Top 10 Reasons Anime is Better Than American Cartoons

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1 Better Characters

Yeah that is true anime characters are great with different personalities and different looks and they are realistic and relatable. Cartoon characters are mostly weird or cute nothing else they can't be realistic or cool or dangerous. Anime characters make me feel like I'm a part of them too like when they are sad I'm sad when they are happy I'm happy too when they cry I cry when they laugh I laugh too. That's why anime characters are way better than cartoon characters.

Many times American cartoons try to achieve good characters, and they get exaggerated, or creators try to make them fun and energetic, only to come off as annoying. The only counters I have to this are spongebob characters and gravity falls characters. Anime, however, character are actually real. Even in fantastical anime like one piece, you have a boy who has an ultimate dream, and tries to achieve it, but stumbles through obstacles along the way,

While both Anime and Cartoons have their Pros and Cons, Anime is more appealing to me, and here is why. Anime has interesting characters with an actual personality, the introductions and conclusions get you hooked into it, Anime has a better story, and Anime has better plots. While I do like some cartoons, to me, Anime is better.

The characters are all so unique, yet so relatable. Their stories are easy to get behind and understand. They feel like real people and not just animations because the people who created the characters put their heart and soul into it. When an anime character is crying, I'm crying. When they're laughing, so am I!

2 More Emotional Connection with Characters

Due to anime being able to have an actually serious nature, I feel for the characters. American cartoons are all about comedy without plot so I never give a damn about the characters. I mean isn't there an entire video on youtube devoted to all the Kenny deaths from South Park? How am I supposed to care when he dies literally every episode. Anime is different because they let me connect by making the characters real and relatable. Even if we're not talking about heavily emotional anime where I cry over characters dying or being seriously injured (Kagari from Psycho Pass and Izaya from Durarara), I still feel emotions for the characters.

American cartoons target younger audiences, so no one really dies and it's just friendship and magic and everything is really happy and all.

But with anime, it's much more real and it chains you to the characters, so if someone dies it's like you're being dragged along with them.

Cartoons these days don't really give us much reason to care about them since a lot of them are either to stupid, too unlikable and too annoying, anime can make feel something for them I practically cried when Nina Tucker was turned into a Chimera and is killed.

We love the characters in anime because there relatible and you feel for them wither they struggle to do the right thing or face near impossible challenges, we also get very emotional when characters die if Sponge Bob were to die not too many people would care but when a character who is important to the a show like Maes Huges dies we get very emotional.

3 Better Story

Anime has lots of depth in the story. There usually is a deeper meaning you can get out if it. Unlike, American cartoons, it can get really serious with certain topics. Cartoons are based around light topics. In animation, characters grow a lot in person. They change through their experiences. The characters in cartoons usually stay the same. I think anime also can grasp the watcher's attention even if they don't like the art because of the story. (That's how I ended up loving One Piece even though I vowed to never read/watch it because I thought it was a childish, stupid anime) I think the plot lines in animation are really clever and well thought out.

In some of the Western animation that I have watched, there wasn't a set plot. It was just some episodes were connected, and some weren't. In anime, however, there is almost always a story that has been well thought out and well written. There are different genres of anime, so anybody can watch whichever one they like.

Speaking of better story lets take a look at FMA & Ben10. Each episode of FullMetal Alchemist has a lot of great action, funny moments, and overall each feel which has some good messages for kids. While all episodes of Ben10 has a weak storyline, crude toilet humor and characters that are just terrible role models for kids.

Anime is filled with emotion, and if the author/director tries, the story plot can be really amazing. The characters aren't black and white, in my opinion(Call me biased if you like.). Most cartoons have episodes that aren't connected at all, and don't really have a plot, not saying that anime can't not have a plot(Take Lucky Star for example, not hating, cause I loved it, just saying.). Anime characters also have growth, unlike cartoon characters, who seem to learn a moral, sometimes, by the end of the episode, but forget it when the next one starts. The only cartoon I've ever been a fan of is scooby doo, and people will say it's really pointless and predictable, which it is, but I still love it, but it proves my point on this topic; that cartoons, always have a happy ending, unless the newer ones don't, sorry, I don't watch adventure time, steven universe or anything(I live under a rock pretty much.), and anime, you can never tell. Anime endings will continue to surprise me. I'm ...more

4 Stronger Female Characters

Hello, cartoon fans that came here to comment! (Nothing wrong about that, anime fans do it too.) I have a neutral opinion. Please, no hate. I am a big fan of anime, but cartoons are amazing as well. The reason may be that I don't watch them as much. Anyway, I'll try saying this respectfully.

While lots of female characters in anime have the 'big boobs that bounce around every time they move' characters, they also have many characters with normal and small chests. Not every strong female character has big breasts. From the top of my head, I can name Mikasa Ackerman, Morgiana from Magi, Yona (from Akatsuki no Yona), and Olivier Armstrong.

Have you seen Fairy Tail's strongest females? Just look at Erza Scarlett and Mirajane Strauss in battle form. Piss either of them and you're in big trouble.

Have any of you seen Hyperdimension Neptunia? It's based around all female characters.

Sure, it's fanservicey, but all the characters are bosses. It's not even nearly as fanservicey as, say Sword Art Online. I haven't ever seen any likeable, strong female characters in American cartoons.

HELL YEAH! Yoko Littner is not only a strong female character, but she has character depth added to her as well! Unlike Isabella!

5 Better Animation

All of the above, they draw better, there is more action, and nobody beats Japanese imagination. The best Anime/Cartoons I have ever seen in my life were all Japanese: Ninja Scroll, Akira, Battle Angel, The Hakkenden, Neo Tokyo, Doomed Megalapolis, Karas:The Prophecy, Princess Mononoke, Ghost In The Shell, too many...The American cartoons bore me with their stiffness, thick lines, and blocky look...All the Batman Cartoons, to date, are a perfect example..

Hell yeah! You gotta love how the animation on every anime looks like. It's beautiful and really, I like the mouth dub kind of thing, unlike the cartoons where the voice must be on sync and animated at the same time or something, you know what I mean.

Lots of people say that all anime looks the same. To that I say: yeah, it can look different, just not always. Look at Yu Gi Oh!. The characters are very angular and sharp. Now look at One Piece. Very rounded and circular. Only amateur anime drawers make them look generic.

And when they use the same drawings, I don't think it's bad, I think it's more efficient. And besides, they need to get episodes in weekly. Plus, Anime drawings take more effort than American drawings!

6 Better Fight Scenes

Anime scenes are pretty realistic. But in cartoons you see that the fight was off-screen or just a cloud spits out with stars and swirling lines. Alternatively, you also see a tornado (which it was from the old Looney Tunes).

I love fight scenes more than any other scenes BY FAR and anime exaggerates them so you can't help loving them! Don't believe me? Watch Naruto/Bleach and you'll see.

The fight scenes can be incredibly violent almost as violent as a Quentin Tarantino movie characters bleed bones are broken and some of them even die.

This is what I love about anime almost the most.
The fight scenes in some anime are intense and yet violent but that's okay.
Anime can be as violent as any other movie.

7 Better Romance

All anime love stories are better than American cartoon love stories. Especially Sword Art Online. Who says a virtual reality series has to be only about fighting and epic moments? Romance was the main thing that helped compel me to watch Sword Art Online. I really liked Kirito and Asuna as a couple and never ever regretted watching this anime ever.

Seeing Kirito and Asuna be number 1 on a Top 10 Anime Romances video by WatchMojo was one of the reasons I finally watched Sword Art Online. And guess what? I really loved the romance and the anime as well. I'm a boy and I love romance, so I loved Kirito and Asuna and how their relationship developed over time. And I find it quite stupid how people hate romance when it's supposed to be a part of their life if they ever wanna get married.

When cartoons want have romance, they just play it straight. No nervousness, shyness, denseness, or misunderstandings, just real romantic development. But that's only when cartoons wnat romance like in young justice and avatar. But then again they're are plenty of anime when romance is not evident in the plot I. E one piece, dbz, basically most shonens.

I'm a boy and I love romance. That's right! I'm a boy and I love romance! Girls aren't the only ones who love romance!

8 Better Villains

Cartoons always portray their antagonists as losers. They try to send the "good guys always win" message, which is not very realistic. However, the antagonists of anime are very dangerous and present a real challenge to the protagonists. It is impossible for the protagonists to defeat them without undergoing rigorous training. In Bleach, for example, Ichigo Kurosaki had to risk losing his soul reaper powers in order to reach the final Getsugatensho and defeat Sosuke Aizen. Many characters in anime even die while fighting the antagonists, as seen in Naruto when Pain (or Nagato) killed Jiraiya.

These people have no idea what they are talking about. A great villain isn't just "dangerous" or "actually evil", a great villain needs to seem "real". I like villains who are funny more than villains who are dangerous. Comedy makes them feel more real than "OH NO, HE CRUSHED SOMEONE'S HEAD WITH THEIR FISTS! 1! ". And it doesn't have to just be comedy, have them say something you hear maybe everyday! They may be villains, but people can still relate to a part of them.

No cartoon villain has ever made me hate them so much as some anime villains do. Watching how sadistic and evil Sugou from Sword Art Online was made him one of my favorite anime villains that I just love to hate. And by that, I mean I hate Sugou, probably even on the level of Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist.

While some cartoon villains were good most of the times they always lose quite pathetically if I may add, anime villains are smarter, more dangerous and a lot of the times triumph over the good guys such great anime villains include Frieza from DBZ who takes over the planet Namek and he's ruthless in doing so doesn't flinch in killing innocent people who get in his way and he's super powerful, In Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood there's Father who actually succeeds in his plan to transmute the whole country.

9 More Interesting Plot

I'm not saying all cartoons have a cheap plot and but most do. For example, SpongeBob SquarePants has no direct plot along with cringe-worthy characters and as well as Phineas and Ferb. But in most animes, they actually have a plot that you can understand. For example, Eren and a few other characters from Attack on Titan main goal and plot is to defeat Titans and bring humanity back. Soul and Maka from Soul Eater is to make Soul a death scythe and Maka to be a powerful meister like her mother. But that also doesn't mean that every anime in history has a great plot.

Animes are better than American cartoons, even Gravity Falls when you think about Gurren Lagann, the show about a boy the size of Earth, who can control robot bigger than a galaxy and sometimes bigger than the known universe, Gurren Lagann makes all the other animes and Gravity Falls look weak and boring.

Madoka magica is about two teenage girls(Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki) who were only your average school girls until they made a contract with a cat like creature(Kyuubey)to be magical girls.A classmate of them who is also a magical girl(Homura Akemi)told them not to as she believed that they will be in danger because as magical girls will battle witches. But another one(I forgot her first name. You know, the blond one with the gun)disagreed with Homura and eventually, Madoka and Sayaka became mahou shojos.True, there are magical girl cartoons. But their plot sucks. Why won't magical girl cartoons be like magical girl animes?

10 More Genres

In the world of anime (and manga) there is something to watch for everyone no matter age, gender or preferences. You can find anything from thriller, adventure and action to romantic comedies via any kind of childish theme you can come up with. No matter the theme you can think of, there's sure to be an anime about it!

American cartoons aren't the same. Anime DOES have different genres ok?! It's not for Emos either. Anime is for anyone for all ages! There not always dark and depressing. They can be funny like a regular cartoon. Also to mrcoolface, if you don't like anime, your in the wrong spot dude. This is for people who love anime so let everybody enjoy it. Anime rocks!

Winx club? Generic
Transformers(the cartoon ones.not the movie versions since the cinematic versions were good)? Generic
Sanjay and Craig? Generic
90% new american cartoons are generic run of the mills. Animes may have run of the mills, But there are great animes that aren't generic like Madoka Magica or Neon Genesis. I prefer those type of shows over generic ones any day!

Oh yeah? I'd like to see American cartoons juggle genres in one season like Sword Art Online did!

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11 More Cute and Compassionate Characters

I personally think that the characters in anime, both boys and girls are cuter/prettier/handsomer than most cartoon characters. Many boys in anime are so attractive. Sure, they all look like they have the same face, but that's the point of ART STYLE. Each anime has different art styles from each other which makes it quite refreshing. And they don't have the same body builds and bodily features.

I totally agree! Most American cartoon characters who are meant to be "cute" are not cute at all! With a few exceptions of course.

12 Gets People Interested In Japanese Culture

Yeah it does, but usually for the wrong reasons.

And maybe virtual reality if they watch Sword Art Online.

Yes because this actually inspired me to learn Japanese.

13 Anime Breaks Stereotypes and the Status Quo Rather Than Following Them
14 Better Humor

A lot of the humor is basically lost in translation. Because we are judging the list mainly on an English perspective, I mean, are we typing in Latin letters or katakana? It's obvious.

Everyone has a different sense of humor. One guy might find a joke of lifting a girl's skirt to be hilarious, but the guy next to him finds the joke to be immature and creepy. The cartoons and anime I have watched have a variety of comedy, and even though I didn't find some jokes funny, I could see effort put into it.

A Lot of American cartoons rely too much on slapstick humor & random gags that its just annoying, Anime does it better because its not constant its funny when it wants to be and can be dead serious when it needs to be.

At least anime doesn't rely on toilet humor like most modern American cartoons do now. Suck it, Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners.

15 Better Intros

Anime intros are well crafted, long, and professional like. Cartoon ones on the other hand are short, plain, and beginner like. Cartoon intros look like that it has no art or creativity in it.

Although some American cartoons do have catchy intros (look at Rick and Morty or even the Simpsons), it's the fact that anime has MORE great intros that makes this reason valid.

Anime intros are the best. Most are one and a half minutes long, but the songs are so good I'd listen to them even outside of anime. For cartoons? Nah.

Anime intros are awesome. Some of them are Lucky star's theme song, Pokemons theme song, Beyblade metal fusion ending theme song and do much more!

16 Anime Characters Express Their Feelings Better

In anime when a character is in despair or is sad it is often better than in American cartoons. An example is when anime characters feel pain or sorrow they scream out in pain somewhat a real scream but in American cartoons I hear " IT HURTS" or "DOH" which isn't very appealing to me at least.

17 Better Music

Just because it has good music doesn't mean it can't be a bad show. A good show should have a creative conflict, story and characers, not just good animation and music.

Take anime openings, sure the music can be good, but I perfer it when the actual opening shows more than just 2 second standing character introductions, scenery and fighting (Looking at you, SAO). Baccano is a example of a great opening. The character introductions show they're personality, and not a single word is said in the opening, instead playing some jazzy music to go along with the opening, with matches the theme of the anime. Most cartoons are short so that they can get more on to the actual thing, instead of one minute of an opening.
Now background music is different, yes it can be awesome, but sometimes it isn't necessarily. I've only cared to listen to two anime soundtracks, which were Madoka Magica and Nichijou. The rest I just didn't care, unlike the millions of video game soundtracks I look up ...more

I'd rather listen to anime openings than the Adventure Time opening. It starts out epic, but than turns into pitiful singing. The song is trash compared to Guren no Yumiya and Crossing Field and Ignite.

Nichijou's music is great for cartoon and anime fans because it sort of sounds like music that would be in a Loony Toons cartoon.

I doubt that any cartoon back ground music will ever surpass or even be as close as great anime ones like Sis Puella Magica!

18 More Relatable Characters

Yes I can relate to Kirito from SAO because I win everything (Including a harem) by being edgy and saving girls.

I can relate to Kirito from Sword Art Online, Eren from Attack on Titan, or Shinichi from Parasyte -the maxim-.

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan is a really relatable character.

I have to agree on this one! England from Hetalia I can relate to him.

19 Character Deaths are More Meaningful

It adds more to the plot and changes what is going on in the plot line! It's crazy and I love it!

In Madoka Magica, none of the other Puella Magis were brought back to life until ultimate Madoka revived them In the new world she created. And their deaths In the previous world (Madoka kind of died because she rewrote the universe while destroying herself and Homura probably died) actually helped on Madoka's character and had storyline purposes. If Mami survived the fight with Charlotte, Madoka would be a magical girl, Kyoko wouldn't come to Mitakihara and Homura had to reset the whole thing (and worsen Madoka's fate without noticing It), If Sayaka didn't turned into a witch, Madoka wouldn't thought of the wish to erase witches and would wish for something else like the cake idea Mami gave her, If Kyoko killed Sayaka's witch and stayed alive, Madoka wouldn't be that desperate or thought of the wish. But Madoka being that powerful DOES make sense. Let's say, at first, she wished for a loaf of bread, in the other one she wished for a lettuce, and then meat and another one cheese, ...more

20 Better Supporting Characters

Anime does in fact feature a lot of great supporting characters who help out the main character, In Dragon Ball Z you have Master Roshi who was Goku's master, King Kai who teaches Goku the Techniques that help him with fight against the Saiyans and there's Bulma despite her constant nagging proves to be real help with her technology especially the Dragon Ball Radar, in Fullmetal Alchemist there's Winry the very Auto Engineering who gave Ed his auto mail the got him back on his feet and lets not forget Pinako and there's Mes Huges who becomes the closes thing to a real father to Ed & Al.

An example of a supporting character: Hetalia you have England who raised and fought against America in the Revelutionary War.

21 More Characters Age

It's not really that important but it does annoy me that certain characters haven't aged at all The Simpsons have been on the air for over 20 seasons yet Bart and Lisa are still in grade school don't you think by now that they would be in college by now will at least Lisa.

Goku is 12 at the end of Dragon Ball and he's 45 at the end of DBZ.

Most characters in the american ones are like the whole series 10 years old or someting (except for adventure time, steven universe, etc.). In anime they actually AGE (okay except Ash).

They age yes but dragon ball was made in 1986 and now at the end of 2018 Goku is 14. this show was made 32 years ago so it dose not make scene. some people say that Goku is 45 or a little older. even so then the time in the show is sorter than on earth.

22 More Varied Settings

At least the school anime are better than where cartoons take place in. The Asterisk War or Chivalry of a Failed Knight, anyone? At least they're good shows.

This is true. I like how anime ventures out into different places besides school. I also like how there is magic, weapon and meisters, host club members, shinigami, vampires, mages, demons, pirates, and not new girl, best friend, boyfriend, mean girl, & mean girl squad.

23 Less Toilet Humor

The only legitimate anime series that contains toilet humor is Gintama, but other than that, that's just only ONE anime with toilet humor. Plus, it doesn't overuse toilet humor and at least the toilet humor can be funny. While most cartoons such as Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Fanboy & Chum Chum, and Uncle Grandpa have overused toilet humor. Sigh... sure, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had a lot of toilet humor as well, but at least it wasn't overused. Now most cartoons that aren't well-written superhero shows don't seem to be like that anymore...

Anime has better jokes that's not about farts, poops, toilets, or butts. Cartoon on the other hand, tries to hard to be funny but the only thing they can come up for jokes is only toilet humor

Anime series are intelligent enough to come up with better jokes than poop, fart, and toilet jokes.

This is a valid point. At least anime does not consist of crappy shows like Sanjay and Craig.

24 More Realistic

Unrealistic? Go watch SpongeBob. However there's so much innuendo that it's not for kids.

I've seen more realism in Parasyte -the maxim- than The Amazing World of Gumball.

25 Characters Have a Larger Variety of Outfits

I haven't watched that much anime but I saw 2 anime series that changes clothes every episode. and in Gravity Falls, the only character who changes clothes is Mabel, I've seen a few characters in Clarence change clothes a few times, and some characters in Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc.

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