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1 Sailors Uranus and Neptune

It's the couple of the show, that the United States chose to block. I like it now because it's kind of forbidden love.
I choose to watch the original now, so it makes more sense.

They make a perfect couples even if they are not a couple but, they do make a perfect couples!

The young lesbian couple that basically invented modern Yuri.

The onky exceptional lesbian couple that I like, they look like they are inseparable.

2 Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus

I don't know why I voted for this but I can see this okay story time;
Minakos heart was beating fast as she approached the blonde haired girl known as usagi. Usagi had recently broken up with Mamoru. "Usagi? " The moon bunny looked up. "Will you be my girlfriend? ," Minako asked, usagis eyes lit up as she said one simple word; yes.
lol I don't actually ship it but I kinda do

They're so funny together.

3 Usagi and Mamoru

I'm a big ship of Darien / Serena. They are my favourite couple in sailor Moon. I'm glad they end up together and we know in the future they will get married one day and they will have a daughter one day.

My OTP! These two were made for each other and really balance one another. I'm glad they were able to find each other and that they will rule crystal Tokyo together and have Rini Off with the peeps that ship Usagi with Haruka Demande or Sseiya, UsagixMamoru is one of the most romantic couples ever in anime

Best couple ever they use have been on the number 1 spot instead of number 2 spot just saying!

Who doesn't ship them? They're the main couple! I wish I had a boyfriend like Mamoru...

4 Kunzite and Zoisite

I kinda ship them but I also ship Ami and Zoisite, as well as Minako and Kunzite because that's what it was in the manga. But these two are really cute together!

I kinda don't ship it not because I'm anti gay (I'm for gay couples) but because Zoisite is kinda of an @$$ to his... teammate(?) that he killed by kidnapping a girl who he saw loved & mocked him for loving her. So I don't know how he has deep love for Kunzite but then mock someone else who is in love & use that against him. Kinda wish the anime killed Kunzite instead to bite Zoisite in the @$$ for doing that, & I don't even ship the couple that he messed with just think he deserved some karma. Tho they probably didn't go that route as Zousite probably wouldn't listen to queen bryl & just get himself killed to be with him anyways & that wouldn't be interesting.

I love these guys

5 Queen Beryl and Prince Endymion

I'm glad they didn't end up together because they have no chemistry.

6 Rei and Tuxedo Mask
7 Rei and Chad

Wish they had more development!

8 Rei and Minako
9 Nephrite and Naru

I LOVE these two together, they are SO cute! I absolutely hate the age gap though.

Such a sad ending... I'm not sure I ship them but the whole plot is quite moving

The most romantic couple

10 Usagi and Seiya

This ship is perfect! All you MamoUsa shippers, let me tell you something:

Mamoru and Usagi don't seem like they love each other. Usagi HATED Mamoru until she found that he was Endimion and she was Serenity, and then she liked him all of a sudden. That's not real love, that's following what she (Usagi) feels like is her destiny. To be fair, Usagi did have a "crush" on him when he was in his Tuxedo Mask form, but it seems more like she's just a young teenage girl who thinks some guy is handsome and has a dumb, pointless crush on him. A CRUSH not IN LOVE, and a pointless crush at that. Then, Seiya comes along. Their relationship is amazing! Seiya is duh in love with her (it's canon) and falls for USAGI. Not Sailor Moon, and not Serenity. Usagi. And then Usagi's feelings: she genuinely falls for Seiya because she actually loves her (yes, Seiya is canonically a woman, get over it) and also, in the manga (the ORIGINAL story which was actually made by the author, please read it the ...more

The real couple!

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11 Usagi and Motoki

Usagi is not really good for Motoki and Motoki is not as cute as Mamoru anyway.

12 Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Basically the same thing as Usagi and Mamoru but... I mean Tuxedo Mask always comes to save Sailor Moon; it just shows how much TM cares about SM.

13 Rei and Jadeite

I love them together! I hate how the anime took away their relationship.

Why aren't they a couple in the anime?

I don't know why, but I always love this couple, the story never "highlighted" the Jadeite character like the all other Dark Kingdom's generals (nephrite, zoisite and kunzite have more complex characters) so I don't know why I like Jadeite. I probably love Rei and Jadeite together for unknowed reasons­čśů

14 Fisheye and Mamoru
15 Usagi and Haruka

They like the opposite toward each other!

... I'm all alone in this, aren't I?

16 Ami and Makoto

Best sailor moon couple

17 Minako and Yaten

Just because...also I feel sorry for Minako because she doesn't have anyone.

This is still my own opinion.

18 Naru and Umino

Naru is much better with a sweet guy his own age than a much older man that lied to her to manipulate her, & her "love" for that other guy seemed to be much more lust/herimoans than anything more.

19 Prince Demande and Usagi

Best ship ever!

20 Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite
21 Chibiusa and Hotaru

They're so cute but mature...They care for each other no matter what

22 Sailor Pluto and Mamoru
23 Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

If you seen the 90's version of sailor moon you know that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune aren't Cousins they both most likely a couple. I think Uranus is a lesbian same with Neptune so I most likely think they would be a cute couple.

24 Usagi and Rei

I love this so much!

25 Ail and An
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