Top 10 Best Power Rangers Series

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1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is an American superhero children's television series that premiered on August 28, 1993, on the Fox Kids Network.

Classic and Most elegant, very powerful. Good work Power Rangers. The pink ranger strikes me as most distinct but the Gold Ranger very fresh and new when added to the series first and continue to do well through the rest too, Very cool combination as well the group together.

Well it's the original, it also has the most seasons. However, it is much more experimental and corny. Some of the episodes look like some 4 year olds made it up, and the writing was pretty poor. But, episodes like Green Candle sort of redeem their lackluster episodes. But the team is iconic, the theme is iconic, the villains are iconic, you can't deny that. But it is overrated, even though it's a good batch of PR seasons.

The first in the series build itself on the chemistry of the Rangers, the bullies were memorable, and the zords (despite the blatant merchandising) just fit the tone of Mighty Morphing, setting up standards for other series to follow. But that doesn't mean it was flawless. The choreography is just a cheap theatre stunt, the villains aren't that interesting and dumb as blondes, and the replacements (while understandable) just were okay. Still, I love the simplicity!

Nothing tops the original. It appealed to nostalgiacs because it was like Godzilla meshed with Voltron at first. It was just fine till 3 of the original Rangers left, but was still decent through most of Season 2. But when they married Zedd and Rita it became downright absurd. Especially that dumb one when they were pulled into a corny storybook. Worst episode of that series. And season 3 was just one 2 or 3 parter after another. But when looked back on it's still the best of them.

2 Power Rangers Dino Thunder

I loved dino thunder because the rangers were all so different. I think that made them stronger. I also didn't like because Tommy comes back as the black ranger. It also has the biggest lie in power rangers history. Conner says I can't believe our teacher is the oldest living poer ranger and then Haley comes in and says not the oldest just the best. That is so not true. Jason was so much better than Tommy. Tommy was always getting beaten by the putties and captured. I love how the season developes Conner's personality. The season had it's ups and down, but it's still one of my favorites.

Like Time Force this is an epic one that gets more interesting as it develops. If you've seen the episode where they see an episode of the Japanese version you'll be quick to realize we got the better version.
It appeals to old school fans since it features a veteran Ranger from the original series. It also provides a little insight to what happened to him since he left in the (very poorly made) Turbo series.
Mercer transforming into Mesagog makes for one of the most interesting Ranger villains too. It also adds to his intrigue that his human side wants no part of his evil side.
SPD was okay, but I consider this the last great Ranger series.

After watching the Power Rangers for so many years both single and as a parent with my kids, I think this series embodied what I feel the Power Rangers should be. The series had an overall plot to drive the episodes. There were good villain and Power Ranger characters. (Also my boys loved the Dino zords). There was a real balance between the action scenes and the character development scenes. More series's should follow their example. I always hated fights and explosions for the sake action only. Power Rangers is NOT a Michael Bay film.

There is actual character development from the main cast. All characters are genuinely different from each other as they all poccess positive and negative traits which makes them very likeable. Tommy returns which gives this series more sentimental value. It also gives us the best white ranger in a very long time. Mesagog is very menacing as he portrays the typical duality in a character. The main cast are so down to earth and relatable. Ethan is very funny and likeable. And the theme song is probably the best PR theme song of all time.

3 Power Rangers in Space

In Space is literally so good it saved PR itself. In Space has some of the best characters and best story arcs there are, it includes my favorite one, the Psycho Rangers. It's an overall dark season, with by far the best series finale in PR history, Countdown To Destruction isn't just good by PR standards, it's genuinely a great episode with so many great moments from Bulk & Skull's Spartacus moment to Zordon's death. They also started to make villains with more layers, very unlike Rita or Zedd. Villains like Astronema had some actual development, and In Space was the first series to do that. Overall, the series should probably be #1 based on its impact alone, after all it was PR's savior.

Have you guys noticed in pretty much every PR series they swap out rangers? Zeo was the only one that had all the colors, if they don't have a black ranger on the team then there's a green ranger, if there's no green ranger then they have a black ranger, mighty morphin had a green ranger but he disappeared too quickly, I would have loved for each series to have each color, I think in space should have a green ranger, S.P. D should have a black ranger, Lost Galaxy should have a black ranger, time force should have a black ranger, wild force should have a green ranger, and don't do the Bull that ninja storm, jungle fury and some of the others did where the team only has 3 rangers cause that was stupid

In Space without a doubt is the best series. After the complete utter fail of Turbo. Space was intended to be the last. And yes it did go out with a bang. Killing off Zordon to save the universe. But due to the massive boost in ratings, more series' were made. Space should be #1 for changing the game, making the series dark and giving us the one of the best story arcs, The Psycho Rangers. I wont compare it to MMPR, the 2 series are just too different in writing style. Space is a much darker and more emotional tone and tied together everything that came before into a huge blockbuster story. If I were to compare the 2. Space is better than MMPR.

Power Rangers in Space is the best PR series. The villains have redeeming qualities and the Rangers actually have personalities. Astronema, Ecliptor, and Andros were great characters. Darkonda is, as well, and he probably has the best lines, and while he's truly evil, it's more believable, since he's a snake in the grass looking to take over. I loved the character development for Andros, Zhane, and the other Rangers and how they interacted. It was great to come home during the seventh grade and watch this during a break from homework. Power Rangers in Space is my third favorite television series, after Gargoyles and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

4 Power Rangers Time Force

This one escapes the cheesiness of most other versions because it seems more epic than the series before it. Almost everything's an improvement over the last 4 series in particular. Better plots, better characters on both sides.
The Rangers are a bit older and mature than most teams. They seem to all have realistic issues to overcome as their characters develop. You also have a 6th Ranger who isn't as big a team player and not as easy to like as your average newcomer Ranger.
This one is the first one I could sit completely through since Zeo. And there aren't many Ranger series I can say that about. Usually they do something to take the series downhill.This one though is an exception.

Definitively the best season for the audience that were no longer the kids that watched Mighty Morphin. For the first time the writers saw that the audience may not just be kids below twelve, but teenagers and young adults. If "In Space" teach them something was that family issues was a topic this audience where interesting in, so they gave a bit of more maturity to their plot. For the first time the villain had a proper reason to hate humanity, and a very clever plan to destroy it, however his biggest weakness was not 5 teenagers and a huge Megazord but the love he had for his daughter. We see a young man defying his father, not because he is a teen and is on his rebel years, but because he hates the power and influence that by, being a millionaire, corrupted his father. So, rather than runaway, get drunk and chase girls, he stumbles over 4 people who he shelters even though they are practically strangers. We had the first real anti-hero who, through economic and self-value ...more

Even Though the way that Ransik was arrested was kinda messed up, overall for me the series is great. I like the start of the series where we see the villain Ransik fighting with the first red rangers alex and arrested Ransik, Alex Proposes to the Pink Time Force Ranger Jen/Jennifer but the next day Alex was Killed, Ransik escaped through time with a prison full of mutants jen and the other time force rangers stole and untested time ship and landed in the year 2001. The start of the series is great according to linkara time force was supposed to have a movie and 10 additional episodes but was cancelled if there were a movie. Overall I loved the series

Time Force is from a critic's point of view, the only season of Power Rangers that could actually stand toe to toe with your standard Prime Time television drama series. Underneath all the power-ups, morphing and action sequences, was a fantastic and well-written storyline with a well-rounded likable cast. Although, MMPR will always get props for being the ancestor of the Power Rangers Series, Time Force was truly the best season of the series!

5 Power Rangers RPM

RPM really stands out compared to every other series because it takes the action, the story, the characters, and the villains to a point that's distinct and exciting.
RPM was the most creative series especially when compared to its source material and how little Disney cared about the franchise at this point. It felt like a series that a whole family enjoyed thanks to its darker tone. Its comparable to CWs "The Flash" or "Arrow" both in tone and writing.
If you want to see how the Power Rangers should be (in my opinion), RPM comes close to it.
I recommend it as a show to watch in general, not just in the Power Rangers franchise.

Without a doubt one of the best PR series, if not THE best. The story telling was some of the best in the shows history, the dialogue was fantastic. Lots of the fights and the villains were very creative. And best of all this series was not afraid to try something new such as the villians had already destroyed the Earth, one of the Rangers slowly dying, one episode which I thought was well done see's the Rangers go on the offensive for once to take out a Venjix facility.

For me this was Power Rangers at it's best had it been the finale it would have been a fitting end to the series.

First three episodes of RPM gives you a feeling that this season is going to be like a Hollywood film. It felt like Terminator movie series, and character introduction was also amazing. The background stories for characters were also good. Plus they were fighting with monsters who looked like monsters, not something like pighead, pizzaman, bread-shaped, etc.
Drawback of the series will be after a few episodes, they start showing similar fights throughout the series. One more thing is that Dr K was alive and was still doing research, they could shown some power-ups for Rangers, but from start to end, they fight with same weapons and techniques, which kind of makes it boring to watch.
But overall this season is much better than any other ranger season created.

This is a great season!

This season is the darkest season of Power Rangers!

It is way better than Time Force.

Time Force was the worst season ever.

RPM had a lot of death scenes.

RPM Power Rangers are a lot stronger than the Samurai Rangers.

Samurai Rangers was the worst season ever.

Plus the villain took over the world that is something the other seasons villains were unable to do.

6 Power Rangers S.P.D.

This is definitely my favorite seasons. The characters are great and all have their own backstory and personalities and flaws. I love how each character, even Boom and Kat, get a spotlight episode and are focused on throughout the series. It has the most rangers, about 15 known total, throughout the series including A-squad, but that doesn't stop it from being interesting. I love that there are flaws in the characters and that they get to learn important lessons throughout the season. The constant fighting could get annoying but it makes sense. I love the characters and only wish that there would be more of it and maybe that Kat could be a ranger again. That was cool.

I really liked the ending. I think it was awesome that Sky got to be the red ranger. I just don't understand the part about his father. The helmet that Sky has looks exactly like the time force helmet. I think it was one of the best series because it was a little darker than the other series, but not to dark. Bridge is kind of the comedic relief. I think it's awesome that not even the other rangers understand him. This is a series I will never forget.

Loved how all the rangers came together and had to coexist for the greater good. Jack, the reluctant leader, had a real chip on his shoulder and by the end of the series, put his stake in on being one of the best red rangers ever! You really saw why Doggie chose him to be the red ranger over Skye. I hate he left the force, but he wanted to help others in a different way. Great series; I really enjoyed it!

This season had a great cast whose characters were more developed than in most other seasons. Episodes were extremely well written individual but also had a great level of continuity between them. Some of the notable moments and arcs are: Sky's struggle to become red ranger like his father, the return and defeat of A-Squad, Cat's moment as a power ranger, the epic finale.

7 Power Rangers Zeo

This continuation kind of took us back to the Ranger stories of early Mighty Morphin. Not as many complex multi part plots and all the hodgepodge of season 3.
The return of Jason was also a welcome plot. Too bad they didn't keep this one around for a couple more series. It may have spared us the disappointment that was Turbo.
The bad guys are also interesting. I've read about the Japanese series and saw when Mondo was destroyed he never came back like here. Sprocket became Gasket and he and his bride were destroyed at the end. It's quite interesting how different the 2 versions can be. Both versions of this one are among the best in both versions though.

In my opinion, it has the best lineup of any Power Rangers series to date. You had Tommy, the greatest Ranger of all time, as the Red Ranger, and returning you had Rocky, Adam, Kat, and Tanya as the new Yellow Ranger. Billy, though no longer a Ranger in the field, served as tech support, and Jason, the original Red Ranger, eventually became the super powerful Gold Ranger. It was basically just an extension of Mighty Morphin, the original and best, but with new suits, cool new Zords and gear, and new villains - the Machine Empire - though Lord Zedd was also still around. Most of the characters returned from MMPR, and new ones were introduced. It may not have the writing of In Space, Lost Galaxy, or Time Force, and it may not have the originality of MMPR (it does retain a lot of the badass music though, along with one of my favorite theme songs in Power Rangers history), but it's definitely one of the most fun of the bunch, and one I have fond memories of.

Zeo definitely isn't one of the best seasons. I hate that Tommy's the red ranger and that Billy's not a ranger and Katherine is the pink ranger. The only episode I ever watch is A Golden Homecoming because Jason is the best.

All I have to say on behave of zeo. " it's time for a gold rush ". Both trey and Jason were I think ideal for the gold ranger role. I mean Jason as mmpr red was an uncomfortable feeling. I'd rather see rocky as the red ranger any day

8 Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Throughout watching Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, I noticed that there was a different concept that I never had seen in any of the other Power Rangers. In Jungle Fury I was presented with more than just a story about them being rangers. I also got to see a story about how each and ever characters personal life inflicted them in some way. I saw how also we got to build an emotional attachment to even the villains who had their own storyline for us to follow. We were able to not only see the build up on the hero behalf, but we also got to see some build up on the other side of things. I was then obsessed with the fact that this generation of rangers was not taught to be reliant on their weapons, but their animal spirits which gave them the instinct to follow their destiny. Overall the show is a one of a kind and has many more dynamics and story elements that you won't find on any other Power Rangers, giving it a well deserved 9/10 rating in my opinion.

Jungle Fury is by far the most underrated season of PR, possibly due to it being caught right in between one of PR's worst seasons (Operation Overdrive) and one of their best (RPM). Because of that, this season seemed to just fade into obscurity. But it definitely deserves the attention, it's likely one of the best PR seasons and one of the only ones I actually really liked. The characters actually got some development and the show really focused on the concept of learning. All of the characters learned new things and life lessons that not only made them better Rangers, but better overall characters. The best examples of this are shown in Casey and Jarrod. Speaking of Jarrod, he's one of the best antagonists of the PR franchise, up there with Ransik from Time Force. Using Jarrod, Jungle Fury is able to blur the lines between good and evil. The premiere episode and finale are some of the best in PR history, and they make few mistakes.

Unpopular opinion: Jungle Fury has to be the most underrated and underappreciated Power Rangers series ever. I think it's been overlooked because Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive were just not great and after it RPM sort of took over the spotlight. But the compelling characters, the great storyline, the great theme, etc. Especially the character arcs. This series is very rewatchable and this is my favorite series of Power Rangers so far and may be forever.

Jungle Fury is easily one of my favorite seasons, the character growth in it was tremendous, and each of the characters were likeable. There are very few seasons where I can say that I like every one of the rangers. It had a goofy feel, mixed with a lot of raw emotion, especially with RJ. He was largely the comic relief, but when things got serious he was remarkable. There are not very many characters in any series that can say that.

9 Power Rangers Ninja Storm

I grew up with this one and loved every minute of it. Besides MMPR, Ninja Storm had the best theme song. Also the story with the Thunder Rangers was amazing. I also liked Morphing in this series better than any of the others, especially the thunder rangers. Cam is a bad ass. He was cool enough when he was just their tech, but when he became Green Ranger, the show got even better. Also the abilities of the Rangers are more obvious in this series. Blue Ninjas could walk on water, Red could walk in the air, and yellow could tunnel under ground and destroy their targets from below (it's cooler than it sounds).

Ninja Storm remains in my memory more than any other Power Rangers series from that time due to the slightly moodier feel that it manages to convey. The story, setting and costumes all have a darker tone. The rangers don't immediately have their powers - they slowly learn more throughout the series and it allows for some interesting buildup instead of being in your face straight away.

Ninja Storm is the best in terms of the costumes, especially the Thunder Rangers. The most epic episode to me was the crossover with Dino Thunder. They also did the most memorable and dynamic morphing which at the time got everyone doing it, like literally lol. Ninja Storm placed Power Rangers back on the map of the horrible ones before it which doesn't include In Space, Time Force and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I love this show very much because in this show there was reality they were learning and practicing to be a ninja that's why they were able to understand the rangers power not like the others when they became rangers they know all the powers of the rangers without knowing about that.

10 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy, in my opinion is the greatest PR of all time. It features the FIRST AND ONLY death of an actual power ranger. What's even better, is who replaces the fallen ranger. SPOILER ALERT... Astronema, the villain from Space.

The story line is one of the greatest, starting with Leo being the red ranger only because of his brother's death.

And the fact that it has one of the most strongest villains ever in trakeena helps the case. Trakeena was pretty much a nobody at the beginning of the show but ended up being the strongest villains of all time leaving the red ranger with half a suit. Epic battle and memorable that was.

The first PR series that actually tried to be dark, it showed a murder of a child and the death of a Power Ranger, as well as a return of fan-favorite Karone. One of the strongest casts in the franchise, an incredible premise for the show overall, and a hugely satisfying ending, Lost Galaxy had to follow In Space and did a damn fine job of doing just that.

The most Epic season of all. Leo was a great Red Ranger, it had the first Team-up, it had the balls to kill of a main character and I love it when old enemies becomes friends. The finale was epic and satisfying.

It's by far my favorite. It's the darkest series of power rangers which makes it hugely unique and has some of the most tense and awesome scenes. Plus, Deviot is awesome.

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11 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

The best! It's the most logical series. It's the first series were the rangers did not know each other before. Which makes sense because the best candidates shouldn't be necessarily friends. We see that the Red isn't as smart in the first few episodes. Which again makes sense because experience is needed to be successful. Rivalries between Demons themselves to gain the top spot. Here, everything makes sense! And it's in my opinion, THE BEST! And plus, Diabolaco was just a badass lol!

I like the theme of this power rangers series: lightspeed rescue as the rangers save humanity - perfect. The cast is nice and strong and I like the fact they're all adults with talents. The morphing sequence is epic with the shields and the zords are nice.

The acting was better than a lot of the the other power rangers (it wasn't perfect). The plot was realistic (compared to others). It was the one I grew up with and always nostalgic for me to watch it again.

Power rangers lightspeed rescue is awesome. The episodes are ultimate. I love how the rangers on power rangers lightspeed rescue fight. And in conclusion they're combinations are pretty awesome.

12 Power Rangers Wild Force

When wild force aired it becomes one of the most eye catching series ever. The casting is very good and their acting skills are excellent considering the time when it aired. The number of rangers is just right and also the villains too. The theme is very new and very catchy and very unique compared to the previous power rangers series. They creatively introduces zords after zords and every one of them is unique to one another. There were a lot of megazords in the series. And in my opinion this series has the most number of zords/megazords compared to others. Because there are so many combinations that can be created with so many spirit animals. And the final fight might be one of the most iconic fights in the power rangers saga.

Definitely, the best of all Power Rangers saga. The varieties of orgs and wild zords for each ranger (each one had like 4, except Danny and Merrick) was really amazing. The story of them was also amazing, my personal favourite ranger was Merrick, specially for being a lonely ranger. Zen-aku was also my favourite org, not because of Merrick, it was because of his great power and ability to control dark wild zords and always go by his own without any help.
All of their episode were awesome, I couldn't tell which is the best exactly and the ending was awesome. Best PR season ever, I recommend it.

It has one of the best storylines in the series. With Master Org's dark path that intertwined with the Red Ranger's mission to find his parents, awesome back story for the sixth ranger, great friendship between Toxica and Jindrax with bittersweet ending. Also, this season gave us closure to Ransik's mutation, bad-ass Time Force Pink Ranger and Forever Red.

Best power ranger series ever, it actually had a much different story and plot than the others which are boring, and it had a lot of innovative and unique and new ideas. Best series ever, their acting was professional too. The story was just even more amazing. Definitely the best.

13 Power Rangers Mystic Force

Mystic force isn't perfect but it did a lot of things right. The idea to have magic instead of technology made the series stand out among it's brethren for a start. The characters are all likable and the mentor (Udonna) actually does things instead of just barking out orders. Giving each ranger their own element made them stand out and they all had great personalities. The only bad thing that I can say about the series is the same one that everyone agrees on: They focused too much on Nick. I don't hate him but he's the least interesting of his team and because he was always the center of attention, none of them got the screen time they deserved. (Except maybe Daggeron and Udonna) Overall, a great series but some more development of the main cast besides the red ranger would have made it better.

Honestly, I understand the complaints about this season but I don't think the complaints are as heavy as people think they are. Sure, I guess they spend a little too much time on Nick but they give every character a good establishment. Personally this is my favorite season of power rangers. Koragg the knight wolf is the most amazing character ever.

The power ranger mystic force is great I love the episode when Xander started to turn into a tree and nick and madison made a funny joke. Madison said maybe is have to do with something from your power and then sge said knock on wood that was funny then nick said stop stop leaf Xander alone that was funny too. So my favorite power ranger show is Mystic force PS. Nick and madison some on another website said yall are going out. My name is gabrielle davis and you can reach me at this number:2678502035

This is the best power rangers season I have ever seen. The guys and the girls are friendly with each other. Its full of magic and everyone must love it. At-last, there is a twist in the trail. It's so interesting.

14 Power Rangers Dino Charge

Honestly, this is the best PR series of the 2010s-2020s, it's not like they had any competition though. In this series, the characters aren't two-dimensional, they are each given unique personalities. There are even episodes focusing on one single ranger, which gives them more depth, something most modern day PR series don't do. Also, the theme song is honestly one of the best in PR history, it's so catchy. This for me though is at most an 8.5/10, mostly because it's still not perfect and still isn't as good as the other series like RPM, but the quality of the PR series went up. I'd say it'd be really hard to follow up critically acclaimed failures like Megaforce and Samurai.

Even like the others Dino Charge is also really good and awesome the most unique in this season were the energems. The rangers were chosen by the energems for their bravery and other unique qualities they have. Dino charge was based on the concept of ancient dinosaurs which was really good. To be frank all seasons of power rangers are really awesome because each and every season comes up with its uniqueness and with a new concept.

I love dino charge especcially the alien Keeper. I mean, who can't like keeper. dino charge is good and keeps up the momentum and theirs the underlying story of missing father of the red ranger. I also love this as they only have a pink ranger.NO YELLOW RANGER. so they gave pink ranger a very strong character to make up for it. unlike other series,cough cough Megaforce, Dino charge gives all the characters their own special personalitys which you can see being built on in every episode.

I just love the red ranger because of his skills and the shy pink as she is smart & dino loving like me! All the rangers are the best in my sight 'miss morgann' technology is brilliant! I want this series to be repeated this is the 1st which I have been watched I am an indian of 16 years but I love brennan mejia in real life

15 Power Rangers Dino Fury
16 Power Rangers Super Megaforce

It's true, Megaforce was a recycled version of MMPR, and, even though in this show they FINALLY did PR with a pirate theme, it was pretty lackluster. But nonetheless, I think it was AWESOME how they can turn into any power ranger team. And to boot, the silver ranger can turn into any 6th ranger! How well-written is that? Also, you get to see actual power rangers from the older series! Jaden, Casey, and so many more! It's like a tribute to Power Rangers itself!

Power rangers super Megaforce was really good. The best part in this season its to watch the legendary battle where all the seasons of PR to help the rangers to fight. It's really a tribute to watch the power rangers itself. The best part was the keys which help to morph into others rangers..

Because Jen from Power Ranger Time Force is not going to be in it.

THat is the best news I ever heard. She sucks as a Power Ranger and she's the annoying orange of Power Rangers.

Those who like Jen are on drugs.

This season just has missed opportunity after missed opportunity for example Linkara gave out the idea with the Sentai Rangers could've been a storyline of a lost team of Power Rangers instead of just new powers. This is a season full of these blown opportunities

17 Power Rangers Samurai Power Rangers Samurai is the eighteenth season of the American children's television series Power Rangers.

Buy far this was the best season. It's much better because of the secrets and how it get better as the episodes keep on going. I can not wait till season 2 episode 16 comes out any free links you get for this episode post the link on the website. A close second id maybe SPD, Dino Thunder or Ninja storm. I do not Know why you guys and girls like the first power ranger series

I love this season more than any other power rangers season. Actually, I hate every season except samurai. My favourite characters are Mike and Emily. I like the green ranger but he likes the yellow ranger so I like her too. This is the best season ever. Megaforce is okay but samurai is the best season.

I don't get why people don't like this series, its got the best graphics for viewing and it's the second newest series next to mighty morphin. The weapons, and the zords are more dynamic, and the characters are really likable. The plot line is very easy to understand, well, at least more than the other power rangers. The Samurai Rangers series are 100% my personal favorite

Actually, this was the worst Power Rangers series ever made, the actors can't even act, the costumes were poorly made, the writers can't even write and the plot was repetitive, it's stupid and ruined Power Rangers, anyone who loves Samurai and Super Samurai is mentally ill in the heads.

18 Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Super charge have come tyler chase prince phillips riley ar best from all

Awesome just awesome

I like that series!

19 Power Rangers Turbo

The idea of a kid ranger is awesome, it let every kid out there feel like we could eventually become a power ranger. The cheesy story lines fit power rangers as well. Plus, the departure of the originals really had you on the edge of your seat to think "What happens next? " It was great, people need to stop being babies just because they weren't selected to be the 12 year old power ranger and take the show for as great as it was.

I absolutly hated this series expesialy Justin. The first team was horrible and the second was just okay. The idea of the phantom ranger was awesome except they never revieled his identity.

If you don't like Turbo, you don't like any vehicular zord Power Ranger team, not even "In Space"!

Justin is a common name. It was the 90s.

20 Power Rangers Megaforce

I thought power rangers was awesome until I watched this. It's a horrible redo of Mighty Morphin. And the actor for Troy is absolutely horrible. He either puts no emotion in his lines or is over the top dramatic. There are to many similarities between this and the Mighty Morphin to be called just a cowinsadince. Giant Talking head. It's Morphin time. Same theme song. And the reference to Zordon. Most of the kids watching this won't know who Zordon is. Also it's totally stupid that in the Super Mega Force Jake changes from black to green. It's basically a horrible combination of Mighty Morphin, Samurai, Super Samurai, and bad acting. The name Super Samurai was okay, but if your gonna make a series called Mega Force don't move on to make another series called Super Mega Force because super and mega mean the same thing.

I love it and I'm a girl some people think its stupid but if you don't like it stop watching and deal with it. No one wants your bad review and no one cares about what you think. This is a good show and by the way troy the red ranger is not dramatic and is a good actor he is also a good leader and very brave enjoy watching!

You know, to be fair, even though Troy's acting was rather unbalanced, you have to admit, it fit his character at times, and the other characters turned out pretty well. Also, Robo Knight kicks ass

I also like power rangers megaforce and supermegaforce because of troy is a very fantastic actor he is a very true man and he also deserves leader ship he is amazing I love it!

21 Power Rangers Super Samurai

Actually, this, along with Samurai was the worst season of Power Rangers ever made, it was poorly made compared to all of the others, it had bad acting, bad plot and bad costumes, nothing like the other seasons.

It was a very good season. The concept used in this season the symbols was a creative idea. Samurai and Super Samurai were very good seasons.

Same thing as Samurai, but their outfits has different looks after using the black box.

Come on, super samurai is just amazing and should at least be in the top five.

22 Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Amazing, something new, and much true stuff stated about all power ranger seasons

23 Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Dino charge along with super charge was SO BORING!

But when this season came along, it really made up for 2015-16

Sarah was my favourite character.

Best power ranger season ever (in my opinion)

I loved the acting with the pink ranger!

It brought me the old days back.

The new 2017 season!

24 Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
25 Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

It was the best, because they fight for the galaxy from space aliens

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