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1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is an American superhero children's television series that premiered on August 28, 1993, on the Fox Kids Network.

The first in the series built itself on the chemistry of the Rangers. The bullies were memorable, and the Zords (despite the blatant merchandising) just fit the tone of Mighty Morphin, setting up standards for other series to follow. But that doesn't mean it was flawless. The choreography is just a cheap theatre stunt, the villains aren't that interesting and as dumb as blondes, and the replacements (while understandable) were just okay. Still, I love the simplicity!

Nothing tops the original. It appealed to nostalgics because it was like Godzilla meshed with Voltron at first. It was just fine until three of the original Rangers left, but was still decent through most of Season 2. But when they married Zedd and Rita, it became downright absurd. Especially that dumb one when they were pulled into a corny storybook. That was the worst episode of that series. And Season 3 was just one two or three-parter after another. But when looked back on, it's still the best of them.

2 Power Rangers Dino Thunder

I loved Dino Thunder because the Rangers were all so different. I think that made them stronger. I also didn't like it because Tommy comes back as the Black Ranger. It also has the biggest lie in Power Rangers history. Conner says, I can't believe our teacher is the oldest living Power Ranger, and then Haley comes in and says, Not the oldest, just the best. That is so not true. Jason was so much better than Tommy. Tommy was always getting beaten by the Putties and captured.

I love how the season develops Conner's personality. The season had its ups and downs, but it's still one of my favorites.

3 Power Rangers in Space

Without a doubt, In Space is the best series. After the complete failure of Turbo, Space was intended to be the last. And yes, it did go out with a bang. Zordon was killed off to save the universe. But due to the massive boost in ratings, more series were made.

Space should be number one for changing the game, making the series dark, and giving us one of the best story arcs, The Psycho Rangers. I won't compare it to MMPR. The two series are just too different in writing style. Space has a much darker and more emotional tone and tied together everything that came before into a huge blockbuster story. If I were to compare the two, Space is better than MMPR.

4 Power Rangers Time Force

This one escapes the cheesiness of most other versions because it seems more epic than the series before it. Almost everything is an improvement over the last four series in particular. The plots are better, as are the characters on both sides.

The Rangers are a bit older and more mature than most teams. They all seem to have realistic issues to overcome as their characters develop. You also have a 6th Ranger who isn't as big a team player and not as easy to like as your average newcomer Ranger.

This one is the first one I could sit completely through since Zeo. There aren't many Ranger series I can say that about. Usually, they do something to take the series downhill. This one, though, is an exception.

5 Power Rangers RPM

RPM really stands out compared to every other series because it takes the action, the story, the characters, and the villains to a point that's distinct and exciting. RPM was the most creative series, especially when compared to its source material and considering how little Disney cared about the franchise at this point.

It felt like a series that a whole family could enjoy, thanks to its darker tone. It's comparable to CW's "The Flash" or "Arrow," both in tone and writing. If you want to see how the Power Rangers should be (in my opinion), RPM comes close to it. I recommend it as a show to watch in general, not just in the Power Rangers franchise.

6 Power Rangers S.P.D.

This is definitely my favorite season. The characters are great, each having their own backstory, personalities, and flaws. I love how each character, including Boom and Kat, gets a spotlight episode and is focused on throughout the series.

The series has the most rangers, about 15 known in total, including A-squad. But that doesn't stop it from being interesting. I appreciate that the characters have flaws and that they get to learn important lessons throughout the season. The constant fighting could get annoying, but it makes sense.

I love the characters and only wish that there would be more of the series, and maybe that Kat could be a ranger again. That was cool.

7 Power Rangers Zeo

This continuation took us back to the Ranger stories of early Mighty Morphin. There weren't as many complex multi-part plots, and all the hodgepodge of season 3 was absent.

The return of Jason was also a welcome plot. It's too bad they didn't keep this one around for a couple more series. It may have spared us the disappointment that was Turbo.

The villains are also interesting. I've read about the Japanese series and saw that when Mondo was destroyed, he never came back like here. Sprocket became Gasket, and he and his bride were destroyed at the end. It's quite interesting how different the two versions can be. Both versions of this one are among the best in both series though.

8 Power Rangers Jungle Fury

While watching Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, I noticed a unique concept that I hadn't seen in any of the other Power Rangers series. Jungle Fury presented more than just a story about them being rangers. It also offered a glimpse into how each character's personal life affected them.

We were able to build an emotional attachment to even the villains, who had their own storylines for us to follow. We saw the build-up not only on the hero's behalf, but also on the other side of things. I was fascinated by the fact that this generation of rangers was taught to rely not on their weapons, but on their animal spirits, which guided them towards their destiny.

Overall, the show is one of a kind and has many more dynamics and story elements that you won't find in any other Power Rangers series. In my opinion, it deserves a well-earned 9/10 rating.

9 Power Rangers Ninja Storm

I grew up with this one and loved every minute of it. Besides MMPR, Ninja Storm had the best theme song. The story with the Thunder Rangers was amazing. I also liked morphing in this series better than any of the others, especially the Thunder Rangers.

Cam is a badass. He was cool enough when he was just their tech, but when he became the Green Ranger, the show got even better. Also, the abilities of the Rangers are more obvious in this series. Blue Ninjas could walk on water, Red could walk in the air, and Yellow could tunnel underground and destroy their targets from below (it's cooler than it sounds).

10 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy, in my opinion, is the greatest PR of all time. It features the first and only death of an actual Power Ranger. What's even better is who replaces the fallen ranger. Spoiler alert: Astronema, the villain from Space, replaces the fallen ranger.

The storyline is one of the greatest, starting with Leo becoming the Red Ranger only because of his brother's death. The fact that it has one of the strongest villains ever, Trakeena, helps the case. Trakeena was pretty much a nobody at the beginning of the show but ended up being one of the strongest villains of all time, leaving the Red Ranger with half a suit. The battle was epic and memorable.

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11 Power Rangers Wild Force

When Wild Force aired, it became one of the most eye-catching series ever. The casting is very good, and their acting skills are excellent, considering the time when it aired. The number of rangers is just right, as are the villains. The theme is new, catchy, and unique compared to the previous Power Rangers series.

They creatively introduce Zords one after another, and each one of them is unique. There were a lot of Megazords in the series. In my opinion, this series has the most number of Zords/Megazords compared to others. This is because there are so many combinations that can be created with so many spirit animals. The final fight might be one of the most iconic fights in the Power Rangers saga.

12 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

This is the best! It's the most logical series. It's the first series where the rangers did not know each other before, which makes sense because the best candidates shouldn't necessarily be friends. We see that the Red isn't as smart in the first few episodes, which again makes sense because experience is needed to be successful. Rivalries between Demons themselves to gain the top spot. Here, everything makes sense! And in my opinion, it's THE BEST! Plus, Diabolico was just a badass!

I like the theme of this Power Rangers series: Lightspeed Rescue, as the Rangers save humanity - perfect. The cast is nice and strong, and I like the fact they're all adults with talents. The morphing sequence is epic with the shields, and the Zords are nice.

13 Power Rangers Mystic Force

Mystic Force isn't perfect, but it did a lot of things right. The idea of using magic instead of technology made the series stand out among its brethren. The characters are all likable, and the mentor, Udonna, actually does things instead of just barking out orders.

Each ranger was given their own element, which made them stand out, and they all had great personalities. The only negative aspect of the series, which everyone seems to agree on, is that they focused too much on Nick. I don't dislike him, but he's the least interesting of his team. Because he was always the center of attention, none of the others got the screen time they deserved, except maybe Daggeron and Udonna.

Overall, it's a great series, but some more development of the main cast, besides the Red Ranger, would have made it better.

14 Power Rangers Dino Charge

Honestly, this is the best PR series of the 2010s-2020s. It's not like they had any competition though. In this series, the characters aren't two-dimensional. They are each given unique personalities. There are even episodes focusing on a single ranger, which gives them more depth, something most modern-day PR series don't do.

Also, the theme song is honestly one of the best in PR history. It's so catchy. For me, though, this is at most an 8.5/10. This is mostly because it's still not perfect and still isn't as good as other series like RPM, but the quality of the PR series went up. I'd say it would be really hard to follow up critically acclaimed failures like Megaforce and Samurai.

15 Power Rangers Dino Fury
16 Power Rangers Super Megaforce

It's true, Megaforce was a recycled version of MMPR, and, even though in this show they FINALLY did PR with a pirate theme, it was pretty lackluster. But nonetheless, I think it was AWESOME how they can turn into any Power Ranger team. And to boot, the Silver Ranger can turn into any 6th ranger! How well-written is that? Also, you get to see actual Power Rangers from the older series! Jaden, Casey, and so many more! It's like a tribute to Power Rangers itself!

Power Rangers Super Megaforce was really good. The best part of this season is watching the legendary battle where all the seasons of PR help the Rangers fight. It's really a tribute to watch Power Rangers itself. The best part was the keys which help to morph into other Rangers.

17 Power Rangers Samurai Power Rangers Samurai is the eighteenth season of the American children's television series Power Rangers.

By far, this was the best season. It's much better because of the secrets and how it gets better as the episodes keep on going. I cannot wait until season 2, episode 16 comes out. Any free links you get for this episode, post the link on the website. A close second is maybe SPD, Dino Thunder, or Ninja Storm. I do not know why you guys and girls like the first Power Ranger series.

I love this season more than any other Power Rangers season. Actually, I hate every season except Samurai. My favorite characters are Mike and Emily. I like the Green Ranger, but he likes the Yellow Ranger, so I like her too. This is the best season ever. Megaforce is okay, but Samurai is the best season.

18 Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
19 Power Rangers Turbo

The idea of a kid ranger is awesome. It let every kid out there feel like we could eventually become a Power Ranger. The cheesy storylines fit Power Rangers as well. Plus, the departure of the originals really had you on the edge of your seat, thinking "What happens next?" It was great. People need to stop being babies just because they weren't selected to be the 12-year-old Power Ranger and take the show for as great as it was.

If you don't like Turbo, you don't like any vehicular Zord Power Ranger team, not even "In Space"!

20 Power Rangers Megaforce

I love it, and I'm a girl. Some people think it's stupid, but if you don't like it, stop watching and deal with it. No one wants your bad review, and no one cares about what you think. This is a good show, and by the way, Troy, the Red Ranger, is not dramatic and is a good actor. He is also a good leader and very brave. Enjoy watching!

You know, to be fair, even though Troy's acting was rather unbalanced, you have to admit it fit his character at times, and the other characters turned out pretty well. Also, Robo Knight kicks ass.

21 Power Rangers Super Samurai

Actually, this, along with Samurai, was the worst season of Power Rangers ever made. It was poorly made compared to all the others, with bad acting, a bad plot, and bad costumes, nothing like the other seasons.

It was a very good season. The concept used in this season, the symbols, was a creative idea. Samurai and Super Samurai were very good seasons.

Same thing as Samurai, but their outfits have different looks after using the black box.

22 Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Amazing, something new, and much true stuff stated about all Power Ranger seasons.

23 Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Dino Charge along with Super Charge was SO BORING!

But when this season came along, it really made up for 2015-16.

Sarah was my favourite character.

Best Power Ranger season ever (in my opinion).

I loved the acting with the Pink Ranger!

It brought me the old days back.

24 Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
25 Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

It was the best, because they fight for the galaxy from space aliens.

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