Top 10 Programs Broadcast by Discovery Channel

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1 Planet Earth

It was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC, and also the first to be filmed in high definition

2 MythBusters

Mythbusters is the greatest show in existence! I am in love with Grant! I really with that Discovery would stop replaying the same episodes over and over again. I want to see some episodes from the earlier seasons that I missed. My favorite is when they do ancient weapons and armor myths. My favorite myth of all time is paper armor. SEASON 10 STARTS TOMORROW!

Two jerks doing silly things and making mwoney for it. The only good show is Man vs Wild because it takes guts to eat stuff BG eats. At least 90 percent of other shows are making a sensation out of nothing. Mythbusters are one of them.

3 BrainGames
4 Deadliest Catch

I have never missed one episode I even watched when I was in Jamaica. I love it it's been fun seeing all the great captains and crews battle their way through the merciless Bering sea. I miss Phil and I hope jake gets the help he needs. Also Eliot. My all time favorite program. Thank you discovery jeri lopresti

This show is awesome! It's too bad that Captain Phil Harris died.

5 Bush People

I really love this show. I love this family, and I would love to live there with them. I don't care what people say; I have watched the show since episode 1, and I will be greatly disappointed if it is not continued. I love The Discovery Channel, but I hate when we get invested in a show, and then it suddenly disappears. You have so many shows that we have grown to love, and we feel like the people in each one are a part of our lives. Just like the new show Raised Wild, it is a great new one, and I love all the beautiful scenery. Please keep all the shows going. Thank you.

6 Man vs. Wild

Bear Grylls presents this show as a very friendly host. Feels like we are there with him... Climbing the mountain, paddling the river, building camp ourselves... This show deserves to be the best show ever. If no man vs wild . There is no discovery.. discovery needs bear Grylls far more than the bear Grylls need discovery.. if they stop showing man vs wild.. I will stop watching discovery altogether.. the scenery of island, hills, ocean are just dream.

The fact that there are more than a dozen shows by bear Grylls on discovery.. it tells us how famous bear Grylls is in discovery...

7 Rocket Science
8 Bad Universe
9 Gold Rush

This is the most fantastic serie I have seen in my whole life.

All the mistakes and every gold weight/count you truly feel for the guys.
Both season 3 and four where killers. thank you wery much for many good hours!

Greetings from Norway!

Great show, been watching since season #1. Shows us how hard it is to gold mine and reap the rewards.

Shows us that lots of people work hard to gain wealth and in most cases the rewards are there Imagination and hard work is the focus. thanks, al

10 The FBI Files

The show described actual FBI cases, with dramatic reenactments and interviews with agents and forensic scientists who worked in the investigations.

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11 Street Outlaws

It is the only reality show that still holds up its reality part. 99 percent of the other shows seem to be a hour of B/S!

This is the best show ever and I haven't missed an episode since the beginning. Great job!

Just because we dumbasses don't mean you can be too don't do any of this that we do at home!

12 License to Drill
13 Storm Chasers

Produced by Original Media, the program follows several teams of storm chasers as they attempt to intercept tornadoes in Tornado Alley in the United States.

Love the way they get very in depth and how they're not always in one area.

A shame they took it off the air. Best show that was on Discovery.

14 Breakout
15 Troy
16 Air Crash Investigation
17 Diagnosis: Unknown
18 Science Of Stupid

A Filipino was a host of this show?
Enough said.

19 Diggers
20 Alaska: The Last Frontier

You should at least get the title correct. It should read Alaska the last frontier. One of the greatest shows on discovery.

When you kill an animal for sustenance, don't thank the animals, they wanted to live just like you. Instead, thank the creator who made you in his image above all animals...laughably stupid.

When is the next season be back on for 2019 it was going to be on 2/10/2019 But it was never on

21 Brew Masters

The show focused on Sam Calagione, the founder and head of Dogfish Head Brewery, and his staff as they scoured the world for new, ancient, and imaginative inspirations for beers.

22 How It's Made
23 Atlas

Focuses on the cultural, sociological, and natural aspects of various countries by exploring their different peoples, traditions, and lands.

24 Deadly Dilemma's
25 Naked And Afraid

You see the depth of human compassion and strength against tremendous odds.

Really creative the way the invent supplies to use out of nature. How much they really want this! Most of themmm!

I love this show. Binge watching!

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