Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

There are some moments in spongebob that makes me wanna say HECK WITH YOU SPONGEBOB YOU SUCK! So heres a top 10 list about it.
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1 Plankton Attempts Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

Plankton literally tries to get himself run over because Mr. Krabs keeps torturing him and when Mr. Krabs finds out that Plankton wants to kill himself he laughs because he probably wants Plankton to die. Mr. Krabs is such a monster. If Nickelodeon banned "Mid-life Crustacean" because of the Panty Raid scene that most kids don't even understand then they should ban this garbage episode that no one likes.

This the (obviously) the worst piece of trash episode of SpongeBob and probably any kids show in general! When I first saw it I didn't thought it would came from THIS! I mean it's just disgusting to show something like this it in a kids show. Mr. Krabs dressed as a whale like her daughter to stalk and scare Plankton to attempt Suicide... is that supposed to be funny or something?! It's completely obvious that Plankton and Pearl meet each other in "The Algae's Always Greener" but I think that it's clear that the show doesn't keep their continuity very well. Then shows Plankton lying on the road waiting to get run over by a bus clearly shows him trying commit suicide, the disturbing part is when SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs what Plankton was doing but his response is laughing at plankton suicide attempt.

Honestly what ever went the through the writers head to think how the suicide topic is funny to put it in a kids show is just DISGUSTING! If I have kids I wouldn't let them see this ...more

1. Mr. Krabs Laughing at the Fact that Plankton is Attempting Suicide (One Course Meal)
2. "SpongeBob, you can't always expect my brand of stupity, I like to mix it up" -Patrick Star (The Card)
3. SpongeBob being a stupid jerk to Gary (A Pal for Gary)
4. Patrick Being Stupidly Oblivious Toward SpongeBob (Stuck in the Wringer)
5. Suicide Jokes (Are You Happy Now? )
6. Plankton Attempting Suicide (One Course Meal)
7. Mrs. Puff tries to kill SpongeBob (Demolition Doofus)
8. "I Guess Crying Does Solve All Your Problems After All" -SpongeBob (Stuck in the Wringer)
9. Dr. Patrick (The Splinter)
10. Pus Squirting at Mr. Krabs (The Splinter)

How did this episode not make either of the mobrostudios top 20 worst SpongeBob episode countdowns? I mean, the episode wasn't funny, it was mean spirited and kinda creepy. I'm sure a 6 yr old kid has nightmares from watching this. I don't think SpongeBob's slideshow at the end wasn't as much to torment plankton as it was to save mr krabs (most people disagree with me though), but mr krabs went too far this episode. I don't like cheering for plankton because he's the supposed bad guy, but mr krabs isn't much better, especially in this episode. it was heartless that he actually laughed when he found out that plankton was trying to kill himself. I wish mr krabs was more like how he was in the earlier seasons. he was obsessed with money, but still had a heart when it mattered. now, he's just an ass who would kill someone (I'm not exaggerating). I kinda wish mr krabs had what was coming to him, instead of getting off scott free

2 Spongebob being a stupid jerk to Gary (A Pal for Gary)

When I first saw A Pal for Gary I was horrified when Puffy Fluffy was attacking Gary and destroying Spongebob's house and when Spongebob came back I thought he was going to see Puffy Fluffy as a horrible vicious monster and try to help Gary but no Spongebob is that stupid. He yells at Gary even though Gary is about to be eaten by Puffy Fluffy. Spongebob is supposed to be a kind, caring, happy Sponge yet in this episode he is the total opposite.

This episode always crawled under my skin. In this episode, SpongeBob becomes worried thinking about how lonely Gary must feel when he's at work (when in reality Gary is just fine). So as a result, SpongeBob comes up with the idea that he should get Gary a friend so that he isn't alone when he's at work. As much as he had good intensions, which any pet owner could feel the same way about their pet, SpongeBob is told about this specific pet he wants to get (which he names Fluffy)that it's very dangerous, especially around OTHER PETS. Even after hearing this he STILL buys it and takes it home. Not only does he make this stupid mistake, but he also leaves the two pets together BY THEMSELVES. Like what the heck, any responsible owner would know not leave new pets alone with the old pets. And SpongeBob is completely oblivious to what is happening to Gary, every time Fluffy tried to eat him, Gary would run away in fear but yet SpongeBob kept forcing him to stay with Fluffy. SpongeBob kept ...more

Hillenburg has only been off the show for about 7 years back then, and everyone else has already forgotten what's Spongebob's personality is! I can't believe it didn't already get CANCELLED by season 5 due to positive reviews not happening for 6 AND A HALF SEASONS! This is obviously the worst Spongebob has ever been at. After first watching this episode I thought that when Spongebob blamed Gary for everything he only was looking at it from the weirdest perspective ever conceived (I still thought it was very bad), but after looking at the fan reception, I now realize that this is just absolute JUNK that the producers thought would be funny! How did it take Hillenburg 10 YEARS to realize the show was falling apart without him?!?!?!?

SpongeBob, what is WRONG with you? Gary is about to be eaten by "puffy fluffy", and you don't even care. Gary was trying to save you, protect you, and...uhh...SAVE you from a horrible monster, but you don't even NOTICE IT!? What the writers were thinking, I'll never know. I will hate this scene till the end of time. No other scene will bring me such hatred.

3 Mrs. Puff tries to kill Spongebob(Demolition Doofus)

"...It's SpongeBob who deserves it because of all the trouble he gave her. And you Mrs. Puff haters deserve to be in prison for siding with that damn sponge! "

-Woah! I get that SpongeBob can be completely reckless at times (see Hall Monitor and Boat Smarts) and did deserve to be arrested for his actions, but does not deserve to be arrested solely on the fact that he gave Mrs. Puff some trouble. Also, Mrs. Puff should've instead set up a difficult obstacle for SpongeBob to drive through where he would likely get injured (but not killed) to teach him a lesson after popping her. Murdering one of her students is not only illegal and immoral, but way out of character for Mrs. Puff. Also, how do SpongeBob fans deserve to be in prison for siding with the sponge? Please don't bring the fans into this.

The hell with all of you who crapped on Mrs. Puff! Are you really that black 'n' white in thinkin about it?! You don't know what the hell she's been through!

The one who claimed that both SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff are both bad is a big fat liar! If I'm him or her, I'd only pick one side. And that's Mrs. Puff. I know what she's been through because I've been through all the similar that she has.

Honestly, how would you feel if that damn sponge gave you crap 24/7? Wouldn't you want him dead?

Like it or not, sometimes death is necessary when dealin' with constant troublemakers. Claimin' that it's always bad no matter what is a hypocritical, or self-righteous, way to look at it.

As for all of you who sided with Mrs/ Puff against SpongeBob, praise to all of you. You deserve rewards and not punishments. If I'm a court judge and I saw Mrs. Puff kill SpongeBob, I'd reward her instead of punish her.

I side with Mrs. Puff. SpongeBob has gotten her arrested, and nearly killed. He even made a joke about her being popped: "For now on I guess we'll have to call you Mrs. Pop." You cripple her so much times, then you joke about it. So she really had a good reason.

FYI, SpongeBob deserves to get killed by Mrs. puff because of all the crap that he put her through. Honestly, are you fans of that damn sponge blind to his trouble-making' ways?!

How would you feel if you're Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob caused so much trouble in your life?

4 Spongebob Rips Off Squidward's Toenail (House Fancy)

This was my first Spongebob impression, and I thought Spongebob was some insanely twisted show all about horrific violence.

THANK YOU! Thank whoever put this list together for putting this in the worst MOMENTS and not in the worst EPISODES! Anyways, yes. This part was unneeded and probably scarred a lot of children (but not me). However, this is probably the most underrated episode for this reason.

I'm surprised this got past the censors in my country. I didn't even know Squidward had a toenail, but apparently he did, and it got ripped off, kind of brutally.

This literally causes my toe to hurt. Seeing people's experiences of stuff like this happening to them in the comments does NOT help. Thanks, boys.

5 Mr. Krabs Laughs When He Finds Out That Plankton Is Trying to Commit Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

In my opinion, I think this is one of the 2 WORST moments in SpongeBob history, right next to SpongeBob being a jerk to Gary in "A Pal for Gary." After this episode was made, I was surprised that the writers didn't make an episode about something like being racist. Laughing at suicide is something that only an INSANELY evil person would do. And this episode has one of the WORST endings that I've ever seen in a SpongeBob episode. The writers can't expect me to believe that Mr. Krabs was actually the good guy in that episode after he drives Plankton towards suicide and makes fun of him for it. If you've never seen or heard of this episode, let me just tell you one thing: NEVER WATCH THIS EPISODE!

Wow! Mr. Krabs doesn't even care or acknowledge that Plankton was his childhood friend. He's just a soulless, greedy businessman who sells addictive cartoon burgers.

This should be number two or one. This is almost as worse as the show "Mr. Meaty". Self explanitory at this point if you know what the show's "protagonists" look like.

I'm in the mood for some Krab rangoons right now at the China Buffet after what Mr. Krabs said. And I would like them COOKED OVER 9000 degrees.

6 Squidward Attempting Suicide (Are You Happy Now)

Squidward never remember having a happy memory and almost KILLS HIMSELF OVER IT?! Do they really leave out THAT much continuity?!?!?!? Every time the producers have ideas not from seasons 1-3, they almost always just turn it into just plane awfulness that they think is funny for 10 years! If I was alive watching nick during 2008-2012 there would only be original episodes that actually have a plot without just mentioning continuity (the current episodes would just break it) to support me with no season 9b, season 10, season 11 and early season 12 to "help me through my journey". I've never actually seen the episode, but knowing the plot and details of the ending from comments, It's already confirmed as season 7.

I sometimes wonder if the creators of SpongeBob read the creepypasta "Squidward's Suicide" before making this episode? I already ranted about Plankton's suicide, and I feel the same way about Squidwards. Suicide, bah! Such a horrible topic to put on a children's show.

They made two types of suicide: hanging and carbon monoxide poisoning in oven (Sylvia Plath's death, for example). I can't believe the people behind the show just let this happen! They act like they don't care! This episode should be banned.

I actually like this joke, because I actually thought he was going to commit suicide, but hey fool me with the brownies, and birdcage joke, it actually worked for me.

7 Pus Squirting at Mr. Krabs (The Splinter)

Season 6 is the grossest season of Spongebob ever. I bought the full season 6 DVD and started watching episodes while eating my lunch and I literally had to stop eating just because of all the gross imagery in a lot of the episodes. Toenail and skin ripping and gross close ups is in most of the episodes in this season. The Splinter is the grossest episode of all time. You see gross imagery throughout the entire episode not just one scene like in House Fancy. If you have never seen this episode please don't watch it!

I mean nick, really? Nobody wants to see a pus squirting, swelling, purplish reddish splinter. If you haven't seen this episode, you have blessed by god.

The splinter looks like a red, swelling, mutated wart spraying pus in mr Krabs face. Absolutely disgusting episode; who would like this episode.

This was sooo disgusting, but if I had to choose between this scene and the toenail scene from House Fancy, this might be my choice. Just saying.

8 Blind SpongeBob (A Pal for Gary)

SpongeBob walks in a room and is shocked to see Puffy Fluffy eating Gary's bloody corpse.

Scolds what's left of Gary for not letting Puffy Fluffy play with him.

SponngeBob was blind several times. For example: "Immitation Krabs" from season 2.

9 City People (Stuck In the Wringer)

Remember in "Fry Cook Games" where SpongeBob throws frying grease on the people? He should do it to those city people. SpongeBob is so misunderstood.

Hell, yeah, those city fish in this episode are hypocrites! As much as I hate SpongeBob, he's right about tellin' Patrick off. That starfish is worse than the sponge.

Those hypocrites. Those lousy, mean spirited, hypocrites. May you all ROT in Rock Bottom!

City people? Spongebob deserves more than that since spongebob destroyed the whole universe in the strings

10 Dr. Patrick (The Splinter)

He just made it worse! But it was stupid when he tried different things to try to make it better, that what makes it funny! My opinion.

I'm fine with this one now because I'm messed up and the fact that this episode is kinda PHALLIC to me. Yeah, I'm insane.

And why was he so obsessed with sucking on SpongeBob's foot? I mean at first it's done funny but then it gets akward as it goes on.

In the Suds episode he was trying to help out but in the splinter he's acting like a douchebag!

The Contenders
11 ''I Guess Crying Does Solve Your Problems After All'' (Stuck In The Wringer)

How it should have ended:
Sandy goes into his house and finds out that Spongebob is stuck in the wringer, so she tries to get him out by ka-rah-tay, but it didn't work. She called Mr. Krabs to come, Mr. Krabs tries to snap the wringer but it doesn't work. Mr. Krabs called Squidward, he laughs at Spongebob, Mr. Krabs tells him to stop laughing or he will fire him, so Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Squidward try and push it up, but it doesn't work. The only thing to do is call Plankton, he comes over and uses his "Item Disappearer" to remove the wringer, he uses it then Spongebob is finally free, now he wonders what he is gonna use to clean him?

I feel that this is a Yes and No statement.

No being: If one starts crying over a silly reason, people just look at that and say " What a crybaby!"

Yes being: A legitimate reason, as Patrick was upset at his own stupidity had ruined SpongeBob as he knew him, and probably many other things in reality.
But the truth to this statement this all depends on the situation/reason that is causing someone to cry; I don't think that we should start crying just because we have a problem (a very small problem, like forgetting to wash your hands before going to work).

They should change the ending so SpongeBob never gets out of the wringer but says, "I guess crying doesN'T solve your problems after all. Although you would be left feeling sad for SpongeBob, you'd probably hate the episode less.

One of the worst ending lines from an episode. The only two worse are "Haven't you learned about sharing? " from Your's, Mine, and Mine, and "Looks like you guys forgot your boat smarts! " from Boat Smarts.

12 SpongeBob Killing Scallops (To Love a Patty)

Those poor scallops were just looking for food and Spongebob murders them and it literally shows Spongebob ripping the scallops in half. The worst part about this is he kills them to save something that isn't even alive. One of those scallops could have been Junior from Rock-a-bi-bivalve. Whoever put this scene in should be fired because they clearly know nothing about Spongebob's character.

This should be higher. It was just mean spirited of SpongeBob to do such deed.

I swear, the one that was torn in half literally gives me trauma!

I remember watching this scene when I was younger, I turned it off because scallops in spongebob are basically baby birds, so he was just brutally killing them

13 Pearl's Birthday Party (Whale of a Birthday)

Pearl's birthday party would never have been ruined if Pinkie Pie was the one planning it. Pinkie is the one pony who makes it her mission to give someone the best, and I mean the BEST, party ever! All Mr. Krabs did was ruin the party with things like stale popcorn, dishwater punch, a raw krabby statue of Pearl, AND BIRTHDAY CAKE MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD AND FROSTING! Pinkie Pie could make much better birthday party with excellent birthday treats and games, a statue made out of cupcakes, and an awesome birthday cake for Pearl than that disgrace for a father of hers. While Pearl and everybody else is having a fantastic time at the party made by Pinkie, Mr. Krabs is blasted away out of Pinkie's party cannon and not invited!

All they ways Mr.Krabs ruined her birthday,

Wrong poster: Seriously, were you just predicting a boy because ultrasounds were too expensive?

Stale popcorn and dishwater: Just go to the dollar store cause popcorn and drinks are pretty cheap.

Cardboard cake: --(0_0)--/

Squid ward preforms: You don't have money to get Pearl a present yet you can use money to help Squid ward get his own stage and backround.

Mr krabs: you guys want some cake
Mr krabs: here you go
Pearl & her friends: this is just cardboard!
Mr krabs: with frosting

This episode is amazing, the ending fixes any problems I might have had with it.

14 Patrick's Stupidity (The Card)

That made me hate Patrick more than before. Hell, it made me wish that SpongeBob SquarePants was never created. And so, I wish that Squidward killed Patrick/Pat.

Continually destroying a card SpongeBob cared about was bad enough, revealing that you did it all on purpose makes it worse.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series, it's relateable and really funny.

15 Subliminal Message Girl (Gary Takes a Bath)

This also needs to be higher. It got the episode banned in Britain and Australia. It was almost banned in America, too. And it actually creeped me out when I was younger.

Am I the only one who realized that Dee Dee makes a similar face in the Dexter's Lab episode Jeepers Creepers, Where Is Peepers?

Oh, I thought this episode got banned for a certain little joke SpongeBob made...

I don't get why this is below SpongeBob and Patrick die, which never happened.

16 Spongebob Saying No to People (The Abrasive Side)

All SpongeBob wanted was to say NO! But everybody keeps on (commercialing) him, so really everybody excluding SpongeBob are the main antagonist

This episode reminds me of Spider-Man 3 and you know what I'm talking about.

The Pearl part made me angry! Just say yes and make her happy!

Low point in good episode.

17 SpongeBob Threatens To Send Gary To A Restaurant To Get Cooked (Gary Takes A Bath)

That is just... Horrible! GOSH do I want to punch SpongeBob right now! And after A Pal For Gary...

Yes, the new episodes have affected the old episodes in a negative way.

I thought this was funny about the different language.

What's this doing here? It was a solid joke.

18 Spongebobs Best Day Ever (Best Day Ever)

Best Day Ever? More like most boring day ever.

19 Cop Gives SpongeBob and Squidward Tickets (Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful)

This has to be the #2 Worst SpongeBob episode for me. At the beginning this is "funny", but by the halfway point, especially when the Cop gives Squidward a ticket after the previous ticket fell from Squidward is completely stupid. I'm glad that at the least SpongeBob got a ticket, but that Squidward got almost 10 tickets and never went to jail is dumb.
I hate that the Cop never got punished at the end, example being that he tripped and dropped his pen, and then his superior sentenced him, Squidward, SpongeBob, and Squilliam to community service.

The only reason how the episode led to the plot is because the police blamed Squidward for littering gum despite the fact that it was only right next to him and it was obvious that someone else could've done it. Even when Squidward talks to the police officer in an obviously not nervous voice, he still sent him to Community service (this has become a very annoying running gag in the series). Oh. And no one happens to point out that there's a giant statue made out of Trash compared to a single piece of gum!

Remember when SpongeBob wrote on the Krabby Kronicles that Plankton was making chum out of people? If only that wasn't a lie, I would have been fine with Plankton turning that cop into CHUM.

If I'm that police officer, I'd give SpongeBob a speeding ticket and take Squidward's side.

20 Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten. (Stuck in the Wringer)

That part made me go crazy. I also hated the part where Patrick was just saying, " I was just trying to help". He had no common sense whatsoever. I saw one comment that had said, "stupidity is not an excuse". True! Stupidity is not an excuse to gain sympathy. It's like saying if the terrorists that had caused 9/11 and had said, "We are just still human beings trying to learn". What? You expect us to sympathize? No! Anyway, when that fish told Spongebob that it is his heart that's the problem, I wanted to be in Spongebob's body and say, "It's your mind that's the problem. Look what Patrick did to me, he got put this forever glue on me and he thought that it would help me. Really? We also went out for ice cream and he won't help me. He also ate all my ice cream too. Double times that jerk. He is basically inconsiderate of my feelings from home to here. How would you feel if you had a friend like that? Either have a brain, or go to hell! (Storms out)"

This one reason, and the other amounts of unnecessary cruelty, are why I consider 'Stuck In The Winger' to be the worst of all episodes of Spongebob. While I would blame the fish (in cartoon standards...), keep in mind that the true ones at fault here are the writers... Zeus Cervas, Sean Charmatz, and Derek Iversen...

Also blame these writers for the following... writing these fish in like this, writing the unnecessary amounts of cruelty to Spongebob, and also just for brainstorming the idea for this episode... Two more things to blame are United Plankton Pictures and Nickelodeon for greenlighting and airing this episode... This is what turns people off from watching spongebob and the episode should really be declared not canon to the series...

SpongeBob yelling at Patrick for not helping him and the Bikini Bottomites thought SpongeBob is mean despite the emotional abuse he is in. That one fish who said that SpongeBob has no heart and he deserves to be stuck in the wringer needs to be cooked. That was ironic considering they did not have a heart to help SpongeBob with the wringer. The writers are pathetic.

All of you folks who criticized this episode rule. Even though I hate that sponge, he deserves to yell at that starfish for being a jerk to him. Hell, I wouldn't mind if he mowed down all the jerks who sided against him and with Patrick.

21 Squidward Being a Jerk to SpongeBob (Little Yellow Book)

Sure it was rude... but come on man, parents told kids to stay away from him, his house debt was expired (or whatever, I forgot what happened) and he got arrested in the Middle Ages style! And people even through food at him after reading spongebob's other diary! How do fans not realize that the characters went a little too far?!?!?

Well, that sponge deserves it for constantly torturing the octopus's life. And all those animals who got back at Squidward were being no better than him as are you people who don't know what it's like to be in that cephalopod's shoes.

Well even though Spongebob tortured him in past episodes. Squidward was a jerk because he didn't cite them as actual reasons for reading his diary,it's only cause he feels like it.

At least Squidward gets payback at SpongeBob for all those horrible torture porn episodes he went through.

22 Ending (Stuck In the Wringer)
23 Squidward Visiting Spongebob (Squids Visit)

I thought this episode was way more scarier than the splinter because at least in the splinter you could tell what was going on. This episode makes absolutely no sense. Like how was SpongeBob able to break into squidward's house enough times to copy every single little detail? Everyone's afraid of the unknown.

I've had experiences with stalking people before and this reminds me of some stuff that I used to do to them. It was just trying to get them to tell me where they lived online, and later on without them knowing, I found where they lived!

I share all of you haters' opinions of this episode because I can't stand how much of a stalker SpongeBob was and is to Squidward. The nerve of that sponge! How would he like it if the octopus stalks him and copies his home?

This episode was...interesting I supose but it was Not funny at all. Just creepy Weird. How can Sponebob know THAT MUCH about Squidwards house and every detail like the chip in the wall and all the stuff in his medicen cabnet. Sponebob is just a stalker and really needs to get a life and leave poor Squidward alone.

24 The Fighting Scences With Sandy (Karate Island)

Sandy Cheeks? How about Mary Sue Cheeks? I'm sorry, I watch anime and I love overpowered characters, but Sandy Cheeks does the overpowered trope wrong. She knows karate, but uses jelly donuts, a hairdryer, and her helmet for protection as well? That's lazy writing right there. Thanks a lot, Paul Tibbitt!

You thought there will be good fighting right. NO! Instead sandy faces fighters that attack sandy with tickling, kissing, and B.O. and she stopped them with jelly filled donuts, hair dryer, and the fresh air dome. And the final fight scene with master udon was terrible too. Its short and boring.

Haha! French tickler joke! NOT FUNNY. When people say that SpongeBob once appealed to audiences of all ages in the pre-movie seasons, stupid innuendos like that are NOT what they were talking about!

His name is the tickler and he's French. French tickler. They say SpongeBob appeals to kids and adults because of innuendos, but this is over the top.

25 Smashing The Splinter With a Mallet (The Splinter)

I remember watching it on Nicktoons because I hadn't seen the episode before then. Amazingly, the episode was even worse than I thought it would be, and this scene was the icing on the cake.

Eww I beg you Nickelodeon to stop all of this disgusting moments before I got sick and horrified about SpongeBob's splinter got hit by a mallet.

That's downright disgusting! It may not be worse than a horror movie. But it's still terrible nonetheless.

I'm fine with this now because I have a messed-up mind. Phallic undertones.

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