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1 Spartan vs. Ninja

This episode Starred Jeremy Dunn ~ The Star Motion Capture Actor of Call of Duty Black Ops, World at War, etc! That dude just moves well; fun to watch. He wasn't the Season 2 Spartan, who sucked... but Jeremy is why this rocked in my opinion. Ninja's and Spartans have lore too. ~ Thanks for asking!

I like the idea but I was totally one-sided. The nknja had a lot of tricks but when you can't even touch the huy and get hurt every time you attached its only a matter of time in a fight to the death

It was fantastic... I liked it very much.. It was fabulous..
This episode was the most exciting match...

You can't get kickass action any where else.
The Spartan vs Ninja episode was the best, hands down.

2 Yakuza vs. Mafia

This was just so entertaining. I seriously believed the yakuza would have won. Also the fact that the Japanese contenders and the Italians also started fighting included a personal dynamic. Definitely my favorite.

3 Nazi Waffen SS vs. Viet Cong

All the weapons were badass. Who the hell wants to fall into a pit of sticks covered in poop? Not only would that be agonizing but also you would die from blood loss and a slow infection. Now with the Nazi's that bouncing betty will blow your legs off!

I liked the comment the german tester said about the pujati stakes, "This is like going to war with the Flintstones!" priceless.

Each tested weapon actually killed someone in this simmilation. That is very rare. Normally one weapon in the arsenal completley dominates.

By far this is the most entertaining match up in the history of Deadliest Warrior bar none!

4 IRA vs. Taliban

Both groups are out on the edge, on their own. Have developed their special brand of ingenuity and become totally self dependent. I personally thought the IRA would win but would like to see how the IRA would tackle going into Taliban territory.

5 Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz

The Russian veterans were impressive and clearly knew what they were doing (scary dudes). The explosive knife finale (spoiler alert) was pretty awesome.

The episode blew my mind and probaly millions of other viewers too! You could just feel the intensity in the air; these were really two warriors that both deserved first place!

Best episode ever, I knew spetsnaz was gonna win, they are more skilled, in the middle when all green berets were killing all spetsnaz I said yep, spetsnaz are finished but then one spetsnaz managed to kill 4 green beret by himself

Green Beret are adoptable and would use the e tool if the need arised. They wouldn't come into batle with a shovel but that probably wouldn't have changed the outcome so congrats to the speznaz

6 Navy SEALs vs. Israeli Commandos

Israelian commandos were better in hand to hand combat. If it would be just with knives and without guns, navy seals would suck!

Two great Warriors who both deserved the title.

7 Apache vs. Gladiator

The incredible weapons of each warrior and how they used them was awesome and UFC fighter chuck Liddell was there. The massive size and brutal ferocity of the gladiator yet the apaches speed, accuracy, skill and vicious attitude was awesome.

Not sure how realistic this fight was (I don't trust the original simulation software very much--too few parameters), but the action itself was really entertaining.

8 William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu

This was the most accurate outcome, plus it had the best simulation... it was both -a 1000 battles in one as well as an accurate depiction of what would have actually happened had these two met

Nice episode, the weapons were cool and the sim was nice. You got to see a claymore lop off three heads with one swing.

9 NKOSFD vs. US Army Ranger

While many say it was biased, I feel as if this one was one of the coolest fights ever. It showcased the might of both fighters as well as their mentality.

Well-done fight, but the NKSOF should not have been as close as they were, Rangers would've crushed.

10 Spartan vs. Samurai/IRA vs. Spetsnaz (Back for Blood)
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11 Jesse James vs. Al Capone
12 Viking vs. Samurai

This was the second episode on the show and it was the best episode because it featured two of the most feared and fearless warriors from opposite sides of the World. It was one of the closest match-ups on the show.

It was interesting to see that how the weapons and armor counter each other. For instance, the Samurai sword looked very impressive until they tried it on a dummy with a Viking chain-mail.

Two of my absolute favorite warrior types, this was one of the very best enacted fights in all of DW. I can't really argue with the outcome, though I think the katana is an incredible weapon (probably my favorite as a two-handed slasher), the Viking sword is an underrated weapon that is incredibly light and strong and a much better stabbing tool.
Probably my favorite fight in all of DW.

Viking is pretty talented and skilled and he totally did a good job in the fight. It's just that Samurai won because he had better armor, better weapons, and better techniques. Good job, Samurai.

13 Theodore Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia
14 SWAT vs. GSG-9

This episode was extremely intense, with both sides that were secretive, stealthy, and cool technology.

15 CIA vs. KGB

Just watched this episode tonight, it was awesome. Strongly recommend it.

16 Genghis Khan vs. Hannibal
17 Saint Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror
18 George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte
19 Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior

I love the Shaolin and Maori culture and fight styles. I like the viciousness of the Maori and the intense skill of the Shaolin. Great fight!

Spartan vs Ninja was the worst episode... A ninja does not put himself in the open like that. A ninja prefers assassination rather than fighting. A quick blow dart from that tree and the ninja wins...

20 Hernan Cortes vs. Ivan the Terrible

I was surprised that cortez defeated full team by only himself! It was just so amazing.

21 Vampires vs. Zombies

Out of the eaters of blood and flesh, one vampire lives but turns into a zombie...

22 GSG9 vs. SWAT
23 Pirate vs. Knight

This was bull, you have a drunk, malnutritied guy whos sword, pistol, and axe couldn't even touch the knight. His blunderbuss didn't even shoot half the time and gernade only disoriented his opponent vs a warrior who could beag him to death with his steal covered hands

Not only did the pirate win but dominated

24 Saddam Hussein vs. Pol Pot

Psychotic dictators, machine guns, and explosives. With a great battle, what more could you ask for in a great Deadliest Warrior match?

25 Comanche vs. Mongol

I was surprised that the Mongol bow was not measured as firing at as high a velocity as the short Comanche bow. They showed the Comanche range as 200 yards and the Mongol as 500 yards. How is it that the Mongol arrow was lower velocity? The newer DW software would undoubtedly have given the Mongol the edge, too, because though the Comanche were incredible individual fighters, they had no real strategic fighting abilities and no tactical training or discipline beyond working in small groups. The Mongols conquered the WORLD, man.

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