Why Miku is the best choice for the Olympics

I know a lot of people have written posts regarding this already, but I wanted to do one as well to add my support/opinions!

Firstly, I’d like to share with everyone that I am a fan of both Miku/Vocaloid AND K-Pop (mainly BIGBANG and 2NE1). I see a lot of hating from both sides, and I don’t understand why...shouldn’t we be working together instead of arguing? Don’t we both want to make Asian music more widely spread?

Now, onto why Miku should perform at the Olympics!

I think the main reason people are against Miku is because ‘she’s not real’ and ‘she’s not english’. Sure, we all understand that Miku is not technically human, but to say she has no emotion is incorrect. She herself may not have emotion, but she is able to convey emotion through the songs written by her fans across the globe. Fans of her can make it into the music industry and become well-known thanks to the virtual diva (and the other Vocaloids). Miku can be anyone you want her to be, sing any song you want her to sing (dubstep, pop, heavy metal, screamo, jazz – you name it) and can sing forever and ever without dying. People from different countries can work together to make projects, using different talents (songwriters make the song, artists draw the artwork and editors edit to make the music video). She is the only vocalist in the world who can unite people in this way.

She’s also done very well in things outside of the music industry. In America, she was chosen to be the ‘identity’ and advertising idol for the Toyota Corolla (the ads can be found on YouTube). She was also chosen to be featured in a Google Chrome advert, along with other famous singers like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. The song ‘Tell Your World’ was written by KZ/Livetune especially for this. Not only that, but in Japan, she has been chosen as the recent mascot for Coca Cola, and there was a contest held for artists to design a new outfit for her, which she would wear on Coca Cola machines throughout Japan. Miku also has a series of video-games, called Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA. So far there have been 3 Project DIVA games (on PSP,and high-definition versions on PS3), as well as an arcade version, a new 3DS game (called Project Mirai) and an upcoming game for PS Vita and PS3.

One thing I’ve found is that a lot of people who don’t know who/what Miku is just type her name into YouTube, and stumble across the popular songs like World Is Mine, Po Pi Po, Triple Baka and her cover of Ievan Polkka. Whilst these are good songs, I’ve always felt they don’t give the best first impression of what Miku is truly like/about.

If you have only really listened to songs like the ones mentioned above, please take some time to listen to these songs below, which I feel really show how Miku can convey emotions.

Glow – A soft, gentle song sung by Miku Append, with a slow beat, a nice guitar solo and a breathtaking MMD music video. Composed by Keeno.

Memories – A sweet song, with a beautiful MMD music video. Composed by SmileR.

Funeral Nocturnal Luminescence – A very powerful and meaningful song, which shows Miku’s ability to sing higher-pitched but sound extremely human and emotional, due to the vibrato in her voice. A personal favourite of mine ^^ Composed by Rocka.

EDEN – One of my favourites. A mature, dubstep-ish type song with a sleek and clever music video. Composed by ATOLS.

Repeat (II) – Not sung by Miku, but by one of the English Vocaloids, SONiKA. The reason I wanted to share this song though is because it is written, composed and created by a 16-year old American fan of Vocaloid. He composes a lot of English Vocaloid songs, and is extremely talented at what he does. This really shows how anyone from any country can create such good music with the aid of the Vocaloids. Composed by Circus-P.

The Google Chrome advert featuring Hatsune Miku. The song is ‘Tell Your World’ and is written by KZ/Livetune.

These videos are just a few of the hundreds-of-thousands, possibly millions of Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku songs that are out there, and I hope I have managed to change some people’s minds about the idea of Miku performing at the Olympics.
She lives and breathes in the minds of her fans, and I firmly believe she is the one singer who would make a serious impact if she sang at the Olympics. It would be a performance unlike any other, and would really show how far humans have come in terms of technology. She may not be English (yet – an English version of Miku’s voice is still in progress), but does that mean her music isn’t good? No. In fact, it draws your attention even more to her voice and the music itself if you don’t understand what she’s saying. And chances are, when you look up the translation, the song will be even more meaningful than you think.
So please, give Miku a chance to change the world of music, and start the Olympics off with some beautiful music!

Still not sure about how Miku looks when she performs live? Here’s an 11 minute digest video with clips from her two recent concerts in Japan ^^

A dedicated fan of Miku and the other Vocaloids ^_^


Really agree with you
i just want to unite the world but hehehe I don't have the talent to make
miku song I have try it, it's so hard but I like to listen many song from VOCALOID it's like clearing my head from my problems
but hey you must see and listen her song you will know what I mean - visitor

w00t cool! - visitor

Miku should be picked
- visitor

No SUPER JUNIOR! - visitor

As I said, I love both Miku/Vocaloid and K-Pop. So if a K-Pop group like Super Junior did perform (although I prefer BIGBANG), I'd still be very very happy. - visitor

Who would pick him he is the worst - visitor

And who might you mean by "him", because if you are referring to Hatsune Miku, you should know that she is a girl, and quite a good singer at that. - visitor

I agree Miku should be picked :-) - visitor

VOTE 4 MIKU! MIKU ALL THE WAY, LOVE HER xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo - visitor

I love miku I. Can't speak Japanese but her songs get stuck in my head so much I agree miku should be picked - visitor

1. She is Japanese - these are the London Olympics, have British bands performing
2. It is a computer performing, effectively. It is manufactured, not crafted
3. There is no passion going into making her songs. It's not done out of love, it's done for a job.

Seriously, if Miku performs, it would be a tragic day for Britain's music industry, as many talented bands like Coldplay, The Verve, The Who, Blur or Oasis and many more will know they have been beaten by a computer. Is that fair? - visitor

The Olympics may be hosted in London this year, but are meant to be international, to unite rather than divide countries.

The fans of Hatsune Miku all around the world have crafted her, shaped her, she is crafted.

"It's not done out of love, it's done for a job. "
that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard, do our "celebrities" only sing for jobs then, or do they do it for fun, for the love of the art? The fans, the makers of her songs, do it because they have an idea, and they want to spread it, not just to make money. In reality, I think that we would have less "celebrities" if they weren't paid, and more vocaloid songs, because the fans do it for their love of vocaloids. If I had the money to by a vocaloid program and a good enough grasp of Japanese, both of which I don't have, I would make songs for the love of making songs, it gives people a chance to get their work put out no matter how talented they themselves are. - visitor

Well, really, Miku is a computer generated voice, but her voice is from a person name Saki Fujita. So technically, she is kind of real (but the way they made her voice is high and cute >u<) - Vocaloid429

To your second and third point:
Excuse me, but no passion? Are you kidding me? What makes you think that? Real voices are used here. Hello! Manufactured:the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale. Crafted:to make or manufacture (an object, objects, product, etc. ) with skill and careful attention to detail. Miku's songs are crafted by hopeful and budding composers. They put their hearts and souls to creating each song. Those songs aren't just anything! Give them credit! To all those out there, how could you say manufactured? No passion? Listen to her songs. A job. Are you kidding me? I know people who don't work with those pros but they still make those songs. Do they get money? No. Miku is not just a program anymore. Sure, she started off as one. But now, to millions of us, she is alive in our hearts. She has been crafted by her fans. My friends and I find her a source of inspiration. It was her songs that made me climb out my shell. Isn't that what good singers are made of? So why does she lack passion? It does not have to only come from the singer. That passion, burning brightly, can come from all of us. The composers, the fans, those that came together. It comes from all of us, not just the singer. - visitor

I agree... See that google chrome commercial Hatsune Miku...
At the end, it says that:
you know... She is my inspiration.. And I like every vocaloid's song.. I'm a girl. And I'm an Asian(I like K-Pop actually, but I like Voc. More.. )
- visitor

Miku songs are made with love love for her and others who want to her it it takes longer to make a song for her and anyone can do it now - visitor

Hatsune miku Are the Best! World is all yours MIKU! <3 <3 - visitor