Hail Vitiate!

Razgriz577 Darth Vitiate should be first for the following reasons. One, he seized complete control of the minds of Revan and Malak using only the Force. Two, he single-handedly brainwashed 8,000 Sith Lords so as to use them for his ritual as well as destroyed his entire homeworld of Nathema/Medriaas becoming immortal in the process. Three, he rebuilt the original Sith Empire after its defeat in the Great Hyperspace War as well as made the Imperial War Machine powerful enough to once again challenge the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order for total domination of the galaxy, starting the Second Great Galactic War in the process. Four, Vitiate demolished Darth Lokess as well as all of her Dark Council counterparts with just a single flash of Dark Side energy. Five, he killed his foster father with just a thought as well as tortured his mother for months with the Force and stripped his real father Lord Dramath of his connection to the Force, driving him mad before he killed him. Six, he manipulated Mandalore the Ultimate into starting the Mandalorian Wars with the Republic and later caused Darth Revan to kick off the Jedi Civil War with the Republic, nearly destroying it through both wars in the process. Seven, he secured the Republic's capital during the Sacking of Coruscant as well as ensured Imperial victory in the Second Great Galactic War. Eight, he had the power to destroy the entire galaxy with just the Force via an ancient ritual of untold power (unlike that bitch Sidious). Nine, he created the Children of the Emperor, the perfect sleeper-cell agents that had no knowledge of their true allegiance, origins and even their own connections to the Force that were placed in vital Republic/Jedi military and government positions such as the soldiery, generals, admirals, commanders, senators, powerful politicians, Jedi Knights, Jedi Masters and even the Jedi High Council without the enemy even knowing about it. Ten, he defeated a strike team consisting of Jedi High Councilor Tol Braga, the Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, Leeha Narezz and Warren Sedoru with almost no effort on his part. Eleven, he rediscovered many Force abilities thought to be lost to history (such as essence transfer). Twelve, he created the Voice of the Emperor to serve as an alternate body for himself to use as well as the Emperor's Hand (a group of twelve immortal servants bound to the will and power of the Emperor). Thirteen, he defeated Revan in during their second encounter without even having to draw his lightsaber. To sum this up, Vitiate should be first (or maybe Revan, it's way too hard to choose between the two). Hail Vitiate (or Revan).