It only takes a minute to change your mind about Super Junior and ELF: Ever Lasting Friends

I simply want to say the reasons I love Super Junior is not only because they're good singers and dancers, but also because of the strong bond Super Junior and ELF share. Super Junior and ELF will always be together. Nothing can seperate them. For each award SuJu got, ELF worked their hardest. They promised Suju that the award was going to be theirs. They promised they wouldnt let SuJu down. When SuJu is sad, ELF cry with them. When SuJu is happy, ELF laugh with them. ELF was always there for SuJu, and SuJu will always be there for ELF.

What will happen if the alphabet is missing the letters S and J? There would be 21 letters left because E,L and F went off with them.

We are ELF! Crying together, laughing together, understand each other, have a same mind, heart, and soul. And we have one life=Super Junior.

No matter how long it is, 10 years or 20 years, as long as you're still Super Junior, we are still ELF.
Even though I don't see them, and they don't know me, I still love them from now 'til forever.

At for myself, I was impressed at first when I heard "sorry sorry". but now my love has gone way beyond that. It's not because they are talented at singing and dancing. I love each one of SuJu members from my heart. They are all down-to-earth and loveable when you get to know. Even if one day they're not popular anymore, I know I would still be by their side. It's not too late to be an ELF. Please vote for Super Junior to perform at 2012 London Olympics. Us ELf want to see them happy more than anything else.


I reli love your comment..
I love them not only because their talent and also their personality.
And the most enjoyable thing is that OPPA share happiness and sadness with us, important fanbases and me and them - ELF.
ELF enjoy the grestest love from OPPA. You can see the balloon have the name "ELF and Super Junior" on it. You might think it's nothing special.
However if you look at other group's balloon(I'm not bashing others, I just feel the love between SJ and ELF), you can't see the fan's name.
So, ELF. Let us walk together and support OPPA! - visitor

NoPe! Still voting for Miku! - visitor

Yeah you right!
- visitor

Then stop talking about these rubbish! Just vote 4 her and I don't care! U vote your Miku I vote 4 my OPPA - visitor

Those who thought that SuJu is kind in the outside but not in the inside, watch their variety/reality shows. It show their true character. I like many of their variety shows! They splendidly funny and caring! The variety I like:

1) Exploration Of The Human Body
2) Unbelievable Outing
3) Idol World
and many more!

Many of them who doesn't know SuJu call them GAY! Well, it's normal for asian guys. They know that they heard several people call them gay and they seems a bit worry. However, that doesn't mean that they stop caring each members. The longer they be together, the more they care each other.

Eunhyuk (SuJu's dancing machine) said to the members, 'I've always thought that we're more brothers than just members. '

Shindong said to the members (SuJu has a task to make Eunhyuk and Ryeowook cry to collect their tears for an experiment so they try), 'Do any of you even really pay attention to me? '

Eunhyuk : What do you mean?
Shindong : In any way! Tell me.
Eunhyuk : What do you mean, we don't care?
Eunhyuk : Hyung (means brother though they're not really brothers). How could you say that?
Shindong : I'm just so frustrated.
Eunhyuk : I'm really sad that you're saying we don't cR.If I really have to give an example, when we were doing the raps for the albums, I always said I wanted to do it with you, even if it cuts away from my parts. It's just a small thing.. But..
Shindong : Did you regret sharing with me so much?
Eunhyuk : I never thought I didn't want to share with you.
Shindong : Was it such a waste?

*Starting here, Eunhyuk started to cry*

[so upset about fighting amongst ourselves.. ]

Eunhyuk : I've never regretted sharing with you. It's really true.
? : Really, what are we all doing here? Think about it.
Eunhyuk : Because we're a team! That's why we're talking each other!

[Ryeowook is still calm in comparison.. ]

? : I'm sorry to say this..

[Youngest member, Kyuhyun, plead in tears.. ]

Kyuhyun : I'm actually not completely well... And it's difficult for me to be on stage together with the members. But what is this? *Ryeowook started to cry* It's so hard to work... And I feel so awkward sometimes... But I wanted to work together... So I put up with everything and keep going... But how come the members only seem to think of themselves? I'm sure there are some who aren't like that... But this just isn't it.

[Sungmin stood up and walked toward Ryeowook, on a mission to collect the tears! ]

[Yesung and Sungmin attempting to collect Ryeowook's tears. ]

Ryeowook while watching the video : I really didn't know!

The other made this mission without Ryeowook and Eunhyuk knowing this.

Well... This is how the members care each other. Hope you understand why I wrote this down so the others know how much they love each other. Try to feel the love you give to your best friends. You really want to protect them, right? So please, they're also the same. This dialog is not made by ME! And it's true. Still not believe? Watch Super Junior : EHB (Exploration of Human Body)

After Ryeowook and Eunhyuk knew that it was all just acting and not true that Shindong was going to leave Super Junior, they both start to cry more tears that they relieve that a single member haven't left the SuJu family. The oldest in the group or the leader, Leeteuk is touched by the dongsaeng's (means younger sister or younger brother) tears.

[It's okay if everything were fake. As long as it's true that we're still together like this forever. ]

? : This thing won't ever happen. Must never happen. We'll never break up.

Dongyup (a guy who invite them to the variety show) : We were able to confirm how the members of Super Junior love each other.

So please don't think something negative about them. They're not gay. They're wonderful friends. The reason I post this because I hears many people call them GAY, GAY, GAY! But they don't know the real facts and conditions. - visitor

Laugh out loud I agree! And even if my oppas were gay, I wouldn't mind cause what's wrong about that? Though I would be sad if Kyuhyun was, I like himlaugh out loud and I loved that episode of Explorers of the Human Body I started crying too))) they're such good actors! ' - visitor

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Yeah that is the video made me fell in love with Suju boys deeply, - visitor

I agree! #SJ4ever! - visitor

Elf and sj forever - visitor