Super Junior is the one (in my opinion)

Why i think Super Junior should perform, their music is the best of all the K-Pop i know. And mind you, I am not a korean myself, i am a filipino and I am proud to be one. Being a filipino, I somehow do not understand the language they are speaking, but their songs fill me with happiness, joy, and good moments. One of their songs, the good-old "Bonamana" is still one of the most frequently played songs in my laptop, and even my family before since they, too, are fans. My sister was the first to discover K-pop in our whole amily (including cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) she spread her love of k-pop like a contagious disease. I, being only a 10-year-old that time, thought the language was pretty funny. I even hated foreign music before. But I gradually began to like their style of music. Whether its the music, the clothes, even the hair (i always loved the hairstyles of K-pop singers, like CL's and Dara's from 2ne1). I got attracted to their wonderful music and soon, found out about Super Junior. They caught me like an object in a camera. I admired their music and their good talents. Of course, I am not overly-obssessed with them like i have posters and little figurines all over the place. No but i do like their ability to make a strong group, a group that can use confidence, teamwork and commitment to achieve and turn it into a work of art.

What i am trying to say is, i vote for Su Ju because i believe they can pull off an awesome presentation at the event. They have appealing performances because they put their whole heart into it. They even work hard for it. But what that old saying again? "No pain, no gain" But whatever the cause, and mind you, I am just 12 going on 13, they have my vote.


I think they shoulg preform to and your right
- visitor

*should - visitor

They are the best - visitor

Yes, I love them - rhyme

Suju is the best! Fighting! - visitor

OMIGOSH we're like the same on everthing. My older sister was the one who splashed me with the KPOP wave, I'm filipino, I love K-Hairstyles, AND I'm 12 going on 13! -hugs chu- AND I'm an ELF(SJ's fans) too! - visitor