Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Movie Review

MegaSoulhero As we all know, the original Star Wars trilogy was a huge success! So when it was announced that another one was coming out, people were really excited! People have waited 16 years for a new Star Wars! They went in with high expectations! And what was their reaction after they saw it? Meh.

Yeah, this movie is pretty disappointing. It's about two Jedi who escape the Trade Federation to warn Queen Amidala about their plan to attack Naboo. They meet a young Anikin Skywalker and he's told that he is one with the force because midichlorians. Lol. Anyway, this movie has a lot of problems. This was the first Star Wars film to actually be considered bad. And I understand. This is definitely a step down from the previous films. The story is uninteresting, the humor is childish, and the acting is bad. The kid who plays young Anikin Skywalker cannot act! Like, AT ALL! I know he's a child but I've seen child actors give excellent performances! Why did they even need to make Anikin a child in this movie? I just find him kind of annoying. But you know who is even more annoying? Jar Jar Binks! UGH! I can't stand him!? I don't think I have met a single person who likes this character! Not only is he annoying and childish, he is also a racial stereotype! This movie actually seems to be full of racial stereotypes!

Honestly, the only character that I actually think is pretty awesome is Darth Maul! He is the coolest villain to come from the Star Wars universe! Too bad they get rid of him at the end of this movie! Another problem I have is the visual effects. It's cool that they decided to use CGI in this film, but I feel like there's too much of it. There is never a time in this film where I believe they are actually in these different areas! A good majority of this movie is green screen! And why would they make Yoda CGI? To it's credit, some of the Planet designs are pretty creative! I also really love the lightsaber fights! They have really improved! The lightsaber fights in the other movies were cool but the ones here are just incredible! The pod racing scene is also interesting to watch. I really wish there were more moments that got me invested! There wasn't much that made me want to care about the characters.

Phantom Menace is very disappointing! It's not an awful film but people expected more from a Star Wars film. There are parts that arevgood and there are parts that are pretty bad. I don't think this movie is as bad as some people say it is but it's definitely not on par with the originals.

Score: 5/10


It's so dense, every single image has so many things going on. - Cahtergah

Jar Jar Is Quite Annoying - JPK

2/10 - visitor

6/10, I prefer this over rogue one, qui gon and darth maul only appear in this one movie, - VideoGamefan5

2/10. I liked Maul and Qui Gon. - iliekpiez