Autistic Game Critic Episode #12 - SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals

bobbythebrony This time we will look at SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals, the first game in the SOCOM series so let's get to it.

In this game, like all SOCOM games, you take control of the leader of a four man navy seal team. The game is twelve missions and involves the team taking down four terrorist groups across the world. It is a challenging but fun stealth game.

Now let's discuss the characters, starting with Kahuna. Kahuna is the team's leader and the character you play as. As the leader, he gives the orders and is responsible for seeing that the mission is a success. He is a very good leader and a good choice for the player character. He is also the stealthiest and the best with whatever weapons he has.

Boomer is the Alpha team member and second in command. He is the one who never leaves Kahuna's side, even when ordered to. He is also the one who Kahuna calls on when in need of assistance. He is a likeable character and I was sad to know that he died prior to Combined Assault. Rest in Peace Boomer.

Jester is the the third in command and a member of Bravo Team. He is a strong character who can keep up with Kahuna and Boomer and can also take down a terrorist with ease. Even with his good qualities, you can have Jester stay put in every mission. I think It's better to have him with you though. He also has managed to prove himself enough to become second in command of a future seal team.

Specter is the last member and the other Bravo Team man. He is a strong character and can even compete with Kahuna. Like Jester, you can have him sit still the entire game, but is better off coming with you. As you can see in Combined Assault, he is deemed worthy enough to lead his own seal team. He is perhaps a better leader than Kahuna in some ways.

Now let's discuss the terrorists. The first is a Russian group known as Iron Brotherhood. Led by Spectrum, they are former Spetsnaz operatives whose headquarters is in an abandoned town in Alaska. The Seals are brought in after they blow up an Alaskan Oil Pipeline. In the first mission, they are selling weapons to other groups when the Seals kill them all, take their manifesto, and blow up the ship. Later, they attack their base, steal more intel, and extract a traitor known as Pincushion. Finally, they stop the terrorists from blowing up an oil rig, save the hostages, and kill Spectrum. This last mission brings an end to the Iron Brotherhood.

The second group is the Riddah Rouge. Led by Bad Dog Thongkon, they are a Thai group that is involved in biochemical weapons. After they massacre a boat full of people, the Seals come after them. First they kill all terrorists in a particular area before taking half of the weapons documents that they stole. Later, they rescue an ambassador and his wife after clearing the temples. Finally, they find the rest of the documents, kill Thongkon, and recover several weapons before escaping in a boat.

The third group is called Preemptive Strike. Led by Magnus, they are a paramilitary group in Congo. They kidnap several marines and hold them hostage, which brings in the Seals. First, their communications and weapons are destroyed, and their map of their POW camp is taken. Next they kill Magnus and rescue three of the marines. Lastly, they rescue the final marine as well as destroy their various bunkers.

Finally, we have the Sadikahu. Led by Fat Cat and Kitten, they are a group of islamic extremist based in Turkmenistan. The presence of a prisoner camp and nuclear weapons bring in the Seals. First, they enter the camp and extract a prisoner known as Mr. Pickle, as well steal a map and eliminate all terrorists. Next, they find their nukes and destroy them along with many terrorists. Finally, they locate Fat Cat and Kitten and kill them along with every other terrorists.

Well that's the game. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you find the game and have a PlayStation 2, give it a try. This is bobbythebrony saying Til I see you again, watch your step.

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I used to have this game on Jampack Winter 2002. - visitor

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