Eko Fresh - Köln Kalk Ehrenmord (English Translation)

Martin_Canine Firstly, a little context, and what this song is and isn’t about.
The song was written and performed by Eko Fresh, a very intelligent and open minded German rapper of Turkish descent, who does both conscious hip hop and light hearted fun songs. He himself is a muslim, and he also stands for peace, unity and tolerance. This song is an exposure of honor killings, in this case done by a muslim, but they happen in fundamental and heavily traditional families in most religions out of different reasons. This is not an attack on the islam religion, and neither on multicultural love or a liberal sex life. If anything, it is an attack on radical views. Eko Fresh himself is a perfect example of how to be both religious and open minded and modern.
Kalk is a district in Cologne, Germany, that is very cheap and has a high crime rate.
As a teenager, a friend of Eko Fresh was killed in an honor killing, but this song is not faithfully based on that incident.


KÖLN KALK EHRENMORD (The Cologne Kalk Honor Killing)

I’ll tell you a story about a guy called Max
Blowing Afghan hash in front of the South Stadium
This greenhorn badly screwed up his school
As children, we stole candy from the stands
He saw a girl in a bar, her name was Gülistan
I warned him: “her parents live strictly after the Quran”
It was short before Ramadan when they met
And they couldn’t be without each other since the first glance
No matter if Turkish or German, in your heart you’re a human
That’s when he made a mistake and let her sleep in his home
They drank rum and then wine, and secretly made out
In that night she lost her virginity
The next morning arrived, her conscience tortured her
Blood on the bedsheet and the pillow, she felt very sh’tty
He took her to the bus and only kissed her again
There (suddenly) stood Aylin from the block - oh my god, she got caught!

Firstly it’s always different, and secondly than you think
Screw the future, cause no one knows that s’t
Such things happen in the ghetto everywhere
Those aren’t empty words - Cologne Kalk honor killing
Firstly it’s always different, and secondly than you think
Screw the future, cause no one knows that s’t
Come here, I’ll wipe your tears away
Such things happen in life - Cologne Kalk honor killing

She only thought: “s’t, when my brother finds out
He’ll kill everyone and will be locked up in the juvenile prison”
Her brother was called Aziz, and he never left his home
The cops (are) after him, because he dealt with “piece” while on coke
And Aylin the blabbermouth, spread the word in all the town
You know what that means
In the ghetto it’s always the same f’d up stuff
Rumors spread faster than the flu over here
Then Aziz met Ümit in the store
Who said “do you know what they say about Gülistan?
Supposedly your sister isn’t chaste
Because she apparently was with a German yesterday”
“Dude, that can’t be, no, stop it!”
And he beat the crap out of Ümit’s body
He screamed out loud: “Doesn’t this bitch have any modesty?”
And he took his father’s gun out of the closet


Then Aziz snorted a line back there in the bushes
Then he went home to Max and rang the doorbell at Schmidts’
He couldn’t handle what eats him up inside
He has no idea how it all really is - (for him) his sister is a bitch
Poor Max just opened the door
And then it only went “click clack”, headshot, brains out
“That was for my father, you disbeliever
And for my sister who was still a virgin”
In the apartment he sees how the sister is sitting on the bed
And only says “come here, you honorless piece of s’t”
Gülistan says “I love him like mad!”
But he only reloads once more and shoots her in the face
Reloads once more and shoots on her corpse
He sat there until police arrived
He loads one last time and shoots himself
What was all that for? Go f yourself