Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Movie Review

MegaSoulhero Attack of the Clones sucks! So let's talk about it!

Out of all the Star Wars films, this is by far the worst one! Basically, Anakin Skywalker is grown up now and has a crush on Padmé, played by Natalie Portman. Unfortunately for him, Jedi can't date. Um, why? It's never explained why Jedi can't date! It doesn't help that Padmé keeps changing her outfits to make herself look more and more hot! She's practically begging for Anakin to get with her even though she says that it's not right! And also, the two characters have absolutely no chemistry together! We're just supposed to believe that they're in love because they say they're in love! The acting is so bland that you don't feel a connection between them! Hayden Christensen barely shows any emotion! I don't think this is the actor's fault but was just given bad direction. Every character in the movie is pretty bland. There is a bunch of cringe-worthy dialogue in this film! "I don't like sand. It's coarse, it's rough, it's irritating, and it gets everywhere." Tell that to Dory!

There are so many dull moments! Star Wars is supposed to be exciting and thrilling but there are just too many scenes that nearly made me fall asleep! Just like in Phantom Menace, there is an overuse of CGI and green screen that makes it look like this is an animated film that just so happens to have live actors in it! Is there anything I liked about this movie!? Well, that scene where all the Jedi are fighting the droids on Geonosis is pretty awesome! Although, in that scene, I felt like Jango Fett got killed too easily. Kind of like his son in Return of the Jedi. I also like the fact that there's not as much Jar Jar in this one! And as cool as the lightsaber fights in this movie are, I feel like they are a step back from Phantom Menace. The final fight scene with Count Dooku is horrible! I hate the fact that Yoda is using a lightsaber! He's supposed to be a wise character who prefers mind over muscle! So him fighting with a lightsaber is out of character for him!

Attack of the Clones is such a terrible movie! It's pointless, it's boring, and the writing is terrible! There are things in this movie that I like but barely anything works! This is EASILY the worst Star Wars film!

Score: 3/10


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