Top 10 Hottest Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Characters

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1 Sebastian Michaelis Sebastian Michaelis (セバスチャン・ミカエリス, Sebasuchan Mikaerisu) is the titular deuteragonist of the manga and anime series, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). He is the demon butler and a senior staff member of the Phantomhive household.

Sebastian Michaelis, where do I start with him? As stated before, he's that perfect man that can charm you with the way that he does things. Hell, he makes even being a butler look badass and awesome! But this is all just a mask. What we're really dealing with is a demon who is mystifying and sexy, to say the least even if he is supposed to be evil. To us Sebby fangirls, he's that flawless and charming bad boy that we know we can never have in the real world.

Sebastian in every fangirls dream guy: Smart, Sophisticated, can cook, clean, totally sexy, good in bed (ask the nun he fudged), sensitive about animals, and can kick some pretty bad ass. He simply one hell of a butler! I'm so jealous of Ciel though because he has that pack of hotness around him everyday! That's why I ship SebbyxCiel. They're both my favorite character and they're totally hot together. I wonder why they didn't hace sex yet? The world will never know...

2 Lau

He is my uncle

3 Prince Soma Asman Kadar

Because his childish way of acting combied with his great caring and kind heart is just too good not to like. His dark skin, beautiful eyes and wavy purple pony-tail hair is just to die for! How can he NOT be on the list?

Soma might be chidish but he has a big heart and cares about the ones close to him and he is pretty sexy.

He's just absolutely adorable. His charisma is so enchanting, not to mention DEM ABS in ch. 118!

4 Ciel Phantomhive Earl Ciel Phantomhive (Japanese: シエル・ファントムハイヴ, Shieru Fantomuhaivu) is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series "Black Butler". He is the current head of the Phantomhive house, the notorious Queen's Watchdog, the owner of the Funtom Corporation, and an Aristocrat of Evil... read more

At first Sebastian's hotness overshadowed him, I mean Sebastian is just that type that has an overwhelming presence but later as I started to watch Ciel carefully, I started to notice how amazing he is, I mean he is just HUMAN but has this confidence, this strengh, this pride, this will power that made him stand out so brightly that even Sebastian a DEMON would crave him that much! So, yeah, if I had to put it bluntly, it's just normal for a demon to be that amazing but for a human, Ciel is just far above average (not to mention he is cute and looking at his father Oh I see a brilliant future *0* )

Ciel is a cutie. He is way better than Alois, why does he have to be after him? He is a little distant from the other characters, but you can notice how attractive his character is. I love Sebastian, but I root for Ciel. You have to admit, there is some sexiness around him, along with the cuteness.

5 Alois Trancy Earl Alois Trancy (アロイス・トランシー, Aroisu Toranshi), is the main antagonist of the anime series, Black Butler II and the head of the Trancy household. His real name is Jim Macken (ジム・マッケン, Jimu Makken).

Alois was pretty much a misunderstood character. In the first episode, Alois pretty much scared me and I hated him for gouging Hannah's eye out for no reason. But as I continued watching, Alois just started to appeal to me. His personality and looks, his past, everything! I loved him! Now he's my favorite character of all time, with Ciel following closely behind. I'm really glad that Alois' soul went to Hannah, and not jerk-face Claude so that Alois could be reunited with the people that loved him. Who can't love Alois and his bootah shorts?! ;D
Oh, and, nice legs. ;P

Before watching his arc, I thought he was a perverted nuisance who will serve no purpose in my life. However, after I was able to learn more about him and his strange ways, I grew to love him and finally was able to see his attractive qualities. Now, he is my favorite character (ever) and I love him a lot

I love Alois! He's my favorite character in the entire series. Everyone I know says I'm insane for loving him so much, but I don't really care. I love him to pieces! When he died, I cried for an hour. Oh, and his booty shorts might have something to do with it to!

6 Snake

I honestly fell in love when I first saw him! I love the fact that he lets the snakes talk through him. And honestly, I don't think him being a snake/human is weird - it's actually pretty awesome. Such an amazing character and, for me, definitely #1!

Really? Snake is ranked at this number? All I got to say is that Snake is a sexy beast literally. For all the Snake fan girls out there Snake is #1 to us.

I know! Snake is so... Dare I say beautiful? He worked at a freakshow, and has scales. To me that is just amazing.

7 Undertaker

Undertaker literally should be #1. Sebastian second held. In the Black Butler manga and movie, "Book of Atlantic" Undertaker revels his face near the end. And he's haaawt! Not only did the manga even state that he is the most (or one of the most) beautiful characters, even Grell didn't want to work with him till he saw his face. (He loves working with handsome men. He may be a crazy character, but he's a true beauty. And yes he's definitely one of those characters at when they show their true faces they're absolute beauties. Like honestly.(and his eyes are a great feature). From his hair to his face to his entire body Undertaker is the hottest. He's even on my top ten hottest anime guys list. Not the website though.

Everyone voting for Sebastian clearly never read the Ship Voyage Arc. I mean, I love Sebastian, in that way I love all ambiguously evil/sadistic characters, but I don't find him to be nearly as pleasing as Undertaker is, unless we're talking about when he's soaked in blood and acting unrestrained, but that doesn't happen all the time. Undertaker is just that perfect mix between sanity and insanity, and he never really hid himself either. And he's still so mysterious!

8 Ronald Knox

Why is he not already on here? He reaps with a lawnmower, now that is badass. And he is very sexy, sorry but the half black half blonde hair and his partier/player attitude, just love him.

I love Ronalds personality, he has never been afraid to have fun. His two colored hair and his charming smile makes my heart melt.

The whole hotness about his appearance and his general attitude just pulls people in, you know?

9 Agni

Now I know I voted for Sebastian, but I have to admit, Agni is also one sexy character. He's such a considerate man and knows where his place in life is. In a couple of ways, he's almost like Sebastian himself. While it's true that he isn't a demon or anything like that, he has a hand blessed by the gods, for crying out loud which means that he is also granted with the ability to fight and perform tasks with inhumane talent. If I were in the manga and I was there witnessing the two butlers fighting each other, I would be enraptured in the battle and wouldn't be able to keep my eyes off of them.

Agni is awesome. He's nice to all the servants, and really hot. Plus, his skills are on par with Sebastian, a demon.

He is very handsome, and such a kind heart! He doesn't see faults in anyone he comes across. Love ya Agni!

10 Edward Midford

He's really hot... Not to mention he's so loyal and strong and talented not to mention he's undeniably hot and can use a sword... He's sort of my perfect guy

Any votes for Lizzy's older brother anyone? Personally, I think he is one sexy and hot man.

Chapter 118 is all you need to see to know that Edward is the hottest.

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11 Angelina Dalles

I have always felt bad for Angelina and what she has gone through. It took me a while to like her and then once I got to know her more I got attached. I then started to believe she was attractive and she made it up there in my favorites. Her red hair and red eyes have always been beautiful to me.

12 Claude Faustus Claude Faustus (クロード・フォースタス, Kurōdo Fōsutasu) is the secondary antagonist of the anime series, Black Butler II and the demon butler of the Trancy household, he is referred to as the "Spider Butler.

This is why we shouldn't have shipped Sebastian and William. That's how Claude came to be. I still think he's cool, but now you know.

Hate him! I want to take Alois home with me so I can eat his soul instead for love. Claude is a disgusting pedophile!

Looks like a hunkier version of Sebastian. I don't like him, I clicked this by accident.

13 William T. Spears

How is William so far down on this list. I love him! He's tall, sexy, handsome, badass...and his voice! His voice could cure any disease. And when he wears pyjamas!

I have always enjoyed the fact William has always been a very focused person. He is the hottest to me because I have always found the Shinigami most attractive.

How is he not the hottest?

14 Triplets

The triplets are adorable, and just because they don't talk doesn't mean they should be hated, I honestly love the triplets and to me they are just amazing.
I do not hate all the characters I do not just like one character.
All the characters are great, some annoy me once in a while, but they are great!

They are so cool and adorable, I don't get how they're so low down. I know they don't talk much but when they did that one time it was funny as hell. Canterbury is my favourite character and the triplets are awesome!

Aww what about these the mysterious guys don't speak to anyone but themselves, work great, and are especially loyal they've got my vote!

15 Pluto

No votes for Pluto...? ouo

Ciel and Pluto are equally my favorite. but I love pluto because he is simply an interesting character. He is a demon hound, and his ability to transform from hound to human is so cool. While he doesn't talk, he expresses his emotions through actions. Also it's so cute the way he just wants to love sebastian, but sebbie rejects him cause he doesn't like dogs D: Overall I love that demon poof

I think Pluto is really cute! He needs more love! I'm sure many more people out there love him too! We love you, Pluto!

He is pretty cute

16 Joker

Come on! Joker needs more love! His background story was just sad, and he took back what he did after Sebastian cut his normal arm off and let him bleed to death! T.T. I love his personality (I can relate to him on some level); and I have never really liked Ciel very much (heartless & cruel), and Sebastian got on my last nerve after he killed Joker (dude I'm gonna burn you for that >:( ). I mean come on! For a guy who works at the circus he has given me tons of nosebleeds, and is so hot that I faint! So what if he has a skeletal arm? I think its pretty badass and cool. I sympathised with him a lot, understood him perfectly, felt sorry for him (his 'father' deserves what he got -poor children :,( ),and cried for months after he bled to death. Love you Joker! Stay sexy!

Seriously though... Sebastian gets waay too much credit. Joker is so attractive- I mean did you guys SEE him without makeup? And at least Joker cares about his family! I can't believe so many people don't agree on this.

17 Vincent Phantomhive

Whatt?! Vincent isn't in the top ten? Why?!

People, have you lost your minds? How can you not find this piece of man attractive? Yes we don't know much about him but he seems to exude this incredibly alluring vibe that makes you just want to jump him. Besides, have you seen him in his cricket costume yet? He is HOTT.

By the way, I still love Sebas-chan and Undertaker.

Yeah, of everyone here I gotta say Vincent was the best, and more of a people-pleaser than Ciel. Honestly, he was probably a better watch-dog too. And he seemed to be a pretty decent guy, even though he was basically a criminal.

Honestly I'm a little disappointed to see that he's all the way down here! Come on guys! Show Ciel's daddy some love!

18 Finnian

He is the sweetest and the nicest human ever! He is always concerned for other people dispute his hard life, he lives animals, gardening, and has absolutely adorable! What more could a girl ask for?

Who couldn't love Finny?! He's so adorable and strong! I mean being able to pick up a tree and destroy an enemy with it in minutes is amazing but you can also look cuter then a puppy dog after? GREAT! Finny is just KAWAII no doubt! :3

He is so cute and who don't love a strong and cute boy... No one!

19 Earl Charles Grey

How is he not even on this list!? With that long silver hair and gray eyes, he definitely tops Sebastian. Well, he was never introduced in the anime, so I guess he's a sort of obscure character... But he's definitely the hottest. Plus, he eats a ton and still manages that figure. What's not to love?

I love him. I love his childishness. He reminds me of myself. I'm pretty good with knives and swords. I do fencing so that's kind of a cool coincidence. He's also carefree like me.
I love a bad boy, he's just so cute. Though, I can't say the same about myself. But he should be number one on the list.

He's perfect. He's gorgeous. He's a sassy but loveable ass.

20 Drossel Keinz

Although his appearence was brief, he was gorgeous and such a sad background and creep doll-making power just makes him even more attractive!

So I thought to myself, why don't I add Drossel Cainz to the list? Because what is there not to love about a creepy doll guy?

My baby needs more love... if you watch the subbed version, what part of his voice is not to die for...? And he is a beautiful character in general...

21 Elizabeth Midford

What!? Why is Elizabeth ranked so low? 21 seriously? She is a master at sword fighting. OMG she is so cool and badass and hot. Like literally, she is so pretty. Her love for Ciel is genuine, and she is not annoying at all. Go watch Book of Atlantic. Her past is revealed, and the reason why she is so clingy and acts cute in front of Ciel is also revealed. She acts cute in front of Ciel because, at first, Ciel said he liked cute girls, and strong girls are scary. When Elizabeth or Lizzy (same thing) heard that, she felt awful because she was really strong at sword fighting, so she thought Ciel would hate her for that. She said, "I want to look cute in front of you till the end" or something. She's conscious about her height and her sword skills. Put her higher in the list!

Why isn't that badass Lizzy here?! She is the coolest character! Manga readers... Anyone?

I despise her

22 Doll

Yeah, she had a missing eye, but she was glamorous and a sweetheart. If I had to pick one girl from all of them in this series, it'd be Doll or maybe Elizabeth (anime series - haven't read the manga, I don't have enough time or money for that nonsense right now). I bet Doll is a contortionist too...

She has beautiful eyes! (Well she only has one, but whatever) definitely the most beautiful Black Butler female character in my opinion!

23 Mey-Rin

She is really good at using gun, she's just clumsy 'cause she's not familiar in being a maid. When she take off her glasses, she looks really pretty

When she's wears her glasses, she is the clumsy, cute littler Girl. But when she takes them of... BOom she is a hot badass

With her glasses on meyrin is hot in a cute way, Then boom, she takes her glasses of and badass Meyrin kicks in, making her as hot as ever, I love it when she pulls her guns out!

24 Ran-Mao

She is cute and sexy

25 Aleister Chamber

I always thought he was strange and I still do but based on attractiveness he is up there. I like his golden hair and his purple/ blue eyes.

It's basically part of his personality to be attractive, not to mention the fact that he is simply so suave and dashing.

He's like so hot, come on Sebastian is overrated, look at him in the anime and you'll see what I mean!

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