Top 10 Best Super Sentai Series

If you love colorful costumes, explosive action, and over-the-top storylines, then Super Sentai has something for you! This long-running Japanese superhero franchise has been thrilling audiences worldwide for decades.

Which Super Sentai series left the biggest impression? Is it a classic show that defined the genre, or a more recent series that brought something fresh to the table?
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1 Chōjin Sentai Jetman

The only weakness in Jetman was the overacting by the actors in some scenes. But the rest is just a masterpiece among Sentai series. The story, characters, models, villains, songs, and of course, Black Condor are exceptional.

While most Sentai series focus on the heroes' grand journey, this gem takes time to build the villain's character too. The way I see it, no other Sentai does that. Throughout the series, you may find yourself sympathizing with both heroes and villains.

Well, this Sentai may be a bit more for adults, based on its theme, setting, and story. To put it shortly, this Sentai is not only lovable because it is a Sentai series, but it also lives up to its stories. Simply the best.

2 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Hands down the best! Everything good and fun about Super Sentai is represented here. The main characters are all really likeable. And how can you go wrong with the pirate theme as these anti-heroes (initially) become true heroes!

A fun ride in every way. I will definitely revisit this season again after I am through watching. If you only own one season of Super Sentai, this should be the one!

Beyond simply being a tribute series, Gokaiger utilized and perfected just about every necessary element of a good (or rather, great) Sentai series. Between the costumes, the previous Sentai references, the characters (including character growth and interaction), and the sheer scope of the season, Gokaiger was brilliant. The only crucial flaw would be the Zangyack not entirely living up to their hype as powerful villains, although the inclusion of Basco as a secondary villain more than made up for this.

3 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

The BEST Super Sentai series I have watched throughout my life. It's been about seven years, and it's still my favorite! I like how they used Japanese culture, which was the samurai part, and the origami, which was really unique. Being the first Sentai series to ever crossover with Kamen Rider (Decade) was really awesome!

All of the characters grew together as a team and really showed a family bond or a very friendly bond towards each other. The characters really keep you wanting to watch it, and they are really funny without being really cheesy. This also can be considered a drama, which I also find really awesome and unique because other Sentai did not feel like a sort of drama, and I enjoyed the little parts of drama they put in here!

Overall, this series was a huge hit with the song and the cast! The cast was amazing, and this series was just too good! I wish they could make another comeback!

4 Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Aired in 2004, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger uses a crime-fighting motif with its heroes battling extraterrestrial criminals. Dekaranger features the first semi-regular seventh hero (DekaMaster) and three additional heroines who appear once each throughout the series: DekaSwan (episode 36), DekaBright (episode 40), and DekaGold (Dekaranger The Movie: Full Blast Action). This series started the tradition of a "passing the torch" segment after the ending credits of the series finale: the red warrior of the series that has just ended interacts with the red warrior of the upcoming series.

5 Mirai Sentai Timeranger

It was the first Super Sentai I ever watched, as my favorite Power Ranger series was Timeforce. The series has an inspiring theme of defying your destiny. Because the four Rangers come from a future where they all have a foretold destiny, they bring with them their baggage and cynicism.

But due to the Red Ranger being from the present, he is a staunch idealist and eventually convinces the other four that they have the power to alter their own future.

Most dark and heavy storyline among all Super Sentai series, even to date.

The cast was great and every character was developed very well.

You can watch it over and over again without getting bored because every episode has something good or a clue to make it understandable.

6 Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Dairanger was the second Sentai I watched and one of my all-time favorites. Great costumes, great action, great choreography, what more could you want? This show set the bar high when it comes to out-of-suit fights.

It has a Chinese martial arts theme, and it is really fun. Only complaints from me are that I think Kiba Ranger was not used that well, and the ending is a little out there. But that just adds to the fun. Watch it, you won't be disappointed.

This show heavily affected the franchise by making suitless fights even better. Also, this is probably some of the best mecha action one can find in a Sentai. There are great characters to follow with both heroes and villains, and my goodness, the fights are so great!

7 Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

Kakuranger has characters unlike any other Sentai season. It is comically underrated, and often is overlooked due to the US adaptation being the Alien Rangers, a terrible filler season before Power Rangers Zeo aired. The cinematography is amazing and at times creepy.

The charm of its age serves it well. While there are goofy elements of Kakuranger, it is a solid season with a strong narrative.

Aired in 1994 and had a ninja motif, and a motif loosely based on the classic Journey to the West. As another anniversary series, the crossover Super Sentai World was produced featuring the characters of Fiveman, Jetman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, and Kakuranger. Kakuranger also featured the first five-piece secondary robot.

8 Denji Sentai Megaranger

I just started watching Japanese Sentai this year but have watched Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin. I skipped seasons after In Space and have watched it sparingly over the years. I would have to say, after watching MegaRanger and starting TimeRanger, they are my top two series. I loved Timeforce as well.

Aired in 1997, using electronics and space travel as a motif. Megaranger featured the first silver-colored hero and the evil Nejiranger team, who serve as villains for an entire story arc.

Top 5 season right here! Teenagers with attitude and the Silver Ranger. An awesome series!

9 Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters

A very dramatic, heavy Super Sentai, filled nicely with some humor here and there. To be honest, I teared up at some touching moments. I rarely felt that in Sentai series. Great background music also contributed a lot.

The action is great, mecha fight is good too.

Plus, a very clever villain, Enter.

Well-rounded series, one of the best!

Watched all the episodes in nearly 2 weeks. Engaging episodes that keep you captivated and wanting more. Based around cyberspace, villain Enter and the rest of the Go-Busters have great character development. A must-watch for all!

10 Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive

This is one of the most underrated Sentai series. But if you followed the story, I bet you will like it. All characters have strong personalities, and this is the best family team in Super Sentai (from formation, personalities, relation to the greatest tag team ever).

While the story itself is very epic and worth waiting for every episode. And personally, I think this is the most realistic Sentai. It has no mystic power nor too futuristic gadgets and mecha.

Aired in 1999 using an emergency service motif. GoGoFive is the first series since Jetman to only feature five heroes. Additional heroes appear in one of its V-Cinema productions.

The Contenders
11 Juken Sentai Gekiranger

Mele is one attractive villainess because of her hair. Plus, the story of GekiRed as a wild boy raised by animals, GekiChopper (white ranger) is cool, better than that Power Rangers Jungle Fury garbage. The opening theme makes you catch on fire.

I always listen to it, and it is great for sleepovers. Again, the song is so phenomenal because it makes you feel like you can catch on fire. What a spicy theme song! Take that, Jungle Fury! Gekiranger rocks.

Kung Fu themed Sentai with awesome music that is inspired by East Asian cultures. The majority of the cast is likable. The main villain himself is a ranger, which is always awesome.

12 Tensou Sentai Goseiger

Tensou Sentai Goseiger was the first Super Sentai series that I ever watched from beginning to end, and it has remained one of my favorites. The series may not be perfect, but it has a ton of heart. The Goseigers themselves are quite likable and become more so over time, the villain does his job extremely well, the action is great, and it all leads to a very satisfying conclusion. I'd actually recommend this series to anyone looking for a basic introduction to Super Sentai.

Oh, and Gosei Knight is a supreme hero.

13 Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger

Aired in 2002 and used a ninjutsu motif, taking elements from Kakuranger as well as Liveman. Hurricaneger features the rival Gouraiger team with insect-themed powers, the free agent Shurikenger, and a series of smaller mecha that serve as weapons for the teams' robots.

Very fun show. Has a unique team lineup and memorable villains.

14 Choujuu Sentai Liveman

The plot is darker than the usual Sentai Series, starting with revenge, but I like it as it gives a more mature role for heroes and villains alike. Former classmates turning against them, real deaths, showing that not everything in Sentai Series are unicorns and fairy tales.

They have to work themselves to get there and not because they are "special". First blue female. The plot is not red-centered. All first 3 members are given a spotlight to shine.

This show had a great theme, which is life. The relationship between the heroes and villains was gut-wrenching. Plus, there were so many firsts like a female blue ranger, more rangers added later in the show, an animal mech, and two robots combining into one. The show was simply groundbreaking.

15 Mahou Sentai Magiranger

The themes of courage and family overcoming everything are really positive and uplifting. The character development is the best ever, as each episode focuses on the relationship between two characters rather than just one character by themselves. MagiKing is the best main mech, and the story structure is exquisite.

There are three main arcs, each with several mini-arcs, resulting in a constantly building storyline that makes each episode feel important, and they truly are. The magic system is innovative and creative, leading to unique fight scenes and finishers that set it apart from other Sentai shows. The villains undergo regular changes, keeping things fresh throughout the show's run, and the Infershia Pantheon is absolutely awe-inspiring, with each member well fleshed out despite only appearing in the last third of the show.

16 Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

The Japanese version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is severely underrated. I don't care if it's made for kids or if it's episodic because those traits are not inherently bad by any means. This show means well and it still has a lot of emotion, heart, and substance that make it far from juvenile and impossible to take seriously.

The characters are not the most complex, excluding Burai's character arc in the story, which has the most development. However, they're not one-dimensional or as boring as what some people say. They're very sweet and have enough traits to make them sympathetic and relatable, especially when they try seeing their true purpose in life. Also, their chemistry with the children is wholesome and adorable to watch.

Zyuranger is very balanced when it comes to having lighthearted and serious moments, and nothing feels jarring. The show is also visually stunning, and a lot of things are pretty fun to watch, just like other Super Sentai seasons.

17 Choushinsei Flashman

Aired in 1986 and was the first series to add a second giant robot for the team to fight with. The team members' powers come from their upbringings on planets with different environmental conditions.

It was also the first Sentai team where Red DIDN'T pilot a jet machine!

Very good series, the first one I ever watched. The music, fighting, and costumes were all good.

18 Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger

I'll be biased on this one: the Lupinrangers are the ones who carried the series, since they all have a goal of saving the people very important to them, and they took all the risks just to achieve that goal. Many may or might disagree with me here, but my stance will not change.

Very unique compared to the other series on this list. The monsters are unique, and this season is very well cast. Easily my favorite season. Should be higher on the list!

Such a unique concept having police vs. thief! Top tier storyline in Sentai series, in my opinion.

19 Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Aired in 1985 and featured a motif based on legendary creatures in European traditions. Changeman was the first series to feature a team cannon formed from the five team members' individual weapons.

In my opinion, the best Super Sentai show of the '80s, even though it didn't focus much on toys but heavily on story.

The king of Super Sentai in Brazil.

20 Engine Sentai Go-onger

This is my only favorite Super Sentai series. It's wonderful and fantastic. Engine Sentai Go-Onger features the amazing friendship through challenging and miserable adventures between seven members. Especially, the family love of a brother and younger sister, it contributed to inspire other members and also the audience.

This series successfully transmitted feelings and mood to the audience, so you can feel the warm and comfortable family love, the power of trust in partners, the recklessness for justice, and the pure and innocent one-sided love. I really recommend you to watch it. Thank you.

21 Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman

Very good sibling Sentai series for me. The opening and ending songs are both very good. The sibling dynamics are great.

There is uniqueness in each one, teaching a forte subject of their own: eldest red, second blue, mother figure pink, and complementary twins black and yellow. Good character development with each having a spotlight and not red-centered. Yellow is my favorite one here, knows her kung fu, and everyone really knows how to fight and not just in suits.

Aired in 1990 and featured both an antagonistic team of villainous counterparts and a team power upgrade armor.

22 GoGo Sentai Boukenger

Aired in 2006 using adventure and treasure hunting as themes and automobiles as a motif. It is the first series to be filmed in high-definition. As the 30th Anniversary series, it included the 30 Sentai Encyclopedia featurettes at the end of each episode and the GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai V-Cinema release. Unlike previous series, Boukenger featured multiple groups of loosely allied antagonists instead of one overarching antagonist group.

There are many things I like about this series, such as the soundtrack, the cast of characters, the plot of the stories, and the solidarity of the team. Though they sometimes quarreled, they were able to make the story more interesting with their conflicts.

23 Battle Fever J

Battle Fever J is the best show you never watched. Every season has its own shtick. Zyuranger was about dinosaurs, Gokaiger was about pirates, and so on and so forth. Being the child of 1978, Battle Fever J was about ethnic stereotypes and disco.

Five super-agents are recruited, and I am quoting this show directly, "for their mastery of different types of dancing," to fight against a terrorist organization. Though all of the characters have Japanese names and are played by Japanese actors, they represent different countries: Japan, America, and others.

The real treat of this show are the fight scenes, wherein the heroes will dance-battle their way through waves of masked henchmen with their nationally assigned kung fu breakdancing skills. Battle France fights with Flamenco Dancing. Battle Kenya fights with racially insensitive dancing. Battle United Soviet Socialist Republics fights with the power of Cossack dancing.

On top of having the single goofiest possible premise, the show is insanely dark at times. In the second episode, the villains trick a twelve-year-old girl into committing suicide. In the sixth episode, a side character blows himself up with a dynamite vest while his children are watching. This show oscillates from a spandex superspy cossack dance-fighting evil siblings Buffalo Monster and Buffalo Robot to a suicide bombing in the same episode.

Oh, and to further add to the weirdness, this show was co-produced by Marvel. Originally, it was going to be a live-action Captain America show, and then the concept mutated into the beautiful disaster that is Battle Fever J.

Do yourself a favor and watch at least a few episodes.

24 Denshi Sentai Denziman

Aired in 1980 and was the first series completely produced by Toei. It is the first series to have a transforming giant robot and utilize an actual lens visor in the suits' helmet, unlike previous series where the visor was made of the same fiber as the helmet.

25 Mashin Sentai Kiramager

The personalities of the characters are what made Kiramager a beloved series in Super Sentai. To be honest, I really enjoyed Shiguru since he tries to be cool, only to reveal his true and funny personality.

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