Stop Hating And Grow Up.

There's a huge arguement based of the war between KPOP (Super Junior to be specific) and Vocaloid (Miku Hatsune) that has been lasting this entire year.

I am rooting for Vocaloids, (Kagamine Twins) but that does not mean that I flame the KPOP Generation. I love KPOP, but Vocaloid has a different feel to me. (Even though I am Korean-American.)

Please KPOP rooters, Stop flaming on Miku videos. It's ridiculous and stupid. Just because the group you have voted for is on 2nd place? Or before Miku? What has Miku done? Be first? Sing? That's like saying you blame someone else for having hair growing on their head. Indeed, Miku is a hologram. But she's alive. Her voice is alive, her songs are alive, and that gives you no right to create lies or hate her for that. I have also seen some posts that rant and blame Miku, even though the writer doesn't even understand correctly the first thing about her. Please, It's either that your letting out your anger, or your completely illogical.

Hate or Love? Comment if you'd like. If you dislike, Please entertain us~


I absolutely agree with you, and thank you so much for posting a level-headed response. I personally enjoy both Vocaloid and K-POP music, but I do think the whole rivalry between the two groups is getting a little ridiculous. First of all, I really don't see the point in people hating on things they don't like right in the middle of others whom DO enjoy the song/video/etc. Going to a Youtube video and watching an entire video you don't enjoy, then commenting saying "This sucks" is obviously going to get you a lot of responses back on your comment saying you're wrong; thus, causing more of a ruckus than was ever necessary. Especially with a media like Vocaloid, although they may simply be 'computer programs', they were still a collection of voices recorded by a voice actor/actress saved in a voice bank to be used by regular people. In other words, what some people don't seem to understand is that there is still a person behind Miku, Luka, Rin/Len, and ALL THE OTHER VOCALOIDS. Also, each song was made by one individual or even a group of individuals-but they are all fans- much like you and me. Heck, even with K-pop groups like KARA or 2NE1 or Big Bang, many of them don't write their own lyrics or make their own songs. There are specific people who compose the songs, write the lyrics, and help with the vocal instruction so the bands will be able to sing the songs. They still are not the ones who made the songs themselves. Sure, they may not be a computer software like Vocaloid, but the steps taken to make a song are very similar.

So people need to chill out a bit because all of this pointless rivalry between the groups is getting really out of hand. :'D - visitor

Lets stop the hating and JUST BE FRIENDS (Sung By Megurine Luka) - visitor