Justin Bieber v.s. anything above?

Let's be nice. Please. Think about it.

Here's a REALLY long comment I posted somewhere else.

Can't we all stop arguing? We can't blame something for being on top. Imagine your favorite idol was on top. Then watch as ALL of the haters shift their attention towards yours. They just don't want anything to be on top except theirs, so they find a way to dislike.

Be honest. You don't have Miku Hatsune because she "sucks". You hate her because yours didn't make it to the number one. But then again, this isn't the official official, so we'll just have to let the people at the Olympics decides THEMSELVES.

Once Big Bang or Justin Bieber or Super Junior or Lady Gaga get to perform at the Olympics other than Miku Hatsune, it will be hell.

Justin Bieber has a LOT more haters than other artists would, so we don't want him on top because, (I'm saying this for you, @Beliebers, I'm not one though), I'm worried that this might start World War III because all the girls in the world will commence collecting guns and grenades to kill all the boys.But I'm using that as an example. By having something that has LOADS of haters become number one, it could be disastrous.

What I'm mostly concerned about though is why ALL Justin Bieber fangirls are hating on VOCALOID when they don't even know what it is. Or hating on everything else that exists (but I'm only witnessing hate on VOCALOID stuff so far). They need to see how talented the 8 artists/groups above are than Justin, or at least by the majority of votes. They should understand, not all things can be the best, so they never get everything they want.

One day when Justin Bieber turns old though, he won't be able to sing as well, but a computer program may never rot, well unless your computer gets a virus, well then yours will. But other than that, we need to drive the point home that we should bias our opinions JUST because we're obsessed with one thing!

I'm open-minded to opinions, so I will neither agree/disagree with you, but I'm OKAY with your opinion. Just don't shove it in other people's faces or FORCE influence to other people. Let other people decide their opinion too.

My opinion.Miku Hatsune is also a good singer, but I'm not narrowing my options. I'm okay with ANY other artist doing this too.Don't warp your opinions. Be open to others' opinions. Be logical.

Geez no wonder people without a religion are so much smarter. Except the dumb ones.