Top 10 Best Top Gear (UK) Episodes

Top Gear, as any seasoned fan will tell you, is far more than just a motoring show. It's an international phenomenon, a rollercoaster ride of thrills, spills, laughs, and occasional controversy, which managed to push the boundaries of what a car show could be. It's an eclectic mix of cars, challenges, stunning cinematography, and, of course, the chemistry between its hosts - a blend that has held us captivated for years.

Now, when we speak about the best episodes of Top Gear, it's worth noting that 'best' is an incredibly subjective term. We all love Top Gear for different reasons. For some of us, it's the humour and banter between the hosts that make it a standout, for others, it's the wild and often outrageous challenges. Then there are those who live for the beautiful cinematography and gorgeous supercars that make us dream. So, what's your version of the best?
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1 Vietnam Special (S12, E8) In this memorable special, Jeremy, James, and Richard tackle Vietnam's traffic-filled streets with a budget of 15 million Vietnamese dong to buy a set of wheels. They journey across the beautiful country, experiencing its landscapes and culture - all while dealing with the challenges of using second-hand motorcycles and a converted boat.

Everything about this episode is brilliant. The cinematography, the chemistry between the presenters, the journey through the beautiful country of Vietnam. It's all fantastic. Top Gear at its peak.

Best Episode of Top Gear even when there are no Cars. I just love how Clarkson goes to the BMW showroom in hopes to buy a 250 and James' rescue of Darcy. Totally worth watching

It's the funniest of the lot because of the irony that Jeremy doesn't like motorbikes and the other two do!

2 Bolivia Special (S14, E6) The trio embarks on a treacherous journey through South America. With a budget to buy used off-road vehicles, they start at the Bolivian rainforest and finish at the Pacific coast of Chile, enduring the challenging terrains of Death Road and the barren Atacama Desert.

It is the best Special by far. I just wish they included the Bolivian Salt Flats on this one; maybe they can do Part 2.

This is the best episode yet of top gear! Classic top gear special!

Really great episode. Range Rover you beauty!

3 Hammerhead-i-Eaglethrust/Geoff (S14, E2) This episode sees the hosts attempting to build an electric car, the Hammerhead-i Eaglethrust. The car is put through multiple tests, resulting in classic Top Gear hilarity and mishaps, concluding with a visit to the Dragon's Den for investment.

That it takes the boys all day driving around at 10 mph and everything going wrong on their car for Jeremy to finally realize and say "It's rubbish.." is amazing.

It is great to see those guys build their own car and make a mess.

This was absolutely hilarious.

4 Middle East Special (S16, E2) Jeremy, Richard, and James take on the roles of the Three Wise Men, driving from Iraq to Bethlehem in second-hand convertibles. They encounter war zones, deserts, and even mountaintops, all in their journey to deliver gold, frankincense, and myrrh in true Top Gear style.

This episode is one of the best ever. Watching Hammond get diarrhea and getting trolled by May and Clarkson the next day killed me

5 Polar Special (S9, Special) This special finds the boys racing to the magnetic North Pole - with Jeremy and James in a heavily modified Toyota Hilux, and Richard on a dog sled. Amid freezing conditions and dangerous terrain, it's a gripping race that shows just how far they'll go for victory.

Tis must be first because of the challenge involved and doing something no one else had..

I mean, it's literally the North Pole. Do I need any more explanation?

6 US Special (S9, E3) The boys are dropped in Miami with a budget to buy a car for a road trip across the Southern United States to New Orleans. The journey is filled with competitive challenges, humorous mishaps, and a rather controversial paint job that gets them into hot water.

I'm American and even though Jeremy doesn't like us I love top hear. The funny thing is most of what he says about us is true

The episode that got me into TopGear and absolutely hilarious from start to finish!

7 Motorhomes (S15, E4) In this episode, the hosts are tasked with building their own motorhomes. The result? A series of disastrous and comedic creations, with each one reflecting the unique personality of its maker. The trio then goes on a camping trip which, unsurprisingly, descends into chaos.

Genius pure genius. Gotta love clarksons flat rest in peace always in our harts

8 Communist Cars (S12, E6) In this episode, the team celebrates the great cars of the communist era. Jeremy test drives a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in Scotland, Richard tests the Veritas sports car on the track, and James introduces Margaret Calvert, the designer of Britain's road signs.

The episode is the best! All of the segments are brilliant (I like communist cars best) and deserve to be the best Top Gear episode ever.

9 Bulldog vs British Army (S13, E4) Jeremy tests the toughness of the British Army's Mastiff and Ridgeback vehicles while dodging explosions. Meanwhile, James races a modified Toyota against an autonomous BMW and Richard plays rugby with a Kia Cee'd.
10 Africa Special (S19, E6 and E7) The team embarks on a two-part special across Africa in search of the source of the Nile. Armed with station wagons bought online, they experience many adventures and mishaps, all while soaking in the stunning landscapes of Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Great Episode, This episode was truly amazing, I loved each and every second of it, it described what Top Gear truly is, it's a comedic non-scripted show about cars, and the Africa Special made it just that, Thank you Top Gear, Everyone in it, I have watched it ever since 2002 and this is my number 1 favorite episode.

Just started watching Top Gear and this was the first episode I've ever seen and if every episode is as funny, adventurous, brilliant, scary and entertaining as this one, I am in heavan. Truly a treat to watch. Will watch this episode again.

The Contenders
11 British Leyland Challenge (S10, E7) The hosts each buy a British Leyland car for less than £1200 and face a series of challenges designed to prove their purchase's worth. Between a Rover SD1, an Austin Princess, and a Triumph Dolomite, hilarity and chaos ensue.
12 Amphibious Cars (S8, E3) The hosts are challenged to convert regular cars into amphibious vehicles, then navigate them across a lake. The ensuing antics from the ambitious-but-rubbish trio lead to some memorable moments, especially when Clarkson's Toyota Hilux "Toybota" capsizes.

This episode just shows how much they can get away with in one episode.

13 Italian Mid-engined Supercars for Less Than a Second-hand Mondeo (S7, E4) The boys head to Italy to buy mid-engined supercars for less than £10,000. They each return with a car (a Ferrari, a Maserati, and a Lamborghini) and engage in a series of tests that lead to surprising and hilarious results.
14 Single Tank Race to Blackpool (S12, E4) The hosts take a road trip to Blackpool in economical cars, with the aim of reaching the destination on a single tank of fuel. The tension builds as their fuel gauges dwindle, creating an unexpectedly thrilling race.

Always loved this one. In my top 5 definitely. To me it was unique.

15 Peel P50 Microcar (S10, E3) Jeremy drives the world's smallest car, the Peel P50, around the office, resulting in one of the most iconic and funny scenes in the show's history. In the same episode, Richard and James try to create their own home-made convertible people carrier.
16 India Special (S18, Special) In this special episode, the hosts are tasked with promoting British trade in India. Armed with a Mini Cooper, a Jaguar XJS, and a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow respectively, they set off on a journey full of challenges, causing diplomatic chaos and lots of laughter.
17 Rallycross With Less Investment Than Golfing (S18, E7) The trio proves that motorsport can be cheaper than golf, engaging in a rallycross competition with second-hand cars. The hosts deal with muddy tracks, spectacular spins, and competitive tension, demonstrating that you don't need a fortune to have fun in motorsport.
18 Ambulance (S22, E3) In this episode, Jeremy, Richard, and James attempt to revolutionize emergency medical services by creating their own ambulances. Their madcap ideas and comedic mishaps lead to one of the most chaotic and hilarious rescue missions ever seen on the show.

Has to be the funniest 1 hour viewable. Better than the whole of series 23 combined and a good ending series for the trio

The funniest this show has ever been.

19 Top Gear Police Department / 80's Hatchback vs Modern (S21, E1) The hosts attempt to build cost-effective police cars and test them with a series of law-enforcing challenges. Later, Richard compares the classic Volkswagen Golf GTI to the latest version, highlighting the evolution of the hot hatch.

By far one of the best! The supermarket race had me in stitches!

20 Top Gear Ashes (S16, E2) This episode features a car-themed version of The Ashes, where the Top Gear trio go up against their Australian counterparts in a series of motoring challenges. The rivalry and competitive banter make for a highly entertaining spectacle.
21 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Challenge (S21, E3) The trio embarks on a road trip across Ukraine in compact hatchbacks. The challenge? To reach the Chernobyl exclusion zone using as little fuel as possible. Amidst the tension, the episode cleverly combines humour with a stark reminder of historical events.

Hilarious all throughout and some historical education to go with it

22 Hovercraft Test (S20, E4) The boys set out to solve the problem of flooding in Britain by turning a van into a hovercraft. After a series of mishaps during the testing phase, they eventually put their creation to the test in the flooded town of Muchelney, Somerset.

One of the best episodes for me. The boys turn a van into a hovercraft before totally ruining it.

23 Military Vehicle Demolition (S17, E5) Jeremy, James, and Richard each buy a second-hand military vehicle and are tasked with replacing traditional demolition machinery. The hosts' unique and often ludicrous approaches lead to an explosive and entertaining spectacle.
24 Botswana Special (S10, E4) In this special episode, the hosts traverse Botswana's challenging terrains with second-hand cars. The journey takes them across the Kalahari Desert, Okavango Delta, and Makgadikgadi salt pans, testing their cars and their resolve in this unforgettable adventure.
25 Police Car Challenge (S11, E1) Tasked with creating a cost-effective police car, the hosts bring their own interpretations of what this means, resulting in comedic mayhem. They then have to endure a series of tests including a police chase, crowd control, and speed enforcement.
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