Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes

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1 The Pineapple Incident

Funniest episode I saw! I laughed all the time and showed us a different Ted! Plus what's up with the pineapple?

For me it is the funniest episode! I laughed so hard when I watched it that I peed a little! I even was crying!

One of the best episodes ever, and it is really hard to pick just one. The whole show is Legendary!

2 Slap Bet

This episode was amazing because:
1. It introduced the whole slap bet thing that lasted until the 2nd last episode!
2. It also introduced Robin Sparkles, one of the funniest parts on the T.V. show.
3. Way better than the Pineapple Incident because we actually figure out the secret in it (I cannot stand secrets)!
4. So you're saying you want to go to the!

Slap Bet is THE best episode ever, because well it tells you how the slap bet thing started! I can't believe this episode isn't number one!

Definitely the best episode. Gives a lot of context and anecdotes to many other episodes and seasons. Plus, it's hilarious.

3 How Your Mother Met Me

A real emotional rollercoaster. Best episode of the series.

The mother is so lovely, a really good episode.

I really loved that one, et c'est pas seulement pour la vie en rose..

4 Swarley

Ted comes up with Swarles Barkey and Robin says save that one for later was hilarious for both of them. Then Marshall says the pumpkin joke and actually makes it funny. Lily jumping in the middle of Marshall and the coffee lady. The crazy eyes theory. Barney trying to make fun of Robins make (Rolland) at the end. This episode is the best.

Best things about this episode

1. Swarley
2. Lily Realizing that she will always love Marshall
3. The Crazy Eyes Theory
4. Marshall + Lily Get Back Together

Swarley: HILARIOUSSS. I loved it, and I laughed every second! honestly, I think Swarley doesn't have a nice sense of humor, not finding this whole "swarley" thing funny.

5 The Playbook

This should be higher also episode 1 really guys watch more of the show. Heck watch the ending that relationship is annoying once you watch the whole show. I mean I believe everyone has an opinion but come one the finale was criticized for that exact reason.

Best Barney episode by far, genius plays in the playbook, nonstop laughs. This one is an absolute classic. There's never gonna be an episode like this again. It's better than any other episode by far.

He's just so damn creative, and he shows viewers exactly how he gets a woman. An insight into Barney Stinson, and therefore is obviously the best episode.

6 Girls versus Suits

The best pop song I ever heard... Nothing suits me like a (wait for it) suiit although she looks hot... I chose you bayb

7 The Naked Man

Hilarious! I have watched it a million times and never get tired

8 Blitzgiving
9 The Final Page

After two years of on and off, Barney and Robin find each other in this (double) episode, in a scene which is so truly Barney and so deeply moving and romantic. Finally.

I cried.
It was all so happy though.

10 How I Met Everyone Else

Epic... Direction, story, and gags too

Different approach handled, we use to think the same among our friends

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11 Three Days of Snow
12 Lucky Penny
13 Come On

This is the best episodes in the whole series, can't believe it features at the 9th position. Absolutely beautiful scene as it ends and the music is just perfect. This is one of the best episodes I have ever seen.

Just such a beautiful moment when Ted and Robin kiss in her apartment after he became the rain man... juxtaposed against Marshall breaking up with Lily, truly bitter sweet.

14 Pilot

This episode is the best because it's what launched How I Met Your Mother into sucess. Right away you begin to identify with characters and become invested in Ted's story and how everyone else will play into it.

My best episode of the series. Ted and Robin character just rocked!

15 Legendaddy
16 Okay Awesome
17 Last Forever

There was a lot of backlash against this one, which I think was unjustified. The simple fact is, Barney and Robin weren't meant to be together, PERIOD. Barney was a womanizer, not a husband. But he did find one love, and that was his child. His transformation back into a womanizer was really nostalgic as well; It was who Barney was. Ted and Tracy had a seemingly perfect relationship. But the fact is, Tracy may have been the one for Ted, but it wasn't the other way around; the one for Tracy was Max, who died before she met Ted. But when Tracy died (if you're a religious person), she was reunited with Max in heaven. And while it seemed like Robin wasn't the one for Ted, he had his kids, but he was looking for someone to love after Tracy died. It's kind of like the final piece of the puzzle. It was at a time where Ted had his kids like he planned, and Robin loved his kids, and Ted's kids loved Robin. It was the final piece of a very complex puzzle. Max and Tracy were together, and Ted and Robin were together. At the end, Ted told the story to tell his kids he loved Robin, not about him meeting the mother. But the whole series wasn't a lie because of this; the ending is what the show built towards. It led to the point where Ted and Robin could finally work it all out, and both of them wanted to. The blue French horn at the end made me cry; it was a gesture that defined their relationship and a major piece of the puzzle of How I Met Your Mother. If you still don't like the finale, I think you need to look at it really, really, closely and you'll realize that this is the fact of the matter.

18 Slapsgiving
19 Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
20 Perfect Week
21 Intervention
22 Bad News

Great episode. It was called "Bad News". So I expected: Marshall and Lily can't have kids. Well, kinda took an other way. (by the way includes the best moment ever - MY SPERM IS FINE) It had funny moments, we met the last doppelganger, in the background we had a countdown from 50, so we new that anything important will happen, we are happy with Lily and Marshall when we find out that they're able to have kids, when Lily came out of the taxi I thought for a second, that the big important thing could be her pregnancy and then... Silence. Shock. Sorrow. And Credits. Incredible.

23 The Time Travelers

Best episode hands down, it has so much emotion behind it and does a great job at hinting to the end of the show and what happens with the mother.

I will never not cry at the last three minutes. Even when I am a 20 year old man, it will always be my favourite

24 Oh Honey
25 No Pressure
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