Top 10 Best House of Anubis Characters

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1 Nina Martin

I love Nina Martin so much she is so kind and so funny, I think she played a really good character in the first and second season. She seemed so nice and she seemed a very down to earth character with very good intentions. I feel like the show is just not the same without her around I really hope she comes back in the last couple episodes of season three, and comes back as a full cast member again in season four if there is even a season four. I hope she gets this message because what I am saying is true and I really mean and believe what I am saying about her, I just think she is a really good character with a big story to tell. I wonder what happened to Nina Martin's grandmother I wonder what happened to her they never revealed what happened to her grandmother. I also really loved Nina Martin's grandmother she played a very good character as well as Nina Martin! Thank you so much for reading my comment/opinion on this great show!

2 Patricia Williamson

Patricia is obviously the best character. She has beened the most develeop character. She snarky, sarcastic, rude at time but she never has let her friends down. She determined and committed to everything she does and I would be baffled if she's not at least number 2. She has proven her worth through out the entire serious. Maybe she wont tell you exactly what on her mind if your not closet to her but shell give a helping hand here and there once she get to know you better. Over all Patricia IS the best character.

3 Amber Millington

Amber is literally the best character. Her and Nina have the sweetest friendship and even the relationship with Fabian and Patricia is really sweet. When Mara steals her boyfriend, Amber, who clearly still likes Mick, lashes out and then still tries to be sweet. Also, her and Alfie were adorable.

Why did Amber have to leave? She was such a good character! Willow is a pretty good replacement for her, but I still like Amber better.

I like Amber because she is the prettiest, in my opinion, and because she screams a lot like me! We have a lot in common, including Nina.

4 Fabian Rutter

The best character of the series by far and is the longest lasting Sibuna left by the end of series 3. In my opinion he is the most essential member of Sibuna and really should of had something special about him instead of them adding in an American every series and make them special in that series. He is also the most mysterious character of the lot since we don't know much about his history and we have not seen any members of his family apart from his uncle and his godfather.

Yes he does become the sinner of pride but if he wasnt a sinner he would of played a bigger part in the series finale. He is a founding member of Sibuna along with Nina and Amber and is part of the real Sibuna which is those three along with Alfie and Patricia. He has saved the other characters many times throughout the series and has proved himself very worthy in many areas. These are just some of the reasons that he is great character and believe me there are many more reasons.

5 Jerome Clark

Jerome is SO HOT! He's really sneaky and clever. He adds a lot to the show and he's an interesting character. I hate jara, it's just so weird. Jerome is so cool and funny, and then Mara is just so boring and bossy. They really don't suit each other. And for all you who think they still like each other, would Jerome cheat on her and then go out with Joy. NO! He can also be shown to have a caring and sweet side. I think he should date Amber or a new character that has more in common with him.

Honestly, he belongs In the top three. All other websites I've checked he has been in the top three. What's not to like? He's the typical, sneaky, anti hero, descended, trickster who no one can trust. He has made several deals with people like jasper, sibuna, and Evan Rufus! He is always causing trouble and even blows the sibuna's cover a couple of times. VOTE JEROME!

6 Eddie Miller

I think eddies rly nice cause he's ninas osirian and I love how patricia always gets jealous of him and kt, even though they're just friends, and always will be. I also think its kinda sad that kt does have a boyfriend. eddie also just has this anubis thing that I think only him, kt, and nina have. vote eddie!

I think Eddie is the cutest guy on the show. He is a amazing guy. Please vote Eddie.

Eddie is awesome! I love how he taunted Patricia and he's almost always happy.

7 KT Rush

I think KT is annoying and I also think that Nina is such a better character than her, I'm not saying that Nina is my fave character, because Patricia is my fave character..But since KT has kind of taken Nina's place, it just makes me feel how good Nina was..

I love KT. I think she had a great character development and is definitely a different character to Nina. I think that she gets such a bad wrap because she replaced Nina. But call me crazy, I would choose KT over Nina any day.

I hate her I think nathalia Ramos was a better character than her. It is obvious that she likes Eddie and every time she sees them kissing she looks jealous. I miss our old Nina bring her back"

8 Joy Mercer

At first I felt like I didn't like Joy I don't know something was off the very first second anyway, then Nina shows up and she disappears... Strange so than Nina and Fabian become friends and tries to solve the big mystery okay anyway... Joy.. One of the desended, tried to steal Fabian from Nina... Saves Nina in season 2, lives in Anubis house which is kinda weird because didn't know they had more... She is awesome and than sometimes mean, and dramatic! Joy could of been awesome at times until she was way to over Fabian and was a jerk to Nina!

9 Alfie Lewis

So funny and is looked down upon a lot and is not appreciated enough

10 Willow Jenks

I love Willow! She's so awesome! Her quirkiness is hilarious, she has hedgehogs named Victor and Trudy! I was laughing so hard at that part! I really hate how sometime the other characters are mean to her.

Willow should be higher on this list. She hilarious, she loves animals, and she's just awesome!

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11 Mr. Sweet

Mr.Sweet... Actually disappointed me when I found out he was in that little thing with Victor.. Like I didn't understand how he can be the principal and than be in that secret society that he's in, like he's also putting the kids that's in the Anubis house in danger trying to pick who the chosen one is or something like that disappointed me... But when Patricia got kidnapped he and Ms.Denby went behind victors back well she went behind victory back and tried to go and find her I don't know I hope things change in season 4 if there is gonna be one! He was A.good father to Eddie at the end

12 Victor Rodenmaar Jr.

I don't even know where to start with Victor... I always thought he was strange talking to that bird of his... And than every thing else he was doing was a bit off, I never really liked him but I have to admit if he wasn't in house of anubis the show definitely wouldn't be worth watching at all! The favorite line he says is: "You have five minutes precisely and than I want to be able to hear a pin drop!..." Victor is crazy! I hope there's another season!

Victor is the main Antagonist and is the leader of the Evil Team, he has lived for Hundred of years, and knows more then anyone else in Anubis House, even Nina, if he wasn't in House of Anubis, the show wouldn't even be worth watching, nobody could possibly replace or compare to him. The show has always revolved around him and his creepy dead bird, with out him the show would become boring and just plain disapointing!

13 Trudy Rehmann

The house-mother of Anubis house. My favorite house-mother!

So sweet and always there whenever anyone is on need and would drop anything to help anyone

14 Mara Jaffray

I hate Mara. She's just so bossy and pushy. She basically broke Jerome's heart in season 1 and then goes crawling back to him when Mick is gone. I think Jerome should date Amber or a new character that could be his best friend and girlfriend. Also, in season 3 Mara is just so annoying. All she does is try to get revenge. She is a jealous, mean person.

I really love Mara. She's so smart and nice! I think they should have put her in Sibuna a long time ago. She knows how to make people feel better and even though she makes mistakes, she knows the difference between right and wrong. I hope that someday soon Mara makes in into the Top Ten list, hopefully to number one!

15 Rufus Zeno
16 Caroline Denby

She was a cool teacher, she risked the secret society and the school to get Patricia back from Rufus behind Victor's back! I think that says something she might have been another one who cared! But the cup of Ankh/elixir got in her way! She/They wanted it so they could live forever... She's cool though I hope if there's a season 4 she comes back!

I like caroline because she is very sweet and very caring when she is not in the role of Mis Demby!

17 Corbierre
18 Mick Campbell

Moved to Australia at the end of season 2. One of my favorite characters!

Mick was a really cool character! Definitely one of my favorites!

19 Sarah Frobisher-Smythe
20 Jason Winkler
21 Taxi Driver in Pilot
22 Harriet Denby

Harriet should not been the keeper in the first place because that was my regular role to have from the start them brats are extremely banned from the gatehouse I think Harriet is very crazy and extremely annoying

23 Senkhara

Sneaky, and evil but very interesting!

24 Frederick Mercer
25 Daphne Andrews
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