The point of this list

This is a very popular list. Most users have a remix of it. Many favorite it. It gets many votes every day. People just google best singers every day, looking for ideas. There are so many comments on this list that it would take days to read them. But some of them are like:

"He is a member of a great band. How can he not be first?"

"He writes such great songs. How is he not in the top ten?"

"People have heard of her at least."

"She is so beautiful how can you not like her music?"

The order of this list shows the demographics of this site. How? Very simply. People are voting for their favorite singer. Their favorite singer shows their favorite genre.If Bob likes Michael Jackson, he votes for him, showing he likes pop music. If Bob likes Freddie Mercury, he votes for him, showing he likes rock music. Those are some of the most popular singers on this site. Proof? Most unique singing voices, best solo artists, many users look up to those singers.

This list had Michael Jackson at top for a long time, showing many users go for older pop music. Freddie Mercury's high position shows this site has many Queen fans. This proves many people are voting for their favorite singer. And the site is not about having your favorite things on top. It is about having the items that fit the object of the list on top.

I believe the description says "Vote for who you think is the best singer." And are some of you people doing this. No way. You are voting for your favorite singer. This list is way to popular to get taken down, but still. I as a metal fan want to vote James Hetfield but he is my favorite singer, not the best singer in my opinion.That means you vote for who you think is the best singer.


Wouldn't you say that your comments can apply to most of the lists and votes on this site? - Billyv

Yes. - visitor

These thing can be seen often. It's more common on overrated type of lists. - zxm

Most of the lists of this site have become "Popularity" based instead of "Accuracy".

Know how? Let me give me an example. Mike Dirnt is considered as one of the best bassists of all time. He is a very good bassist. I admit. He is at #30 on the list of "Best bassists Ever". He's there because he is in Green Day. On the other hand "Sumon" another bassist isn't even on top 100. Why? Because no one knows him. Yes. Otherwise you could compare two of them. Then you'll know who is better bassist.

You can only choose someone if you know them. But there are thousands of unknown legends out there. - zxm

^ - WonkeyDude98