Top 10 Most Skilled American Ninja Warrior Contestants

The most skilled contestants to ever compete in the American Ninja Warrior contest.

The Top Ten

1 Drew Dreschel

"He's a meta human! " -Akbar

Do what you do Drew

He is just pretty impressive

I also like Joe Marovsky but I like drew more.

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2 David "Flip" Rodriguez

The masked man is amazing

Awesome sauce

While not necessarily yhr most skilled, Flip is definitely my favorite.

He's skillz

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3 Joe Moravsky

Joe has made it to stage three like every time in his Ninja career and he is just so consistent in everything including team Ninja warrior

I think he is good because he is really has the potential of winning

He should be number 4 because he is like the 4th fastest on stage 3.

About time we have a accurate American Ninja Warrior list - 2storm

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4 Geoff Britten

First American Ninja Warrior

He is the best

The best he should be number one

#1 Baby!

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5 David Campbell V 2 Comments
6 Brent Steffensen

First American to make it past the ultimate cliffhanger

Made it farther than any other American on the course.

Brian Arnold has made it the farthest

He's a BEAST

7 Travis Rosen V 1 Comment
8 Ryan Stratis

Only person to complete city finals course anw 3

9 JJ Woods

Most cool athletic man I know I want to be just like him

He is athletic strong quick what else do you need?

Incredible upper body strength,Quick and Athletic

10 Jessie Graff

She's the real Supergirl, you can't beat that


Shes my hero. Shes the best!
She should b in the top ten.

The Newcomers

? Thomas Stillings

This is insulting, this man came out of nowhere in ANW 7 making it all the way to stage 2!

? Logan Paul

The Contenders

11 James Mcgrath

One of the best upcoming American Ninja Warriors

James is the best ninja easy.

12 Isaac Caldiero

He won American ninja worrier

He won, snuff said

Best Ana competitor ever!

Vote him! Here are my Top 10 rankings: 1. Isaac Caldiero, 2. Geoff Britten, 3. Brian Arnold, 4. Ian Dory, 5. Brent Steffensen, 6. Joe Moravasky, 7. Drew Dreschel, 8. Levi Meeuwenberg, 9. David Campbell, 10. James McGrath

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13 Paul Kasemir

I think Kasemir could be in the top 3 because he's been on team USA a few times and has made it too the last obstacle on stage 3 and has the name Mr. Consistency I think that should get in the top 3

Known as Mr. Consistency, Paul Kasemir always finishes as one of the top guys. He seems to get a little better every year.

Paul Kasimeir is very consistent so should be higher then others

He has never made it to the last obs

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14 Brian Orosco
15 Brian Arnold

This is out of date, Brian Arnold has made it farthest on stage three

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16 Levi Meeuwenberg

This guy is really the best of then all

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17 Kacy Catanzaro

She isn't that good anymore

She is way to low on the list! - cs0417

1st woman to complete warped wall


18 Kevin Bull

Kevin bull is so boss he should be number one and did you see his run in 2014

He is like JJ Woods I think those to are the best

I agree

19 Elet Hall V 1 Comment
20 Grant McCartney V 1 Comment
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