Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

MegaSoulhero Rogue One is the very first Star Wars anthology film! It's not one of the Star Wars episodes. In fact, it doesn't even have the opening crawl at the beginning. I just saw the movie and it was pretty great!

This takes place before A New Hope. It's the story of how the rebel alliance stole the Death Star plans. They basically turned the opening crawl from the first Star Wars film into a movie. We know that they steal the Death Star plans we didn't know the entire story behind it. This movie pretty much explains what happened and how it happened. This movie definitely puts the "war" in Star Wars! There is a lot of war related action and it looks awesome! The main character of this film is Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones. From the trailers, I didn't think I was gonna like her very much but in the movie, I grew to really like her! She's very tough and very determined! There's also Cassian who is a rebel that helps Jyn with her mission. And there's also K-2SO, played by Alan Tudyk. Which isn't surprising since he and Disney are pretty tight. He is such a cool and helpful droid and even has a few funny lines. There was a part where he says "I've got a bad feeling about this" and he was told to "shut up". That was pretty hilarious! I really enjoyed Donnie Yen's character! He's a blind guy who can fight very well and he is a strong believer of the Force. My main problem with this film is the character development. The character who really gets development is Jyn. We learn about her backstory and we have more of a connection to her. The rest of the characters we don't learn that much about. I'm not saying I don't like the characters but they don't give us much of a reason to care about them. The villain was pretty intimidating I guess but I also found him to be pretty forgettable.

It also took me a while to be fully intrigued by the film. The first half didn't seem very well paced. It spent most of the time introducing us to different planets and I felt like it was a little rushed. However, the good things in this film are REALLY good! The action is very great and the scenery is very great! The designs of the planets are very nice! The CGI in this film is amazing! Except for two poorly CGI'd characters. One of them is seen in multiple scenes and the other one only appears at the end. I just found the CGI of those characters to be very obvious and very distracting. Also, there was a cameo from a couple of other characters but their cameo was VERY forced and didn't add anything! NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT VADER!!! He's not in it very long, but every time he was on screen, I was very happy! The first scene he was in certainly got me invested! But his last scene... WOW!!!! ONE OF THE BEST STAR WARS MOMENTS EVER!!!!

I think I'd rank this as my 4th favorite Star Wars film! It is definitely an enjoyable film if you're a Star Wars fan! The action is great, the visuals are great, and the motivations are great! I just wish the characters had more development. But other than that, it's a great film and definitely worth watching! ESPECIALLY FOR THAT AWESOME VADER SCENE!!!

Score: 8/10


Good Review, I Just Came Back From Watching It And I Loved It!, Other Than Being A Bit Overrated, And A Bit Too Short For A Star Wars Film, I'll Give The Film A 9/10 Because I Loved It! - VideoGamefan5

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Yeah, I find this movie VERY overrated. I didn't like it. Sorry, but I wouldn't give it an 8/10. - DCfnaf

I Respect Your Opinion - JPK

I agreed with it. It was amazing - visitor

2/10, it was awful in my opinion, - VideoGamefan5

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To 2
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I used to like this movie but I think it sucks nowadays - VideoGamefan5

This movie is so underrated - iliekpiez

I love how the creators had the guts to, well, you know. Anyway, this movie is very well done, and one of the few movies to genuinely make me sad (it's a good thing) in a long time. - Cyri

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