Dumb Argument!!!

Come on people! No matter who you are a fan of, one of the K-pop groups, or the hologram, the chance that either will be at the Olympics is so small that it is nearly non-existant! I like Super Junior, but I'm not going to be dumb enough to get in a fight over who should perform! Someone form the UK WILL perform! Show off some British talent! The opening ceremony's are where the host country can shine!

I'm not even from England and I think that that is much better than having an Asian group do it! (and I LOVE K-pop and J-pop!)


I tottaly agree! - visitor

I know right? It's crazy! - visitor

Well these no life Otakus spammed every fb anime pages that's why a vocaloid is there at #1 but now this list has turned into who won't be at The Olympics. - visitor

These "no-life otakus" weren't the only ones who spammed facebook pages. If you're going to walk down that road, then I can say "no-life directioners" and "no life k-pop fans" spammed pages to. (I have nothing against One Direction or K-Pop, just a manner of speech. )

Seriously, Miku got to the top of the list because she's very popular. Spamming pages as you call it was just publicizing for her. :/ - visitor

Agree, I myself would love to see Super Junior (or another Kpop group) at the Olympics (that's why I vote for them) but I think it's useless to keep on fighting about who should go, the change is minimum that one of them will come especially with Miku, (and visitor number 3 ever seen her concerts, she is a hologram there so if she would come it would be on a screen and no one at home would actually see her well or be able to enjoy it)... By the way. I'm not out for another fight so please don't comment back on what I said about Miku, it will all be useless anyway... - visitor

- visitor

Of course. This is not an official vote, it won't matter who wins or who doesn't. In the end, who actually plays at the olympics will be completely undetermined by the people. This is just a public fun little vote system to see who people 'want' to go. It has nothing to do with who 'will' go. Even though "the hologram" will probably never be able to perform at the olympics, we can still vote for her, or any other obscure group that we like. It doesn't matter at all what we want or vote on, we might as well vote for whoever we choose regardless of whether they actually have any real chance or not. - visitor

I'm sort of curios really, how can you perform a hologram? Does it require some special screen? - visitor

Visitor above.
Yea. There's like a special screen thingy. It projects it then the shine a light behind it so you can see it better. Makes them look strangely real (Well, real if they DIDN'T have weird colored hair)... - visitor

The mere fact that you referred to Hatsune Miku as a hologram just shows your blatant lack of knowledge on her or anything related to her.
Anywho, the rest of what you said is true and I myself find it rather silly that people are getting so worked up over a mere internet poll which will have absolutely no impact on who actually preforms at the Olympics. - visitor

I'm glad that you agree, but why do you seem to think that this person should know anything about Hatsune Miku? They might have just forgotten what her name is... Maybe they don't want to know anything about her... - visitor

If Miku isn't a hologram, what is she hmm? - visitor

A digital diva! - visitor

NICE ONE DUDE you gave me HOPES when you said DIGITAL DIVA at least SOMEONE here was knowledgeable
and besides I'M NOT A KPOPPER FAN but I tried listening to their songs and seem to like it - visitor

Oh Gosh -- really guys, that's childish. Hologram and real persons. I prefer reality, not the computer program to perform ;/ - visitor

I pretty much agree with you... - visitor

I REALLY hate you, dude. - visitor

Agree, I mean it would be cool
but well, I always have some scary thought that one day in a future all the people would know would be some singing hologram, no offense but the thought of go to concert for a hologram really creep me out :/
I still prefer real people with real talent. - visitor

Meanies (to the non Miku fans) I LOVE MIKU
- visitor

To the idiot visitor above:
They use real people to make the VOCALOID's voices so technically, they do have real talent. - visitor

I think you are right but this is just for fun! - same

One direction are the best they are British and one of the members was on the reserves list for sprinting so wouldn't it just make sense - visitor

That is cool! - visitor

No. What happened to the Olympics being a gathering of the world? Now you're saying you think this group is more fit to perform because they're BRITISH? That is so LAME. - visitor

One direction are the worst because they are British and one of the members was on the reserves list for sprinting so would make sence

One direction are the best they are British and one of the members was on the reserves list for sprinting so wouldn't it just make sense

I revered this sentence:
One direction are the best they are British and one of the members was on the reserves list for sprinting so wouldn't it just make sense

To losers whow 'love'
one diriction
- visitor


Vocaloid hologram makes no difference it doesn't change the fact that she isn't real so don't get so worked up about it - visitor

If I said k-pop gay you like?
same like you said to miku fan..
try think other feeling also... - visitor

Actually Miku is a anime character, meaning she has no talent at all in signing every thing in her songs are designed by technology. The whole world would to see REAL talent, then rather something projected by the internet. Kpop is very popular all over the world, rather then that useless hologram. - visitor

Real talent is possessed by ANYTHING AND ANYONE can't you understand a simple thing?
- visitor

It's not talent unless you're the producer of the music
vocaloid is just an instrument, nothing else - visitor

Agreed with you above, but even so, vocaloid "no talent" is the greatest talent that one producer could ever hope, really. Vocaloid is just an instrument. It's how about to use it, bringing emotion from noise, melody and song, thus create the music that everyone can enjoy. And that also same with everything else. - visitor

Can I wish Miku will perform at London?
It's that bad? - visitor

That's not what this person was trying to say... We all have our own oppinions, we should stop arguing! I don't think that K-pop or Miku fans are going to change their minds about who is better no matter what anyone says. I personnaly don't like Miku, but that is my opinion. I'm not being rude, that is just what I think. And many Miku fans have made it very clear that they hate k-pop. I think that we all sound stupid. Going in circles... - visitor

Haha laugh out loud that's funny. Some crappy computer playing, not real talent! REALITY for the win - visitor

This guy doesn't even know what reality is and replying REALITY FOR THE WIN* the irony... - visitor

Hey visitor who called Miku a crappy computer with no talent? She is voiced by a REAL PERSON! Sure they might make the voice higher or lower or whatever suits the song, but a REAL PERSON still sings it so that means Miku HAS REAL TALENT! - visitor

No that's not bad ~divamiku~
- visitor

A real person is not singing it okay? It is just a voice sample, the real artist is the one making the music - visitor

Yeah I agree with with all of you... But I still want snsd to preform! But seriously they need to add duos eg snsd + hatsune miku I think it will be interesting having miku sing with snsd - visitor

Haha good idea... I wonder how that would turn out? - visitor

That's a great idea! Someone should have thought of this BEFORE the fighting! - visitor

Miku actually is real, because you can see her, there is just different types of real, because to me, fake would mean it actually doesn't exist, not whether it has blood, or a brain or anything! - visitor

There's people who put time and effort into this.. Making her sing and stuff. She might not be real or anything, but the people who worked hard to make her work and stuff are. So if you hate Miku and her songs, you probably hate those people too. - visitor

Again she ISN'T REAL! IT'S ALL MADE UP BY A TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEM TO MAKE HER SING ANYTHING! Meaning humans were the ones who created that hologram. - visitor

I hate the hologram because it takes credit for the hard work of real people. - visitor

Like people barely acknowledge the producer of the music, just the vocaloids which sucks - visitor

You might think that Miku isn't real and is just a stupid holografake singer, but there's people who put time and effort into this. Making lyrics, working with the program. :T - visitor

That's the point its a program not a real singer who worked to get where they are I mean even lady gaga didn't go through as much work as some bands did and it would be a true honor for someone like super junior or Big bang or shinee who are all the top 5 to go to england (especially shinee they are already big in the UK)and one other thing, everyone has to make lyrics and make music which takes away the sincerity of it.. - visitor

Yes that makes me kinda sad as people are idolising this hologram instead of the good people who have acctually put there hard work into making her... - visitor

Holograph - fake singer* - visitor

Don't mean to break your spirit, but almost all singers could be classed as "fake singers" thanks to a little programme called auto tune. And a lot of singers use it, that's why they sound so different live - visitor

To the above, there is a difference between singers that use autotune because they can't sing, and those that use it because it adds a new sound to their already AWESOME voices. I have heard many AMAZING lives. - visitor

Woah? She has a voice no other people can do (well of course she's a program) but fake? Please know her before you comment please - visitor

I like both groups, miku an kpop and I think they should both get a chance to sing at the olympics ( even though it will probably never happen ) so what if miku isn't "real", she still has music people love. We all have our own opinions so please everyone stop arguing - visitor

I kinda don't agree with this EVEN IF THERE IS A SLIM CHANCE it is still a chance she can still perform she's a singer for god's sake so she can. Maybe I'll just hope she will - visitor

It's so sad to see people refering to Hatsune as "the hologram"...
Can't you see that behind "the hologram" there's people that work on her songs? And I mean real people. People that are capable of feeling the world just as you and me. Or do you also thing that a program wrote her songs? Are you so superficial that you can't see anything else but "the hologram"!?
It hurts me to see that people are more worried with the voice of the singer than the lyrics of the song. That's why I just can't listen to so many songs nowadays, because they have no feelings, it's all about the nice voice of the singer.
And what's the problem with Hatsune singing in the Olympics!? Shakira sang 2 years ago in the world cup at Africa. Last time I checked she wasn't from Africa. No one died because of that. She didn't need to show her talent to.
And yes, I'm angry. Blame it on the guy that created this topic with the title "Dumb argument! " and then proceeded into adding nothing new to the discussion... Followed by a huge amount of... (╯°□°)╯︵ �"��"��"� I don't even know what to call them! - visitor

I agree with you for hatsune miku but they aren't bad people. They only have a different taste. - visitor

Someone created this page because people like you won't stop picking fights. And it is true, I was on the official site for the London Olympics, and they are looking for unique English groups to Perform. - visitor

We would be able to 'see' past the hologram if ther was actually anything there to see. She just a picture. So idolize that people who created her program. Not the stupid image of another manga female. - visitor

She's just clearing some THOUGHTs jeez do some people here KNOW HOW TO READ? - visitor

You can't see a hologram properly on a screen and to have something like a hologram singer that is made from a program defeats the purpose of the olympics b/c it shows how the world is coming together and showing their skills as human beings not through technology which everyone with some sense can do - visitor

Oh yeah? Can you do a show with hatsune miku like that? Many people have work hard to create her. - visitor

And many people aren't recognised for creating her, only the hologram is the one who people idolise, the one with the fans... - visitor

I don't totally agree with your argument, but I still dislike Miku. She gets credit for being "amazing" and she's just a program. There's absolutley ZERO talent in Miku herself. She's just a stupid picture. - visitor

THIS GUY doesn't even appreciate the browser he uses nor the os that his computer uses or anything that can make him connected to the world
Miku is like that! A program that connects people. Appreciate her and respect the people who respect her for GOODNESS SAKE!
oh and one thing I'm just here to clear MISUNDERSTANDINGS - visitor

This is hard to put into words...

Okay so you said, " To have something like a hologram singer that is made from a program defeats the purpose of the olympics b/c it shows how the world is coming together and showing their skills as human beings not through technology. " But if you think about it, the people who made her and voice her and designed her and stuff all "came together" to do that. If anything, shouldn't that let her perform more?

*I also want to say that I'm not trying to argue or anything. I personally like Miku, but she's the only one I've heard of before. - visitor

The kpop stars, I agree because it will not be appropriate for the country. Maybe they should sing for the winter olympics in Pyeongchang :
But for Hatsune miku, she is a work of art made by many people around the world like the olympics. - visitor

WOW... Your comment is incrediably insulting... So, because I'm from North America, it is only right that I don't get to perform around the world, but Miku can because there are so many people that made her? OUCH. - visitor

That's kinda racist... So say I was a singer (as in a live person) and I live in England so that means that I could only perform in England, but if I was a hologram that makes me able to perform everywhere just because a hologram has no race? - visitor

WOW. I thought the Olympics were a WORLD WIDE thing. As in, not only people from England can perform at them. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? That it's "inappropriate" for kpop idols to perform because they're not from ENGLAND? That's so sad. WHY ARE YOU SO RACIST? It's the OLYMPICS for goodness sake. You know, where people of every race perform in the events AND on stage? Honestly. - visitor

I've never heard of K-pop before this, and I love Miku a lot, but I can still say that that comment is just WRONG! K-pop (from what I have read in the comments above) are world famous too! Who cares if not everyone can make them sing anything or move them in little animations like Miku Miku Dance [MMD]? - visitor

It's not racist, it's just not right cause doesn't the artist from their own countries have more of a right to perform than others? - visitor

The sad news is that the top few singers voted here will most likely not perform. The Telegraph UK stated that they might consider the Beatles to perform :/ - visitor

The irony, the title of this post 'Dumb Argument' what I see?
Arguments over Miku, and K-pop alike =_=
Seriously? I know this won't settle anything (Lord knows I tried to stop this fight) but here goes.
Miku is literally the sound of the future, she is a dancing hologram and a singing robot. Who wouldn't want that? You don't have to be an otaku to love her. Besides, she isn't an manga character nor an anime one, so no. You don't have to love anime to love Hatsune. So please stop hating her, yes she's a hologram, but at least learn a little about her before you complain. She is an inspiration to me, to get creative, and to actually look forwards to something in technology (Old fashioned person who likes paper books over netbooks. )
Now, for K-Pop. (Super Junior, SHINee, BIGBANG, Girl's Generation, etc. ) They have all worked hard for so long to get to the popularity they are at now. They all train hard, all sweat, all cry, all feel pain. Yes, they are great singers and dancers as well. They're ever so loyal followers who would support them to no end, and they're smiles which never seem to fade. They can keep me on my feet, dancing and wishing I was with them. So before you criticize them, consider the effort they put into their work, and think about their will to achieve.

Now, I think both have a right to preform. I love both, I am a forever VOCALOID as well as a die-hard SNSD. Seeing these two groups go against each other is heart breaking. Please stop fighting! Olympics is about unity, not war over music! - visitor

THANK YOU! Someone who will show BOTH people's/program's talents! I am so thankful for this. Now people might shut up and actually get a life! - visitor

Miku is an "it", a mechanical voice. That sort of stuff someitimes doesn't appeal to people and apparently, some fans can't accept that. - visitor

As this isn't an official vote, I don't think that this matters that much, but I still have some points to be made. Firstly haow much the artists have worked to get where they are now.
Kpop singers have worked hard to get to where they are now. Traning many years before debut. Performing consectutive days on music shows, travelling all over the world for tours, learing different languages to spread the hallyu wave, getting jetlagged promoting in many countries, going on variety shows, practising dancing and singing long hours up into the night, etc. The list goes on. So obviously they have fans because as well as what they do they always keep a smiling face and they always show their support to fans. Then there are things that they sometimes have to deal with such as sasaengs, rumors, scandals etc. So the fans support them too. Its like a circle.
Now on to Miku. So the voice actress, Saki Fujita who made the samples for her voice probably worked quite a bit for making them, but once that was done and the sofware was made, there wasn't that much work anymore. The artists who designed her anime style character obviously imputted a lot to her fame, ie her cute face, eyecatching hair which would have also been quite a bit of work. Then there are the people who actually made the Vocaloid software, and they would have had a lot of work in making such a complicated sofware. All of these people worked hard to make her, but they aren't the ones who have fans, ie you don't hear a lot of people saying "oh I am a big fan of Kei Garō" more people are idolising a singer who doent even sing really. Now this seems a bit harsh, but Hatsune Miku isn't exactly talanted. It's the people who worked on making her who are. And this is a bit corrupt as I understand that Miku is very popular, and its easy to see why- I love her catchy songs and cute voice, but she (as in the image of Hatsune Miku that people have, as obviously she isn't a real person) hasn't done anything to get her fame and fans.
And then other artists, well they have obviously worked hard for their fame, maybe not such a gruelling regiem as kpop artists, but they have done their fair share of hard work and training. But obviously there is such a wide range it is hard to tell.
Next there is talent.
Kpop artists are definitely talented, but it really does vary a lot. Artists such as Bigbang 2ne1 boa are very good vocalists, and of course very talented. Now I am a big kpop fan, but it is still clear to me that some kpop artists have not got their fame by vocal talent. Tis doen't mean that they haven't worked hard, but obviously some get thier fame by their looks, character and dancing skills. However, dancing is what make skpop unique and there are some very talented dancers in kpop such as Hyoyeon, Most of Miss a, taeyang Minzy most of Snsd (they are very syncronised.
Now on to Miku.
She is virtually talentless. She is just a character (I don't like the term doesn't exist, because she deos) and here voice is a program. That doesn't maen that she isn't a good performer, because she is very charismatic on stage, but she has no vocal talent. Plus she doenst sing live( because I don't think that that's possible yet? )
And other artists are probably the most vocally talented. Singers like Adele have really good vocals.
So I think personally that lots of artists should ba allowwed to perform, then everyone would be happy. - visitor

Although to me they don't sing very well - visitor

It is possible nowadays
can't believe you posted this in March yet you don't know anything that she can perform live - visitor

You sound just stupid. Miku is virtually talentless? Aren't you feel stupid when you say it? Because everybody already knows it. She is just a program. You may have studied some about her but I see you didn't get the reason why People like her. Miku is a program which has limitless potential where any creator, known or unknown, could express their talent and get attention from the other people. MIku is itself not an artist for sure, but can become an instrumental that creators, not only composer but graphic artists or video maker use for their exprssion. 3D holograph thing is just a part of it. This is a brand new thing and that's why many media in the world took this up (How about Kpop? It was just taken up as asian craze). Your favorite Kpop artists is an old and traditional type that doesn't make themselves any special. So never get such attention. Further I am tired up with Kpop fan saying their group made hard work to perform etc. Every artists has made hard work to be recognized and acclaimed. Kpop is actually heavily promoted and marketed product even with support from the government as it is a part of their tactics of how Korea is known world wide. Kpop has no new idea and innovative imagination, That can be said a Korean version of American R&B mixed with 90' Jpop idol concept just to make sure. Some will remain but most will disappear as ordinary type of artists. But Muku or other vocaroid has tremendous potential in future. It depends on limitless number of creators's effort and technological advancement though. - visitor

^sheesh don't get so wind up about the truth. The person is saying miku is talentless because apparently, fans don't acknowledge the makers as the talented ones. - visitor

I'm not sure that this guy knows that there are also English vocaloids
- visitor

Just sit tight and wait the time come, is useless to say these thing - visitor

But that's so BORING. I mean, have One Direction perform? LAME. Even the hologram would be better than THAT. The Olympics are supposed to be a sharing of WORLD talent. The Olympics are already in London, so let's get some other place in the world recognized!

샤�'니 Fighting! - visitor

I agree in a sense that yes, it is the host countries time to shine, but the olympics are also about coming together as a global community. I also agree that they're should be mainly British singers, but that doesn't mean that singers from other countries should be band from singing there. I don't have my hopes really high for Miku or SuJu, but I wouldn't be disappointed to see one of them either. I'd be overjoyed actually if that happended! So please, just put this aside and whatever happens, happens. - visitor

yes, other vocaloids have human-based voice banks
and seriously don't people around you taught you how to CORRECT MISUNDERSTANDINGS? No wonder they are ignorant! - visitor

No, the first virtual singers are lola and leon.
Do your research. - visitor

Just looking at this arguement is pretty enjoyable.
KPOP literally took over, and people in my school hate my guts for listening to Vocaloid and JPOP. But won't you guys just give Miku a chance? Or Rin and Len? I am KOREAN, and I KNOW KPOP. But having Vocaloid can be something new, I know that there's gonna be a LOT of flamming on me =__=, Hate me all you want, Miku IS a hologram, but that doesn't mean the people who created her and poured their hearts into her songs are fake.
Kays enough said. - visitor

I don't think Kpop took over... People are discussing about which is better, real artist or virtual idol. Obviously Real is stronger because vocaroid thing is a brand new thing and people are not used to. And they think Miku is just a holograph performance which is just a part of this music style. You may feel better if you look into other walls about Hatsune Miku because there are many fans' screaming. - visitor

Laugh out loud he said kpop took over... - visitor

^ that was supposed to be L.O.L. - visitor

Haha he said kpop took over... - visitor


Ahh why are you so pump up about arguing
here my opinion and I hope that's the best
London Olympijust let them have their own music, yes
then when there are new event we will chose it ourself
like, well maybe there will be an event in ASIAN
and I hope VOCALOID will be the one who have the concert
Europe:They will chose themself
ohh anyway I'm From asia (Indonesia)
by seshouji - visitor

Laugh out loud even though this is unofficial, JUstin Beiber is last! - visitor

I personally think that if you don't have anything nice to sa don't say anything at all
Thanks - visitor

Exactly! Spread love! Not hate!

YEAH! Hippy Out! - visitor

Took the words right outta my mouth - visitor

One of my least favorite quotes - visitor

Just wanted to say, not trying to be mean at all but who ever started this just made a bigger argument! I mean seriously there was no need for this to start now everybody's cussing and being mean defending their favorite artist! - visitor

Actually I'm enjoying this. People debated on who is the best, it does sth good actually, like training your english. But please don't say rude words, deleting videos or whasoever. Just... Respect. This is an OLYMPIC, musical performances are not the focus here ==
((P.S. well I do voted for Rin and Len Kagamine, just for fun - visitor

Thank you I voted for Rin and Len for fun too - visitor

Laugh out loud yay! More people need to vote for Rin and Len! Currently in 23rd place! - visitor

Wow. What a bunch of butt-hurt cry babies.
I love Miku and K-Pop bands, but I highly doubt that any of them will perform in the London Olympics. Don't take this poll seriously; it's unofficial.
- visitor

EXACTLY - visitor

Well I like Hatsune And many other sites are referring to this one for the answer to the question, "Who's performing" - visitor


What the hell is wrong with you? O_o
I love the Kagamines and voted for them, but you're really making the fanbase sound stupid. Please just stfu. - visitor

Miku isn't a hologram. She's a voice synthesizer. Well, the chance that anyone of the list will permorm on the Olympics is... Very small. - visitor

Agree to the max with this I love k-pop but the UK will probably take advantage of this opportunity and make their talented musician's known Just like Korea would or any other country if the Olympic games would have been hosted there - visitor

Well, they were great. Sorry if I offended anyone.
-just another random visitor. - visitor

Queen should be able to perform with George Michael as the singer - visitor

Quite true... And I am the biggest fan of SHINee. - visitor

Oi, guys, no need for so much arguing.
I love both Miku Hatsune and Super Junior, SHINee, Girls' Generation (SNSD), etc. But this is definitely not worth fighting over. All these clashing fandoms are ruining the whole point and spirit of this...
I agree that Miku is a HOLOGRAM and I love her, I've never referred to her as a "virtual diva" once. But I think it's pretty cool that someone came up with the idea of a virtual person who could sing and dance, etc.
I agree, it would be AMAZING if Super Junior performed! (Yesung <3 Wookie <3)
But will either of them perform? I dunno.
And I agree with another commenter who said Queen would be great at the Olympics! And I noticed they're on the list to preform with Adam Lambert. (although they're on the 3rd or 7th page. I don't remember. )
But please, we don't need to fight and most of the Miku fans are KPop fans too!
Just keep this stuff in mind~ & - visitor

Yeah, that's totally true. But I do wish that some kpop group would perform just because I love them so much
- visitor

To begin with is not just a hologram, miku existed years before even giving a concert... Miku isn't a hologram, not a singer, much less a simple program... Is a concept... Is the idea of a character that expresses the emotions of thousands of artists and fans that are projected through his voice and image, is the result of a revolutionary concept, the congregation of several technologies fantastic, and the affection and cooperation of millions of artists and fans...
She's a DIVA. She's a slaying monster girl. She's revolution. In order to understant what she is you must close your eyes. WE HAVE the power of imagination.

And 4 the K-POP, they ARE AWESOME! <3
Seriously. But you know something? WE HAVE KOREAN VOCALOIDS!
And if you think that Miku is "fake and hologram" why are you figthinh 4 something that isn't real for YOU? - noeliachavesromero

If it really is going to be a group from the UK, I'm putting my money on One Direction. Not really a fan, but they're pretty huge right now and I'm betting they will be for a while.

And I really don't think it's necessary for everyone to be hating on Miku just because she "isn't real". (she is "real", by the way; she DOES exist) I personally love Hatsune Miku, but that aside... Half of the voices you hear on the radio are no more "real" than Miku's. Most of them (to name a few: Katy Perry, Kanye West, Ke$ha) are auto-tuned to hell. At that point, it's just like Miku's voice because, like Miku, they take a base voice--that of Katy or Kanye, for example--and tune it to fit the song. Miku DOES have a base voice, her name is Saki Fujita (an actual singer in Japan). The only difference is that Saki wasn't asked to sing specific songs, but Japanese syllables that could be BUILT into songs. If anything, it's more involved than a regular song and takes much more effort to make. ANYONE can sing syllable after syllable. To have to physically go onto a computer and do it manually and get it to sound GOOD? That IS talent, no matter what you say.

The way I look at it, Miku is just taking us a step into the future, but because of the technology that goes into her (the song making AND the actual process of projecting her being to "bring her to life" so she can perform for us).

And even if you don't like Miku, you don't have to be a dickweed to people that don't. I don't piss down your throat because YOU don't like HER. Just grow up. Realistically, we all know she's not going to be performing at the Olympics. If you actually think the majority of the world is ready for her, it makes me sad to say that they're not. A lot of people are afraid of change. - visitor

I know this is odd any WAY off everybody elses but wouldn't it be awesome if BOTDF
aka Blood on the Dance Floor performed I doubt it because almost all their songs are tied into sex n talk about dick blowjobs sex etc but it still would be cool - visitor


Well the 'hologram' like other people saying are much better. Why?
Weell~ that 'hologram' does not even exists! On other word, that 'hologram' free from scandal, gossips, getting old, having conflict and bla, bla, bla, bla... That 'hologram' also give inspiration to people around it. Unlike real life singer, they need to 'acted-like-someone-else' to avoid gossip and such =)) - visitor

I live in London like about 10 minutes away from where the thing is and honestly I really want Miku to perform it'd be like a dream come true! Eek, I'm so excited! ^_^ - visitor

Uhh guys the olympic opening ceremony was, like, two days ago :/ - visitor

Where are Queen, John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, and Spice Girls? Whoever made this chart must be crazy in K-pop so much, that he lost his mind - visitor