well i have to disagree with all that say that Zico or Pele and even Ronaldinho are better than Maradona. Maradona has done what no other soccer player has ever done in the past, he introduced magic into soccer. what he did in World Cup '86 was outstanding. although the ''Hand of God'' was a very contreversal goal, in of matter of minutes he scored the best goal in World Cup History. people might say ''Ronaldinho is makes magic with the ball, but the man who started it all was Maradona. So for me, Maradona is and will always be # 1, even if Lionel Messi's goals are like the ones Maradona scored, Maradona is unique.


Who is the greatest soccer player? The most debating part in the history of world football.

I 'm not fergusan or bilardo or hiddink or any other football expert. More precisely u need not to be. Simply maradona the greatest, what i can use before him, he is just beyond everything.

Maradona did everything what a player can do with the ball in the field. No body can touch him. His skill, his speed, his game sence - unmatchable. - sudipta1182

maradona is a exellent player but no one can never be better than pele wen someone talks about football his pops up and he scored 1096 goals out of 1114 and c.ronaldo could never reach in the top ten - visitor

Maradona is the second best player to play and that's a helluva feat if you ask - visitor

as great as maradona was pele was even greater BOOTNEY - dewdrops