Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Movie Review

MegaSoulhero Alright! So the first two Star Wars prequels were majorly disappointing! So were they able to get back on track with Revenge of the Sith? Kind of.

Revenge of the Sith is actually not that bad! I wouldn't go as far as saying it's good, but at least this one feels like a Star Wars movie! In the beginning of the movie, we get a really epic space battle! It is visually entertaining! You can really tell that the CGI has improved! In this movie, Palpatine is trying to convince Anakin to join the dark side. And as we all know, he would become Darth Vader. So this is the origin story of that. And this works out pretty well. I found him to be more of a relatable character in this one. He was told that Padmé is pregnant and that she might die and we feel the struggle that he's going through. This is definitely the darkest movie in the prequel trilogy. It has much more maturity in it and doesn't rely on stupid dialogue and cheesy jokes!

But of course, just like the other prequels, it has problems. Anakin's switch to the dark side is really rushed. After being a good guy in two hour long movies, it takes him 10 minutes to become evil. He even has no problem with killing innocent people already! The romance scenes are very forced and stupid! Some of the acting is still kind of bad but not as bad as before. Also, there's the part where Vader shouts "NOOOOO!" But I felt like they learned from most of their mistakes that were in the previous two films. The best thing about this movie is the visuals! They did a really great job at telling a story with the visuals! There are some really great action scenes in this! That fight scene between Anakin and Obi-Wan is very entertaining to watch! But again, I found Anakin's betrayal to be very disappointing and forced.

Overall, I was actually kind of pleased with this movie! It's not particularly good but I didn't hate it either. For a Star Wars prequel, it was actually very interesting! It feels much more like a Star Wars film than the other prequels! So if there's any Star Wars prequel that's worth watching, it would be this one!

Score: 6/10


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