Why these artists should perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

First of all, Hi there and thanks for spending your precious time reading this blog post. ^^

Okay, as you may know from the title, I as a person listen to many artist from almost every genre in the world . So, I would like to start with the ones that people in the world may be familliar with. First off, Simple Plan.

The reason why i think that simple plan should perform is that to us SP lovers out there, They sing such inspiring songs that are full with emotion, dedication with all of their heart. Next, they write extremely meaningful lyrics that i think most of us can relate to. Honestly , if i din't discover simple plan i would be lost and lonely like an astronaut "sending SOS to this tiny box". Yeah, that song is really makes sense to me. Besides that in their new album "Get Your Heart On!" the song "This Song Saved My Life" is made up from the comments made by their fans. Do any other artist do that?? I don't think so. Again, that song is really meaningful to me so it really made me happy. Well, since i've only been talking about meaningful and emotional songs, you may have thought "ohhhh , so this is a kind of band who sings only emotional songs". If you actually did thought of that then you're wrong. They DO HAVE PUMPED UP SONGS THAT ARE LIVELIER!!! Such as "Jet Lag" Which has around 4 versions of the song. They have the original one by Natasha Bedingfield , the french version by Marie Mai , chinese version by Kelly Cha , and an indonesian version by KOTAK but it is sung in english. After the long talk, i really wish that you give them your support. The reason why i wrote this band 1st is beacause i voted for them ^^.

Secondly we have japanese singers. In case your wondering, Why japanese singers as SOME of them can't even really sing ?? Or you just don't like the genre as you are not used to it. With all of that stated, here are the reasons why i listen to them. 1. They are not overrated. 2. SOME OF THEM CAN ACTUALLY SING 3. I have no idea why I can't think anymore =.=

Anyways, enough with the rubbish talk and lets continue to buisness. Okay so first up YUI. Why YUI you may ask? It is because she CAN SING WITHOUT AUTOTUNE AND SHE SOUNDS GREAT LIVE ( never been to one though.....) She is also simple in terms of clothing and her main focus is the music eventhough she is damn pretty. What i'm trying to say is she don't wear reavealing clothing that allows people to ogle at her but instead she wears proper clothing such as a long skirt, cardigan and so on . Her lyrics are also meaningful if you really pay attention. It doesn't matter if you can't understand the language beacause real music can break the language barrier and to me music is the "Universal Language"

Next up we have Scandal. Now before you have wrong assumtions of the word Scandal, they are a 4 girl rock band.( Yes the misunderstanding of the word Scandal occurs really often so you are not alone) In the band cosist of Haruna , Tomomi , Rina and Mami . (don't have a favourite though....) So Haruna is the lead vocalist as well as the guitarist. Tomomi is the bassist and the backup singer. Rina is the drummer and she does a LITTLE singing only. As for Mami she is the guitarist and she only does a LITTLE singing too. Bla Bla Bla lets skip it XD.Again the reason i think they should perform is that they are strong as group and they can sing, lyrics again and also that to me they are pretty too.

So i guess thats it from me. Although i can go futher explaining why other artist should perform i guess i should stop now as the post is kinda long and i need to sleep right now or i will be nagged. In case you are wondering, i'm from SEA and to be more specific, the country where we have the petronas twin towers. I'll let you figure it out.