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1 Heather

A lot of people hated Heather in Island, but I didn't. I felt bad when her hair got shaved off thanks to Gwen! Her and Alejandro are cute and funny together, but not as good as Duncan and Courtney, unfortunately.

Hot, beautiful, smart, great tactics, she's got everything! Even in singing she is so good! She deserved to win that season and bring home the mil but too bad that the volcano erupted and Ezekiel took the mill. It is true that heather and Alejandro are the greatest adversaries the game EVER and I mean EVER HAD! I mean come on she brings the DRAMA tO the show! Queen of mean but the best ever! She's even the only one to make Alejandro, the most cold heated dude in the show to fall for her. By the way they are REALLY AND I MEAN REALLY THE BEST COUPLE EVER! She brings hundreds of fans to come run to the T.V. when it is her screen time!

Heather is my favorite character! She is so pretty and smart. Sure, she's mean, but we heard that she didn't want to be mean or shut down by other people so she has to be. She is so diligent and she tries so hard, I can't believe she didn't win any of the seasons. I also love her voice and I think she is a great singer. I love how she fakes emotions just to get closer to the million. Who wouldn't want one million dollars? She's not even that mean. Alejandro is the one who kicked players off one by one. And by the way I think Alejandro and Heather are pretty cute. HEATHER IS THE BEST EVER!

Besides Gwen, Heather is my favorite. Without her, I probably wouldn't be watching total drama. My reasons for this are, she makes the show intersting, Alejandro and her the best couple on the show, and she is simply the best antagonist ever! Alejandro is awesome too, because he's cute, he's strategic, he's sneaky and he's skilled.

Gwen was also a good contribution to tdwt because of the love triangle she was in. With the tension between her and Courtney, the show became even MORE interesting.

In my opinion, these three characters are the best ones that total drama has to offer. Go gwen Alejandro and heather!

2 Alejandro

BEST CARTOON CHARACTER EVER! He definitely deserved to win TDWT. He used his looks and skills to advance further into the game unlike Justin who didn't seem to have any special skills and I think he's no where near Alejandro. He may be evil and a lot of people hate him but I know most of the people who watched TDWT thought: HE'S EVIL I HATE HIM...but he's so hot.

He's definitely the best villain in the entire series considering he caused 2/3s of the eliminations. What makes him a better antagonist than Heather is that he can make people think he's good unlike Heather who everyone knew was bad since the start.

This is what happens when CN gets a good character. He used actual tactics, which I am glad there was more of this season. He earned this season's villain title, (1Heather, 2Courtney) He used everything and played the game as one should. He deserved to win, but got burned

Alejandro RAN that game, unfortunately he fell for Heather and she stopped him. BUT Heather went and made him win by herself. HE won without even trying! Alejandro is smart, cool, and awesome. I REALLY hope he returns in TDAS with his REAL body with his awesome skills #TeamAlejandro

3 Noah

After two seasons of dumb jokes, I was so happy to have some real humor from Noah. I loved all his interactions, and I feel like he plays well off of each character. I was ready for I See London to be my favorite World Tour episode.. Until Team Amazon won for absolutely no reason and Duncan was brought back to create tension and drama. The whole season wasn't as interesting (until the finale) once Noah left, and I think we all would have loved for him to stay longer. Yes, he's kind of overrated now, but it's better to have a good character be popular than an offensive or boring one.

"Noah is not shown as a main character but he still deserves more screen time than idiots like Duncan and Alejandro who played as an insult to Hispanics like me. Noah is definitely undercredited but is just awesome. I would assume he got kicked off to keep an ongoing pattern if you played attention you would see that in Noah's last episode it was the first time his team went to the eliminating ceremony just like in trip. "

You're the only Noah supporter who I like here because I' mglad that you hate Duncan as I do. As I pointed out earlier, the people who think that Noah is funny are liars and I can somewhat relate since he and I are similar to each other because of our brains and personalities.

But I don't hate Alejandro. Sure, he's the main antagonist of Total Drama World Tour. But I believe that there's some goodness in him. Heck, I feel sorry for what happened to him at the end of the series.

Noah can be awesome. But as I posted earlier, he's not my favorite ...more

He's like a cat. He's the most awesome character on the show. But only if he wants to be. That's just how I see him. Plus, I agree with the comment that said he was unfairly kicked off. He does what the challenge asks (along with Owen), and then Team Amazon finds Duncan, and he essentially gets discredited for his achievement and replaced with a pompous brat who thinks it's ok to kiss another girl while he's in a relationship (sorry Duncan, but you know it's true. I loved you in Island, but seriously? ). I just think the writers could have hung on to him a little longer, and maybe even made a nice little subplot with him and Alejandro about how Noah knows about Al's evil ways. Al could have blackmailed him with stuff, and then Noah could have quit out of fear (or something like that). It's too late to change anything now, but I wish something like that could have happened. Oh well. Off to!

He deserve to be higher vote because on TDI, he been voted off early and not enough to get to know him. But a little of him of his clever words he use in 'Dodgebrawl."

In TDWT, we get to know him a little more and his friendship with Owen. He use witty remarks on people. Yes, he deserve to get more screen time but this is about 'Drama' The stupid part that he been voted off early, again.

I wanted Noah to be in the finale. Would be epic. He always been eliminated and never made it to merge the team.

He is funny. Whoever call him 'funny are liars' you don't get inside joke. I hope he catch up.

4 Duncan

I hated Duncan at first, but now, I think he is cool. 1. His rivalry with Doris. 😂 I don't like Harold. I thought he'd be a villain, but now I don't fully think that. And his relationship with Courtney is the best! I'd love if he'd come back for a new season and have a rivalry with Anne Maria.

Even though Duncan means well on the inside, I still hate his guts for his way of being rebellious. I'll never forget what he did to Harold, whom I sometimes treat like a favorite character due to my being bullied a lot. Whoever thinks and claims that Duncan makes things interesting because of his delinquency is a messed-up liar.

I've hated creeps like Duncan since I got mistreated for being different. Well, I say, "To hell with criminals, bullies, and their supporters! The world is better off with them. "

He made me lose all respect for him he should have never came back in world tour
(but like they just have to favor duncan) he caused the love triangle and ruined both gwen and courtney characters like what he was the biggest he was disoppeintmeant in world tour tbh

He and Alejandro were an unstoppable duo and shared a mutual understanding of how to play the game. Only the Alejandro/Heather union was more formidable. He can prank, fight, ridicule, and compete with the best of them, as proven by his long track record in every season he's in. And he blew up Chris' cottage (though not in World Tour). This punk rules.

5 Owen

Owen was the funniest in World Tour. He always made me laugh. I loved his friendship with Noah, too cute.

He's awesome like when he ate his sausage that he thru up. he's my 3rd favorite. Alejandro & Duncan are just to awesome

I loved when Owen sang the Izzy song! Aww so sweet! He was the best character in World Tour, definitely the nicest!

Owen is a very nice guy plus he always makes it to the merge and won TDI

6 Bridgette

Bridgette is my favorite character of all time! I love her determination to do stuff when literally nobody will do it. I get why people hate her in World Tour, but it was not her fault. It was ALEJANDRO'S! Anyway, I love her singing voice, and she's so hot! She is courageous, lovable, and kind! Geoff is so lucky to be her boyfriend! I hope she can come back or a new season and develop her well just like they did with Heather in World Tour! Then we'd all live happily ever after.

Wow Bridgette is my role model! If I could be any one or any thing in the UNIVERSE it would definitely be Bridgette. She has great hair, outfits, voice, eyes, boyfriend, and so on. She should be the star of the show! The only reason she got kicked out of the plane was because of stupid Alejandro! And why is she now on the Aftermath? Because the peeps did not want to keep he off the show!

Bridgette is the best on the show. She always has a positive attitude with her fellow campers and her and Geoff are the best ever. I hope they bring her back to win a season, prove that she can win a season, maybe even Develop some game play and bring even more awesomeness to her character.

Bridgette is so cool! I love her outfit, eyes, and hair. I think that they are simple and stylish, and that she's gorgeous. It shows that women don't need makeup and all that to look good and do far in life. I am a surfer myself, but I'm nothing compared to Bridgette. Bridgette ROCKS THE WORLD!

7 Cody

Cody is amazing. He is my favorite character. He has had many names Cody The codymister codykins and some more. Along his journey he makes a lot of friends and enemies. I'm my opinion he deserves more credit. He is an incredible character and I was so happy for him when he got to the final 3 in total drama world tour. I love this character and he is so cool and kind and there was a bonus feature when I found out he was in a band! Cody is spectacular and his birthday is on April the 1st (April fools) . Cody is an AMAZING character I know I keep saying this but it's true. He have been in 2 seasons and I am incredibly proud of him and if I can I will might more . Cody he is awesome and he deserves a lot of credit .last time. CODY IS AMAZING!

Cody did more than what people believed him to have done. He cleared out a minefield, got the winning gold medal, made a commercial with only one other person helping him, built the ship (Gwen’s head), etc. He also had been pretty nice to people and had made zero enemies throughout the trip (except for Alejandro at the end) and had only one vote going against him (Alejandro). He would have done a lot more if Sierra wasn’t in the way.

Cody's the ladies man! I'm still a little mad how they decided to eliminate him like that. If he would of lost in that race, I could of accepted it but the producers clearly wanted him to stay far and I bet he was an original winner of TDWT

He is so awesome! He made the final 3 in tdwt, that's gotta be something! He should be like number 6 or 5 on this list, he is a fair player and never cheated in the show, plus he should have more fans then he does

8 Gwen

She was great up intell duncan came back (for some stupid reason but yet again they favor duncan) her freindship with courtney came out of nowhere but it was my favorite part I really wish gwuncan didn't happen they had no chemistry at all it just happened I mean I don't ship dunceny either (I'm all for gwourtney now) but she so should have gotten treated better by the creators

Gwen has proven that not every 'boyfriend-steal' is spiteful, mainly due to the fact that she was guilty and wanted to tell Courtney the truth, as did Duncan. However, she is strong-willed enough to date Duncan, even after being discovered, because it is what she wanted to do. They are a great couple, and it's a shame they only got together towards the end of their last season. I would have liked to see more Gwen x Duncan moments.

Gwen is the best. She got voted off too early because of Courtney! If Cody wasn't injured, he, along with Gwen and Heather, would have been able to vote off Courtney and the tiebreaker would have never happen. The only difference is Heather and Gwen actually voted Courtney off. SO 2 votes for Gwen, 3 votes for Courtney!

I love gwen I am going to be her for Halloween. Gwen should of won tdi not owen and gwen and Duncan belong together I watch total drama every day and I record it I listen to the music all the time I liked from the start I love her personality her and leshawna together are so cool

9 Lindsay

Lindsay is great! She has a cheerful attitude for someone who can't even remember her boyfriend's name. Also, she's so funny. She brightens the show and makes it more cheerful, averting attention away from the jerks that are there. Also, she's a diva in a good way because she cares about her looks and attitude at the same time. She's proof not all pretty girls are mean.

Lets face when it was just Dj and lindsay she carried them both But sadly she got cheated out because they waned to keep it up with Dj's unfunny storyline

She provides comic relief, much more comic relief than any other character! And no she is not just used alliances! She has her own individuality that is just so epic! She deserved to go much further in TDWT and is likely candidate to go far in All Stars, if she doesn't make top 4 I surely will be royally ticked off.

Lindsay was so funny when she kept forgetting Tyler's name! The cute little song she did about it was adorable! Lindsay's so cute and motivated. She's like, I'm more than just a sexy blonde, and I'm gonna show them what this girl can do! Don't underestimate!

10 Courtney

Courtney is underrated. She carried the show, and so may people hate her, and I get why, and I respect their opinion. But in my opinion, she's one of the best characters. I love her "I am a CIT" phrase! I loved her relationship with Duncan! Too bad it ended in WT. Screw you Gwen! At least there are 2 new seasons, so I'm sure there is a chance that they will get back together. Sadly, she got derailed in All-Stars. :( Now, I'm thinking she should have been in the finale with either Scott, Gwen, or Zoey, and she could win against them, and then we'd all live happily ever after. I heard that WAS supposed to happen, but Ed McDonald wrote that stupid Sundae Muddy Sundae episode to stop her from winning, and his evil plan worked! :( I hope she gets developed in the new season.

I do not really like Courtney (So sorry Courtney fans) But I love when she says right before The song winning this she says Oh oh Duncan does not use soap and gwen is so lame there is no hope. It is funny even though Gwen is my second favorite( Cameron is first)

Courtney is honestly the best TDR character I have EVER seen she should not befriend Gwen again after what she did and deserves to win. I also hope her and Drunken get together . She should be number 1 .

Was great intell Duncan came back than went downhill and became the most annoying in world tour really wish they never brought duncan back in world tour

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11 Izzy

This lovable crazy girl is so funny! Her relationship with Owen was okay, though I hate Owen. She used to be my favorite character, but then it went to Leshawna, but now it's Bridgette.

Izzy, E-scope, Explosivo, Esquire, Brainzilla - whatever you want to call her, she is deffinitely the most entertaining character on the show! Explosivo is loco for boom boom! Everything she says is a riot, the ongoing war between her and Chef is one of the highlights of the show!

Why isn't this higher, it should at least be in the top 5. I also l really like heather in this season, she got way nicer, and Ducan and Bridgette will always be my favorites

Izzy is awesomely crazily cool. Her nick names include expolsivo, e-scope, brainzilla, izzy the gopher, psycho hose beast, and crazy girl

12 Sierra

She is so kind to Cody that shows she is caring.I hate Chris for booting her of Total drama world tour for blowing up the plane when she was singing happy birthday.

She is like the stalker you wished you had I think her obsession and devotion to Cody is so cute plus she's got mad skills such as monstrous strength, and I think its cute how she's taller than Cody and the other contestants. GO SIERRA!

I love heather and Sierra but Sierra did really well in this season(besides blowing up the plane). Her song Paris in the springtime or Oui my friends is a catchy tune.

She is great, I like the way she is loyal to Cody and she is that perfect stalker we all want to have. Plus she looks good as well as her personality.

13 Harold

Hey, come on! Harold should be at the top of his list due to his talents. Without him, his team would lose big time.

I like Harold not only for his talents but also most of his personality. Besides, I can relate to him, especially due to my being mistreated for being a nerd in school. Because of that, I'll never forgive the bullies who antagonized me. They made me wish that bullies can go fk themselves to death.

I'm pleased that Harold paid Duncan back for all the crap that he gave him. He should be a winner, especially since I like nerds and geeks better than jocks and other bullies.

He is the best contestant by far and he was instantly my favorite while Noah and Cody took time. Then he is a nerd which I am and he has a big heart and could make some interesting couples... Oh and Duncan is his enemy! To bad Duncan always makes it before him.

Harold may be a geek but is Beatboing skills along with his killer right hook to knock out Duncan being in the band The drama brother he's know as H bomb. He the Awesomest Geek ever

Harold is nerdy and is picked on a lot but id like to see a geek win if he doesn't then either duncan or cody

14 Leshawna

Leshawna used to be my favorite character, but now she's not. But that doesn't mean she's not cool anymore. She is. Despite her sassy attitude (which I liked), she is very kind. Obviously for one in Island when she was comforting Gwen and getting revenge on Heather, although I hated Gwen after Island, and still love Heather. Another one when she was standing up to Eva for Bridgette, even though I like Eva, too. She is funny, too. One when she said, "I wish I'd smacked Alejandro!" and another when she said, "Oh, no, no, no, no, no! You do not wanna finish that sentence!" Overall, she is a great character.

Sisters Lyrics : You think you got me good okay maybe you did. You think you rule the game I guess. But you don't rule anything cause baby your a squid who's made a nasty mess. Bridgette : Yes! Leshawna: Sisters come together now ... - Leshawna

Leshawna has an up-beat personality that adds spice and flavor to any atmosphere! She's an easy-going soul, but can get feisty when provoked. She's easy to be friends with and makes you feel loved starting the first time that she addresses U. She's got spirit and attitude and always keeps her team pumped up! Leshawna Rocks the World!

Harold and Leshawna were made for each other.

15 Tyler

He is pretty much one of the comical reliefs in the season up to his elimination. He deserves to come back not only for screen time, but a storyline that doesn't involve Lindsay.

He is so hot but also a funny character. Especially one episode when Cody fell in Lady Liberty's boobs I died when he said "10 point landing dude! "

I think Tyler should have more screen time. He is by far the best character in the whole show. Heres my list.

Tyler is the best character ever. I mean he's funny cool and I like his love for Lindsay

16 DJ

Djs the only one who is always having a bad time he needs more respect

DJ is a sweet and funny guy. He's the 5th nicest person in my opinion!

Dj is kinda hot without his tea shirt

DJ is the sweetest guy in total drama!

17 Geoff

I prefer Geoff as a contestant over aftermath.

The best character

Geoff is the best, and he's good in AFTER MATH

18 Chris Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Chris is underrated! Chris Was better behaved the first couple of seasons. Then after World Tour he went crazy.

Chris is awesome. Not just in this season, but all.

Chris is cool and he's the funniest!

Chris is very underrated!

19 Chef Hatchet

One of the most underrated characters on the show.

I would want to eat his cooking.

Chef is one of the best

I think Chef rocks!

20 Blaineley

Can't believe no one likes her! She is what every reality T.V. show has to have!

No one likes her but there's just something about her I like

She's Blainerific! Her song was the best song on World Tour! It was really catchy!

She is reeley cool an she kissed alerhandrow on his willy and licked it and then she kiked owen in the nutes.

She must be in top 4 I think she is hot.

21 Eva

Eva is funny with her raging. I also like her background with the fire and she is on the boat. At first, I was unsure with her, but now, I totally like her, and think she should be in a new season, although I get why people hate her. I also didn't like how she was mean to Bridgette, since Bridgette is my favorite character.

She is a physcopath but she still is a goo player she should of been in more seasons

Great asset to the aftermaths

22 Beth

Beth is one of my favorite characters! She's sweet, kind and nice, and should get more love.
She is a great contestant, also, and should return to a new season...

Beth should have competed this season instead of Duncan. Duncan and his bratty girlfriend already won TDA, there was no need for him to come back!

Beth is so nice to Lindsay that is why I like her.

She is a totally terrible character

23 Mr. Coconut

He is awesome I take back what I said about owen being my #3 owen step aside Mr. coconut is chargin in

WHOO! Go mr coconut! Best character I've ever seen, so well developed!

He even doesn't do anything, what, what does it does, it's just a wood that just stands there and does what, what's it purpose

I LOVE THIS GUY! He made top 5 without even trying in Island

24 Cameron

Cameron is so sweet! Would like to see more of him.

Cameron steals people's girlfriend like me

He's funny the way he's a nerd

He isn't even in world tour

25 Dawn

Amazing my favori

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