Top 10 Most Skilled American Ninja Warrior Contestants

The most skilled contestants to ever compete in the American Ninja Warrior contest.
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1 Drew Dreschel

All around great person. Besides his obvious athletic ability, he has great sportsmanship. He stands on the sidelines supporting fellow ninjas and you can't help but to notice his genuine concern that they do well. Most ninjas are like that but there is just something about Drew. That's why he's my favorite. Just seems to be one of those people that you would just love being around. Also, congrats on becoming a daddy.

The thing that amazes me about Drew is that he totally shattered his knee and leg and was able to come back and compete at the highest level again. That takes dedication and a lot of hard work to do that. I admire his ability and his dedication to the sport. Go Drew!

I love Drew. In the lastest season, he won! He has the skills to beat every course. He is very high skilled (I know I said that already) and is proven to be the best. He's my favourite.

Drew is so good, I want him to be my trainer. I've seen videos of how good of a trainer he is. I hope he makes it to Vegas every year.

2 David "Flip" Rodriguez

Flip is truly a warrior. He's come thru so much and still has a smile on his face. He can conquer any obstacle life throws at him.. he can come thru any challenge stronger. I love his little tadpoles that he trains. he's a great role model for these kids.. he is my absolute favorite. Thank you Flip for never giving up..

Flip has an amazing story, and I think way too many people underestimate him. Rodriguez all the way!

Flip seems like a very nice guy he is also fast this is why I vote for him

Flip...Well, he is amazing. He inspires so many and has gone through so much.

3 Joe Moravsky

Joe has more almost 3 times as many buzzers as failures. He has 1 legit fail in all of his qualifying/finals courses (nobody finished that night), and he has 1 "semi" fail because he chose the mega wall and hit a ridiculous blind obstacle that should have never been done.

While he hasn't climbed Mt. Midoriyami, he is still probably the GOAT. Think Jordan before winning 6 rings. He is definitely the most consistent athlete on this competition. Never failed a course before stage 1 in LV! Definitely underrated due to his humble nature. Only a matter of time.

He is the best lol. Flip isn't nearly as good as him and just annoys me with his personality. Drew proclaims himself as a "real life ninja" yet can't make it as far as Joe, a simple weather man

Joe has made it to stage three like every time in his Ninja career and he is just so consistent in everything including team Ninja warrior

4 Sean Bryan

-Top 3 two years ago,
-Top 2 last year.
-Hit every buzzer but stage 3 every year.
-2x undefeated record holding Salmon Ladder champ.
-This years Big Dipper champ.
My opinion, best all around the last 2-3 years, under appreciated.

Sean always dominates every obstacle he takes on. He is an inspiration on and off the course. He is an elite athlete and an even better human being.

Underrated as an ANW competitor. He has been extremely consistent, went to Stage 3 two years in a row, and this is will only be his 4th season competing.

Sean Bryan is the whole package of the best role model for anyone. Inside and out, he is amazing. Not to mention he kicks butt ok the course every time.

5 Geoff Britten

-First American Ninja Warrior.
-Thunbolt Champion.
-Had a perfect season unlike both Isaac Caldiero and Drew Dreschel.
-His 7 buzzer streak is currently the longest on American Ninja Warrior.
- 100% Stage 2, 3 and 4 clear rate.
-Immense upper body and grip strength.
-And my favourite American Ninja Warrior.

Britten is the only competitor to have a perfect season meaning he did not fail a single obstacle from qualifying to the top of Mount Midoriyama. He also has Popeye Arms.

Hit 6 consecutive buzzers in his second season competing. Finished stages 3 and 4 by sheer willpower.

He has a perfect season. The current longest buzzer streak, and a 100% Stage 2,3, and 4 Clear Rate

6 Ryan Stratis

-Conquered the Mega Wall on his first try unlike Drew.
-Completed the City Finals 2 years in a row.
-Not to mention he completed the Mega Wall with an injured shoulder.
-Won Battle of the Beards twice.
-Completed the Stair Hopper where Drew Dreschel, Geoff Britten, Najee Richardson, Jessie Graff and himself on his first try failed.
-Best out of the 4 Originals.

Ryan Stratis is one of the best American ninja warriors (from JP age 6).

Competed on all 11 seasons. You got to love him

Only person to complete city finals course anw 3

7 Brent Steffensen

Brent has beaten the stage no one else could until Geoff and Isaac

First American to make it past the ultimate cliffhanger

Made it farther than any other American on the course.

Brian Arnold has made it the farthest

8 David Campbell

In season 12 the qualifiers he had a good save on the second obstacle and made it up mega and completed every season of American ninja warrior

He has been competing since the first season.

My personal favorite.

Been to Mt. Midoriyami more than any other American.

9 Daniel Gil

I love watching all of the competitors, but Daniel Gil is the real reason I watch at all. What a great example he provides for young people and old alike. He seems to live the message and God has blessed him with a talent where he can reach millions. And yes, he should be in the top 5, but is # 1 in my book!

If Daniel had been given more time to rest before attempting Stage 4, the competition with Drew, who was able to rest a lot longer, would have been more fair. The way it played out tonight, we really do not know who is the best at this time. It was not a level laying field!

The first and foremost thing that I love about Daniel Gil is his love of God. He is also by far the most calm of all of the ninja warriors, which comes from living his faith. I am a big fan of several of the warriors, but I admire Daniel Gil the most.

He is my all time favorite American Ninja Warrior! Exciting to watch him flawlessly speed his way through the course!

10 Jessie Graff

Went farthest in the city finals
Got past lightning bolts(took out 15 competitors) and the flying monkey bars(took down 13 including Sean Bryan) and almost made it through northwest passage
The 3rd hardest obstacle! (even beat the mega wall in hardness! )

You go Jessie Graff! I loved her I hope she comes back. She is strong and inspirational. She should be higher on the list!

Love, love, love Jessie. She is the best.So happy to hear she was a stunt woman on Wonder Woman, she deserves it. She is so fun to watch.

Hands down the best ninja first woman to get to Stage 2 of National Finals

The Contenders
11 Elet Hall

Team USA
Made it to stage 3
One of the best speed demons out there

He was the fastest in stage one 2013 and 2014

12 Kevin Bull

Kevin bull is so boss he should be number one and did you see his run in 2014

Love to watch him on the course.

Most fun to watch period.

He is like JJ Woods I think those to are the best

13 Travis Rosen

Seriously underrated. He isn't amazing

He was nicknamed the ageless wonder

Came back from injury stronger

On his like you’re competing he was 40 and he also was one of the best whenever he was competing

14 Isaac Caldiero

Drew dreschel is my personl favorite. Meanwhile isaac caldiero is my 2nd favorite and certainly #1 skilled despite his fall isn the kansas city finals

The American Ninja Warrior fell in the City Finals, but will crush the course in season 11, he should be #1.

Vote him! Here are my Top 10 rankings: 1. Isaac Caldiero, 2. Geoff Britten, 3. Brian Arnold, 4. Ian Dory, 5. Brent Steffensen, 6. Joe Moravasky, 7. Drew Dreschel, 8. Levi Meeuwenberg, 9. David Campbell, 10. James McGrath

He was the first ever winner of American ninja warrior in 2015

15 James Mcgrath

One of the best upcoming American Ninja Warriors

He is very experience how u guys vote for him

He's so much better than grant mccartney

James is the best ninja easy.

16 JJ Woods

My six year old grandson is very happy that JJ Woods made the list.

Most cool athletic man I know I want to be just like him

He is athletic strong quick what else do you need?

JJ Woods is cool but I have to say he is my favorite

17 Najee Richardson

Admire the adversities he had to overcome to get where he is today. Extremely talented and a gentleman in competition.

He is so amazing and he is a role model!
Asthma-Completes nearly every course he tries.

He always perseveres through everything, even when his asthma catches up to him!

I admire his determination and how much he has risen from adversity.

18 Brian Arnold

This is out of date, Brian Arnold has made it farthest on stage three

Only Olympic team USA contestant that can complete stage 3

Went further than any other American ninja warrior

Brian Arnold went farther than any one

19 Mathis Owhadi

This kid is literally nickname the kid and on his rookie season he got into USA versus the World

I think he is top 10 at least same with gill but that's MY opinion no hard feelings!

The kid has an incredible talent for a 20-year-old

I tuhink he's a littkle over hyped but he has the potential to be one of the best.

20 Meagan Martin

The best, most beautiful, most consistent and aspiring athlete to pave the way for women in this competition!

She’s amazing! What an inspiration.

21 Grant McCartney

Grant embodies what it means to be a ninja. He is tough but fun...he means business but he has fun doing it. Go Island Ninja

So much better than james mcgrath... deserves to be way higher on this list.

Keep going grant!

Grant is really funny but also serious at the same time... that doesn't make sense does it

He has the best dance moves... Deserves to be #1 just for that!

22 Kacy Catanzaro

She is tiny but mighty, and she inspires a lot of people, she may not win the most, but you know what...she s pretty awesome

Love you kacy, you inspired many and best of luck for your future hope to see you hold gold in WWE

She is one of my favorite American Ninja Warriors and she is the greatest of them all

She has had a rough time of it these past couple years

23 Alan Connealy
24 Levi Meeuwenberg

Was my all time favorite before he had to retire

This guy is really the best of then all

He is my all time Favourite

Too bad he gave up anw after that wrist injury

25 Brian Orosco

He hasn't competed since season 3

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