Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

As much as i'd like for Miku to perform at the London Olympics. We've got to face the fact that chances are verry slim, as for any other Korean,Japanese band. The Olympics are also used to promote a country, and people might find it a little weird if a non western band performs in London. Also it takes a lot of preparation to set up the needed equipment needed for Miku and after the ceremony is done it has to be cleared in a set time and with all this stuff, thats gonna take a while. Besides this isn't an official poll.

Ugh maybe i'm just al little pessimistic about this, and don't get me wrong i wouldn't mind if Miku or any other Korean or Japanese band would perform at the Olympics. For me there's always a 50% chance, it's either yes or no.

I hope i haven't offended anyone, i just felt the need to express my view on the situation.

- Anonymous


I know what you mean... I made an post explaing why I think she should perform, and I got many people saying that she won't. I never said that she will perform, just my opinion of why she should be there. But I know that the chances are slim, but I can't help to hope that she could be there.
But I'm not expecting much too... - visitor

Well I felt the need to post this because, there are quite a lot of people that actually think this is an official poll, comments like: vote for Miku are all over the Miku videos on youtube. You can't just pick an artist that only half of the world know. Though I suspect things will brighten when the English version of Miku releases this spring - visitor

I agree. As much as it would be fun to see our favorite artists perform at the Olympics, chances are that a western, more specifically a British artist will be the one to perform. - visitor

Ah gad! Not 1 direction! Laugh out loud, kidding.

though I may not be a fan at all of 1 direction, it's possible they will, as they ARE british. - visitor

Precisely. I am a large Vocaloid fan, but past that wanting of her performing and becoming an international sensation, it doesn't seem very logical for a Japanese or Korean singer to perform at the Olympics in Britain. If she somehow does get selected, yay, but as most have said, chances are slim. - visitor

I understand. A real band ahould do so. SUJU <3 - sujufangirllove

Err. I think you missed the point here - visitor

yeah... :/ - visitor

Sorry to say, the telegraph UK posted that the Beatles might be the opening act :/ sorry everyone - visitor

Well, the Beatles are pretty classy.

I'm a huge fan of many of the other contenders in the poll, but hey, no regrets. - visitor

I can live with that actually - visitor

I think whatever the person who posted this is quite true as this isn't an official poll. I feel stupid for voting just now... - visitor

Hehe don't feel bad, but yea I posted this because people we're really thinking that this was going to make a difference. They only believed what they wanted to believe, if you get what I mean - visitor

I think everyone should take a minute to stop by this post. It is a very calm and unoffensive reality check. No one should feel stupid for voting here. This is another way for the internet community to get together and connect. The subject of this poll is just a popular topic.

However, the fact that it has no "official" effect on the 2012 Olympics does not stop it from making a difference. The world took note or we would not be here commenting. I am also sure that nominees notice and appreciate the attention on some level.

Finally, on a personal note, there might be the slightest sliver of a chance that those in charge would consider one of the popular foreign artists in the spirit of international unity. The Beatles are pretty classy and I do not see them minding a popular warm up act.

- visitor

That's true. I'm from England and as much as I'd love for them to preform I feel It's unlikely. Although I do very much hope it will be noticed and make some kind of impact. - visitor

I live in England and I agree with this. It's not like I don't want any Japanese/Chinese/Korean singers in the Olympics, I would love it so don't get me wrong. Especially Big Bang and Super Junior. However, if these acts play, I'm saying IF, but in all honesty I feel it is unlikely...

Most people in my country would be like "who are they? " Do you get what I mean? I don't think the organisers would go out of their way to hire these acts. I know my country is a multi-cultural country, but to avoid alienating those living in the UK, they are likely going to use more British acts such as One Direction, Leona Lewis, Mumford & Sons, Adele, Florence and the Machine etc, do you get what I mean? It's acts to promote your own country rather than celebrating other cultures. I'm not saying voting and that is pointless, but I just want to point it out this is not a serious poll. Whatever the organisers has planned already for the Olympics would still remain unchanged unfortunately.

So yeah, just wanted to mention that as someone already living in the UK. - visitor

There are English Vocaloids though. Like Big Al, Sweet Ann, SONiKA, Prima, Tonio, Oliver, Leon, Lola, Miriam. ( Did I forget anyone? ) - visitor

I completely agree. I was thinking the exact same thing: that most of the people attending the olympics would be asking "who is that? " if Miku or any other Korean or Japanese acts performed. They simply haven't gained enough traction in England yet. So yes, it is much more likely that a popular artist from England would perform.

…So why not Pixie Lott feat. G-Dragon and T.O. P? She is popular in England, so she has a better chance of being selected than a foreign artist. (And yes, I know this isn't an official poll…) If they performed "ancing on My Own" from her new album, a bit of light would also be shed on GD&TOP, leading to BIGBANG and therefore to other Korean groups as well! A win for all Hallyu fans!

Wishful thinking on my part, but I still think that this solution makes a decent amount of sense. *sigh* - visitor

I think you'll be surprised at how many kpop fans there are out there. I live in NZ and have recently found 50 people at my school who I had no idea loved it too. There is still hope~! - visitor

So True... I myself want her but I think it and just pray.. If she Did appear well I shout for joy.. If she didn't well back to my Hatsune Miku 39 Thanks Giving Concert Video

-Your Sincerly-
- visitor

Well, I guess we just have to wait then. As a miku fan myself, we just have wait for Japan to host the next olympics games (^_^) - visitor

*So sick of people arguing who should preform, seeing this just relieves me* - visitor

Glad to help & - visitor

So true...

It's severely unlikely that she'll perform, and this is an unofficial poll.
British acts would be better, like Florence and the Machine (Go them).

But if it ever makes it back to Japan, Miku has a much better chance of performing:) This poll has gained attention all around the world, and Miku has been part of that publicist, so you haven't voted for nothing. - visitor

If I show miku to anyone they go what and ask why I'm watching it. And I'm in england by the way so I don't think its an amazing idea... Though I love vocaloid :( also as the performance is here... Shouldn't singers from here be singing? - visitor