Why should SHINee perform in the London Olympics!

SHINee should perform the opening in the London Olympics for the following reasons.

1. They are real and not some software!

2. They are amazing dancers and singers

3. All their personalities show when they perfrom

4. They never disappoint their fans when they perfrom

5. they are the right group to pump everyone up for the Olympics

6. They are probably the only group that is true to themselves and their music

These are the reason why SHINee should be in the opening of the London Olympics! Any other group or artist just won't do as good for the opening. SHINee fighting! Vote for SHINee, you won't be disappointed when you do!


Vote for SHINee! U will not regret once u see them there. - visitor

Vote for them, they are amazing! - visitor

SHINee Oppas are DAEBAK! They are forever the best for me and I am sure that if given the chance they will put up their best performance at such a huge event. They have always showed their best and never disappointed shawols. SO PLEEAASSEE VOTE FOR MY OPPAS! U will be glad that you actually voted for them once you see them perform. - visitor

Shinee is everything in our lives. They r gd looking gd dancers gd singers. Trust me. Once u c them in action u will b hook on them. They oso give the fighting spirit. Vote for them! - visitor

I Love Hatsune Miku but if she's against SHINee she needs to be CRUSHED! - visitor

I second that! SHINEE FIGHTING!
- visitor

I also second that. Miku is amazing, But SHINee are real, That by itself beats miku! Keep on fighting SHINee! =^-^= - visitor

Hatsune Miku

1) seeing an anime hologram on stage is pretty cool. I don't want to see a whole bunch of boring people sing, it's too... Predictable I guess, she is different in a good way.
2)Miku is a good singer too (better actually, in my opinion of course) and they have pretty cool dances... SHINee is just an Asian Jonas Brothers (sorry, the J~Brothers suck worse but yeah... )
3)Hatsune miku's personality shows too, and she's ADORABLE! She's happy and her songs are actually meaningful along with all the other Vocaloids.
4)Hatsune Miku only performs twice a year and the creators pick the BEST of the Vocaloid songs to perform they don't disappoint anyone.
5) when people see Miku on stage she will gain new fans and her songs are up beat and fun and will make people happy.
6)that's so not true, anyone who performs up there is famous because they love their music, they try their best to be their best, so SHINee isn't the only band true to their music. And I'm standing up for all the bands nominated, and any singers in the world.
- visitor

Ok yeah, I understand miku is good and Unique. But she is up against SHINee, And if you have seen there new song Sherlock, That's better than what any PROGRAM can do. And Having Miku on stage would be no different than watching miku on the computer. SHINee is going to beat Miku, So deal with it, and just watch Miku on the Internet.
- visitor

! I'm kind of scared & worried! Because I checked out on youtube and there were a lot of videos which said that some peopla are going to BOMB the London underground (the olympics site! )... And that's why I think its safer if SHINee don't go there.T. T X"( >. < - visitor

I really do like hatsune miku and big bang ang super junior, but its true id rather see one of the k-pop bands over a hologram on a screen. I think they should take the top five. Its just so hard to chose! - visitor

Shawol FIGHTING! - visitor

SHINee is the most spectacualar, marvelous (and good looking) set of singers/dancers in the world... They're very talented in their individual ways and they deserve to be known worldwide... Many people (including me and my friends) love SHINee so much. SERIOUSLY these guys are blessed with their talents. I'm asking all of you from the bottom of my heart to support and vote for SHINee (please) FIGHTING/SARANGHAE SHINee! - visitor

Oh I hate kpop I will vote for miku hatsune - visitor

Oh I hate kpop I vote for miku hatsune and the gazette and all japanese artist I'm fan of morocco - visitor

Yes so true the japanese artist and groupe is more talented of korean groupe - visitor

SHINee are the best band I ever seen in my life! They are so CUTE! - visitor

SHINee r the best of K-pop%~Kibum is so CUTE! Jonghyun n Onew r the best singer! - CaseyW

Haha so funny watching people arguing about who is better,
to be honest they are probably all as good as each other.
It just depends on your preferences.
At first I just came here to vote for Coldplay
but I ended up becoming into Kpop.
I saw Shinee and I was like hmm what an interesting name.
Decided to search them up, and found out they are such talented young men.
This will be a great opportunity for fans being able to see their idol group.
I doubt I will be able to see any of my favourites,
even if it was Shinee or Miku. - visitor

Give it up, give it up for SHINee! - visitor

SHINee! <3 - visitor

Shinee the besth shinee the besth - visitor