Dark Side of the Moon (Vinyl Review #1)

I made a video of this, and I decided I'd post the script. I thought some might enjoy some Pink Floyd reading material. I did a track-by-track review of the album. I might do an album review on here once a week. Feel free to request albums. I'll do any (any rock genre) as long as I have a physical copy (vinyl or CD).
Coming up next week, I'm tying my post together with PetSounds and doing The Doors' debut album.

1. Speak to Me - If this is not your first time listening, you know that this song is basically a summary to the entire album. It foreshadows every song; you can hear parts of each track in this. The heartbeat going steady in the background gets you mentally prepared for what is to come when you listen to this.

2. Breathe - More foreshadowing! This song is a beautiful number describing the different things one's life could be. And it all depends on "how you ride the tide." This one has some deep lyrics in it. It is later reprised in another track.

3. On the Run - This track gets you super hyped up. It sounds like you're about to win a race in Mario Kart or something. To be completely honest, if I exercised, I would run to this song. The offsetting echoes of noise and voices give you all the more reason to be running.

4. Time - this is the big one. This is one of the most well known Floyd songs, and is highly regarded as one of the best. It's the staple track on this album. Just like actual time, the song is multilayered. It's full of lyrics that make you contemplate EVERYTHING. The song's concept is slightly frightening; it describes someone utterly wasting their time in life, wanting it back, and then it being too late. It makes you think in-depth about a gigantic fear coming true. Then you have the reprise of Breathe; probably my favorite part in the song. The key changes, the tempo slows down, and you're mellowing out again. Some of Pink Floyd's best work right here.

5. Great Gig in the Sky - This song is a beautifully done piano number with an outstanding vocal solo done by Clare Torry. The bits of speech at the beginning of the song tells you what it's going to be about (more foreshadowing!). "I am not frightened of dying (...)". This track makes me imagine some sort of afterlife. This song also inspired me, along with the work of Ray Manzarek with the Doors, to start playing keyboard.

6. Money - This is a groovy Pink Floyd track. This bass line is probably one of the most recognizable. There is a great and creative use of money-related sound effects, which better define the song. I interpreted it being about the overly rich wasting their money as they please, instead of sharing some where money is needed, while others are struggling below them. The ending lines basically gives us a summary of what it's all about. "Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today. But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're giving none away."

7. Us and Them - This song is one of my favorites on the album, simply because (to me) it's hard to interpret; it always leaves me wondering every time I listen to it. There is a definite connection to war, and the lasting effects thereof. I believe it might be about two men discussing about everything they weathered in their many battles together. Different perspectives from other minds might take the song far differently than I did.

8. Any Colour You Like - One of my favorites from Pink Floyd. This is a great psychedelic instrumental. This song makes me think of time travel; just going through space ever so slowly. The last part of the song starts getting funky, and that is another thing I like about this song. It starts out really mellow, and then it turns into a jam. Overall, a fantastic instrumental.

9. Brain Damage - The beginning starts with some organ-like sounds that are offsetting, but it does set the mood for the song, in a way. I believe that this song is about their old band member, Syd Barrett. The line, "And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon," sells that theory to me. It shows that this song is a heartwarming tribute, and they miss their dear friend.

10. Eclipse - This song perfectly transitions from Brain Damage. It's sort of like a summary; it takes you back through all the memories a life can hold... Then at the end, it talks about how "the sun is eclipsed by the moon," which leads me to believe the person being described is slowly fading and forgetting all of the memories. A very appropriate way to end the album, I'd say.

Overall, this album is a gem. It is one of the best in rock history, and history in general. If you haven't listened to this album all the way through, you should consider it. It really takes you on a journey through life and time.


Money is my favourite from the album. Love the bassline and the outstanding solo! Great review. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks - LizardKing99

Also, do you have Rumours by Fleetwood Mac? I'd love to see a review of that. - IronSabbathPriest

I don't ;-;
But hey, I'll take any charity donations lmao. PetSounds and I are doing the Doors next week, I know that for sure - LizardKing99