My reasons for why big bang should perform

1: Big Bang is finally becoming recognized by many people in the United States and I feel as though if they were to perform it would probably increase their popularity even more than their last music video Fantastic Baby did.

2: Many of the other performers will have other oppurtunities, and if you hadn't noticed Hatsune Miku is a computer generated program, which means she will have many other chances to perform!

3: The thing about their music is that you can understand it even without subtitles! Their music just hits your gut and you automatically know what message they are trying to send through a certain song!

4: I want people to focus on the fact that K-Pop actually is a fantastic genre of music and I feel like the only way people will see that it is a type of music worth listening too, is through bands like big bang because their pop music is relatable to the kind of pop music sang by N'sync and other great boy bands! I feel as though we should start with a K-Pop group that is more relatable to the pop groups of America before we have people jumping straight out of their musical comfort zones and automatically saying they totally hate K-Pop!

5: Having these guys perform would actually give me and many of their fans and actual reason to watch the Olympics and not have me just checking the scores on my phone!

6: I think these guys would sing their hearts out and would cooperate with whatever idea the network may have for their performance.

7: Ratings may go up.

8: Point blank, these guys are AMAZING and I feel as though they should at least be given a shot at performing at a REALLY major event like this!
Please vote for them to perform!!!


I think so! - visitor

YOU are so right! VIP'S 4 LIFE - visitor

Yup, they just superb awesome. And fantastic baby, GREAT! Hwaiting BIGBANG - visitor

Agreed! Love Big Bang so much! VIPs<3 - visitor

Nah I still vote for miku we out number most bands because were all over the world from most and all of japan to U.S. A to russia to china to mexico to north and south america to africa to europe to everwere were your friends neighbors bffs that guy you meet at work everyday that poor guy on the streets were that person you walk pass by were everwere and we don't care if she real or not and most bands and music are the same voaliod music are different so VOTE FOR HATSUNE MIKU - visitor

VIP forever - visitor