Top 10 Most Skilled American Ninja Warrior Contestants

The most skilled contestants to ever compete in the American Ninja Warrior contest.

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1 Drew Dreschel

Drew is one of the fastest and most consistent ninjas out there he has a chance to go all the way and even if he doesn't he is still one of my favorites to watch I have also met him before he is a very cool guy

"He's a meta human! " -Akbar

He Is hands down the best American Ninja Warrior. There's nothing else to say...except, Drew is a beast.

Very Cool. Also subscribe to pewdiepie πŸ‘πŸ‘

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2 David "Flip" Rodriguez

Flip seems like a very nice guy he is also fast this is why I vote for him

The masked man is amazing

Flip has an amazing story, and I think way too many people underestimate him. Rodriguez all the way!

He is the best

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3 Joe Moravsky

This guy is super consistent, he has a 100 percent completion for qualifiers and stage 1, and 75 percent for stage 2 and city finals.

He hasn't failed on and city qualifiers or finals and never on stage 1 and 2 for 3 years!

Joe has made it to stage three like every time in his Ninja career and he is just so consistent in everything including team Ninja warrior

Its like he flew through the course.. Have beaten dreschel few times

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4 Geoff Britten

First American Ninja Warrior

Hit 6 consecutive buzzers in his second season competing. Finished stages 3 and 4 by sheer willpower.

He is the best

Should be 23

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5 David Campbell

My personal favorite.

Been to Mt. Midoriyami more than any other American.

6 Travis Rosen

Seriously underrated. He isn't amazing

He was nicknamed the ageless wonder

Travis Rosan is a great Contestant - 2storm

7 JJ Woods

Most cool athletic man I know I want to be just like him

He is athletic strong quick what else do you need?

My six year old grandson is very happy that JJ Woods made the list.


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8 Ryan Stratis

Only person to complete city finals course anw 3

Ryan Stratis is one of the best American ninja warriors (from JP age 6).

9 Jessie Graff

She's the real Supergirl, you can't beat that

Love her "Be your own hero"

Hands down the best ninja first woman to get to Stage 2 of National Finals

You are the best women american ninja warrior

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10 Brent Steffensen

First American to make it past the ultimate cliffhanger

Made it farther than any other American on the course.

Brian Arnold has made it the farthest

Brent has beaten the stage no one else could until Geoff and Isaac

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11 Isaac Caldiero

He won American ninja worrier

He won, snuff said

Best Ana competitor ever!

He was the first competitor who won fair and square!

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12 James Mcgrath

One of the best upcoming American Ninja Warriors

James is the best ninja easy.

He is very experience how u guys vote for him

He's so much better than grant mccartney

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13 Daniel Gil

He one the finals and his team iron grip is terrible so he steps up and finishes the course fastest time and his team wins

This guy deserves top five and anything below that is insulting.

He will go all the way this year...

Top 5

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14 Brian Arnold

Went further than any other American ninja warrior

Only Olympic team USA contestant that can complete stage 3

Brian Arnold went farther than any one

Incredible upper body strength

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15 Paul Kasemir

He is very experience and had competed since season 2 and is known as mr consitency however at season 7 it was the first time he did not make it through stage 1 I hope paul will be back for season 9

I think Kasemir could be in the top 3 because he's been on team USA a few times and has made it too the last obstacle on stage 3 and has the name Mr. Consistency I think that should get in the top 3

Known as Mr. Consistency, Paul Kasemir always finishes as one of the top guys. He seems to get a little better every year.

He has never made it to the last obs

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16 Kacy Catanzaro

She is tiny but mighty, and she inspires a lot of people, she may not win the most, but you know what...she s pretty awesome

Love you kacy, you inspired many and best of luck for your future hope to see you hold gold in WWE

She has had a rough time of it these past couple years

Sad she's leaving ANW...

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17 Kevin Bull

Kevin bull is so boss he should be number one and did you see his run in 2014

Most fun to watch period.

He is like JJ Woods I think those to are the best

He's poop

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18 Brian Orosco

He hasn't competed since season 3

19 Najee Richardson

Endless upper body strength and super high potential.

He is the best I ever seen

He is actually the best

the best

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20 Levi Meeuwenberg

This guy is really the best of then all

Too bad he gave up anw after that wrist injury

21 Grant McCartney

So much better than james mcgrath... deserves to be way higher on this list.

Keep going grant!

He has the best dance moves... Deserves to be #1 just for that!

Big man from Hawaii

He is my favorite ninja

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22 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

Get him off the list

He is not a american ninja warrior and will never be


He sucks

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23 Meagan Martin

She’s amazing! What an inspiration.

24 Jamie Rahm

Jamie is amazing with grip

He is a stud

25 Mathis Owhadi

The Kid or the Killer?

Up and coming
he's the next superstar

You are the best American ninja warrior! Can I meet you! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸ’•

26 Elet Hall

Team USA
Made it to stage 3
One of the best speed demons out there

27 Sean Bryan

Sean has a strong follow through.

Have you even seen his super salmon ladder attempt?

He should be 1st

28 Josh Levin

The number one rock climber and he was the best rookie ever on anw

This completed stage 3 on U.S.A. Vs. world in his rookie year!

29 Chris Wilczewski
30 Lance Pekus

My friend has Ben inspired by him because he's a farmer

Is a cowboy and completed stage 2 in the anw all star special.

31 Jamie Rhan

He is awesome

32 Stephen Amell Stephen Amell Stephen Adam Amell is a Canadian actor. He is best known for portraying Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in the Arrowverse television franchise and Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Got up to the wall and did extra obstacles 😎 Experience with stunts and working out due to his role as the Green Arrow.

33 Makoto Nagano

He is best

34 Sam Sann
35 Jake Murray

Man,damn strong and funny too,he does everything with style and he has made it to stage 2 so he should be in top 20 at least

36 Noah Kaufman
37 Lorin Ball

Fast cool he's unstoppable

38 Adam Rayl

-He has won the Wolfpack tours multiple times
-He has almost gone as far as stage 3
-Overall a really nice guy and he is worthy of Total victory!

39 Allyssa Beird

She is the best girl ninja

40 Neil Craver

Craver is another rookie with much potential, and Can make it to Stage II this time

Crazy Craver should be higher. An injury kept him out of ANW in 2017.

41 Brian Wilchesky

Brother of chris wilchesky

42 Travis Furlanic
43 Alan Connealy
44 Azeo Torre

He was a rookie 2015 and did get to Finals in 2016, but he can do much more. He will be a lot better in 2017.

45 Grant Clinton

He almost died and then completed the Oklahoma City finals which is to me impossible

46 Thomas Stillings

This is insulting, this man came out of nowhere in ANW 7 making it all the way to stage 2!

47 Mike Bernardo

He has been upon 7 seasons of American Ninja Warrior.

He is a salmon ladder beast

48 Kevin Carbone "the Maker"

Breakout rookie season, invented the most talked about obsticle ever, the Wingnut

Won obstacle design contest 2018 with DeJaVu, premiered at Vegas finals in stage3 with the wingnut

49 Nick Hanson

He made it up the mega wall in LA

50 Derek Nakamoto
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