Top 10 Worst Moments in SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

There are some moments in SpongeBob that makes me wanna say HECK WITH YOU SPONGEBOB YOU SUCK! So here's a top 10 list about it.
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1 Plankton attempts suicide (One Coarse Meal)

This the (obviously) the worst piece of trash episode of SpongeBob and probably any kids show in general! When I first saw it I didn't thought it would came from THIS! I mean it's just disgusting to show something like this it in a kids show. Mr. Krabs dressed as a whale like her daughter to stalk and scare Plankton to attempt Suicide... is that supposed to be funny or something?! It's completely obvious that Plankton and Pearl meet each other in "The Algae's Always Greener" but I think that it's clear that the show doesn't keep their continuity very well. Then shows Plankton lying on the road waiting to get run over by a bus clearly shows him trying commit suicide, the disturbing part is when SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs what Plankton was doing but his response is laughing at plankton suicide attempt.

Honestly what ever went the through the writers head to think how the suicide topic is funny to put it in a kids show is just DISGUSTING! If I have kids I wouldn't let them see this episode and I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch this episode it's just worthless, scarring, disgusting and a complete waste of TRASH!

2 Spongebob is a stupid jerk to Gary (A Pal for Gary)

This episode always crawled under my skin. In this episode, SpongeBob becomes worried thinking about how lonely Gary must feel when he's at work (when in reality Gary is just fine). So as a result, SpongeBob comes up with the idea that he should get Gary a friend so that he isn't alone when he's at work. As much as he had good intensions, which any pet owner could feel the same way about their pet, SpongeBob is told about this specific pet he wants to get (which he names Fluffy)that it's very dangerous, especially around OTHER PETS. Even after hearing this he STILL buys it and takes it home. Not only does he make this stupid mistake, but he also leaves the two pets together BY THEMSELVES. Like what the heck, any responsible owner would know not leave new pets alone with the old pets. And SpongeBob is completely oblivious to what is happening to Gary, every time Fluffy tried to eat him, Gary would run away in fear but yet SpongeBob kept forcing him to stay with Fluffy. SpongeBob kept getting on to Gary, calling him j ealous for destroying the house, cause, oh yeah, the pet you trust would totally be the first one to blame when you haven't even known the other pet for a whole 24 hours. Even when Fluffy was obviously eating him, SpongeBob was getting on to GARY, telling him to put down Fluffy, when it was the other way around. Luckily Gary scares away the monster by using his lassoing skills and saves SpongeBob, but when the monster runs away, SpongeBob was telling him to come back, then SpongeBob says "Well Gary, what do you have to say for yourself? ", like it was Gary who did all of this. SpongeBob doesn't even apologize nor thanks Gary for saving his life, and instead takes Gary with him to work for free labor so that Gary isn't by himself. This episode was terrible and was hard to watch, seeing poor Gary being tortured, not to mention how unlikeable SpongeBob was in this episode. Once you watch this episode you will never want to watch it again. Check it out at... more

3 Mrs. Puff tries to kill SpongeBob (Demolition Doofus)

"...It's SpongeBob who deserves it because of all the trouble he gave her. And you Mrs. Puff haters deserve to be in prison for siding with that damn sponge! "

-Woah! I get that SpongeBob can be completely reckless at times (see Hall Monitor and Boat Smarts) and did deserve to be arrested for his actions, but does not deserve to be arrested solely on the fact that he gave Mrs. Puff some trouble. Also, Mrs. Puff should've instead set up a difficult obstacle for SpongeBob to drive through where he would likely get injured (but not killed) to teach him a lesson after popping her. Murdering one of her students is not only illegal and immoral, but way out of character for Mrs. Puff. Also, how do SpongeBob fans deserve to be in prison for siding with the sponge? Please don't bring the fans into this.

4 SpongeBob rips off Squidward's toenail (House Fancy)

THANK YOU! Thank whoever put this list together for putting this in the worst MOMENTS and not in the worst EPISODES! Anyways, yes. This part was unneeded and probably scarred a lot of children (but not me). However, this is probably the most underrated episode for this reason.

Hello writers of this episode! This is SPONGEBOB. Not Happy Tree Friends. People who can easily stomach g0re and graphic t0rture aren't the main audience of Spongebob.

I'm surprised this got past the censors in my country. I didn't even know Squidward had a toenail, but apparently he did, and it got ripped off, kind of brutally.

5 Mr. Krabs laughs when he finds out Plankton is trying to commit suicide (One Coarse Meal)

In my opinion, I think this is one of the 2 WORST moments in SpongeBob history, right next to SpongeBob being a jerk to Gary in "A Pal for Gary." After this episode was made, I was surprised that the writers didn't make an episode about something like being racist. Laughing at suicide is something that only an INSANELY evil person would do. And this episode has one of the WORST endings that I've ever seen in a SpongeBob episode. The writers can't expect me to believe that Mr. Krabs was actually the good guy in that episode after he drives Plankton towards suicide and makes fun of him for it. If you've never seen or heard of this episode, let me just tell you one thing: NEVER WATCH THIS EPISODE!

6 Squidward attempts suicide (Are You Happy Now?)

Squidward never remember having a happy memory and almost KILLS HIMSELF OVER IT?! Do they really leave out THAT much continuity?!?!?!? Every time the producers have ideas not from seasons 1-3, they almost always just turn it into just plane awfulness that they think is funny for 10 years! If I was alive watching nick during 2008-2012 there would only be original episodes that actually have a plot without just mentioning continuity (the current episodes would just break it) to support me with no season 9b, season 10, season 11 and early season 12 to "help me through my journey". I've never actually seen the episode, but knowing the plot and details of the ending from comments, It's already confirmed as season 7.

7 Spongebob doesn't see Puffy Fluffy being about to eat Gary (A Pal For Gary)

SpongeBob walks in a room and is shocked to see Puffy Fluffy eating Gary's bloody corpse.

Scolds what's left of Gary for not letting Puffy Fluffy play with him.

SpongeBob is definitely stupid in this episode. But then again, he always is that way, which makes me want to see Squidward wipe him out.

This made me want to destroy my television. Enough said.

8 Pus squirts at Mr. Krabs (The Splinter)

Season 6 is the grossest season of Spongebob ever. I bought the full season 6 DVD and started watching episodes while eating my lunch and I literally had to stop eating just because of all the gross imagery in a lot of the episodes. Toenail and skin ripping and gross close ups is in most of the episodes in this season. The Splinter is the grossest episode of all time. You see gross imagery throughout the entire episode not just one scene like in House Fancy. If you have never seen this episode please don't watch it!

9 The Wonders of Unemployment (SpongeBob You're Fired)

"The Wonders Of Unemployment" is just a fancy way of saying filler.

Okay. This is one of the episodes I don't like, it's extremely boring

10 Sandy being too competitive (Squirrel Jelly)
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11 Doorbell (Pet or Pests)
12 SpongeBob taking advantage of Squidward (Choir Boys)
13 City people (Stuck In the Wringer)

To be fair they didn't know why Spongebob was mad at Patrick, and all they saw was Spongebob being very mean to him, but why can't they have Spongebob tell his side of the story? Is it really that hard? Ugh.

Remember in "Fry Cook Games" where SpongeBob throws frying grease on the people? He should do it to those city people. SpongeBob is so misunderstood.

Hell, yeah, those city fish in this episode are hypocrites! As much as I hate SpongeBob, he's right about tellin' Patrick off. That starfish is worse than the sponge.

14 Dr. Patrick (The Splinter)

He just made it worse! But it was stupid when he tried different things to try to make it better, that what makes it funny! My opinion.

And why was he so obsessed with sucking on SpongeBob's foot? I mean at first it's done funny but then it gets akward as it goes on.

I'd rather let Shou Tucker treat my splinter than Patrick.

15 SpongeBob kills scallops (To Love a Patty)

The not-as-morally-questionable thing about this episode is Spongebob basically falling in love with a KRABBY PATTY and pretty much treating it like a romantic partner (not the most surprising thing in the world for someone like SpongeBob), which is already kinda weird and unusual at best (not to shame anyone).

The more morally questionable thing about this episode is Spongebob literally killing off BABY ANIMALS just because they wanted to eat a patty he really likes. This alone already raises moral concerns and I'd be surprised if no one at the nickelodeon hq or whoever made this questioned if they should keep this scene.

16 SpongeBob gets pampered by Gary (Gary's Got Legs)
17 ''I guess crying does solve your problems after all'' (Stuck In the Wringer)

How it should have ended:
Sandy goes into his house and finds out that Spongebob is stuck in the wringer, so she tries to get him out by ka-rah-tay, but it didn't work. She called Mr. Krabs to come, Mr. Krabs tries to snap the wringer but it doesn't work. Mr. Krabs called Squidward, he laughs at Spongebob, Mr. Krabs tells him to stop laughing or he will fire him, so Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Squidward try and push it up, but it doesn't work. The only thing to do is call Plankton, he comes over and uses his "Item Disappearer" to remove the wringer, he uses it then Spongebob is finally free, now he wonders what he is gonna use to clean him?

18 Subliminal Message Girl (Gary Takes a Bath)

Am I the only one who realized that Dee Dee makes a similar face in the Dexter's Lab episode Jeepers Creepers, Where Is Peepers?

This also needs to be higher. It got the episode banned in Britain and Australia. It was almost banned in America, too. And it actually creeped me out when I was younger.

Oh, I thought this episode got banned for a certain little joke SpongeBob made...

19 Patrick admitting he is not stupid (The Card)

He admits that everything was intentional. To achieve what, I don't know. This basically ruins the character of Patrick and that every time he's been a prick or unbelievably stupid it was intentional.

WHY? This means that he intentionally burned Gary, intentionally ridiculed SpongeBob for stupidity, intentionally annoys Squidward, and intentionally didn't help SpongeBob with that splinter.

He just admitted that he was being a prick all along! Just what, Patrick?! I could bet a million dollars right now that his voice actor cried in the bathroom for a whole hour after saying that line?!

20 Patrick's stupidity (The Card)

That made me hate Patrick more than before. Hell, it made me wish that SpongeBob SquarePants was never created. And so, I wish that Squidward killed Patrick/Pat.

Continually destroying a card SpongeBob cared about was bad enough, revealing that you did it all on purpose makes it worse.

21 SpongeBob threatens to send Gary to a restaurant to get cooked (Gary Takes a Bath)

That is just... Horrible! GOSH do I want to punch SpongeBob right now! And after A Pal For Gary...

Yes, the new episodes have affected the old episodes in a negative way.

What's this doing here? It was a solid joke.

22 SpongeBob kicks Squidward out of his party (Breath of Fresh Squidward)
23 SpongeBob's best day ever (Best Day Ever)
24 Pearl's birthday party (Whale of a Birthday)

All they ways Mr.Krabs ruined her birthday,

Wrong poster: Seriously, were you just predicting a boy because ultrasounds were too expensive?

Stale popcorn and dishwater: Just go to the dollar store cause popcorn and drinks are pretty cheap.

Cardboard cake: --(0_0)--/

Squid ward preforms: You don't have money to get Pearl a present yet you can use money to help Squid ward get his own stage and backround.

Krabs was cheap but stale popcorn and tap water don't sound bad.

Fudge. You don't give your daughter or son cardboard b-day cake and ruin their birthdays

25 Spongebob says no to people (The Abrasive Side)

This episode reminds me of Spider-Man 3 and you know what I'm talking about.

All SpongeBob wanted was to say NO! But everybody keeps on (commercialing) him, so really everybody excluding SpongeBob are the main antagonist

The Pearl part made me angry! Just say yes and make her happy!

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