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Who is the best character in the TV program Supernatural?
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1 Dean Winchester Dean Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural.

Dean Winchester is certainly the best character on Supernatural, played by the best actor. Jensen Ackles transformed the so-called second lead character on a little CW show into a pop culture icon that far transcends the show itself.

The fact that Jensen played the role makes the character most fascinating. Obviously, this is because of his charisma and extraordinary acting skill.

This guy right here has ruined my life with his perfect little smile and fanfiction green eyes, as well as his personality. He tries to act so tough, uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, and loathes himself more than anything but tries to hide behind this narcissistic front.

He's a caregiver, taking care of those he loves, especially Sam. He loves Sam more than anything and would do anything to have his kid brother with him, no matter what. I mean, the guy went to hell to bring Sam back to life.

He loves pie, his precious Impala, and (coughs) Cas. I have never found someone I can relate to as much as I relate to Dean Winchester.

2 Castiel Castiel is a fictional character portrayed by Misha Collins on the CW Television Network's American television series Supernatural.

Castiel, my wonderful baby, must be protected at all times. He's too innocent and pure for this world. Yes, he may have been an angel of the Lord, molotoved his brother the archangel Michael, and was the vessel for Lucifer this past season.

But gosh, his innocent baby blues and the little head tilt he does when he's confused is just so cute. He doesn't understand pop culture very well and tends to take figurative language and expressions too seriously.

He's too innocent and has only experienced emotions since he fell to help the Winchester brothers. He truly wants to help. I mean, he rebelled against his family and lost his grace all for Dean. He's just a cinnamon roll, too good for this world.

3 Sam Winchester Samuel "Sam" Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural along with his older brother Dean.

Sam is very brave, caring, and selfless. He's always trying to do the best thing. He loses everyone he loves: his mum dies before he got to know her, his father hates him for wanting to be normal, and he thinks that his brother sees him as a disappointment. He deserves so much more attention than he gets from fans. He went through so much: he dies, he was put in a cage, he lost his love (several times), his brother turned his back on him, his mother leaves (again), his friends die.

He is left all alone in the world, and he is still trying to do his best to save this world that gave him everything but rest and long-term happiness. He is a true hero in this show, and everyone should at least respect him. I mean, he was tortured by Lucifer, in his head, and still tried to save lives. Just a friendly reminder, Sam Winchester would give his life for you, even though he doesn't know who you are.

4 Bobby Singer

From the end of the first season, Bobby was there. He kept "his boys" in line even before John was dead. He taught them more, gave them more, and loved them more than any other character on the show. Bobby was also very REAL.

He lived in the middle of nowhere, ran a scrapyard, and had the filthy house of a bachelor. The only things you could be sure of in Bobby's house were that he was better stocked than a bar with beer and whiskey, he had several open books in multiple languages at any given time, and he was in charge of answering at least half a dozen phone lines which were coded with names such as "FBI". All SPN fans love Bobby, and hate that he was killed off, but he has been in at least one episode every season.

I hope they bring him back, at least once in season 12.

5 Crowley

Come on. Who wouldn't agree that Crowley is one of the best characters in the show? The way his character developed was amazing. Crowley has changed dramatically from when he first came into the show, but at the same time, he has remained himself.

The same old lovable sense of humor, one-liners, and the wittiness. Ever since he injected human blood, we've seen the more human side of the King of Hell. He loves Dean Winchester, he grew up with mummy issues (poor baby), but he knows how to get down and dirty when he needs to. What's not to love?

6 Gabriel

Okay, besides Castiel, Gabriel is my favorite character from the show. It's just so sad that he was in only five episodes. At first, he was depicted as this witty and somewhat maniacal trickster. But later on, we get to know his true side.

Yes, he's still witty and has a killer sense of humor, but he was an archangel that just wanted to escape his family's fighting. He wanted peace but was too afraid to intervene.

And seeing his own brother, Lucifer, kill him just broke my heart. He was adorable, had a thing for sweets, and was just plain lovable. I mean, he became a fan favorite in the first episodes he appeared in! I hope he comes back in later seasons. I really miss him.

7 Lucifer

Lucifer is altogether a unique character. It is interesting to see his development from when he is first out of the cage up to Sam's hallucinations. In every sense, Lucifer does not believe himself to be evil and believes that humans are the evil that was thrown upon the world. When he was first created, he showed sympathy towards Sam and was patient with him, and you understand that he wants to prove himself correct to his father. You understand that he wants to outshine his brother and regain the dignity that was torn from him.

When he is shown in the hallucinations, you realize that he is utterly angry because he thought Sam would have been the way for that to happen, but in reality, it wasn't, so he took it out on Sam in the cage. By this point, Lucifer was not only betrayed by his Father and his Brother, but by Sam in a way as well. He is my favorite character, because there is more to him than just plain evil.

8 Jack Kline

Jack has been a great addition to Supernatural! It's great to have that breath of childlike innocence in a show where almost everyone has done horrible things along the lines of murder and torture.

9 Bela Talbot

Bela was amazing. She got what she wanted. She was smart and slightly manipulative. It kills me that Sam and Dean never knew why she made that deal. She was 14 and trying to get out of a bad situation. They just look at her like the thief who kept getting the better of them.

She knew what was going on, and she became a thief, but she is still awesome. I don't get how anyone could not like her. It is so depressing that she went to hell for a mistake she made to get out of a horrible situation when she was 14. Dean made the same mistake in his mid-twenties. They think that she made a crossroad deal to get money. It is one of the most depressing stories in the show (I think Adam's is worse) because it ends in a good person going to hell.

My sister wants her to come back as a demon, but I think that would probably be just as depressing. She is really awesome, and I can't believe some people like someone like Naomi more than her.

10 Ash

Ash is the funniest dude out there. I missed his raw, laid-back attitude and downright unbeatable sense of humor.

- Not to mention his hair... "All business up front, party in the back." Here's to Ash, RIP.

Ash was a great character. I was sad when he died.

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11 Charlie Bradbury

I love Charlie because she always gave us hope. She loved the Winchesters, and the Winchesters still love her. She was the best female character in her time, and I, along with many other people, miss her. Charlie was never mad at anyone, at least the real Charlie. She always forgave people, even when Dean almost killed her.

Also, she's a great role model for young girls who are lesbian or young boys who are gay, to just love and accept themselves. She is really great, and I miss her so much.

She was amazing. Smart, intelligent, and most of all... loyal. Her love for Sam and Dean was admirable, but unfortunately, that's what got her killed. Was super mad that they killed her off. She was really overlooked and underrated. The Winchesters loved her too.

She deserved better. I loved her sense of humor, her curiosity, and her adventurous spirit.

12 Death

They need to make more episodes with this guy in it. When he drove up to that sidewalk in his old-school Cadillac, I just knew that it just got real. I loved how he killed the guy with just a brush of his shoulder and ever so nonchalantly brushed his shoulder like there was a speck of dust.

Not only is he actually sensible and kind, but he shows regret for the things he has done. He connects to human emotions when teaching Dean what it's like to be him, and he saved a whole city because he loved the pizza they have.

He's incredible and by far the best horseman.

13 Ruby

Ruby brought life to Sam's fears and took advantage of it to spread evil. She is a strong female character. What I appreciate from Genevieve is how she put evil into Ruby.

14 John Winchester

I understand why John Winchester isn't ranked number one, but I'm puzzled as to why he's placed so low on the list. He receives a lot of criticism for his actions, yet they weren't as bad as they could have been. Sam and Dean even acknowledge this in an episode.

Consider his backstory: he was abandoned by his father at a young age, served in Vietnam, and tragically lost his wife in a horrific manner. He discovers the existence of supernatural threats and becomes terrified for the safety of his sons. He learns that Sam might become a creature they hunt and struggles with the fact that he can't introduce them to Adam, as there's still a chance Adam remains unaware of the supernatural world, unlike Sam and Dean.

There's a poignant moment where John confesses to the boys that he nearly died from grief after losing Mary. He admits he couldn't bear the thought of losing one or both of them. He uses a bullet from the Colt to save his sons and ultimately sells his soul to save Dean. Just before making this sacrifice, Sam accuses him of prioritizing revenge over Dean's safety, which is the exact opposite of his true intention.

When John is released from Hell, he assists the boys in finally defeating Azazel. Instead of immediately ascending to Heaven, he shares a sad smile with his sons, as if to say, "Sam, Dean, I made mistakes, and I'm sorry. This was all for you. I love you. You are my entire world, my pride and joy. I am proud of you. I'm proud of the men you've become. I love you." His departure to Heaven clearly affects Sam and Dean, evident from Sam's tears and their smiles.

Seriously, John Winchester is an amazing character.

15 Ellen Harvelle
16 Jo Harvelle

When I saw Jo and Ellen's death, I was literally devastated. I was really attached to their characters, and I think Jo had a really strong and great personality.

I also shipped her and Dean!

I love Jo. She was the first 'real' female character that stayed for a long time and not just for one episode, and didn't try to kill the boys. She always helped them, even after she found out their father killed her father and after Possessed! Sam almost killed her.

I really cried when she died, and I really miss her. Jo was amazing, and from her first appearance till the last, she was just great.

17 Chuck Shurley

Chuck was amazing. In Season 11, Episode 20, it turns out he is God, the oldest and most powerful being in existence.

Chuck was awesome. I miss him very much.

18 Jody Mills

Jody is the kind of character you want to have as a mom. Even if you have the best mom ever, you would still love her to be your mom. She is a badass, one of the last female characters standing, and a really great mother.

What is also great about her is that even when her husband and son got killed, she still took in four girls and started a new life. She didn't break down. Even when one of the people she saved was a monster, she didn't try to kill her. She saved her. Jody is so strong and so amazing.

Beautiful woman. I love how she took in the girl... what's her name... and also Claire Novak. She's such a mother figure.

19 Claire Novak

I absolutely love this character. She has a great relationship with the guys, especially Dean and Cass. Cass feels responsible for her, and I can see why. He took her whole life away from her. When he left, her life fell apart. He stole her dad from her, and then her mom became obsessed with finding him, which led to her downfall too.

Then Claire's grandma died, leaving her completely alone, and she became a troubled teen. But with a little help from Cass and Dean, she matured and became a great young adult hunter. She tried to save her mom and technically saved Cass's life. Dean and her had some issues, but they all resolved themselves, and now they are as close as ever. Dean even is like a father figure to her, just like he was with Ben.

I mean, Claire survived being a werewolf and the cure. And she is a hunter! And has the best mom ever, JODY MILLS! And then there's her adopted sis Alex. It's the life Claire needed... and it's the one she deserves. She may have lost her mother and father, but she gained a ton of those along the way.

20 Garth Fitzgerald IV

He's just that spark of hope that makes you think it's possible to be a hunter without the alcoholism and dark depression. Even after time has passed, he is still the same happy person he was when Dean first met him. He's great with kids and manages to keep things steady with his "special" lady.

Every time I see him, I'm reminded that it is possible for Sam and Dean to find their happiness and still be hunters. Every episode with him in it is guaranteed to be hilarious and hopeful.

He's a total sweetheart! He is often the joke of the hunting world, but even though that's true, he's still willing to save lives, especially Sam and Dean's.

21 Kevin Tran

His death hurt a lot because he was a smart, Asian, cello-playing, straight-A student, and kind of religious. I know a boy in my class who is a smart, Asian, cello-playing, straight-A student, and kind of religious.

He's been my friend since the 3rd grade.

Kevin Tran was so hilarious in the beginning. We didn't really expect much out of him, but he proved us wrong as the show went on. He was such a help to the Winchesters.

Sam and Dean treated him like family, and Kevin stayed strong even though his life was falling apart.

22 Meg Masters

I will sell my soul for her to come back for the final season. I stan my demon queen and I want her and Cas to bang until the cows come home.

Then we can give Jess back to Sam and Lisa or Jo back to Dean, so they can all be happy.

Witty, dangerous, and playful. A demon messing with the Winchester's angel... How can it get any better than that?

A female character surviving in Supernatural from seasons one to eight!

One of the most fun characters the show has. She's psycho and crazy, which makes you want them to kill her, but at the same time, you want her to appear in every episode.

23 Rowena MacLeod

I really love Rowena. She is a great character, and you never know what she's going to do. She is the most powerful witch in the world and is really amazing. I fell in love with her the moment I first saw her on the screen.

Rowena is amazing. Even though her son hated her and tried to kill her, in the end, she still loved him. And *Spoiler* she is so amazing as the Queen of Hell!

She is the best! She is over 300 years old and she hasn't loved anything ever!

I don't, will not, and have not loved anything ever - Rowena MacLeod.

24 Anna Milton

She should return. I think she's the greatest woman in Supernatural. If I were an angel like her, I would kill Sam too. It's her job to protect the world, and Sam is a BIG threat.

So, why do many people hate and judge her so much?

My favorite character of all time, whether in Supernatural or anything else, is Anna Milton. She's a blend of silk and steel, empathy and strategy, with such a huge love for humanity and free will that she gave up everything and risked everything just to get a tiny taste of it herself. She's the disgraced general, Castiel's fallen friend, and Mr. and Mrs. Milton's miracle child.

A character full of appreciation for every single part of the human experience, both good and bad. She's an angel who was bitter and wanted more, who yearned to be human. A character who was good, compassionate, selfish, strong-willed, intelligent, and brave. She believed in herself, if nothing else, and fought for herself and the world she fell in love with. She never gave up and never wavered.

She reached out to Dean to try to help him forgive himself when he was hurting. She kissed him to remind him to love himself because others loved him. She gave him a bold smile and took him to bed, offering them both a good experience because she was a badass, sex-positive woman.

Anna was so complex, multifaceted, and sympathetic. Her backstory was incredibly interesting, both in what was shown and what was implied. The mystery in Season 5 about whether she was brainwashed and a tragic victim of Heaven, or an anti-villain with agency and the grit to do what others wouldn't to save the world, was just fascinating.

Anna, my girl, my sweet, sweet girl, who deserved her own show. I love her to pieces.

25 Balthazar

I loved his character. He was just sarcastic, even cynical, in a very funny way.

Gotta love his sense of humor.

Besides, I also hate Titanic. I relate to Balthazar in so many ways.

He is absolutely brilliant! He deserves to be in the top 10.

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