Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie Review

MegaSoulhero After 10 years, the Star Wars saga finally returned in 2015 with Episode VII, the Force Awakens! This was the first Star Wars film I watched in theaters and it was really fun watching the movie in a theater full of Star Wars fans! So, what did I think of the movie? IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

I am so glad that Star Wars is back! It is my absolute favorite franchise! The Force Awakens definitely didn't disappoint! We are introduced to new characters in this movie and they are all very likeable! Finn is a stormtrooper who becomes a good guy and he meets a girl on Jakku named Rey. And after being chased down by the First Order, they go on an adventure together in the Millennium Falcon. Everyone's reaction when the Millennium Falcon appeared was so great! And there's even a new villain by the name of Kylo Ren! He's not as great a villain as Darth Vader, but he is still very awesome and interesting! Finn and Rey are very great characters and have a really good connection! It's a combination of excellent writing and great acting that makes us care for these characters! Poe Dameron is very awesome! He's a pilot in the resistance and he is such a cool dude! I really love BB-8! He is such a hilarious droid! And of course, Han Solo returns! And he is still a great and awesome guy! The visual effects in this movie are outstanding! Some of the best I've seen! The computer graphics have gotten so good that it actually almost looks real! There's a lightsaber fight in this movie of course! It's not that great but I still found it somewhat entertaining.

Unfortunately, there are many people on the internet who seem to really hate this movie. There are people who complain that it is just a rehash of A New Hope. Even South Park made fun of it. I personally didn't have that much of a problem with it. I felt like it was a good way of showing that they're going back to the way that Star Wars used to be. And it also works as a way of introducing Star Wars to a newer generation. They wanted to show us that they know what they're doing before they go on to do an original story. People have also complained that Rey is a Mary Sue since she was able to use the force quickly and was able to fight Kylo Ren with no problem, but there are still two more movies that will most likely have an explanation. There are some unanswered questions here but it's good that they are not revealing too much in the first movie of the new trilogy. This is basically setting for what is yet to come and they did a really great job with it!

I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I personally think this movie is better than A New Hope! This film has such great visuals, great characters, and it is an absolute amazing way of reminding us about what Star Wars used to be! This is a very great film and I can't wait to see Episode VIII!

Score: 9/10


9.5/10 Great Comeback Movie For Star Wars But The Problem I Had With This Movie Is
1. The Silver Stormtrooper Was OverHyped And Did Nothing In The Film - visitor

The silver stormtrooper is called captain phasma - VideoGamefan5

This Is Actually My Favorite Star Wars Movie - JPK

I liked it a lot, but if I even SUGGEST it's near Episode V I might die. Well, Here goes nothing. It is about as good as The Empire Strikes Back. - Cyri