The reason. Why. TVXQ deserves this stage, Oh god.

They are your best choice. They are your. Best. Choice.

They are different from other groups. All over the world. They are world stars. They have the largest fan base in the world, and that's only South Korea. They have BIG fans all over the world. They deserve to sing on a stage where the world watches.

Oh my god.. They have COUNTLESS rewards and are honored by more than thousands of people. They had their debut at 2003/4. They are STILL. No.1 on countless charts, Japan.. Korea.. They stood on stages of SO many countries. They have talents that are just literally amazing. They practiced, and went through more difficulties , obstacles, and pain than anyone. Every member had a difficult life. And they made it to being the Number one group of Asia. They have talents. That are just. Jaw-opening. They deserve this. They went through so much pain. They deserve to stand on a stage like this. They will suit the Olympic atmosphere, and they will show what Olympic spirit is. Oh my god. I can't end this comment. Please, see their videos. Their choreography is SOOOOO harder and MOST difficult in Korean groups. And they sing live in MOST of their stages WITHOUT panting, several songs in a row. That's all practice. They deserve this so much, and they are your best choice. Please see their videos.. Please give some time for TVXQ.. They are seriously just.. Amazing. Their dances.. Vocals.. Their vocals and dancing skills.. Their songs, are admitted and complimented heavily by professionals and countries around the world. They are a LEGEND group of Kpop who spread the Hallyu wave with BoA. Oh my goodness, they are simply your best choice. They have to sing on that stage. They deserve this. You will not regret, and be amazed at their skills.

Please I beg you, see their videos yourself. Their fan screams are the loudest I've ever heard. Even people who aren't fans of TVXQ say that (this is 100% true. Example: "Even though I'm not a TVXQ fan they just look like.. Somehow that I should honor and respect them xD Like.. uh, gods? LOOL.")

Please watch. (LIVE)

I swear lol that this isn't the best video. I just chose a random vid. I swear to God :P The guys at the audience were jealous of TVXQ always being charted as the first place.

They are FLUENT than other idol groups in many languages (said the people of the countries)

What I wrote so far can't even describe 0.1 percent of how amazing TVXQ is.


You do realize that they are not together anymore, right? Laugh out loud How could they sing together? - visitor

You say your not a fan? What a lie but nice try. You think they are good? Then why didn't they receive more votes than Miku? - visitor

Love this! - visitor