groups)can singing and dancing at the same time without losing their voice... IT'S SO HARD...
We, ELFs Always support Super Junior... No matter what...
Fighting super junior
Fighting ELFs - visitor

They are lipsyncing during their live, aren't they? (I just checked a video of their live) Lady gaga could much better sing during dancing. She never lipsyncs according to her words. - visitor

Actually, no, they are NOT lip-syncing. They only lip-synced a few times only with certain songs (like Perfection).
I am an ELF by the way but I'm saying this honestly...
Super Junior has a lot more talent than her.
And even if (IF) they were lacking a bit in talent, they EACH have more personality in ONE of their hairs than she does in her whole body. (not hating or anything. By 'her' I mean many of the other artists. ) - visitor

Just SUPER JUNIOR - visitor

Super Junior is superior... I've only listened to a few seconds of Mr. Simple and fell in love with the band instantly - visitor

Whoever does think about this so seriously, huh? The Olympic will be held in London... So talent supposed to be picked are definitely from England! Otherwise London wouldn't offer any pay for any talent. That is a special occasion where they appeal themselves. Practically this is a matter of business. So any artist from K-pop, J pop or whatever artist from foreign countries wouldn't be asked. 100% sure. You guys will have the best time in 2018, just wait. - visitor

Super Junior should really perform. Even though they are not European or anything, they'd probably make a giant show for all people to see around he world. I've listened to most of their songs and it shows a lot energy and emotions throughout the songs. And I'd be really happy if they really do perform! - visitor

I never watch the opening ceremonies, or the olympics really, but I will actually WATCH it if Super Junior performs - visitor

<3 SUJU I really hope they get to perform, I have followed them even since Kyuhyun debuet' but I can't get enough.. I would be over the moon if they got to do it.. Afterall they deserve it after all that's happended to them <3 - visitor

<3 oppa oppa <3 - visitor

They may be from a country as small as South Korea, but seriously, the point that they have not even debuted in North America or Britain or anywhere and they are in SECOND PLACE, is just the icing to how great and talented they are! They inspire people of any age, gender or ethnicity! They deserve this! They deserve to let the world know what music can really do and how it connects us all as a world and not just people who speak different languages! And just to add, they're awesome and fans from all over would be extremely happy if they were chosen to perform! - visitor

I don't think many men would like SJ. They prefer Girl's Generation or some other if from Kpop. - visitor

... Am I the only one wondering why a group of MALE dancers/singers are calling themselves. Ever Lasting Friends? Or aka, Elf? WHY? I mean, seriously? ELF!? And am I the ONLY one thinking there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with that? Not even my little cousin think that's cool, and SHE's SEVEN!

... Go Miku - visitor

The FAN CLUB is ELF, not the band. And it's not a stupid name; the meaning
goes really far. - visitor

Oh my eyes... The caps lock abuse, seriously? Dun kill me! At least Miku fans know proper grammar. (And you say that Super Junior appeals to all languages? ) Miku is the work of THOUSANDS of people. She is the tears, sweat and blood of people of DIFFERENT countries. I, who is a true american, am actually friends with a girl who's from Malaysia and a boy from Germany because Miku brought us together. Super Junior cannot do that. We can love them, we can worship them, but we can't interact with them. We can't contribute to their talent, we can't have them do our bidding. With Miku, we can do that, With Miku, we have that freedom.

Also, because you all seem to enjoy the fact that we Miku fans can act like kids. I'll give you a few quotes from your own fanbase. 'SUPER JUNIOR IS the kinG of heartSsSsSsSs', 'I LOVE THEM... SARANGHAMNIDA SUPER JUNIOR... ', ' I LOVE THEM... SARANGHAMNIDA SUPER JUNIOR... ', 'Oa Oa! �' �'�! HOw dear U speak tO Our SJ LIKE THIS? ! SJ IS THE ONE WHO CAN BE THERE! ' -oo- and so, before you can call us Miku fan little kids, please straighten up your own behavior first.

I rest my case. I thank you for your time. I believe that Miku will always triumph brightly over all others, and yes, I do agree that some of us are childish. But trust me, none of our immaturity compares to yours. - visitor

That because Miku is an animation but super junior is a real people they are pop star
you can't even speak with Miku, Miku doesn't really know if you make a project for her, she can't even walk by her self! So everything she act it pass from somebody but Super Junior do everything with them self do it if they want to do it
we can talk to them like this http://w. Youtube. Cowatch? V=ddhDSPqIY04 that's how we can talk to them speak in one voice, did you see what they reply they cry they bounce (in korea mean thank you)
If you do this to your miku what can she do to you? Can she cry with her real tear?
" http://w. Youtube. Cowatch? NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=NK8czi8zG6c " <<< beautiful isn't it? It just a paper
and you know when we (super junior fanclub ) meet together we will talk like never did before even we don't know each other but we can talk with them for a hour it's a new friendship somebody got boyfriend or girlfriend because of them, somebody meet they real friend because of them
- visitor

I'm from London and I would definitely go and see SJ if they come. - visitor

I really LOVE SUJU although I juz being an ELF for only 4months but they really make me to LOVE them without any thoughts I wish to see them on the 2012 OLYMPICS! - visitor

I'm agree
maybe they speak english not very well (they still trying) but they show it with their performance they show what they want to say they show how much they love their fanclub by song and that's why I love them so they should perform on Olympic - visitor

They don't have much time to study speaking english... Suju is the among of all they must performed thier and hope the best leader in this world is with them.. - visitor

Well, its hard to complain now, because the numbers of vote for miku are way surpassed SuJu. But this vote is unoffcial, whos know, may be they will choose bands or singers they like but neither of miku or suJu - visitor

I'm wishing to see SuJu on the 2012 Olympic stage.
-ELF - visitor

I'm not a new elf but I wasnt have a oppurtunity to vote for them I'm just reading my fellow elf comment I'm a phillipine elf but I'm working now here in UAE idont have an account... Love ELF SUPER JUNIOR sarangeyo - visitor

Almost these comment is from Korean. It's not improper at Olympic sort of worldwide ceremony. I think Korean singer must be eliminated from every selection like this.
Korean have makeed backstairs deal as national-wide at a notable vote. It's doesn't fellt like at Olympic.
- visitor

I'm a elf from phillipines and I don't have opurtunity to watc them but I want them won for every competition.. - visitor

I got interested in SJ when I read those comments, and then watched some videos from You Tube. Well... Probably because I am a guy, it's just disappointing. They are like an ordinary idol group well trained to serve fangirls and don't seem to have notable skill to sing. Each of them look nice though. Can't think they could perform at such significant stage like Olympic ceremony. Maybe in Korea, they could.. Sorry. - visitor

Omo before I came to this site I dun even know who the heck is Miku HA HA Honestly I simply came to this site to give my boys my precious vote.. Wow wow wow MIKU FANS U call us childish but look at urselves u guys r trying to abuse US in OUR VERY OWN PAGE.. This is a Page created to motivate people To vote for Super Junior.. You Have Created Your Own Page too.. The simple procedure for this page is READ IT - visitor

I am a really big fan of Super Junior. Before I even heard of them, I didn't talk to that many people but I started to become more self-confident about myself after I watched them on Music and Variety shows. I also managed to become friends with people all around the world and I am very proud of them. - visitor

Super junior super junior blablablabla just tell me: what the spesial thing that you love in super junior! Super junior is boring kpop is boring everything in korea is boring... For me evryjapanese artist are the best of theme cause they have the talent and the japanese song are relly relly biautiful so imsorry and nice try

(sorry fo my bad english) jmusic lover morocco. Africa - visitor

They NEED this. I personally love all the others, but Super Junior was the first Male KPOP group I found out about. KPOP NEEDS to be spread around the world, not just in Korea or the Philippines. Give us a chance for once! I have a Hatsune Miku poster on my wall as I'm typing this. But Super Junior means the WORLD to me. I'm sorry, but Super Junior must win. - visitor


They are able to perform in such a WORLD STAGE like OLYMPICS.

They are ready to be in such a WORLD STAGE like OLYMPICS.

They DESERVE to be in such a WORLD STAGE like OLYMPICS.

They are the SUPER of all boyband that ever existed.

They are the SUPER of all non-english speaking group.

They are the SUPER of all seniors.

They are the SUPER of all juniors.


Yup! They're ready to be on the world stage! They deserve this. Super junior rules! - visitor

I TOTALLY AGREE super junior is the first kpop group I know and they are super idols. They totally rock so they should perform in the 2012 olympics. Super Junior will be the next shinhwa - visitor

Super Junior is Super Junior. And I believe they'll be able to go even further than that. - visitor

I would scream then fall to my knees crying in joy if thy played at the Olympics! :'D - visitor

I'm a fan of Miku Hatsune and Super Junior! I wish they could both perform so everyone would be happy :|.. - visitor

Superjunior is the best kpop group. They have their own originaly their voices is so amazing and a preety good dancer too. - visitor

Super junior not just the best boyband in the world but also they are all talented! Go elf go suju... Fighting! - visitor

I think what I want to say had been written in the whole article and comments. Just wanna say aja aja fighting super junior! I hope super junior can entertain us forever as we're Everlasting Friens - visitor


Hmm I chose hatsune miku VOTE FOR HATSUNE MIKU BEST SINGER OUT THERE - visitor

Yes. They should - visitor

Super junior is the best k_pop group &
and I'm proud being ELF.. & - visitor

Awesome! Suju is the best and the person who post this is a REAL ELF! Proud to be an E.L. F! - visitor

I come from China. I can't speak English very much. I omly want to say, the ELF,love super junior forever~ - visitor

BOO... - visitor

SJ in the house make way for new KING! SARANGHAEYO <3 - visitor